Meditation Products – What items do you need for meditation?

Meditation Products play an essential role, and meditation is also one of the many other trends in yoga. Meditation Products accessories are also part of the extensive range of yoga. Meditation Products is the supreme discipline in the eight-part yoga path of Patanjali. Discover our products for everything to do with meditation, which will undoubtedly make meditation easier for you.


Meditation Items and meditation products

Meditation Items lead to harmony with our fellow human beings, with nature, and with ourselves. In practical terms, meditation is an exercise in which one concentrates intensely on one thing and does so in a relaxed posture. External distractions such as thoughts and noises that go through our heads are not pursued further, although they are still perceived.

Meditation and meditation items

Meditation is an encounter with one’s true self. Meditating can change or balance our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is advisable to meditate regularly because you can achieve improvements in many areas and create clarity and harmony more easily. Meditation brings the state of mind into a peaceful state that can make a better balance in life. The self in itself realizes itself. Regular meditation has many benefits that can translate into an improved quality of life. It’s also an excellent way to train your mind to stay in the present moment instead of living too much in the past or the future.


Meditation cushion

Many people who meditate like to use a pillow during meditation. A meditation cushion helps the body to adapt and maintain correct posture. A meditation cushion offers a level of comfort that is very important when meditating. A meditation cushion is an aid to correctly and comfortably support the body. If the body is not adequately supported, the legs, spine, hips, shoulders, and head can become misaligned, which can be very annoying. It can even lead to permanent injury if you continue to exercise without proper support. This is one of the main reasons why most people use a meditation pillow while meditating.


Yogitri accessories
The meditation products of the fair trade brand Yogitri are produced ecologically and sustainably. The Yogitri brand consists of 12 standard colors. We have many meditation products such as zabutons, eye pillows, yoga bolsters, and yoga belts, making it easy to combine colors. Meditation chairs with symbols are also included in the Yogitri collection. The various esoteric characters on the meditation cushions are fascinating and beautiful. The color combinations have been carefully selected, and the unique symbols are embroidered on the meditation cushions.


Practicing mantras is one of the meditation techniques to free one’s mind. Mantras calm the mind, have a healing effect, and calm the state of mind. Read more about the mantra.

Meditation accessories

Various meditation products have been developed to meditate in a relaxed manner, such as meditation pillows, eye pillows, warm blankets, or meditation benches. But there are also supporting accessories, discover the various atmospheric products such as incense, spiritual images, candles, or even sound instruments.

Meditation clothing

Many forms of meditation techniques have emerged around the world. The different types of meditation clothing with matching colors all have a specific purpose. In certain meditation movements, we see a particular color or style with its philosophy. Meditation shows us the depths of our human being; experiencing these gives us security and love. Discover more about meditation clothing.

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