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Yoga Dvd Exercise is considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Yoga Dvd But if you are stressed due to work, you probably have little time to go to the gym regularly or do other sports and work. This creates a vicious circle that often ends in the form of burnout or severe damage to health. Yoga DVD  are perfect for stressed people who want to train independently and without much effort and who want to relax on the side. Yoga is the ideal home workout, as the exercises do not require any other aids besides a yoga mat. In addition, you can choose from the various areas precisely what corresponds to your wishes and goals.

In the following text, you can find out which DVD is best for you and which performed best in terms of quality in our test.



This DVD set is the optimal solution for you if you as a beginner want to have fundamentally covered all aspects of yoga. As a natural alternative to a course in a yoga studio, Yoga basics offers ten different modules, each lasting 60 minutes.

The various asanas are described and shown in detail so that wrong postures can be avoided. There is also a theoretical opponent; before the poses, they are explained using a spinal column model.

You will complete the Yogabasics introductory course with a wide range of basic knowledge, a significantly more muscular body, and a yoga addiction without any prior knowledge. Fortunately, other parts of the Yogabasics series can be used to develop further the skills you have acquired if necessary.



  • Suitable for beginners, individual lessons build on each other
  • Not just individual tasks but an entire introductory course
  • Combines exercises with theoretical input
  • Exercises are explained clearly, slowly, and in detail to avoid lousy posture.
  • Combines meditation with activities, physical exertion with (mental) exertion
  • Silvio Fritzsche’s art creates a relaxed atmosphere.


Yoga for Back Care

Possible disruptive factor: exercises do not merge; for example, one exercise ends lying down, and the next is then directly standing.
Many people want to start practicing yoga because they have severe back pain. People who would otherwise never come into contact with esoteric yoga turn to yoga as a last resort. If you are one of these people, this program is just right for you. If you sit in the office all day and have little time for sport, these 15-minute exercises can be integrated perfectly into everyday life.

In addition to these short exercises specially designed for morning and evening, there are also longer, more detailed programs. These focus either on the whole back or on the abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, the individual postures often end abruptly, and there is no natural transition between the particular asanas.

The plus point, however, is that the additional book also includes a theoretical part. In addition to precise descriptions of the exercises, there are also nutrition tips that will bring you closer to the Ayurvedic way of life.

  • Can be perfectly integrated into everyday life: Special 15 minute exercises for morning and evening, 60 minutes for the whole back or abdominal muscle program
  • No fixed program; you can choose flexibly from the various exercises
  • Speed ​​and level suitable for beginners
  • The theoretical part of the book including nutrition tips


Yoga for Weightloss: DVD Power yoga

Maybe a bit too strenuous for complete beginners, rough previous knowledge is an advantage here as different levels of difficulty are offered, and you can increase your self.
The trendy Power Yoga straight from London, New York, and Berlin in your living room: with the Brigitte Fitness Power Yoga DVD, nothing stands in the way of your sweaty workout. The postures that merge into one another, typical of Power Yoga, ensure that you get rid of excess kilos quickly and finish the first workout much more vigorously.

If you are bored after just a few training units, don’t panic: since different levels of difficulty are offered, you can continuously improve so that it always remains strenuous.

But relaxation after exertion is also taken care of. After the strenuous asanas, there is a phase of deep relaxation. Important: most Power Yoga programs require a certain amount of knowledge, which is why it is advisable to attend a beginner’s course beforehand or to learn the basics from another DVD.

  • Includes beginner, advanced and short programs as well as explanations of the exercises
  • Exercises that are fluent one after the other ensure effective muscle building
  • After the physical exertion, a deep relaxation phase follows
  • perfect for building muscle and losing fat


yoga for weightloss dvd

Yoga for Weightloss: Yin yoga

Would you like to start practicing yoga to relax? Then this DVD is just suitable for you. After work or university, turn on the TV and come down with Yin Yoga. “The gentle way to the inner center” with Stefanie Arend keeps what the title promises: Even after the first training session, you will notice that you are internally calmer and more balanced. Yin Yoga strengthens the connective tissue through long-lasting stretches. This, in turn, affects the entire body; you relax and go into everyday life full of energy.

In addition, the Yin exercises almost casually build muscle. In this way, neck and back problems, which are often a side effect of stress, are effectively combated. This DVD is suitable for all ages and also for people who are not very flexible or stretched. Although some postures are challenging without prior knowledge, beginners can also perform the exercises as alternatives to the actual asanas.

  • Gentle kind of relaxation for inner balance and against physical complaints
  • Some poses may not be straightforward for beginners, but alternatives are given
  • Suitable for all ages, you don’t have to be agile
  • Effectively combats back and neck problems
  • Relaxes and at the same time provides more energy in everyday life
  • Calm language with simple, relaxing background music


Yoga Everyday

If you reach for the home workout DVD because you don’t have any time to do sports, “Yoga every day” is the DVD for you. Because no matter what excuse you have, you too will be able to incorporate 15 minutes into your everyday life. This DVD is equally suitable for the manager on a business trip and the mother with small children.

“Yoga Everyday” contains seven different programs so that boredom can be avoided and still be exercised every day. The other sets of exercises put all the muscles in the body under intense strain. The compact practices summarize the best of yoga so that ideal muscles can be built. The sequence of exercises may be a bit too fast for beginners, but after a few training sessions, you will get used to it.

  • Anyone can incorporate 15 minutes a day into everyday life
  • 7 Different programs so that you can practice every day of the week (if necessary) without getting bored
  • Strengthens the muscles so that you can lose weight effectively and become fitter
  • Effectively fights back pain by building muscle
  • Quick sequence, possibly too fast for beginners


What is Yoga

Yoga originated in India about 5000 years ago. The word “yoga” is Sanskrit and means something like “union of body and soul.” And that is exactly what practicing yoga exercises is all about: Through physical and meditative exercises, inner peace should be found, and the body should become more muscular.

Although the roots of yoga were entirely religious, the focus nowadays is less on the spiritual and religious aspects. The physical benefit is in the foreground. Since the social need for secular meditation has increased highly in the 21st century, this area is also attractive for many people.

These high numbers can be explained by the fact that yoga is suitable for everyone, and the exercises can be individually adapted. As the legendary yogi, TKS Krishnamacharya said: “Yoga can be practiced by anyone who can breathe.”

Are Yoga DVDs Suitable for Beginners?

Often the motivation to finally start exercising comes to an end right at the beginning when it comes to registering in a studio or for a course. There can be various reasons for this. Perhaps you have little time besides work, attending a class is too expensive or you prefer to exercise from the living room.

Yoga DVDs are particularly suitable for beginners, as the exact execution can also be closely observed and the explanation of the yoga teacher. This is not possible in the often overcrowded courses. In the best case, the yogi also names common bad postures so that you can avoid them right away.

What are the most important purchase criteria for the Best yoga DVD?

If you want to do yoga with the help of a DVD, you should consider a few things when buying because not all yoga is the same. The various DVDs differ in the type of yoga practiced their suitability for beginners, their scope, and the course in price.

Yoga Types

When buying a yoga DVD, you should pay attention to which form of yoga is best for you and your needs.

The different types of yoga :

  • Hatha
  • Kundalini
  • Yin yoga
  • Power yoga

Hatha:  yoga in its classic form

Hatha Yoga is about finding a balance between the two poles Ha (sun) and Tha (moon). The exercises (asanas) are held for a long time. Mind and soul are challenged. Equally, it has a relaxing effect and still trains the muscles.

The exercises in Hatha are not very physically demanding and therefore also feasible for people who are less fit.

Kundalini Yoga: If you want to find yourself

Kundalini is one of the oldest forms of yoga. Until the Yogi Bhajan revealed the thousand-year-old secret in 1969, the teachings of Kundalini were only passed on to a few students. Then in the 1970s, the hippies discovered the drug-like states that the practice of Kundalini induced in them, and from then on, Kundalini spread. The Kundalini exercises are still used today to treat addiction problems.

Exercises held for up to 11 minutes are intended to awaken the life energy in the individual. As a very traditional form of yoga, Kundalini includes breathing exercises and chants, and asanas, and thus also has a spiritual aspect. The activities are relatively complex and require discipline, which is why Kundalini is especially suitable for people who already have experience in yoga.

Yin Yoga: To relax

Yin Yoga is based on the Chinese Yin-Yang principle. The yin here stands for femininity and calm. The exercises are gentle and hold for a long time. Yin yoga is considered the most relaxing form of yoga and ideal for people with a lot of stress. Because of the gentle exercises, Yin Yoga is also appealing to older people.

The postures stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which is why competitive athletes often practice yin Yoga after training or yogis alongside other yoga forms. Since in Yin Yoga, the back is always kept rounded instead of paying attention to a straight back, it helps against back pain and tension.

Power Yoga – For the fitness fans

Power Yoga is practically the opposite of Yin Yoga – derived from Vinyasa Yoga, power-consuming postures are practiced in quick succession. Here you will work up a sweat and reach your limits.

If you are not in the mood for esotericism and meditative mantras but still want to use the advantages of yoga in the area of ​​muscle building, you have come to the right place. Many models swear by power yoga because it defines muscles rather than simply enlarging them.


Of course, when buying a yoga DVD, you should keep your previous knowledge in mind – are you a complete beginner, or have you perhaps already attended a few courses in a yoga studio?


Beginners are generally advised to dare their first yoga experience under the guidance of a teacher to prevent bad posture. However, there are many yoga DVDs on the market that are precisely tailored to the needs of beginners. For example, the individual postures are explained in detail, and the yogi names any incorrect postures to correct them yourself.


There are also several yoga programs for advanced learners. These are usually less diversified and focus more on a specific area of ​​yoga. Here you will learn exercises for which you need specific physical strength and knowledge of the individual postures.


The length of yoga DVDs differs significantly in that they are either a single yoga class or a whole course of several hours. Therefore, you should think about in advance what meets your requirements.

Which brands make quality yoga DVDs?

Yoga DVDs are a dime a dozen, and accordingly, there are many publishers. We have put together a small selection for you here.

Yoga Basics

The yogi Silvio Fritzsche is behind Yogabasics. He has been a yoga teacher for many years and is committed to producing yoga DVDs, especially for beginners. And customers notice that too. The yoga basics offer a natural alternative to the courses in a studio.


GU is the absolute classic when it comes to non-fiction books, guides, and recipes. So it’s no wonder that the publisher also publishes yoga DVDs that score top-notch in reviews.

Brigitte Fitness

The Home Workout DVDs of Brigitte magazine are popular in yoga, but customers praise other workouts in the highest tones. In addition to the DVDs, there is the Brigitte Fitness Online site, where members can access countless fitness videos.

How much do yoga DVDs cost?

The price of yoga DVDs depends on the length of the program. Some DVDs include a yoga class and sets with several DVDs that then have a whole course. These sets are then correspondingly more expensive.

Essential accessories for the Yoga DVD

A considerable advantage of yoga from home is that you don’t need any other aids besides a yoga mat. Strictly speaking, you don’t even need that, but it makes your workout a lot more comfortable.

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, it can make sense to purchase additional yoga utensils, such as yoga pillows or yoga socks. However, these are by no means prerequisites for being able to do yoga.

What are the origins of yoga?

Yoga has its origins in India. About 2000 years ago, the yogi Patanjali wrote down yogic wisdom in Hinduism in a book. Back then, yoga was mainly about attaining enlightenment through meditation. Postures were only practiced to have strength for the hours of meditation. But the yogis quickly realized how positive the exercises had on the body, and so Hatha Yoga was born, on which most forms of yoga are based today.

Can children also practice yoga?

As with adults, yoga has many advantages for children too. This improves your body awareness and your concentration. Studies have shown that children who practice yoga learn better and argue less. Plus, it’s just fun!

Where is the best place to learn yoga?

Some swear by home workouts; for others, actual contact with the yogi in a course is essential – you know best for you. Many studios offer a free trial lesson, so be sure to use it! Otherwise, we have recommended our yoga DVDs for your home workout in this text.

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?

The main difference is that yoga traditionally has a vital spiritual component, while Pilates is practiced solely for physical benefit.

In which case should I not do yoga?

The unique thing about yoga is that you can theoretically always do the exercises, even if you are sick. Then the postures are adjusted so that you don’t have any pain.

Can I injure myself doing yoga?

Performing yoga properly should never lead to injury. But if you overestimate yourself or ignore your body’s limits, it can lead to muscle strains and ligament strains. Yoga should be strenuous, but it should always feel good.

Why do I need a yoga DVD?

Stay in the flow

You may be a yoga professional, but to be honest: Don’t you prefer to do yoga when someone tells you or shows you what you have to do? It can eventually break the flow once you decide whether to make a downward-facing dog or a warrior next.

The yoga teacher for home

And hand on your heart: won’t you hold out longer if someone tells you the time? These are yoga DVDs well. You have the teacher right at home in your living room, and you don’t have to leave the house because you can’t or don’t always want to go to the yoga studio, although you feel like doing a little exercise.

Instructions for beginners

Yoga DVDs are also suitable for beginners because, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, they have a clear advantage: someone demonstrates an exercise, shows how it is done correctly, and you can do it yourself. Many yoga teachers give precise instructions, for example, at which angle the knee or the foot should be or where the arms belong.


You don’t have to leave the house

Clear guidelines and lesson content


  • No substitute for a teacher who can correct you
  • The program remains the same for the DVD

How do I find a good DVD?

Try out

Many yoga teachers offer their recorded programs for sale. So how do you find a suitable yoga DVD for you? As is so often the case by trying it out. Because: not all yoga is the same. If one likes the gentle, slow yin part, another cannot get enough of the sweaty yang aspects. Many DVDs also target specific problem areas in the mind or body. Accordingly, you have to decide the style of your yoga DVD according to your taste and needs.

Good Yoga Teacher

Of course, teaching, voice, and charisma have to appeal. Otherwise, it quickly becomes annoying. But you should make sure that your DVD yoga teacher is a trained yoga teacher. It is certified at best. This means that he received his training at a school that has the “ Yoga Alliance ” certificate, i.e., one of the registered schools (“Registered Yoga School,” or RYS for short).

Evaluation of Others

And last but not least, the reviews of others can also help you find an endless assortment of yoga DVDs. Particularly enthusiastic or disappointed customers often give their opinion and provide a good first indication of the direction in which things are going.

To buy a discounted Yoga product and get your personal advice, please message.You can find answers to all questions on our site.


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