Meditation Shawl – What is a Meditation Shawl? – April 2021

Meditation Shawl the pores of the body open. Cover it with this soft and light yak wool scarf to prevent wind and cold from entering the body. Meditation Shawl Perfect for four seasons. Not too tricky for summer and autumn. You can also wear it like Tibetan and Nepalese style. Maroon. Meditation Shawl scarf that Tibetan monks wear in cold weather. Drape over the body and cover the right shoulder. It keeps you warm and cozy while relaxing on the sofa or bed to read or watch TV. Meditation shawl wool or prayer towels have been used in Tibet for thousands of years.

These scarves are designed to surround the person during the meditation scarf session and are believed to store the energy that accumulates and positively affects the mind.

As the body cools down during meditation shawls wraps, the scarf adds extra warmth to help the body and protect the reason from distraction. This scarf is perfect for meditating, lying down, as a throw, or wrapping up to keep warm.

Yoga scarves shawl 100% soft wool that is vegetable-dyed in meditation shawl made of 100% wool,vegetable-dyed in monks burgundy red, comes from Dharamsala, India. Hand-spun 100% pure wool, vegetable-dyed in burgundy red, handmade from 100% pure Tibetan yak wool, light, soft and comfortable. While meditating, wrap yourself around your body or dress in Tibetan and Nepalese styles.

Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Hang to dry…

Our meditation & scarves not only look beautiful but can also be used in different ways:

  • When meditating, you can put the meditation shawl over your shoulders or legs to be comfortably warm.
  • The towels are also ideal for covering yourself during relaxation (savasana / dead pose) in hatha yoga.
  • Or you can wear it as a chic scarf or accessory.


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