Meditation Necklaces – How Do You Use A Meditation Necklace?

Meditation Necklaces is an aid to focus one’s attention in meditation and to manifest a mantra. The word meditation necklaces come from Hinduism and Buddhism and come from Sanskrit. Meditation Necklaces Traditionally, Indian meditation necklaces consist of 108 pearls divided into four sections of 27 pearls and finished with a so-called guru pearl. But there are also other styles (such as the Japanese style) in which the pearls are arranged differently.

Each pearl should be accompanied by a knot on both sides. They strengthen the chain as a whole. They protect the pearls by preventing the pearls from rubbing against each other and thus damaging each other. After all, the knots represent the obstacles in life that we overcome.

Before meditating with meditation necklaces, you should be aware of your mantra. This mantra is recited 108 times during meditation. By feeling the pearls, you can concentrate fully on your mantra and your breathing. Thus, the meditation chain helps you to find more calm and to come into deep meditation. When you arrive at Guru Pearl, you know that you have completed the 108 pearls and recitations.

The following materials and their meaning can support you and your mantra and help you to find the proper  for you :

Rudraksha Pearls

Rudraksha pearls are said to have mystical properties. Rudraksha means “tear of Shiva” and has its origin in Hindu mythology. It is said that Shiva meditated and wept tears of compassion for the good of all humanity. His tears crystallized when they touched the earth and turned into Rudraksha. So this pearl is revered as holy because it is said to have sacred powers for the wearer.


Precious / Semi-Precious Stones

Pearls made from minerals such as rose quartz, obsidian, rock crystal, amethyst, etc., are among the most popular components of meditation necklaces. So the decision is made either according to color or according to the predicted effects. You can find information about the different gemstones in our blog post: Gemstones and their meaning.

Meditation necklaces necklace rose quartz in a pouch

Lava Pearls

Lava pearls are also used to separate the four sections. Lava pearls are used as a diffuser for essential oils. In addition to the sense of touch, which is used to touch the 108 pearls, you can also use your sense of smell during meditation. Lavender oil, known for its calming effect, is trendy, whereas basil oil has an energizing effect and clarifies it.

Sandalwood Beads

Sandalwood beads have a long tradition as a material for meditation necklaces and are very pleasant to touch between the fingers. They work because of their positive balancing effect on well-being and give deep rest. Unlike precious stones, they have a warming impact and promote understanding and openness.

Meditation Necklaces Necklace Sandalwood

Energetic Purification of The Meditation Chain

Precious stones, in particular, are known to be charged with external energies. If you are receiving new meditation necklaces or feel the need to clean your meditation necklaces after extended use, you have various options for doing this. Either place your meditation necklace in a freezer for 15 minutes or rinse the pearls under running water for about half a minute. They can be charged with positive energy in sunlight or moonlight.

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