Best Semi Recumbant Bikes 2021 April

semi recumbent bikes

Semi Recumbant Bikes Are you looking for an exercise bike with which you can increase your fitness level, Semi Recumbant Bikes but at the same time protect your joints and spinal discs?  Then a recumbent exercise bike is just right for you. With the help of numerous functions, you can monitor your training progress in detail. A Semi Recumbant Bikes bike is an exercise bike that works similarly to a bicycle.

However, the seating position has changed a bit. Because the recumbent exercise bike has a backrest, the joints and intervertebral discs are spared.

Due to the unique design, Semi Recumbant Bikes is suitable for seniors and people with reduced physical performance. You can also build up your muscles in a gentle way with back problems and spinal disc injuries.

In models that do particularly well in Semi Recumbant Bikes tests, both the seat and the backrest are adjustable so that you can optimally adapt the sitting position to your individual needs. Foldable recumbent exercise bikes have the advantage that they can be stowed away to save space.

Whether cross trainer, treadmill, or ergometer – there are numerous ways to keep yourself physically fit and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Anyone looking for an exercise bike that is particularly easy on the joints should take a closer look at Semi Recumbant Bikes.

What is a recumbent exercise bike?

Anyone who has ever been to the gym knows that there are countless different machines there that can be used to train endurance. Cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, and ergometers are trendy.

Even if Semi Recumbant Bikes are part of the exercise bikes, they can often also be found in fitness studios, where they are trendy with some target groups.

A recumbent exercise bike, also called a recumbent bike or seated exercise bike has certain similarities with a bicycle exercise bike. However, during the training, you are not in an upright position but in a lying place. So you can sit back and relax while your legs work.

The changed sitting position relieves the hips so that the focus is on building muscles in the legs. However, specific endurance training is also possible to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Due to the design, recumbent exercise bikes are particularly suitable for seniors. But a Semi Recumbant Bikes exercise bike can also have advantages for other target groups. Anyone who suffers from back problems, spinal disc injuries, or muscle weakness can train their performance this way. The training device is also very suitable for pregnant women.

However, a significant drawback is that you can only train the muscle groups in the lower body with a Semi Recumbant Bikes. Also, a recumbent bike takes up a lot of space in the apartment.

Exercising on Semi Recumbant Bikes has these advantages and disadvantages :

Semi Recumbent Bikes Advantages:

  • ideal training opportunity for seniors and people with reduced physical performance
  • Joint-friendly muscle building
  • Enables training in your own four walls
  • Suitable for strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • A gentle way to reduce weight
  • Functions provide a good overview of the training progress

Semi Recumbent Bikes Disadvantages:

  • Only trains the lower body
  • It takes up a lot of space in the apartment
  • High purchase price

What are the different types of recumbent exercise bikes?

In addition to classic Semi Recumbant Bikes, there are now models that can be used much more flexibly. Some manufacturers offer recumbent exercise bikes that can be converted into a bicycle exercise bike or a rowing machine with just a few simple steps.

This table gives you an overview of the two variants:

Recumbent exercise bike type: classic recumbent exercise bike


  • Most popular variant
  • Only training the lower body possible
  • Rarely collapsible
  • Cheaper than multifunction devices

Recumbent exercise bike type: 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 ergometer


  • So-called hybrid devices
  • Are enjoying increasing popularity
  • It can optionally be converted into a rowing machine and a standard bicycle ergometer.
  • Additional training of the upper body possible
  • Mostly foldable

Even if the term “recumbent exercise bike” is always used, most of the Semi Recumbant Bikes we use at home are exercise bikes. The word “ergometer” is protected so that a device must meet specific legal requirements.

semi recumbent exercise bike

Flywheel, brake system, and drive – which recumbent exercise bikes do the best in tests?

When buying a Semi Recumbant Bikes, you should look at the “Flywheel” category. The value given in kg provides information about how smooth the movement of the device is.

Basically, the bigger the centrifugal mass, the better the model. Most devices have a flywheel mass of around 10 kg.

If the Semi Recumbant Bikes has a higher flywheel mass, it ends up at the top of most recumbent exercise bike tests on the Internet.

As a rule, the braking effect of a Semi Recumbant Bikes  comes from a magnetic field. However, small but subtle differences between a simple exercise bike and an ergometer can be used primarily for therapeutic purposes.

While an exercise bike is only equipped with a permanent magnet, ergometers work with an eddy current brake. This ensures that the concentricity is much better.

A Poly-V belt ultimately helps ensure that the driveshaft and the flywheel are perfectly connected. Self-contained and highly sealed industrial ball bearings cannot slip so that the device is very quiet when pedaling.

What functions do the best recumbent exercise bikes have?

If you set up a personal training plan and monitor and document your training progress, you should ensure that the recumbent exercise bike has various functions and programs.

We want to present the most important functions to you in detail below:

Heart rate measurement: An integrated heart rate monitor is handy if you suffer from circulatory problems or have not exercised for a long time. The pulse is continuously measured via sensors in the handles so that you can track your heart rate precisely. However, an additional chest strap is recommended for exact measurement results.

Calorie display: If you want to lose weight with the recumbent exercise bike, it is essential to be informed about your energy consumption. The values ​​displayed are, however, only guidelines.
Speed ​​measurement: To be able to vary the intensity, a speed measurement can be advantageous. In this way, you can do interval training or track increasing performance.

Cadence display: the more revolutions you can do, the higher the calories burned and the easier it is to build muscles. The cadence indicates how many steps you take per minute.

Distance Display: To get a sense of how far you’ve gone with your bike during the workout, you can display the distance traveled.

What properties should the seat of a recumbent exercise bike have?

A Semi Recumbant Bikes is characterized by the fact that you can take a comfortable sitting or lying position during training. To meet this requirement, the seat should be easy to adjust.

In the best case, the seat can be continuously adjusted using a clamping lever so that you can set the optimal sitting position. Stepless adjustment also has the advantage that all family members can train on the device.

The seat should also be padded and made of breathable material to avoid back pain or buttocks pain even during long training sessions.

While inexpensive recumbent exercise bikes usually have a rigid backrest, the backrest of high-quality models can be adjusted according to individual needs. It is also essential that the backrest is high enough so that the entire back can be supported.

How high is the calorie consumption on a recumbent exercise bike?

In addition to a healthy diet, sport and fitness exercises are an essential basis for losing weight. Even if losing weight with the help of a recumbent exercise bike is possible, you should, if possible, use other exercise bikes to lose pounds. Because on a recumbent exercise bike, the calorie consumption is relatively low. With one hour of training, the calorie consumption at medium intensity is only around 500 kcal.

How much space do recumbent bikes take up?

Suppose you want to buy a Semi Recumbant Bikes. In that case, you should pay attention to the device’s dimensions when it is set up because a recumbent ergometer takes up a lot of space in contrast to a classic bicycle ergometer. The set-up dimensions are, on average, around 160 x 60 x 112 cm.

If the space in your apartment is minimal, you should use foldable recumbent ergometers. These are much more space-saving and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

Which brands and manufacturers are known for good recumbent bikes?

If you only want to exercise occasionally, a model from Aldi or Lidl is entirely sufficient. For regular, practical training, however, you should use equipment from well-known manufacturers. These include Sportstech, Skandika, Life Fitness, Maxxus, Kettler and Cardiostrong.

The history of the recumbent exercise bike

Originally, Semi Recumbant Bikes were developed for the professional sector. They were the ideal training equipment for people with lumbar spine limitations. Even in clinics, obese people were able to achieve the best results in weight loss with the help of these devices.

In cardiology, the development of the Semi Recumbant Bikes was a blessing because it made it possible to record an exercise ECG even for patients with limited mobility. Due to their high popularity in the professional sector, the recumbent bikes also moved into the fitness studios at some point.

From there, it was only a tiny leap into the private household. Semi Recumbant Bikes were initially designed to remain at the place of installation and only rarely had to be transported. Today’s devices for household use often allow flexible transport; the best solution is rollers on the underside.

Numbers, data, and facts about recumbent bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are ideal for people with back problems or joint problems. The most important joints are spared due to the gentle sequence of movements. It is not only possible to train the lower leg and thigh muscles but also to reduce weight. In general, the use of the recumbent bike increases fitness and endurance.

Recumbent bicycles are popular, not least because of their convenience. So it is easily possible to watch TV or read a book at the same time. In the meantime, more and more doctors have recognized the potential of these devices. In comparison to other exercise bikes, Velomobiles offer many advantages:

  • Devices are just as suitable for beginners as for professionals
  • The cardiovascular system can be specifically trained
  • Physical fitness is permanently increased
  • The comfortable seat is also suitable for overweight and elderly people
  • There are many training options for back and joint problems
  • Ideal for the rehabilitation of seniors
  • Suitable for rehabilitation after sports injuries

How is the recumbent bike adjusted correctly?

A suitable sitting posture is essential so that the training is practical and there are no annoying sore muscles. It is, therefore, necessary to position the seat so that the feet can reach the pedals before starting the exercise. The optimal position is achieved when the outstretched leg ends comfortably with the feet on the pedals.

Many recumbent bicycles have a seat with a reclining backrest. This has the advantage that the back can be brought into the best position for your wellbeing. Most users would like to sit upright on the Semi Recumbant Bikes. Still, in comparison, it has been shown that the prone position is perceived as comfortable after a long training period.

How does an effective workout with a recumbent bike work?

Training programs are beneficial so that the training can be carried out effectively and the successes saved. Almost all Semi Recumbant Bikes from the comparison had good programs with them. Only very cheap devices come without any computer technology, but these are not recommended for quality reasons.

Training is only efficient if the correct pulse rate is achieved. High-quality devices have an intelligent system and adapt the training difficulty to the pulse rate. If this increases in the excessive area, the training load decreases.

What are 2-1 devices?

A 2-1 device is a combination of a recumbent exercise bike and a rowing machine. In the test, these devices were top-rated because they can also train the upper body. In use, there are two options.

How are recumbent bikes cared for?

In the test, it turned out that recumbent bicycles are pretty undemanding in terms of care. Once set up and assembled, the devices usually hardly need any maintenance. To obtain the best functionality, the screw connections should be checked regularly. If screws loosen, they can be tightened with a standard Allen key.

After training, it is advisable to remove any sweat residue from the seat. A towel can, of course, be placed underneath to avoid the creation of the same. In the test, however, the seat material was easy to clean and remained sweat-free.

Useful accessories

If you set up a recumbent exercise bike in your room, you should use a protective floor mat. This is placed under the device to protect the floor. Otherwise, the ergometer leaves deep marks on carpeting. Laminate and parquet are also sensitive surfaces and can quickly become scratched. The feet, which are often provided with black rubber, sometimes leave black spots and streaks on tiles. These undesirable side effects are avoided by using a protective floor mat.

Alternatives to the recumbent exercise bike

Ergometers are available in different versions. The best-known alternative is the bicycle ergometer, which differs from the recumbent ergometer only in the upright sitting position and the position of the pedals about the body.

Other options are hand-held ergometers and minibikes. Training on the treadmill or an elliptical machine enables similar training successes. If you are not inclined to exercise at home and prefer classic sports, you should practice cycling, jogging, or Nordic walking in the great outdoors.


HAMMER CleverFold RC5 Semi Recumbent Exercise Bike

With the CleverFold RC5, HAMMER has launched a particularly space-saving recumbent exercise bike. With its fine adjustability of the resistance values ​​and the comfortable, adjustable seat, it is particularly recommended for older or less trained people.

Unique folding and rolling function

The most important feature of the CleverFold RC5 is the folding and rolling function, which is unique on the market compared to other recumbent exercise bikes. While standard recumbent exercise bikes generally take up a lot of space, this model can be folded up to a compact size of 61 x 62 x 130 cm (L x W x H) in just three steps. To do this, the handlebars and backrests are folded down, and the entire device is placed upright on the transport rollers attached to the front.


The castors can each be rotated through 360 degrees so that the RC5 on its castor system can be simply pushed into the corner as comfortably as a suitcase can be. The CleverFold RC5 is also handy when in operation: With its 133 x 62 x 95 cm, there is sure to be a suitable training location in almost every apartment.

Comfortable, adjustable seat with backrest

The comfortable Ergo seat with a backrest is beneficial for training that is particularly gentle on the back. The backrest is adjustable in height and has lumbar support. The center itself can be moved steplessly on the chrome-plated seat rail using an adjustment lever: This means that the recumbent bike is suitable for heights of around 1.6 to 1.9 m, depending on the leg length and the desired seating position. The extremely deep step-through of the RC5 and a unique handle make it easy to get on and off safely. People with restricted mobility and the elderly will appreciate these features. Pedals with a non-slip coating and an adjustable strap give your feet a secure hold during training.

High stability and stability

A-frame made of powder-coated steel gives the CleverFold RC5 recumbent exercise bike the necessary stability and allows it to be used up to a maximum user weight of 110 kg. Four height-adjustable feet and a deadweight of 27 kg should ensure a safe stand even on uneven floors.

Magnetic brake with 16 resistance levels

The training resistance is generated by a quiet permanent magnet brake system that can be electronically adjusted in 16 exemplary steps. This is especially ideal for beginners. The range of resistances covers a moderate to medium level and is more suitable for lighter fitness or flexibility training. For ambitious athletes, on the other hand, according to reviews, even the highest level should not offer enough challenge. The 8 kg flywheel, in combination with the high-quality ball bearings, should ensure a smooth movement, especially in the lower resistance levels.

Easy to use an on-board computer

The onboard computer has ten saved training profiles, four heart rate programs, four accessible memory locations, and a manual program. The operation is intuitive and straightforward. Pulse values ​​can be determined by hand pulse sensors or with the help of an optional chest strap. If an upper pulse limit is entered, the onboard computer regulates the pedal resistance upwards if necessary, so that safe and healthy training is always guaranteed.

Even if the CleverFold RC5 is referred to as a recumbent exercise bike in many product descriptions, it is not an exercise bike strictly speaking. By definition, this would have to have an exact power display in watts so that training can be carried out according to precisely specified values.

According to medical specifications, this watt specification is missing in the RC5, so controlled training is impossible. The resistances here do not correspond to an exact watt value. Watt-controlled programs are consequently also missing.

Some users also criticize the lack of lighting on the display. The display values ​​can hardly be read in the dark or poor ambient light.
Also, there is no absolute app control. On a mobile device connected via Bluetooth, the BitGym app can be used to display routes and training data, but the route profiles do not affect the pedaling resistance.


Capital Sports Evo Deluxe Cardiobike – recumbent exercise bike

The Cardiobike Evo Deluxe from Capital Sports is a contemporary multimedia recumbent exercise bike. In particular, the large flywheel makes it a professional device. From a technical point of view, the Evo Deluxe offers many challenges for both beginners and professionals. With its 32 finely graded levels of resistance, there is something for every fitness level. The fully electronically controlled MagResist system generates the braking effect. The resistance can either be changed by pressing a button or under program control.

Extra-large flywheel

The flywheel mass, which is very generous at 20 kg, should ensure excellent concentricity. This enables even ambitious athletes who train with high resistance levels to enjoy ease on the joints. A belt drive is responsible for the power transmission between the drive wheel and the flywheel, contributing to pleasantly quiet operation with its SilentBelt technology.

Stable frame construction

The frame of the Evo Deluxe consists of massive steel construction, which is characterized by its stability and the permissible user weight of up to 120 kg. The ergometer does not twist even under high loads. Its weight of 56 kg guarantees a safe stand at all times. Of course, the device can be comfortably moved using its integrated transport rollers if necessary. The cardio bike takes up an area of ​​approx. 170 x 64 cm (L x W) to set up. The height is 128 cm.

Comfortable relax seat

Training that is easy on the back is guaranteed even with long units. Among other things, this is ensured by the ergonomically shaped seat, which consists of pleasantly air-permeable mesh fabric. The lumbar support provides the necessary support for the spine. The seat can be adjusted in 8 steps of 2 cm each via a latching function. The distance between the seat and the pedals can be individually adjusted between 65 and 81 cm to the body size or the stride length.

Deep entry and additional handles

Older users or those with restricted mobility will particularly appreciate the shallow entry of the Evo Deluxe Cardiobike, which is only a few centimeters above the floor. The handles on the side underneath the seat, which can be easily reached with the hands even in a relaxed, leaning back driving position, contribute to an always safe driving experience. The hand sensors for measuring the heart rate are also attached here.

Diverse computer functions

The training computer positioned on the handlebars with its arranged buttons is easy to use. Twelve preset programs, four of which are for beginners, advanced, and professionals, enable a quick start even without prior knowledge. Also, a manual mode is available in which goals for time, distance, or calories to be consumed can be freely set. A cardio program automatically regulates the pedaling resistance so that a target heart rate is maintained, and the performance program enables training at a constant wattage. The display shows the training time, the speed, the distance covered, the cadence, the calories consumed, and the pulse.

Complete Kinomap integration

The onboard computer can be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. This enables the use of training apps such as Kinomap. Performance data can be transferred to the app, gradient profiles of virtual routes automatically control the resistance of the magnetic brake. Participation in multiplayer events and virtual competitions is also possible. A tablet holder and a USB port for the power supply are, of course, available.

The Evo Deluxe is a highly versatile recumbent exercise bike that has something to offer at every level of performance. The comfortable seat and the low entry and the finely adjustable pedal resistance, and the preset programs make it the ideal partner for people with limited mobility. But even professional athletes who want to use the device for long and intensive workouts get their money’s worth with the large flywheel, the performance program, and the Kinomap integration.


HAMMER Comfort Motion BT Semi Recumbent Exercise Bike

A high-quality ball bearing, a high flywheel mass, easy operation, and a high level of safety – the HAMMER Comfort Motion BT offers all of this. This makes the recumbent exercise bike ideal for beginners and seniors who want to train in a health-oriented manner.

Ergonomic comfort seat

A safe and comfortable thing is the ergonomically shaped and well-padded seat made of comfortable, elastic foam. The backrest with lordosis support is made of breathable mesh fabric that allows air to circulate on the back and adapts perfectly to the shape of the back. The result is a comfortable sitting posture that enables longer training sessions. The two armrests and the small distance to the floor ensure a safe feeling. The entry is deep enough that people with reduced mobility can also get on. The low knee-friendly pedal distance (Q factor) of 20 cm is also ergonomically favorable.

Easily adjustable

The seat can be adjusted to body heights from 155 to 200 cm with one hand using an adjustment lever. The rail on which the heart is attached is made of chrome-plated steel, which promises a long service life. The ergometer is approved for a user weight of up to 130 kg.

Safety pedals

The pedals are coated with non-slip rubber and have adjustable loops that give the feet a secure hold. The distance between the pedals is 20 cm, which is a good value for a gentle movement sequence on the knee and hip joint.

Variable resistance

The Comfort Motion BT generates the pedaling resistance via a permanent magnet brake system that can be electronically adjusted in 16 steps. The minimum pedal power that can be set is just 10 watts. This makes the ergometer suitable for older people who want to maintain their mobility or for people who wish to complete mobilization training with little effort, for example, after an injury. The maximum value of 350 watts suggests that professionals will also get their money’s worth with the recumbent exercise bike.

Smooth run

The flywheel weighs 8 kg, the entire flywheel system weighs 15 kg. Combined with high-quality ball bearings and a low-maintenance V-groove belt, an almost noiseless and smooth concentricity is inevitable. This allows you to train in peace without disturbing others.

Uncomplicated computer operation

The HAMMER Comfort Motion BT control computer is deliberately designed to be user-friendly. All relevant training values ​​such as distance covered, speed, time, calories burned, and pulse are displayed on the 5.5-inch, illuminated monitor. Even mountain and valley profiles are shown when using one of the predefined programs.

The menu navigation is intuitive and self-explanatory. A central button that can be turned and pressed is sufficient to operate the essential functions. In this way, training can be started straight away without spending much time on the settings. Twenty-two training programs for various goals such as strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving stamina, building muscle, or burning fat are already preprogrammed. Four heart rate controlled programs are also part of the repertoire, as is the measurement of personal fitness directly after each workout.

Heart rate measurement

Like most ergometers, the Comfort Motion BT offers two options for pulse measurement: using hand pulse sensors and using an optional chest strap. An upper heart rate limit for a safe, healthy workout can be set.

Use of training apps

If you want, you can connect your mobile device to the ergometer via the Bluetooth function and use apps such as Kinomap, iConsole +, or BitGym. Driving on virtual routes makes the workout even more varied.

Weight and dimensions

The recumbent exercise bike is 160 x 52 x 110 cm (L x W x H) and weighs 45 kg. The transport handle at the rear and the two rollers at the front allow the device to be moved easily. Five adjustable feet also compensate for minor unevenness in the floor and ensure a firm stand.


  • The incline of the backrest of the HAMMER Comfort Motion BT recumbent exercise bike can not be adjusted, in contrast to the Nautilus R628 or the Skandika Centaurus.
  • The HAMMER Comfort Motion BT needs a mains connection for the power supply, in contrast to ergometers with a generator, such as the Sportstech ES600 professional recumbent ergometer.
  • The computer does not save the training data and does not provide training statistics and top performance as with the Nautilus R628.
  • The console does not have speakers.
  • The HAMMER Comfort Motion BT is a recumbent exercise bike equipped with everything you need for a healthy and safe workout.
  • The comfortable seat, the low entry, and the ergonomically good posture are just as much a strength of the device as the easy-to-use computer and the high-quality mechanical equipment.

Nautilus R628 Branded recumbent exercise.

The Nautilus R618 is a recumbent exercise bike for home use in the usual Nautilus studio quality, suitable for cardio training with light to medium-high intensity, regeneration training, and interval training and weight reduction. The recumbent exercise bike is effortless to use, with its functions controlled using the handles. But the recumbent bike can also convince with its comfortable seat and the multifunctional console, which is compatible with the RideSocial app, among other things.

Ergonomic sitting position with resistance control via the handles

As with all recumbent bikes, the bike’s frame is barrier-free, i.e., you don’t have to lift your leg to get on the bike. This is of great advantage for seniors, users with disabilities, circulatory problems, or overweight.

The generous seat of the gel saddle with a width of 41 cm and the ergonomically shaped backrest support a comfortable sitting position that relieves the back, arms, and shoulders. The backrest is made of perforated mesh material, which ensures pleasant air circulation on the back. On the side of the seat are the handles coated with polyurethane and offer several grip options.

In addition to the sensors for hand pulse measurement, buttons (+ and -) for operating the onboard computer are also integrated into the side handlebars. The resistance can be controlled simultaneously, and a safe sitting position is always guaranteed. Older people or people with restricted mobility will particularly appreciate this comfort.

The incline of the backrest can be adjusted. To do this, pull the lever on the right-hand side under the seat and adjust the backrest angle as desired. The center is mounted on an aluminum rail and can be changed over a large area at a distance from the pedals using a lever. The recumbent exercise bike is also suitable for tall users up to 201 cm in height [1]. There is a large storage compartment within easy reach of the seat unit.

Stable construction

The frame of the R628 is made of steel and upgraded with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. The plastic elements such as the cladding of the drive system and the seat base are only used for aesthetics and are not load-bearing elements. This stable construction is designed up to a high user weight of 146 kg. Unevenness in the installation surface can be leveled out using the height-adjustable feet so that the ergometer stands firmly and without wobbling on the floor. Transport rollers and a handle for lifting and moving at the rear of the device are available.

Like the most recumbent bike, and the Nautilus R618 has an increased space requirement and is compared to a stand-ergometer not a good choice for small apartments. The dimensions are 170 x 67 x 127 cm (L x W x H). Also, 60 cm must be kept free on all sides for security reasons so that the actual usable area is even larger: at least 1.9 mm 2.9 m. At 42 kg, the device is not overly heavy compared to other recumbent exercise bikes.

Precise induction braking system

An induction brake controls the resistance. The intensity can be precisely adjusted in 32 levels using the handles or the console. When using one of the heart rate or watt controlled programs, the computer automatically adjusts the pedaling resistance.

The lower resistance levels are pretty light and are suitable for older users or users who need some recovery workouts. The high resistance levels are challenging and simulate a steep ascent. They are perfect for a cardio workout. Since the training takes place while sitting, the activity is not as intense as on a stationary ergometer, on which you sit upright, or a speed bike.

Large flywheel for smooth running

The flywheel mass of the Nautilus R628 is 14 kg – a high value that should ensure a smooth and smooth ride in conjunction with the high-speed drive system.

Training computer

Like all Nautilus ergometers, the control computer of the ergometer has a dual display, which allows the training parameters to be checked even if a mobile device covers the main show.

The upper, larger display shows the name of the current training program, the route profile of the selected program, the desired resistance level, the current heart rate range (anaerobic, aerobic, or fat burning ), the chosen goal, and your progress. The smaller display shows total training time, speed in kilometers per hour, length of the training route, the current pedal revolutions per minute (RPM), the current resistance level, calorie consumption, and heart rate.

Exceptional for a recumbent ergometer: quick selection buttons

In contrast to competing models, there are ten quick selection buttons for setting the resistance in seconds (for the resistance levels: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 32). Independently of this, you can use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the resistance.

You can create up to 4 user profiles on the computer. The training results are saved there and can be called up again later. A user-defined program can be made for each user profile.

There are also 12 predefined profile programs available:

  • Rolling hills
  • Ride in the park
  • Easy tour
  • Stream crossing
  • Pike’s Peak
  • Mount Hood
  • Pyramids
  • Summit Pass
  • Uphill finish
  • Cross-training
  • Intervals
  • Stairs

More effective and varied training can be designed with HRC programs (heart rate controlled programs). The HRC works with 2 levels of difficulty ( beginners and advanced ). Either a heart rate value or a heart rate range can be specified. The computer adjusts the pedaling resistance so that the user always stays within the desired heart rate range. Most ergometers only work with heart rate values, but it is better to train with heart rate zones, as with the Nautilus R628.

You can also set goals for time, distance and calories. A quick start program, a recovery program, and two fitness tests complete the offer. As a real ergometer, the R628 naturally also has a watt-controlled program (speed-independent). The watt output can be selected between 30 and 300 watts in 5-watt increments.

In contrast to other recumbent ergometers, you can do a POWER HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with a setting of a maximum watt value (training target for the stress phase) and a minimum watt value (training target during the break phase). The default setting is a minimum of 60 watts and a maximum of 90 watts.

Training statistics
The recumbent ergometer offers extensive training statistics:

Best performance: results of the last training session, the last 7 days, total values ​​for the previous 30 days, training with the longest training time, training with the

  • highest calorie consumption, BMI.
  • Average rotation
  • Average heart rate
  • Average time
  • Average distance
  • Average level
  • Average calorie consumption
  • total time
  • Total distance
  • Total calorie consumption
  • Average speed

Bluetooth interface & Ride SocialApp

A connection with a tablet or smartphone is provided via the Bluetooth interface, which enables the use of apps such as RideSocial, Nautilus Trainer 2 App, and MyFitnessPal, as well as the synchronization of training results.

The RideSocial app shows actual routes as HD video recordings on a TV set or iPad. So you can drive to the Swiss Alps or the Death Valley National Park or organize events with other athletes. An optional VR glasses can be connected to the controller are to dip completely into the virtual action.

The Nautilus Trainer 2 app records personal progress in a diary, and personal fitness goals can be entered. So you can monitor your progress and work more motivated towards a specific training goal, such as losing weight. The training data can be automatically synchronized with the MyFitnessPal® nutrition app, making it easier to achieve calorie goals.

Heart rate measurement
The heart rate can be monitored during training using the hand pulse sensors integrated into the handles or, more conveniently and more precisely, using the chest strap supplied.

Secure hold for your feet

Due to their center of gravity, the pedals always stand up so that the step surface with its non-slip rubber coating and the foot straps automatically point upwards. That makes getting started a lot easier. The adjustable loops give the feet a secure hold during training.


Unfortunately, the built-in speakers can only be used via a jack plug, but not via Bluetooth.
The Nautilus ergometer U628 needs a mains connection for the power supply, in contrast to ergometers with a generator.
Comparison with the Nautilus R626 recumbent exercise bike
The Nautilus recumbent exercise bike is also available in a slightly cheaper version under Nautilus R626. The more affordable model, however, only has 25 resistance levels and only a 10 kg flywheel. Also, the backrest is not dynamic, i.e., its inclination can be adjusted, and the device is only approved for a maximum user weight of 136 kg. Also, a chest strap is not included, which in turn increases the actual price. Both models are recommended for the respective price range. However, if you look for something exceptionally resilient with perfect concentricity and greater comfort, the Nautilus R628 is the better choice.


Compared to other recumbent meters, the Nautilus R628 raises mainly by the solid construction, innovative control over the handles, and shortcut keys, through the extensive training statistics and the Ride social app from compatibility from the crowd. The robust induction braking system and the wide range of training resistances that can be achieved can convince even advanced athletes. Also, goals for pulse control and watt control can be defined in areas and not just values. Overall, the R628 is a solid device for cardio, interval, and fat loss training that offers a high level of training comfort.

Vision Fitness R60 semi-recumbent exercise bike: For very overweight people

In terms of quality, the Vision Fitness R60 semi-recumbent exercise bike is in the upper league and is comparable to professional devices such as the Life Fitness and Matrix brands. It is tailored for intensive and frequent home use.

Loadable up to 182 kg

With a frame made of heavy steel and an above-average maximum load of 182 kg, the premium model is Vision Fitness for strong Obese suitable and thus stands out clearly from cheap hobby exercise bikes, such as the brand Sport Plus, Klarfit, and Christopeit. The recumbent bike covers the needs of athletes from semi- to professional areas (class SA) and rehabilitation areas.

Comfort and ergonomics

If you are looking for first-class comfort with an excellent ergonomic training position, the Vision Fitness R60 is the right choice.

On most exercise bikes that simulate cycling, the user sits like a real bike: excellent and complex, small saddle. On the other hand, with the Vision Fitness R60, the user is in a half-lying position, relatively close to the floor on a comfortable and wide seat.

An ergonomically shaped backrest supports the back with adjustable lumbar support. According to the manufacturer, the seat is more reminiscent of a mixture of an office chair and club chair, hence the name of the heart: “Club COMFORT ARC.” This makes the home trainer ideal for people who have to forego training with conventional fitness equipment due to back problems. The comfortable seating position and the low entry make the recumbent bike an ideal fitness device, even for older people.

The handles on the console help get in and out, and the handles on the side of the seat offer people with circulatory problems or senior citizens a secure hold.

Setting options

People of different heights can use the device, so it is possible to change the sitting position. The distance between the seat and the pedals can be adjusted in 28 steps. Compared to other recumbent ergometers, this enables an excellent adjustment to individual needs.

The shift on the aluminum seat rail takes place diagonally, i.e., when you slide down, there is a horizontal and vertical change in the seat position. The adjustment lever on the right-hand side of the seat only needs to be pulled for adjustment. Then the heart can be moved to the desired position. Then the lever is rereleased in the new place.

The pedals are self-righting and can easily be adapted to different shoe sizes thanks to the length-adjustable strap. They, therefore, offer a secure hold at all times.

Training computer

The Vision Fitness R60 is equipped with an extensive training computer with a clear display. The training profiles are displayed with LEDs: 10 x 14 yellow / green dot matrix and 16 red alphanumeric LEDs with continuous feedback are available. For each training segment, a dot matrix profile of the training segments ahead and those behind you is displayed.

You always have the essential training values in view, such as time, distance, speed, resistance, level, RPM ( revolutions per minute ), METs (amount of oxygen that a person consumes at rest), watts, consumed calories, and heart rate.

In contrast to other recumbent exercise bikes, the user gets a summary on the computer after each workout, with which progress and improvements in his fitness can be tracked over time.

The sensors determine the heart rate on the handles next to the seat. The R60 recumbent exercise bike is also equipped with a receiver and can be used with an optionally available chest strap.

Computer programs and resistance

The user can choose from 12 training programs, including 2 pulse-controlled programs (HRT weight reduction, HRT interval) so that you automatically stay in your training pulse zone, 3-watt programs ( speed -independent ) (interval watts, watt- controlled, mountain watts), 4 classic Programs ( manual, interval, fat burning, random ) and 3 programs in which you can set the goal, such as time, distance and desired calories to be burned. During training in manual mode, the user can fine-tune the training resistance in 25 levels and change at any time. The power range extends from 25 to 250 watts.

The last column in the table below shows the wattage that can be assigned to a specific resistance level (LEVEL) (depending on the cadence/revolutions per minute (RPM)). An example: If you set the resistance to level 4 and train at 50 revolutions per minute, you are subject to a training load of 46 watts. 1 watt corresponds to the burden of 6 kg of weight per meter of body length per minute.

Flywheel and drive

The Vision Fitness R60 model has a high flywheel mass of 11 kg, which, combined with a high gear ratio and high-quality drive components, such as the very quiet Poly-V belt, leads to a soft and even run. This is a quality feature typical for high-quality branded devices, in contrast to cheap rattling and out-of-round ergometers.

With generator: no external power source necessary

The Vision Fitness R60 semi-recumbent exercise bike supplies itself with electricity by pedaling with a cadence of at least 25 revolutions per minute. This means that no external power source is necessary, and the device can be set up anywhere in the room without having to worry about power outlets.

Stability and space requirements

The R60 recumbent exercise bike requires a footprint of 170 x 73 x 138 cm (L x W x H) and weighs approx—70 kg. Because most recumbent ergometers weigh on average between 38 kg and 50 kg, this is a massive weight that speaks for a high level of stability. Also, there is an extremely high load capacity with a maximum of 182 kg, which underpins this thesis. To ensure a high level of stability even on uneven floors, adjustable feet are available that should rest entirely on the floor after assembly.

Easy transport despite the heavyweight

The semi-reclining ergometer can be easily moved thanks to the transport rollers on the front stand. To do this, the rear part of the frame is gripped, and the device is lifted and then rolled onto the transport rollers.

Weak points?

The maximum wattage of 250 watts is too low for very well-trained people who want to prepare for a competition.
Due to the lack of a power connection, the lighting intensity of the console display decreases when you stop pedaling. However, a battery in the console acts as “backup power” to save the training

summary for up to 30 seconds.

Exclusive and solid recumbent ergometer

The Vision Fitness R60 semi-recumbent ergometer or recumbent bike proves that physical exercise is also possible in a very comfortable environment. For people with back problems or people who would like to do something for their fitness in a comfortable position and do not want to compromise quality and ergonomics, the Vision Fitness R60 recumbent bike is the right decision. Especially overweight people will find it challenging to find a better alternative to exercising at home.


Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R

Mesh backrest, high-quality ball bearings for a quiet run, poly-V longitudinal ribbed belt, and a gear ratio of 1:10 for a round step are just some of the advantages of the Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R with which it stands out from other Semi Recumbant Bikes.

Nowadays, many people suffer from back problems, and some do not exercise at all. Be it out of fear of doing something wrong and thus worsening the pain or unable to perform the required movements. However, given the current level of development, you do not have to do without endurance training. If you can neither jog nor ride a bike, there is still the option of using the so-called sitting or reclining exercise bike, such as the Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R.



For whom is the Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R suitable?

The Maxxus 6.2R is a sit-down exercise bike, also known as a Semi Recumbant Bikes. This particular exercise bike is particularly suitable for people with back problems, as it relieves the back due to the unique seat construction. Thanks to the lower seat and the low entry, senior citizens, in particular, can sit down effortlessly and without barriers.

And not on a hard bicycle seat, but as comfortable as an armchair. Even for overweight people up to 120 kg, it is much more comfortable to get on such a recumbent exercise bike than on a bicycle. In contrast to the standard exercise bike, you can also read a book on the Semi Recumbant Bikes because the upper body remains calm when stepping on the pedals.

Now let’s take a closer look at the product features of the Maxxus 6.2R :

Mesh backrest

During training, the wider seat of the Maxxus 6.2R with its ergonomic seat and backrest is accessible on the back and creates a comfortable sitting experience. Compared to other recumbent exercise bikes, the innovative thing is the backrest material covered with a mess. It is very flexible and moves quickly with you during training. The back is ventilated this way, and you don’t sweat.

The adjustability of the saddle

The saddle can be adjusted continuously in horizontal and vertical directions. This allows the trainee to set an optimal distance from the pedals. The horizontal length is easily adjusted using a hand lever ( quick release ) located on the right below the seat.

The lever is pushed down, the optimal position is found, for example, by pulling yourself forward, and then the lever is pulled up again. As a general rule, your legs should never be fully stretched when your feet are in the furthest position of the pedals. Not only is the seat adjustable, but also the pedal straps, using a quick-release system. More on the subject of adjustment can be found in the instruction manual.

Flywheel and gear ratio

A flywheel weight of 8 kg does not sound like much at first and like a rough step. However, with this branded device, something completely different is decisive for the training quality. A ratio of 1:10 by Poly-V-ribbed belt longitudinal makes a complete power transmission, without loss of performance, possible. With cheaper recumbent exercise bikes, such a small flywheel would result in a loss of performance, shown by an uneven step.

Here, high-quality drive components combined with a high gear ratio ensure the opposite: clean and even running. Also, this model comes with high-quality ball bearings added. One factor in the flywheel that is important for volume is that it is electronically balanced, reducing running noise.


With a weight of 50 kg, the Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R is heavier than the average recumbent bike, which, together with the solid steel construction, indicates a high level of stability and stability. Despite the heavyweight, you can quickly relocate the exercise bike.

For this purpose, transport rollers are installed, and with the help of a built-in handle on the exercise bike, it can be transported more easily.

Training computer

On the LCD of the training computer, you can read the most important training data such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, braking level, heart rate, watt, pace (required time for one kilometer based on the current speed) and even the wheel revolutions per minute ( Cadence ). The training profile (the recent course of the program) is displayed graphically and referred to by the manufacturer as a profile matrix.

Programs and training profiles

Ten fixed training profiles and 24 electronically adjustable resistance levels ensure plenty of variety and keep motivation at a high level.

On the positive side, it should be mentioned that the load levels are conveniently set on the training computer and not by hand on the rotary knob. The following programs are also available:

Four heart rate programs (55%, 75%, 95% of the maximum heart rate or preset individual target heart rate): The user specifies a target heart rate. The computer controls the braking resistance so that this target heart rate is maintained.

Watt program: The user’s performance is automatically kept constant. The training computer constantly adjusts the braking resistance to the pedaling speed of the person exercising. The power can be entered in 10-watt steps in a range from 30 to 350 watts.

Quickstart: This program is started and ended directly with the START / STOP button, without much searching and setting. The user can change the resistance at any time during exercise.

Manual program: Here, you have the option of specifying training target values ​​for training time, training distance, or calorie consumption. When the target value is reached, the training ends automatically. The user can also change the resistance here at any time.

Four user programs: Up to 4 users can create and save their training profile here.
Heart rate measurement

The pulse measurement of the Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R is done electronically via hand sensors on the seat handles. Alternatively, a chest strap can be used but has to be ordered separately. The fitness machine is equipped with a POLAR® compatible receiver for this purpose. A recovery heart rate measurement with a fitness grade is also possible.



The Maxxus exercise bike does not have a Bluetooth interface for app coupling, unlike other recumbent exercise bikes such as the Sportstech ES600 Profi recumbent exercise bike, the AsVIVA recumbent exercise bike R7, the Skandika Centaurus, or the SportPlus recumbent exercise bike SP-RB-9900-iE.
People weighing more than 120 kg cannot train with the device.

The watt range starts from 30 watts and not from 10 watts. The value (30 watts) could be too high for beginners and weaker people or seniors.
The watt display on this recumbent trainer is not calibrated and therefore not as accurate as on a real ergometer.

The Semi Recumbant Bikes is therefore not suitable for therapeutic purposes.

The Maxxus Recumbent Bike 6.2R is recommended to everyone who wants to train their cardiovascular system to be easy on their backs and do not want to forego studio quality.

According to medical specifications, both pulse-controlled and watt-controlled training is possible, but the watt program is not suitable for training. With its chic design and elegant look, this indoor exercise bike, in contrast to cheap devices, looks like an asset to any modern living room.


SportPlus recumbent exercise bike SP-RB-9900

With the SP-RB-9900-iE, the sports equipment manufacturer SportPlus from Hamburg has developed a Semi Recumbant Bikes that is particularly suitable for gentle training of the muscles and the cardiovascular system and is also easy to use and inexpensive.

High-quality technology

When it comes to the technical equipment, the main components of the Semi Recumbant Bikes are particularly noticeable. A maintenance-free magnetic brake regulates the pedal resistance of the SportPlus 9900 iE. A computer-controlled electric motor sets this. Despite its compact design, the flywheel brings at least 9 kg on the scales and provides a dynamic, circular motion. The closed bottom bracket is also maintenance-free and is subject to minor wear due to its well-coordinated bearing components. A poly-V belt drive with self-tensioning takes over the power transmission.

Compact size

Since ergometers are in most cases set up and used in the living room at home, the most compact dimensions possible are a criterion to be taken seriously. The SportPlus 9900 iE fulfills this requirement better than most of its competitors. Thanks to a well-thought-out arrangement of the leading technical components, the designers have built a recumbent ergometer with a total length of only 132 cm, which is only slightly longer than a conventional stationary ergometer and approx.

Solid execution

The Semi Recumbant Bikes consists of a welded steel base frame. Square hollow profiles ensure good stability and a firm stand. A scratch-resistant, anthracite-colored coating protects the metal parts. Only the cladding parts are made of plastic. With their matt finish in silver and black, these underline the high-quality overall impression of the ergometer. Smaller applications in red ensure a sporty, modern look. With its comparatively low weight of 38 kg and integrated transport rollers on the front standing cross member, the SportPlus 9900 iE can be easily moved around the room.

Firm stand

The wide feet of the ergometer ensure a firm stand. Due to the design, you can feel a slight twisting from the front to the rear part of the recumbent bike, especially when training at higher resistance levels. This fact is mainly due to the intense entry. However, the SportPlus 9900 iE is equipped with a central foot to compensate for unevenness in the floor and two additional compensating feet in the rear foot, which can be precisely adjusted using a screw thread and reduce any wobbling to a minimum. The Semi Recumbant Bikes is approved for users up to a bodyweight of 150 kg and is safety-tested by EN ISO 20957-1 and EN 957-5.

Customization options

The heart can be continuously adjusted diagonally using a lever (in the horizontal plane, slightly inclined upwards) to adjust the distance from the seat to the pedals to different body sizes and stride lengths. The maximum seat height, i.e., the distance between the saddle and the pedal that can be adjusted, is approx—106 cm. The SportPlus 9900 iE ergometer is suitable for users with a height of approx. 1.55 to 2.20 m, depending on the ratio of body size to stride length(according to the manufacturer). The incline of the backrest cannot be adjusted, but it is ergonomically placed. Even if you fix the seat in the original position, the entry is wide enough to get on comfortably. Also, the entrance is shallow, which should be particularly beneficial for people with limited mobility.

Clear control unit

The SportPlus 9900 iE has a power supply unit on the front for the external power supply. The 3.7-inch display is big enough for the readings to be easy to read. The blue background lighting also makes it easier to read. The kilometers are driven, the calories consumed, the speed, the set program, the power in watts, the cadence, and the pulse are displayed. Results cannot be saved on the training computer itself. However, this is possible with the Cardiofit app in connection with a mobile device. The computer is operated with six arranged, large keys. In addition to setting the pedal resistance and selecting the program, these are also used to start the body fat measurement and the recovery pulse measurement. This allows the progress of the training to be observed.
The pedaling resistance can be set in 24 levels, which hardly differ in terms of strength. Since the resistance can be set very low, the SportPlus 9900 iE is particularly suitable for gently improving or maintaining the mobility of joints and muscles, for example, in older people or for rehabilitation.

A tablet holder is integrated into the front of the training computer, which can also hold a tablet horizontally and not just upright, as with other manufacturers.

Wide range of training programs

The range of programs stored on the training computer is very diverse and leaves nothing desired for both beginners and advanced users. There is a choice of 24 programs: These include a manual program, 12 different intervals, endurance and strength programs with varying levels of difficulty, the intensity of which can be adjusted during training, and four accessible memory locations for your own, user-defined training units.

There are 4 HRC programs available for controlled cardiovascular training: The pedaling resistance is automatically adjusted so that the pulse is kept in the range of 55%, 65%, 75%, or 85% of the maximum heart rate. An individual maximum value can also be entered if a specific maximum heart rate is not exceeded.

Before starting pulse-controlled training, you should decide on a suitable pulse training zone. At 55% of the maximum heart rate, the load is very light and ideal for regeneration training and strengthening the cardiovascular system, especially seniors. With 65% of the maximum heart rate, you are in the fat-burning zone, with 75% of the maximum heart rate in the somewhat strenuous aerobic area to increase endurance and 85% of the maximum heart rate very exhausting anaerobic zone to build up strength.

It is essential to train in the individual heart rate zone to avoid overloading. The computer can determine the correct target heart rate for the training; you have to enter your age. The age is subtracted from the number 220 in the background and multiplied by 55%, 65%, 75%, or 85%. This is a simple formula that shows the relationship between the optimal training heart rate zone and the person’s age.

A watt program is also included: this keeps pedaling power constant, regardless of the pedals’ speed. The resistance increases with decreasing cadence and decreases with higher rates. The watt value can be set between 40 and 200 watts in steps of 10 watts each. Ambitious athletes should be aware when buying the device that the maximum resistance of 200 watts is too tiny for challenging training units.

The body fat program is particularly suitable for weight reduction. After entering body height, age, gender, and weight, the body fat percentage is measured using hand sensors. Then the training computer calculates a corresponding program for breaking down body fat and starts the training with the START button.

Expandable with Cardiofit App & Kinomap App

The free Cardiofit app extends the functions of the training computer using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. For example, it is possible to manage multiple user profiles and save training data. It also enables the use of a chest strap. The workout is remarkably varied by integrating self-created routes on GoogleMaps, followed in StreetView mode. The pedaling resistance automatically adapts to actual inclines and declines on the way. Even the Kinomap app can be used with the 9900 iE.

Heart rate measurement

The handles on the right and left of the seat are equipped with pulse sensors that continuously measure the heart rate during training and show it on display. In connection with the heart rate programs, the pedaling resistance can be automatically controlled according to the heart rate. For a collection that is as accurate as possible, both sensors must be firmly gripped. However, a chest strap delivers more precise results. However, it should be noted that this can be done via Bluetooth in connection with the Cardiofit app can be used on the mobile device for the heart rate programs. Still, direct coupling with the control unit of the ergometer is not possible. In other words: the chest strap can only be used in conjunction with the app, which is a slight disadvantage of this ergometer if you want to train with pulse control.

Quiet drive

Both the built-in magnetic brake, which works without contact, and the belt drive ensure that the SportPlus 9900 iE becomes a reticent training partner. This qualifies the 9900 iE very well for use in living spaces.


The SportPlus 9900 iE is delivered disassembled and must be assembled using the detailed assembly instructions supplied. It would help if you allowed around one to one and a half hours for the assembly. The multi-tool required for assembly is included in the scope of delivery.


The SportPlus 9900 iE hardly gives cause for criticism.

Balance mass: Ambitious cyclists shouldn’t get their money’s worth because the balance mass of 9 kg is entirely sufficient for amateur athletes, but for more complex training, it should be a few kilos heavier Sportstech ES600 recumbent ergometer or the AsVIVA recumbent ergometer R7.

Resistance too weak: According to the user, hardly any resistance can be felt even at step 24.

Performance levels too low: Even with watt-controlled training, there is little room for improvement. Even up to 200 watts of power is over.
Pulse measurement with a chest strap only works with the app: you need the app to measure your heart rate very precisely. If it crashes or doesn’t work correctly, you can only use the hand pulse sensors. This is also a point where the AsVIVA R7 and the Skandika Centaurus are superior because the measurement works there even without an app.


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