Schwinn Airdyne Models: Review and everything about 2021 April

Schwinn Airdyne Models This innovative bike combines the movements of cross trainers, indoor cycles and ergometers. The Schwinn Airdyne Models is equipped with extra flexible and robust arm grips, and it is ideal for an effective full-body workout. If you train on this device, you move your legs and arms and stabilise your torso Schwinn Airdyne Models.
The resistance depends on the training intensity. Thus, the trainee determines how effective, intense and strenuous the workout is.

This training device is ideal not only for beginners but also for top athletes. The American manufacturer Assault Fitness Products is one of the market leaders, and therefore it is not surprising that numerous Assault Bikes are represented in fitness studios.

Due to the heavy and robust construction made of steel, Assault Bikes do not sway sideways even during intensive training.

The sweat-resistant hybrid seat can be quickly and easily adjusted to the size of the person exercising, both horizontally and vertically.

Like most fitness equipment, this innovative device is also equipped with a training computer, which is structured and easy to use. It is controlled via an LCD screen. The training computer shows relevant values ​​for the training, such as the training time, the distance covered, the calorie consumption, and the generated wattage.


Assault Air Bike

The Assault Airbike is one of the most popular air bikes worldwide. The device can be found in gyms, CrossFit boxes and many home gyms. The widespread use is due in particular to Assault’s strong marketing in  ​​CrossFit and functional fitness.

The Assault Airbike is a very high-quality device. It is only put on plastic in a few places, and the result is a very coherent but minimalist overall picture. Due to the high metal content, the device is very durable and suitable for heavy loads. No wonder that the Assault Airbikes can often be found in fitness studios. These bikes have also been used at the Crossfit Games.

The device has 130 x 61 x 124 cm (L / W / H) and a hefty weight of 45 kg. The two wheels on the front make it easy to move the bike. The bike can also be used in small home gyms where there is no fixed space for an air bike, and it has to be put back in the corner after training.

One of the main disadvantages of the device is the built-in chain. A chain was used to transmit power between the resistance wheel and the pedals. This makes the bike very noisy with many revolutions. The volume can be reduced somewhat through regular use of a lubricant, but it is still clearly audible. So if you want to train in an apartment with fewer thick ceilings and walls, your neighbours will probably hear you.

The second point of criticism is the uncomfortable seat of the Assault Bike. During hard sprints on the bike, it is easy to slip on the heart, making prolonged training uncomfortable. However, this is not a significant point of criticism since the training sessions on the bike don’t take that long anyway.

All in all, the Assault Airbike is a very well made device that you will have a lot of fun with regular maintenance. The bike is explicitly also suitable for use in a CrossFit box or a fitness studio.

With the Assault Bike, the details are correct. The pedals are provided with small spikes that provide grip with almost every shoe. So you can always pedal as hard as you can without worries; you will not slip.

If you train with intervals, the two footrests will come towards you at the lower end of the two arms. When you have finished the exercise phase and can rest for a few seconds, simply take your feet off the pedals and place them on these two shelves. So you don’t have to get off your bike or stretch your legs strangely away from the cycle during your break.

What we also liked are the two axes on which the saddle can be adjusted. These adjustment options should be standard because only they ensure an ergonomically sound driving experience. However, the adjustment options at other manufacturers are often poorly made or not sufficient. It is different here; the seat can be comfortably adjusted for almost any body size and leg length.

In addition to the classic Airbike, the manufacturer also has an elite version on offer. This Aribike is primarily aimed at fitness studios. In our opinion, you are well served with the classic air bike in a home gym.


old schwinn airdyne

Schwinn Airdyne Air Bike AD8

At first glance, the Schwinn AirDyne doesn’t look as minimalistic and massive as the Assault Bike, but it has been on the market for a significantly longer time. Schwinn has been offering air bikes for a long time. In the past, the target group for this was older people who used the devices for rehab. For this, the requirements on the material are, of course, significantly lower.

With the AirDyne AD8, Schwinn now has a very well-made Airbike on offer. The AirDyne is also suitable for hard interval training as part of CrossFit workouts, even if the design is not quite as martial as the competition.

What we particularly liked is the length of the device. This means that the Airbike does not tip over as quickly as is the case with other models. So you can give more gas, especially during the initial acceleration. This makes the bike particularly interesting for interval training with quick changes in pace.

A key unique selling point of the AirDyne Bike is using a plastic strap to transmit power from the pedals to the resistance bike. This makes the bike a lot quieter than the other models that rely on a chain like a bicycle. This, of course, makes the bike ideal for use in your own four walls because you disturb your neighbours much less than with the Assault Bike.

Thanks to its high-quality quality and intelligent construction with a belt instead of a chain, the Schwinn Airdyne is the ideal candidate for an air bike in the home. With the device, you will be able to train for many years without worrying about it.

A bonus with this device is that the manufacturer has been in business for a very long time. We, therefore, estimate the chance of getting spare parts for your bike in a few years to be higher than with the competition.

SportPlus Airbike

The Air Bike SP-FB-2000 from SportPlus has only recently been on the market. With the cheap model, the manufacturer tries to convince people looking for a not very expensive air bike for their home. The Airbike was delivered in two boxes, the assembly was comparatively simple and proceeded quickly. We read online that they had problems with missing parts during assembly. That didn’t happen to us.

When you sit down on the SportPlus Airbike, you first see the multifunction computer, where you can read off essential data such as speed, training time, calories burned, the distance and, with a separate pulse belt, the heart rate. If that is not of interest, you can also use the tablet/smartphone holder above and watch a film on the side.

As usual with an air bike, the resistance increases with your exertion. In the SportPlus model, the wind turbine is neither excessively loud nor very quiet. We found the volume of the air bike to be ok for a rental apartment with thin walls. As long as you don’t sit on the Airbike in the middle of the night, everything is fine.

The SportPlus Airbike weighs only 31kg and can be pushed very quickly through the apartment with the attached transport wheels. Completely assembled, it stands in the room with the following dimensions: 122 x 72 x 129.5 cm. This means that the Sport plus Airbike is also suitable for smaller spaces. As for the maximum user load, at 135kg, it is relatively high for a bike of this size.

Overall, the Airbike from SportPlus makes an excellent impression. The movement is fluid and does not get stuck. It’s fun to tear off a few kilometres on the device. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a high-tech air bike for the price. The SportPlus model is solidly made and a natural, inexpensive alternative to the expensive brands Airbikes from Schwinn or Assault.

Capital Sports Strike Bike

The Capital Sports Strike Bike is a professional air bike suitable for use in fitness studios thanks to its massive construction. This makes the device a direct competitor of the similarly martial-looking Crossfit bike from Assault to the Air Bikes.

When you sit on the strike bike, the extensive training computer immediately catches your eye. This records the most important data such as training time, speed, distance, revolutions per minute, watts, and calories consumed. The training computer is battery operated. As is customary with other models, a tablet or smartphone can also be attached to it to have more choice of media during training. A cup holder was also installed to provide some refreshment during training.

The stable frame construction made of metal makes a solid and durable impression on us. With dimensions of approx. 45 x 128 x 120 cm (WxHxD), the Capital Sports Airbike is a bit bigger. With a handlebar width of 70 cm, the bike, unfortunately, takes up a little more space. Even the 45 kg heavyweight is not suitable for every apartment. Of course, you can quickly move the bike around the flat using two rollers.

We liked the wide saddle of the Strike Bike, but it could be uncomfortable for smaller people. The saddle height is adjustable in 6 levels. The user weight is sufficient at 150kg but not exceptionally high for only made of metal.

Overall, the Capital Sports Strike Bike cuts a good figure in the test. The power is transmitted via a chain, which makes the Airbike very loud during training. So rather not well suited for use in rental apartments. The Assault bike convinced us here. In connection with the higher price of the Strike Bike, we recommend the Assault Bike if you want to buy a professional Airbike.

Schwinn AD8

The AsVIVA F1 Air-Bike Pro is a massive model with a high dead weight. With its almost 80kg, it also surprised us quite a bit when it was set up. The manufacturer recommends having an open space of (L x W x H): 140 x 38 x 150cm available. The handlebars of the bike are, of course, a little wider than 38cm. With these dimensions, the Airbike is only suitable for rooms with a lot of space. Overall, the AsVIVA Airbike makes a rather bulky figure thanks to its construction.
The device is designed in Germany, and quality control is also carried out at the German location. You could see that in the model. The gaps were all ok, and there were no sharp edges or burrs. Shipping is also from Germany.

With its many plastic parts, it bears a resemblance to the de Swinn AD8. This model is also operated with a rubber belt and is therefore not excessively loud. Overall, we found that the AsVIVA Airbike can also be used in the apartment without having problems with the neighbours because of the volume. At a medium pace, you can still hear a television on this bike. The belt drive is, of course, low maintenance and does not have to be oiled, as is the case with other old Schwinn airdyne models.

The built-in multifunctional fitness computer shows speed, distance, calorie consumption, heart rate (only with a separate heart rate belt) and wattage. What we liked a lot are the seven training programs that are already in place. With a bit of skill, you can also design and create individual training units on the airbike’s computer.

As far as training on the bike is concerned, we were pleasantly surprised. The built-in sweat-resistant sports saddle is comfortable and adapts well to the shape of the body. Movement on the bike feels fluid and fun. In our Airbike test, the AsVIVA F1 Air-Bike Pro is a natural alternative to the slightly more expensive Schwinn Airdyne AD8.

Rogue Echo Bike – Crossfit bike alternative

Rogue Fitness has long been known for high-quality CrossFit equipment. With the Echo Bike, Rogue has developed and produced a cardio machine for the first time. The patented Air Bike has been on the market for several years and is very popular in the USA.

The Rogue Echo Bike is very massive. Everything that looks lattice on the other old Schwinn airdyne is vast in this model. Like the Schwinn Airdyne, the device relies on power transmission by belt and not by a chain, making it significantly quieter than the Assault Bike.

The Echo Bike also has an adjustable seat with eight height and horizontal adjustment options. This allows the sitting position to be adjusted well. The pedals are covered with a thin rubber layer to provide a better grip. However, according to some reviews, this rubber layer is not exceptionally durable.

What we particularly like about this bike is the easy-to-use LCD. This makes it easy to keep an eye on all critical parameters. You can still see all the actual numbers even in less than ideal lighting conditions.

The Echo Bike looks very similar to the Assault Bike but is technologically closer to the Schwinn Airdyne Models. That makes it a quiet alternative for your home gym. Unfortunately, the Echo Bike is currently not available from a USA dealer.

What is the best Crossfit Airbike?

If you want to use an air bike for CrossFit training, we would either go for the Assault Bike or the Rogue Echo Bike. Both are excellent Crossfit bikes and will withstand the load. However, the Assault Bike has a great advantage for you as a customer. You can buy it from a German dealer and therefore have more security in the event of a guarantee. With a device with such a hefty price tag, that’s a big plus, of course. So you have a little more security.

What is essential when buying an air bike?

For our Airbike test, we looked at the models from the major manufacturers. To buy a device that is right for you, you should pay attention to the following points.

Materials and construction: An air bike is rigid. Regardless of whether it is for interval training or longer cardio, the machine has to withstand the stresses and, in the best case, also last a long time at a high price.

Maintenance effort: If you use your bike regularly, you have to take care of its maintenance. This includes regular maintenance. If you have an Air Bike with a chain like the Assault Bike, you should regrease regularly to prevent excessive wear.

Adjustment options and seat: To give full throttle, the bike has to adapt ergonomically to your body. To do this, the seat should be adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Monitor: In addition to the wattage achieved, the display should also have the distance covered and, in the best case, interval programs so that you can do without a separate timer during training.

Price: An air bike is expensive. In our test, the Echo Bike is still the cheapest, but there are costly shipping costs from abroad. There are comparatively cheap alternatives if you have a small budget, but we recommend buying a quality product.

Volume: Air bikes are loud. But the wind-generated for resistance becomes louder the harder you pedal. To keep the book as low as necessary, use a bike with a strap instead of a chain.


Airbike test – these are the advantages.
You create quite a bit of air turbulence on the bike. This means that you almost automatically cool yourself down. The airflow is directed directly at you and prevents overheating.
In addition to your legs, you can also use the handles to train your upper body. That makes it as good a full-body workout as rowing. This is why the bike is so famous for CrossFit.
By using more muscles, you also use more energy. Riding an air bike has one of the highest calorie consumption of all cardio activities.
If you step faster, you will also feel more resistance. So you don’t need any gears on the bike to influence the resistance. That makes the training intuitive and straightforward.
Compared to jogging, the Airbike is very gentle on the joints. This way, you can exhaust yourself physically without overloading your joints. This is especially valuable if you are overweight and carry around a kilogram too much.

Schwinn Airdyne Models: What does an Airbike cost?

You have to dig deep into your pocket for a high-quality model. The simple models cost from $ 800 upwards. An average of $ 1,000 is necessary for a good model. There are also very affordable models for less than $ 300. However, we advise against this because of poor artistry and low durability. Athletes who do their training with a certain intensity will quickly train these cheap devices to the ground. It is not for nothing that the branded devices are constructed like tanks.


Schwinn Airdyne Models: Full-body training with just one device

This training device enables most of the majority of all muscles to be trained and is therefore ideal for a full-body workout.
Whether for advanced or endurance training, this wind turbine ergometer fulfils different needs. Besides, this is the ideal training device for warm-up, cool down, intensive cardio and conditioning training.

The front area of ​​the wind turbine ergometer is equipped with two struts on which the feet are placed. The innovative and efficient dual-action system enables arms and legs to be trained simultaneously, as pedalling, pushing and pulling is required.

It should be emphasised that the body movements are natural, and the joints are spared.
It is possible to train the torso and the arms and legs at the same time or separately, as desired.

Arm strength is mainly used for upper body training, while the feet are positioned on the integrated footrests. For a leg workout, all you have to do is let go of the handles.

Schwinn Airdyne Models: How the Air Bike or Assault Bike works

The unique thing about this special bicycle ergometer is that the user generates the training resistance himself. A sophisticated air resistance system in the form of a wind turbine is used for this.

The fan is set in motion either by a chain or a drive belt. During this process, the air blades of the chain or the drive belt generate wind resistance that is lower or higher depending on the force used. With a high cadence, the speed of the fan increases, and so does the resistance.

Advantageously, the resistance can be continuously minimised or maximised. In contrast to other cardio machines, the maximum intensity is limitless!

Schwinn Airdyne Models: Is an Air Bike suitable for losing weight?

Scientific tests show that significantly more calories are burned on an Assault Bike than on other cardio machines. This is because, with this fitness device, the entire body can be involved in the training.

The exerciser determines his calorie consumption. If the exercise is completed in the heart rate range conducive to calorie consumption, exercisers can burn calories efficiently. With this training device, the metabolism is brought up to speed, a lot of energy is converted, and thus, many calories can be burned.

Compared to a rowing ergometer, the technique is less demanding, and there is no need for a learning phase to complete the training correctly.

Rowing machine or Schwinn Airdyne Models?

Which of these two sports equipment should you choose? Whether a rowing machine or an air bike is more suitable for you depends entirely on your goals.

With a rowing machine, you train your back and the arm, upper body, shoulder and neck muscles. The focus here is less on fitness training and more on building muscles. You also train the leg muscles, but much less than on an air bike; with so many forces working while rowing, you burn many calories. For the same reason, it is difficult to train for a long time as a beginner because the muscles exhaust quickly.

On the other hand, our legs are used to the strain, which is why you can probably train longer on the bike. But even here, you use a lot of large muscles, which also boosts fat burning. The difference to the rowing machine is that you train less upper body and can usually do longer training sessions.

If you train regularly on the bike, you are more likely to get more muscular calves, thighs and a shaped bottom. If you regularly use a rowing machine, you are more likely to get a more comprehensive back, more muscular arms, shoulders and stronger neck muscles.

In short

Whether a rowing machine or an air bike is more suitable depends entirely on your goals. If all you want to do is burn fat, both devices are great choices. But in the sport, you automatically build muscles. If you’re going to develop more leg and bottom muscles, we recommend an air bike. But if you want to build up more upper body muscles, we recommend a rowing machine.

If you still cannot decide, we recommend that you try out these devices in a sports studio. Then decide on the machine where you feel more comfortable and which you enjoy more.

Training duration
The duration of the individual training units depends on the one hand on the training intensity and the other hand on the person’s fitness.

Beginners should start with short units, while advanced or trained athletes can set the duration of the training longer.

Schwinn Airdyne Models: Training intensity

The wattage depends on the training use. This means that the wattage increases as you train harder.

However, beginners should start their training moderately, as the workout on the Assault Bike is very intense.

This cardio machine is suitable for moderate cardiovascular training and HIIT, i.e. high-intensity interval training. With interval training, athletes reach their limits and burn a lot of calories in the process.

Schwinn Airdyne Models: Training possible in every heart rate range

With an Assault Bike, you can train in any heart rate range.

Health improves at 50 to 60 per cent of your maximum heart rate, and your heart rate increases after just one minute on the air bike.

In the range between 60 and 70 per cent of the maximum heart rate, fat is burned, and essential endurance is improved. If you keep moving the wind turbine, you will quickly reach heart rate zone 2.
From 70 to 80 per cent, aerobic training takes place, and endurance can be increased. This heart rate range is reached with more extended cardio units, such as warm-up or cool down.

Between 80 and 90 per cent is anaerobic strains, and there is a maximum increase in training, while 90 to 100 per cent of the entire pulse represents competition level.

The Assault Air Bike is ideal for creating intervals as the training effect is enormous. By quickly switching from low to high intensity, athletes can improve speed and strength, endurance and stamina and reduce calories.

It is essential to listen to your body awareness, not to overdo it initially and slowly increase the intensity and duration of the training.

The well-designed bicycle ergometer with air resistance enables limitless endurance workouts that are efficient and fun. With the Air Bike, the condition can be raised to a new level, the cardiovascular system is stimulated, and many calories are burned.

The combination of bicycle ergometer and cross trainer trains the legs, arms and trunk and is gentle on the joints.
For an Assault Bike, you have to dig deeper into your pocket, but this training device is worth the money because the training is highly efficient, and the fun factor is excellent.

Schwinn airdyne model history

Originally the Schwinn company developed the nowadays unknown swimming Schwinn Airdyne Models. The American manufacturer Assault revised this concept from the 90s and is considered a pioneer of the wind turbine ergometer.

Schwinn airdyne model history

To date, this hardcore training device has not been produced by any commercial fitness chain.
In addition to Assault, Schwinn, Rouge, Capital Sports and Sport Plus are among the best-known manufacturers, but Assault is way ahead.

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