Tantric Massage – What is a tantric experience? – April 2021

Tantric Massage for more mindful sexuality than is often exemplified in our society. The Tantra massage is a holistic massage for women and men. It brings you back into feeling and to yourself. The Tantra massage  – after consultation with the masseur – involves the entire body. The tantric philosophy comes to accept all aspects of life and affirm, even sexuality.

A Tantra massage has no specific goal, except for this philosophy: to adore life, people, their being, and their bodies as they are. However, it is usually helpful in the following situations:

  • You want to get back into feeling, to perceive your body and your senses more.
  • You get to know your sexuality more intensively to express your wishes better. Whether for you or in a partnership.
  • You want to experience, harmonize and strengthen the energy centers in your body. You can use your sexual energy more consciously and use its power.
  • You want to learn more about yourself, your origin, and your sexual nature. Accept yourself completely as a tantra massage for a woman or a tantric massage for a man. You learn to feel (better) your private parts.
  • You use your sexual power to transform it and reach a deeper state of consciousness. Tantrism, however, is not a religion with dogmatic ideas. It is a lived philosophy that is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a spiritual person to accept the message for yourself.
  • The deepening of the massage, the yoni or lingam massage (Sanskrit: female and male genital area), carefully incorporates all aspects of the tantra massage for woman or man. A clearly defined framework offers you the chance to learn more about yourself and your sexuality than is usually the case.
  • In doing so, you perceive areas and sensations of your yoni or lingam that you usually do not feel or do not feel so well.
  • This will help you have deeper sexuality.
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Tantra massage is a very intense experience. She brings you in touch with strong feelings. After an extensive full-body massage, she goes cautiously on a journey to the yoni or lingam if necessary. Hitherto undiscovered pleasure can arise as well as a wide variety of other emotions, also alternating. For example, you have deeply rooted grief, anger, ecstasy up to deep relaxation. If difficult experiences or even trauma have shaped your life, you should discuss this with the masseur in advance.

Serious tantra massage masseurs with well-founded training accompany you intensively and step by step during this process. There is a detailed preliminary and follow-up discussion for every massage. You decide at any time where and how far the journey will go, before and during the massage. Unfortunately, some black sheep offer tantra massage, although there is a not very careful erotic massage behind them. This can go as far as crossing borders. And even those providers who actually “mean it well” do not always offer the necessary quality.

The effect of an original tantra massage

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Many report that they have never been touched so sensitively before. Others say that their relationship with their bodies and their sexuality has changed permanently. Freedom from expectations, pressure to perform, and control enable a new encounter with yourself.

Boundaries dissolve, the sense of time disappears when you put yourself in the hands of an experienced tantra massage. Old ideas about intimacy can change when the own body is experienced with new, finely sharpened senses. Purposelessness arises when devotion is experienced without sexual exchange and mutual contact. The tantra massage invites you to a profound encounter with yourself.

You will be accompanied and guided on the sensual tantric massage journey through your own body. For this, we create a safe framework with clear boundaries and in-depth knowledge. It would help if you decided for yourself how far the tantra massage should go, free from the pressure of expectation.

Tantra massage accepts people in their entirety. It interweaves the apparent opposites of good and evil, of so-called “sacred” and “sinful,” of spirituality and sexuality, of body and mind.

While in other religions, spirituality and eros appear to be strictly separated from each other, tantra refers us to our original connectedness.

Many religions see humans as imperfect, sinful, or at least as beings who have to struggle to find enlightenment. Tantra, on the other hand, says that man is already free and perfect. Tantra is not about diligently reaching enlightenment but about recognizing perfection.

Central is when something happens: where a moment is experienced very consciously, awake, clearly, and with all the senses, without evaluating it from the perspective of the past or future, when something rises to something more significant because all tension, all judgment, and “opinion” have disappeared.

Tantra Massage is undoubted to be found in the prehistoric matriarchal cultures. All matriarchal cultures in the world were permeated by a spirituality that celebrated sexuality as the force of life and creation and celebrated this in countless festivals, rituals, and everyday life. Death was also included in a worldview whose connection with nature and the cosmos was self-evident and omnipresent. This also applies to the early cultures of the Indus Valley, which are ultimately the sources of all tantric traditions.

By forcibly superimposing foreign cultures (incursion of the Aryans), Bramahnentum and from it Hinduism arose. The tantric techniques, rituals, and teachings were appropriated, ideologically reshaped or despised, and forbidden. In the centuries until today, innumerable forms and sects have emerged, some of which contradict or even fight one another.

Later, parts of Buddhism were also combined with tantric techniques traditions. With the already Hindu, then Buddhist changed teachings, Tantra massage came to Tibet.

In the 19th century, trade travelers, colonialists, ethnologists, and missionaries brought fragments of Tantra to the West, but mostly they were thoroughly misunderstood through Christian glasses.

Tantra massage was made understandable for western people in the 80s and achieved a widespread tantra. All serious – even contradicting – tantra schools in the West can be traced back to his influence. We, too, essentially take over his reception of Tantra massage.

Tantra massage is neither a love technique nor a ritual sequence. And there is neither a generally correct doctrine nor a spiritual leader who would have the power to define. When all religious and historically overlaid ideologies are stripped off, tantra massage is about the knowledge and experience that creation and destruction, male and female, good and bad, sexuality and prayer, eros, and religion are ultimately the same. In this core, the connection and origin of Tantra from the matriarchal primordial ground are caught.

What do tantric massages have to do with tantra?

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The name tantric massage is mainly due to its origin in the tantra schools of neo-tantra. In particular, the tantra master Andro Andreas Rothe should be mentioned at this point, whose work forms the basis for almost all tantra massages to this day. It was further developed and changed in the massage institutes and training courses and is still subject to change processes.

Tantra massages are not the same as tantra. There is no mention of massages or sensuality in any originally tantric tradition. For this reason, the tantra massage movement is sometimes accused of adopting foreign roots, of flattening the “true tantra,” or even commercializing it.

The reproach of commercialization can easily be countered: all tantra schools in the West could and can only expand in paid services such as seminars. To live in today’s society means that without a flow of money, neither worldview, service, spiritual tradition, or any other exchange with the environment is possible. Tantric massages are a service of integrity, albeit with an academic background and spiritual roots.

Likewise, the accusation of flattening does not apply: Tantra in its origins was always a religion of the people. The official religion (Hinduism / Buddhism) partly appropriated and reshaped it, somewhat persecuted and despised it, partly exaggerated it in secret doctrines, and made it inaccessible to the people.

Tantra massages have the chance to make the spirit of Tantra tangible for many people, including those who do not explicitly want to go on a unique spiritual path of knowledge. The fundamental truth of being one of all human aspects and the affirmation of sensuality and sexuality as a life force applies to every human being.

Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked that the boom in tantric massages in recent years has brought an unmanageable range of “tantric massages” onto the market, the quality and background of which are not always beyond doubt. The Tantra Massage Association sees its task, among other things, in providing orientation and ensuring and further developing the quality of the association members.

What is tantric about tantric massages?

Although tantra and tantra massages may not be seen as identical, tantra massages, as they are promoted and represented by the tantra massage association, are based on certain basic spiritual attitudes, which in all historical, geographical, and ideological forms of tantra, as well as in many other wisdom traditions are found. In the following, it is shown which postures and contents express the tantric aspect of the massage.

The ritualized process in the tantric massage brings about the objectification of what is happening. The focus is not on the individual selection and sequence of handles but on the once established and valid structure that gives authority to the actions of the massage therapist. Here the comparison with an icon or a mandala is obvious. Both are created according to canonized manufacturing regulations.

These rules are set at some point, and the same pattern is always followed. An icon and a mandala are therefore not free to work of art. A hero is also not signed with its name. It gives the result an effect that is beyond individual taste or ego.

The attitude of the tantric massage is adoration. Man is revered as a divine being in his being a woman, in being a man. This essential attitude manifests itself, among other things, in a ritual form that enables both parties to step out of everyday life and celebrate their own body in a festive setting and experience their sensuality in dignity and beauty.

This gives a feeling of being accepted, which is the prerequisite for the full enjoyment of a massage and healing. The admiration and complete acceptance of what is – at this time in this place, creates real encounters between the masseuse and the massage guest.

This contrasts with the tantra massage therapy technique or the intention to heal (see below). Tantra massage therapy technique needs diagnostics. However, the diagnostic gaze is an object-like gaze and does not focus on the other person but the potential illness.

Tantric massage also makes a massage holistic. It touches the whole person; it does not leave out any part of the body. In particular, it integrates sexuality and awakens its energy as a life force. It is every consequence of it, be it breath, voice, or movement, be it ejaculation or rising shock, tears, up to the lustful-mystical experience, or just a simple orgasm. Everything is welcome and in order.

On the other hand, the absence of one of these consequences, e.g., ejaculation, is also okay. There is no pressure to perform. The tantric massage thing about orgasm is not ejaculation suppression. The direction of sexual energy, on the other hand, can be desired and supported. The relationship of men and women to ejaculation is solely theirs and is respected just as much as everything else.

Transpersonal encounter

In a conscious step, there is an encounter between Shiva and Shakti – the divine in man. Tantric massage for man and woman step back from everyday life with their projections. Both represent the divine during the ritual.

The spoken formulas of worship open up the inner massage room and transform the future event into a sacred act. This – somewhat “theological” formulation – means nothing other than that those involved in the conscious front of ritual greeting leave all their judgments and patterns behind. What remains is deep respect and appreciation. Respect is the attitude that we give and that we demand.

Sexuality as a life force – and as nothing else

In our western culture, sexuality is almost always linked to other issues: relationship, love, guilt, shame, neediness, victim-perpetrator, contempt, marriage, politics, etc.

But tantric massage is about the sexual power itself. It is the movement of sexual energy that is not tied to anything. This is the power without which there would be no life.

We take the position that sexuality should not be instrumentalized. It does not serve as a means to an end, as a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. So we are not concerned with a “spiritual exploitation” of sexuality. Instead, it is allowed to be what it has always been and is: sensual tantric massage and supersensible, pleasurable, entirely itself, perhaps already “with one leg over there.”

How does a tantric massage usually work?

The tantric massage is a ritual with a clear beginning and an equally clear end. There is a preliminary talk about preparing and clearing up any questions or ambiguities. It offers the recipient the opportunity to say how they are doing, how they feel, and what they wish for in the massage, which may be undesirable. Physical impairments should also be mentioned in the preliminary discussion—the person giving the massage answers all questions and describes the process again. The purpose of the conversation is to create security, understanding, trust, and clarity on both sides. The preliminary talk is essential: The recipient should ask all the questions and address shameful issues if they could be relevant for the massage.

After the preliminary talk, the people involved change, freshen up and wear a lungi (swaddle). The massage itself takes place on a massage bench, but mainly on a futon on the floor. So the giving and the receiving person have space to move and to follow their body impulses. The recipient does not need to bring anything to a professional massage: lunghi, oils, cream, music, candles, everything is ready.

Before the massage, the masseuse asks the recipient for permission to touch them and thanks to them for this permission and the trust they have placed in them, usually with the Sanskrit “Namasté.” The divine in the receiving person is greeted and greeted. The massage begins: the giving person usually instructs the recipient to relax, breathe deeply, put aside everyday life and focus on future contacts. The massage may begin with a welcoming ritual, or the recipient may be asked to lie down (still covered with the lunghi). At the beginning of the massage, the whole body is usually touched, greeted, and woken up over the towel before massaging with oil. The massage takes place according to the rules agreed in the preliminary discussion. Of course, the recipient can express wishes or change the “program” at any time. Nothing should happen that does not feel right for the receiving person or does not correspond to the agreement.

Tantric massages are the only massages that touch the person as a whole. The touch goes very deep because it also includes the genitals and can trigger a wide variety of sensations: Lust can arise, but anger or sadness are also welcome and maybe. Deep breathing, movement, and expressing sensations help to distribute the resulting energy. Precisely because the feelings can be very intense, they want to be processed. This happens in an extended rest period during which the recipient can lie alone, feel, and return to himself. In the end, the person giving thanks again for the trust they have placed in us and decides on the massage. The closeness and intimacy that arose during the encounter are very consciously dissolved again.

After the massage, there is a shower, and the participants meet for a follow-up discussion. If this is possible as soon as possible after the experience, the experience can be dealt with.

Who is a tantric massage for couples?

Tantric massage for couples: Tantric massages are suitable for all adults who want to experience themselves, their own body, and their sensuality. Neither age nor gender plays a role. Tantric massages offer everyone an intense self-experience.

Tantric massage for couples can also experience new ideas, inspirations, and intense closeness through tantric massages.


How do I go about practically getting to know Tantric Massage?

There are different ways to approach the topic: In addition to countless videos and books, there is information about tantra massages (with or without live demonstration). There are one-day or multi-day introductory courses or the ” Temple of the Goddesses ” for beginners. Those who do not have it with group events can also ask a masseuse ( see provider ) for a trial massage ( information on tantra and tantra massage and first touches, possibly dressed by arrangement). The Tantra Massage Association itself can also be contacted. We are happy to help so that a personally suitable entry can be found.


Isn’t tantric massage just a substitute for a visit to a brothel?

No, there are significant differences. The tantric massage is not just about instinct gratification. It is about experiencing oneself in its entirety as a person and therefore also as a sexual being.

When it comes to tantra massages, a distinction can be made between providers of “red tantra massages” and those of “white tantra massages.” In Red Tantra, there is sexual union, mainly in the form of the Mauna ritual. It is about imitating the act of creation in which yin and yang, feminine and masculine, are brought together and united. It is a ritualized act of sexual union.

The providers of white tantric massage (and the vast majority of tantric massage providers are those, even if this is often not explicitly noted) explicitly exclude sexual union or oral intercourse. How the masseur behaves in this regard should be shown on the website of the individual provider.


Our tantric massages “sexual services”?

No. Only when a tantric massage is offered in exchange for money is it a sexual service according to the bureaucratic definition. However, many people do tantra massages free of charge in their free time and practice the various techniques with individual or different partners.

The prostitution trade ordinance of the city of Zurich (each municipality regulates this independently) says in Article 2. quote: “Prostitution is a service in which a sexual act is offered or performed for a fee” and thus equates professional tantric massages with prostitution:

We at the Förderverein Tantraassagen Schweiz accept humans as sexual beings. Sexuality accompanies us through our life: We all arise from a sexual act; our everyday life is accompanied by sexual stimuli that we deal with in a very personal way. We all have a sexuality that we live out to the full, ignore or suppress. Laws and ordinances such as the above provide a means of stigmatizing and discriminating against people who carry out an activity that affirms life and sexuality. Tantric massage therapists take pride in their work. A job that accepts people in all their facets. This also includes sexuality. Why laws regulate the professional handling of her or the “actions” carried out in the massages cannot be explained. Illogical and discriminatory for tantra masseurs. Tantra masseurs very often experience themselves as working therapeutically: For example, when they are confronted with people who have experienced sexual abuse and whom the careful, careful, and loving touch helps to rediscover their body and to experience its beauty with positive experiences. Or when we think about the possibilities that a tantric massage offers men who have erectile dysfunction.

And what speaks against a pleasurable perception of your own body, even if there are no complaints or problems? Let’s enjoy our potential and the temple that our body offers.


Does a tantric massage have an orgasm?

The tantric massage is aimless and unintentional. Therefore, the focus is not on the orgasm, even if many recipients decide in the course of the massage to experience a physical climax. A tantric massage can end without it having happened. The massage can be very fulfilling and satisfying even without an orgasm. The desire or energy that arises during the massage can, with some practice, be distributed in the body by the recipient so that it is not only enjoyed in the genital region but is distributed throughout the body. The tantric massage is a full-body experience in which nothing has to be fulfilled, nothing to be achieved. Women, in particular, feel the tantric massage, in which they move out of the traditional role of “giver” to come out and only receive and enjoy, as very healing. The mindfulness and slowness with which the massage is usually carried out allow the recipient to experience the touch very intensely and enable him to let himself fall into it and uniquely experience himself. As a woman, as a man, as a person.


Is tantric massage a treatment method?

Tantric massage is not a therapy; it does not promise a cure. Nevertheless, preoccupation with one’s sexuality, questioning old patterns can have beneficial effects.

Precisely because the tantric massage is unintentional and aimless, many things can arise: long-forgotten experiences can come up, an internal process can start. That can be liberating and healing. The person receiving the massage remains responsible for their inner experience during the massage, given respect and appreciation.


What does a tantric massage cost?

The price for a tantric massage varies from provider to provider, as well as the length of the massage. Some providers also differentiate costs for male and female recipients. For a 90-minute massage, many providers in German-speaking Switzerland charge between Fr. 280 and Fr. 360. Those who want to pay less can, for example, receive discounts from selected providers as a member of the tantra massage techniques Switzerland Association. Women who would like to have their first experiences with tantric massage can receive several massages in one afternoon for a significantly reduced price as part of the “Temple of the Goddesses.”


How do I, as the receiving person, protect myself from attacks by the giving person?

The massage providers recommended by the tantra massage techniques Switzerland Association are committed to the ” principles of the association. ” There, it is defined that a professional tantric massage has to be carried out within the previously described framework and the discussed limits. So communication is essential. The recipient should express their wishes and, above all, their limits in the preliminary talk. Of course, these can also be expanded or changed during the massage. The person taking it adheres to it in any case.

If a provider affiliated with the association does not act appropriately, association members can contact the contact point for such cases.


What are the benefits of a tantric massage?

Although we are not aware of systematic studies on the benefits of tantric massages, several substantial effects, and experiences that the receiving and giving masseurs will describe and encourage people to engage in tantric massages.

In general, tantric massages are an excellent way for people to learn more about their sexuality and body and make discoveries. Recipients often experience a great sense of well-being during the massage.

Regardless of whether a physical climax (orgasm) is experienced or not, the conscious handling of one’s sexual energy is experienced as enrichment and allows new forms of satisfaction, relaxation, learning, and healing. Also, emotions that appear negative at first glance (such as anger, sadness, frustration, pain) may have a place in the tantric massage.

They are often signs of blockages, unresolved conflicts, shame, or somatically stored memories that can be activated through the gentle intensity of the tantric massage.

The person giving the massage also has numerous experiences during the massage, which many masseurs find enriching.

The joy of giving another person a feeling of wellbeing, being able to accompany the recipient on a journey to themselves, indulging in the meditative flow of the massage, experiencing oneself as competent, and further training one’s skills are essential for many massage therapists Reasons to devote yourself to this activity.

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