Meditation Cushion – How To Make a Meditation Cushion? – April 2021

A meditation cushion can be just as useful for many people as a neck or nursing pillow. This is because this type of pillow usually has a positive effect on the posture of the body. With the help of yoga, people achieve an upright sitting position needed for meditation. Meditation cushion. Only with the correct posture of the body can deep relaxation be achieved. Meditation cushion Some consumers also use gomden meditation cushion in conjunction with yoga mats made of virgin wool. Typically, however, people use both products separately.

Tip: A meditation mat and cushion have a unique shape that often corresponds to the crescent moon. For this reason, there is no option to replace a yoga pillow with other types of buffers such as herbal pillows, millet pillows, or cherry stones.

  • Meditation cushion half moon (sickle-shaped seat cushion)
  • Meditation bench
  • inflatable meditation cushion in different shapes
  • Meditation cushion high (resembles a stool)
  • Meditation cushion round or rondo (round, narrow shape)
  • Meditation cushion Zafu (round, wide shape)

As can already be seen from these formats in meditation pillow tests, the right pillow for the relaxation technique can be found for very different preferences and needs. Stools and benches, like many other large mediation pillows, are particularly suitable for domestic use.

A comfortable sitting posture is a basis for our mediation. Before the meditation begins, you should find a comfortable sitting position to stay for ten minutes easily. A comfortable meditation cushion sets support you.

After all, you should concentrate fully on your meditation in the best possible sitting posture.

A comfortable sitting position is an essential basis for intensive but at the same time pleasant meditation. In principle, you should take a sitting posture in which you can linger for some time.

For this reason, many people who practice yoga or meditation resort to what is known as meditation cushion sets.

You should pay close attention to what can be found below in our guide.


Many of us find it difficult to meditate at the beginning. The mind is restless, and it is difficult for us to sit still and find rest. If there is still a pinch because the back hurts or we force ourselves into a sitting position that is too advanced, the mind cannot calm down.

Note: Your seat (whether on the floor, a chair, or leaning against a wall) should never cause pain, and your lower back should always be upright.

A seat or yoga cushion for meditation automatically helps you to sit more comfortably. It relieves the spine and the entire back. Above all, it ensures a natural straightening of the spine to don’t sag so easily. This creates more space in the abdominal area, and our breath can flow more freely and deeply.

Once you have found a sitting position, you should stay comfortably in it. But especially as a beginner, you will perceive your body during more extended meditation. Then don’t hesitate. Just bring some movement into the painful parts of the body. For example, gently loosen your legs and then return to the seat.


The most important criterion for buying a suitable pillow is you. True to the motto “How you upholster yourself, that’s how you meditate,” the proper yoga meditation pillow can be a decisive factor in ensuring that the meditation is perceived as pleasant and harmonious. Each of us has our feelings when it comes to the seat. On the one hand, this feeling is related to the flexibility of the body and, on the other than d to the opening of the hips and the back.

Meditation cushion reviews – The right pillow should support you in an upright and straight posture, relieve your pelvis and spine and create space to calm your thoughts. Your mind should not be occupied with thigh pain, hip problems, or the back during meditation but should come to rest.

There are no criteria that apply to all meditators alike. Still, there are a few points you can keep in mind when choosing the proper DIY meditation cushion.

  • Cushion height
  • Pillow shape
  • Sitting position
  • Pillow filling
  • Cushion color
  • Area of ​​application (meditation, yoga, sitting, therapy)

If you keep these points in mind, you will quickly see how valuable an excellent DIY meditation cushion can be!


If you are not getting along well with the presented DIY meditation cushion and your seat does not feel good, then one of the following alternatives may be for you. There is nothing wrong with meditating with a meditation bench cushion or bolster.

As you can see, many options are available to you when choosing your yoga meditation pillow. Just consider your height, mobility, and the colors that you have always been drawn to. This way, you will indeed quickly find the meditation cushion set that suits you and your way of meditating!

You want to buy a meditation cushion – but which one is the right one?

Many people ask themselves this question, who comes into contact with the topic of yoga or meditation for the first time and would like to buy a meditation cushion set to meditate on in yoga or meditation. That is why we have listed some questions on “choosing the right meditation floor cushion.”

Best meditation cushion review: Should I buy a round or a semicircular meditation cushion?

Meditation cushions guarantee an upright posture that is easy on the back. The shape of your meditation cushion set should be chosen according to your ability to sit on the floor. If you can sit cross-legged upright for a long time, then a crescent-shaped meditation floor cushion is suitable. The sickle shape gives crossed feet enough space. A round meditation cushion would fill this space and is therefore not so well suited for the Scheider or half-lotus seat.

Best meditation cushion review: What kind of meditation cushions are there?

If you think that there are only round or crescent-shaped meditation seat cushions, then you are wrong. The best meditation cushion can have many shapes, depending on your favorite seat and your taste. A classic that is also popular in yoga as a seat cushion is, for example, the Lotus Design meditation cushion Zafu, which is inspired by Zen Buddhism and is particularly noticeable due to its distinctive folds.

The seat on a Zafu is slightly larger than on a standard pillow. Oval cushions are very adaptable and well suited for a wide variety of sitting positions. A rectangular meditation cushion, on the other hand, the right pillow is for you if you already have experience in meditation and can sit upright for a long time without discomfort.

And then, of course, there are the travel pillows that accompany you everywhere and do not take up much space in your holiday luggage.

Best meditation cushion review:  A meditation pillow made of organic cotton

Of course, we also offer you meditation or yoga gomden meditation cushion made of organic cotton. With our meditation seat cushion made of organic cotton, both the cover and the inlet are of organic quality. The cotton fabrics from our suppliers are GOTS certified and are sustainably produced in German workshops for the disabled. We only use hard-wearing organic cotton for the cover and the ticking of our Lotus Design organic meditation seat zen meditation cushion.


What is the most comfortable sitting position in meditation when I start meditating?

Your sitting posture in yoga or meditation depends on how you can best sit for a more extended period. If you prefer to sit on a high best meditation cushion, try the heel seat where you have your knees on the floor and your legs to the left and right of the pillow stretch backward. You can dampen the extra strain on your knees with a yoga blanket or knee pads that are filled with buckwheat hulls or cotton.

How high should a meditation cushion be?

The height of a meditation or yoga gomden meditation cushion depends primarily on your size. Down pillows, whether round or crescent-shaped yoga pillows are, of course, best for small yoga practitioners. But also, your ability to stay in a sitting position on the best meditation cushion for a long time determines the height. Our blog has listed more information about the correct size and shape of a suitable pillow for your meditation.

What filling should I buy my meditation cushion with?

Whether buckwheat husks, cotton, or kapok, the filling of your yoga pillow depends on the size of the cover and its shape. Depending on the size, weight also plays a role. The type of use, whether private or in a studio, can also be taken into account. Under filler the material, you will find a description of the fillers we use, from buckwheat husks to spelled husks and kapok. Each filler for our crescent meditation cushion has its advantages. Spelled husks are suitable as a filling material for a giant crescent meditation cushion, as they are large, firm, light, and retain their shape for longer. Buckwheat husks are very suitable for medium and small crescent meditation cushions. They have a smaller filling volume, are relatively small and soft, and adapt perfectly to the sitting position. Kapok is ideal as a filler for meditation pillows, as it is light and keeps the meditation pillow in shape for a long time.

Do I need a ticking for the meditation cushion?

Our Tibetan meditation cushion has a separate inlet almost without exception, making it much easier to wash the covers. Each seat cushion, whether half-moon or round, has a different channel. Our inner zen meditation cushion has a zipper. So you can determine the amount of filling yourself. You can also remove the inlet separately and refill it with filler material. If your inflatable meditation cushion is stored correctly – dry and at room temperature – the first filling with our high-quality fillers can retain its advantages for many years.

Buy a dhyana meditation cushion and pay attention to quality.

All of our yoga pillows are of selected quality, have a removable and washable cover, are partly made of organic cotton of durable quality, and are available in many different colors. We only use high-quality and durable cotton materials for our Tibetan meditation cushion. All meditation cushion wholesale and yoga Tibetan meditation cushion has a zipper or a cotton drawstring on the cover. The ticking can also be opened via a zipper.

As the name suggests, zen meditation cushion is used for meditation or is also used in Ayurveda treatments. Consumers can also find the aids under the name of round pillows, zafu, and zabuton meditation cushion sets, yoga pillows, floor pillows, and crescent pillows.

Floor seat meditation cushion wholesale usually has a round shape and is about 15 centimeters high. They represent a mobile alternative to the meditation bench cushion, exercise mat, and meditation, and yoga mats. Anyone who starts with Transcendental Meditation, Hatha, Luna, or Kundalini Yoga should also think of other suitable yoga accessories.

What should you watch out for when buying and testing?

  • What shape should your yoga pillow be? Round, crescent, etc.
  • How high should you ideally sit with pillows while meditating?
  • Should the pillow be transported more often? Do you need a handle?
  • What filling should my pillow have and why?


Meditation Cushion Sale: Meditation Pillow Organic

Compared to many pillows made of organic cotton or buckwheat husks, this product is made of spelled husk without an inlet. The cover of the inflatable meditation cushion is therefore easily removed. There is a zipper on the edge of the pillow to remove the filling material. This makes cleaning the cover and replacing the material particularly easy. Due to the height of about 16 centimeters, an optimal seat height is achieved. The diameter of this product is 28 centimeters.






Since it is a yoga pillow with an OEKO TEX certificate, it can also get into children’s hands. If you want to use this product as a travel pillow, you benefit from a small handle to carry.

  • with handle
  • OEKO TEX certificate
  • optimal height of 16 centimeters
  • 28 centimeters in diameter
  • filled without ticking



Zafu Meditation Cushion Sale: Lotuscrafts Zafu meditation cushion

The present pillow is often used for adult and children’s yoga. It has a height of 15 centimeters and is easy to use due to its round shape. Thanks to the GOTS certification, consumers can be sure that they are buying a high-quality product without harmful ingredients. This yoga cushion for meditation is currently available in 11 different colors to match any interior design ideas. Thanks to the removable cover made of organic cotton, this pillow is easy to clean. Zafu and zabuton meditation cushion sets are often used in therapy centers or yoga studios because they are of high quality and have a long lifespan.





The seller recommends buying a Zabuton yoga mat to benefit from a synergy effect.

  • with GOTS certification
  • Height of 15 centimeters
  • Yoga pillow suitable for children and beginners
  • Cover of the inflatable meditation cushion made of organic cotton
  • available in 11 different colors


Meditation Cushion Sale:  Lotuscrafts yoga mandala meditation cushion half moon Shanti

Thanks to the crescent-shaped manduka meditation cushion, sitting on a yoga mat is even easier. Consumers can choose a product in 12 different shades and find the right pillow for their own home. Due to the pure cotton cover, the meditation pad is very skin-friendly. A spelled filling is soft inside the product but offers enough support to achieve a healthy sitting position.






This article is easy to transport and care for due to the dimensions of 42 x 20 centimeters. The total weight of this pillow is one kilogram, making it easy to carry even by children.

  • handy Shanti cushion edition
  • available in 12 different colors
  • crescent shape
  • light and handy yoga pillow
  • Cushion cover made of pure cotton


Meditation Cushion Sale:  Bodymate Meditation Cushion

The versatile Bodymate meditation cushion DIY with a diameter of 31 cm and a height of 13 cm is suitable for use at home and in the studio. The cover is made of 100% cotton and can be washed at 30 degrees.

This pillow is filled with buckwheat husks. The height can be varied by increasing or decreasing the filling.

So if you are looking for a flexible meditation cushion DIY for little money, you have come to the right place with this model.


Zafu Meditation Cushion Sale: Lotuscrafts Zafu Meditation Pillow Yoga Pillow Zen

This Zafu from Lotuscracfts has a diameter of 35 cm and is 15 cm high. This makes it one of the large round meditation cushions wholesale and is very suitable for sitting cross-legged. It is ideal up to a height of 1.90 m.

The pillow is filled with organic spelled husks. Spelled husks are more complex than other fillings but offer a lot of stability when sitting. With a low weight of 1.6 kg, it is also well suited for transport.


Livasia Zafu Cushion Silk with Kapok Filling

This meditation cushion DIY from livasia has a diameter of 45 cm and is 15 cm high. This makes it one of the large round cushions and is ideal for sitting cross-legged. It weighs just 1.2 kg.

The zafu is filled with kapok. Kapok is not as stable as buckwheat husks or spelled, but it offers more seating comfort and hardly attracts mites. It is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. The cover is made of cotton and silk, which gives the pillow extra comfort.

If you are looking for a visually appealing Zafu with a Thai design, this product is a good choice. It also shines with its compact weight and its anti-allergenic kapok filling.


Meditation cushion test as well as additional details

Looking for a suitable product, those interested are often looking for a detailed meditation mat and cushion test. Thanks to the developed test, fundamental values ​​are determined, via which a decent selection can be limited.

Customers expect meaningful and logical explanations within such a test. A test summary that cannot be dismissed out of hand is only shown if it is indicative and independent tests used in uniform test scenarios and with a significant number of goods.

Great role models are famous institutions and occasional newspapers, which examine goods in detail by various experts and demonstrate the individual findings.

Fatally, there are also test pages on the network that unfortunately do not meet the exact expectations. Your test results are occasionally incorrect because it is often impossible to understand how the results were determined, and there is a lack of clarity and objective evaluation criteria.

Interested parties who need help and never want to be distracted by dubious tests are advised to ignore the bad points.

There is no meditation mat and cushion test in this post. This is just a meditation pillow comparison and a comprehensive guide, which is intended to support the choice of the product with supportive advice. Based on the comparisons and detailed explanations, it is easier for the customer to determine the ideal item and decide to buy.


What is the use of a meditation cushion in yoga?

Meditation cushions or Buddhist meditation cushions have unique shapes that push the pelvis forward. This will stretch the spine and stand straight up. This allows consumers to meditate in a relaxed and healthy manner. To find a suitable pillow, a short sample of all meditation pads can help you decide on a product.

Meditation pillow: How high should it be?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a general answer to this question. This is because the height of the pillow depends on the user. In general, the recommendations are that taller people also need a higher pad. A flat yoga meditation cushion is sufficient for smaller people. People who are of average height will benefit from yoga pillows that are six or six inches high.

Which filling is ideal for a meditation cushion?

There are yoga pillows with a wide variety of filling materials on the market. Most often, consumers are looking for a gomden meditation cushion with the filler:

  • kapok
  • Buckwheat husks
  • Spelled husk
  • Consumers will also find classic pillows with a cotton filling. However, this filling material is not recommended because it tends to deform with frequent use and is more difficult to remove and replace.

Anyone who suffers from allergies and is looking for an exceptionally soft filler should choose Kapok. Kapok is a vegetable substance that has the consistency of down. Kapok also proves to be very breathable so that that moisture can escape quickly.

Spelled and wheat chaff are much more complicated than kapok. Therefore, most people find them more uncomfortable. However, in terms of stability, wheat and spelled shell is high on the best materials for meditation pillow.

Which material is best for a pillowcase for a meditation pillow?

Buy meditation floor cushion covers pillows made from various materials such as silk, cotton, linen, jersey microfiber, satin, polyester, and jersey. For yoga pillows, consumers should choose a sturdy and washable cover. This is because the pad often lies on the floor and therefore picks up dust and dirt. For this reason, pillowcases should be removable and easy to clean. Pillowcases with a zipper are an excellent choice. Covers firmly sewn onto a pillow can only be put in the washing machine with the entire pad. This will seldom be possible due to the filling material.

Another aspect when choosing a cover is skin-friendliness. Organic cotton covers, in particular, top the list of the best cover materials. But microfiber is also becoming increasingly popular. Due to its smooth structure, this material does not offer any hold for mites and is often chosen. Also, consumers perceive microfiber to be exceptionally soft and comfortable on the skin. There are, therefore, clear recommendations when selecting a good pillowcase.

Where can I buy meditation cushions?

The travel meditation cushion is often available for purchase in yoga retreats such as Yoga Vidya in larger cities such as Nuremberg, Augsburg, Münster, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Sometimes consumers will also find local yoga shops that offer unique accessories such as yoga bags, yoga clothing for women and men, and even yoga fashion for children.

But gomden meditation cushions can also be bought directly from manufacturers, which is why a look around at Bausinger, Bodhi, Bodynova, Kapok, and Pranayama can be worthwhile. It can also be purchased cheaply in unique online shops such as Yogabox, Zaful, and Livadia.

There is often an even more extensive selection of products on Amazon and eBay. By the way, consumers will also find jade yoga mats, yoga pants, and fair trade yoga accessories for pregnant women there.

Tip: Sometimes, there is a mandala meditation cushion in shops like Tchibo or Real as part of offers. There is also the possibility to find oval and round meditation cushions in local shops that offer sustainable products.

What does a good yoga pillow cost?

It depends on the size and material of a pillow. The brand may also decide on the cost of the yoga accessories. Large-sized items from well-known manufacturers made of biological materials cost the most money. Therefore, consumers should allow for expenses of up to 70 euros. There are also suitable items for a smaller budget.

Mandala meditation cushions from lesser-known manufacturers cost around 20 to 30 dollars. Consumers who want to save money should favor shopping on the internet. This is because shopping on the Internet usually holds considerable potential for savings.

Among other things, Amazon offers the possibility to compare the properties and prices of individual articles easily. In this way, consumers can find a pillow that is the best value for money.

Cushions for meditation Is it possible to sew a meditation cushion?

Consumers who like to do manual work can easily make a yoga pillow themselves. Only a few materials are required for this. In addition to a pillowcase in a suitable shape, the filling material is also needed. If you want, you can also add decorative elements to a pillow. The most popular patches include the chakra signs, hearts, flowers, and elephants, among others.

Cushions for meditation What accessories do I need besides a yoga meditation cushion?

If you want to start with the popular relaxation technique, you should choose other supplements in addition to a pillow. The most popular accessories include these yoga items:

  • trousers
  • Shirt
  • mat
  • block
  • belt
  • pads
  • Cloths
    Stools and chairs are also used as part of various yoga exercises. These chairs and stools usually have a low height and therefore enable even easier stretching and stretching exercises. This is why the seating is also used in other sports and has a wide range of uses in the household.

There are also small yoga wheels. These wheels support the back, hips, and buttocks during appropriate movements and allow a lot of flexibility due to their round shape.

Has Stiftung Warentest already carried out a yoga meditation cushion test?

So far, there is no yoga pillow test from Stiftung Warentest, which is why we cannot present a meditation pillow test winner. Until then, we recommend doing your yoga pillow test on-site so that you can get an idea for yourself. You are sure to find an individual meditation cushion test winner soon!

Are all yoga pillows organic?

Whether a Zabuton Meditation Cushion is organic depends on the materials used. Not every manufacturer attaches importance to organic quality, which is why you have to be careful when buying yoga pillows. Manufacturers like Lotuscrafts are entirely focused on organic goods, which is why you can safely buy here.

Tchibo meditation cushions or Amazon cushion for meditation that is not specially labeled are not automatically organic and maybe cheaper. If you are sensitive, you should pay attention to organic products! Otherwise, it doesn’t have to be organic!

Why are yoga pillows so colorful?

Whether you buy a red, sun yellow, or squeaky green zabuton meditation cushion is up to your preferences. Likewise, whether it has been embroidered or has a pattern, an elaborately processed pillow can also fulfill decorative tasks and serve as a visual highlight in the room. If you have already delved deeper into the matter, you will also know that colors have a meaning about chakras.

What is a refill bag?

If you order a zabuton meditation cushion online, it makes sense to buy additional filling material directly. After a while, your yoga pillow will squeeze and go in-depth. You then sit less comfortably, which can seriously impair your concentration. Order a refill bag right away so that you can refill! So you don’t have to buy a new yoga pillow.

5. What does the yoga pillow experience say about the price of a model?

The best meditation pillows are not necessarily expensive. They are available for as little as 10 euros, which is entirely sufficient for many beginners. Those who do their exercises every day may invest in a particular brand or XXL models and more. These are usually a bit more expensive.



You have probably heard of the benefits of using a pillow or something similar for your meditation. Perhaps you have used one or the other meditation pad and were not satisfied with it. The right choice is what counts!

In my younger years, as a newcomer to the meditation world, I found it to be as professionally portrayed by meditators as they practiced the techniques on their pillows.

“If I do something, I do it properly,” I thought and went to the nearest possible store. Oh my god, there were so many questions from the salesman that I only had the exit door in mind.

Didn’t even know the variety of meditation or yoga. (Some of them know me now) I sat down in front of the computer and first researched the techniques and the types of pillows that go with them.

Then after a few days, I walked into the same store with an omniscient charisma. A few minutes later, I walked out the “exit door” with my shopping, this time relaxed and happy.

Why do I need a meditation pillow?

Choosing the proper meditation or yoga pillow depends on a few criteria, such as the meditation posture, the correct alignment, the comfort, and the look and feel of the pillow.

The human body is neither flat nor predictably curved. Without proper support, your body will succumb to the shape of the surface it rests on. This generally causes the legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and head to be misaligned.

Best Meditation pillows, yoga blankets, yoga pillows, and other equipment can significantly improve your posture and quality during meditation.

As with any exercise, whether setting up or cooking, meditation requires the right tools to ensure a successful session.

I’ll show you my all-time favorites right here. But the price is already in the upper league:

Meditation posture

Sitting and shared meditation postures include the traditional positions of full lotus, half-lotus (crossed legs), kneeling (seiza), sitting in a chair, and lying (Shavasana) positions. You can use more than one posture for meditation.

For example, half the lotus for your morning meditation and then Savasana at the end of a yoga session. The ability to meditate in any sitting or kneeling postures is primarily determined by the flexibility of your ankles, knees, and hips.

In most cases, some kind of support is required to maintain the position during meditation.

“Every tool gets its perfection by the fact that it does not serve several, but only one purpose.”

  • The right direction
  • yoga by the water
  • During a seated meditation in the whole or half-lotus posture, a solid foundation is crucial. The spine should be upright with the lower back arched, the upper back slightly arched, the neck slightly arched, and head height assuming the “S” curve.

This curve naturally supports your body, enables maximum comfort, and reduces stress on the spine. The traditional Zafu and Zabuton meditation cushions work well in the lotus posture.

The Zafu Meditation Cushion, the traditional round folded pillow, lifts the hips and upper body so that the legs can rest comfortably. Usually, one sits on the edge of the zafu so that the thighs drop down slightly.

This pose rolls the hips forward, creating the natural curve of the spine. When the range is in its natural shape, the back, shoulders, neck, and head assume a comfortable upright posture that is easy to maintain during the exercise.

When used on its own, the Zafu is well suited for average height and normal to above-average flexibility.

Taller people and those with limited flexibility tend to benefit from greater buoyancy. Sitting directly on the zafu can increase buoyancy, resulting in an unstable feeling where balance and correct alignment remain difficult.

A rectangular meditation pillow can be used with the zafu to increase buoyancy and allow the pads to achieve the proper pose.

Cosmic Cushion and Zabuton Meditation Cushion: A unique variant of the Zafu is the Cosmic Cushion. This pillow has a fortune cookie shape and a built-in slope that creates an accurate finish with more stability.

The extended sides of the pillow support the thighs, and the heel cutout allows the heels and ankles to be positioned close to the body. The Cosmic Cushion works well for everyone but is an ideal pillow for taller and less flexible people.

A lower loft version is best for people who have average to above-average flexibility.

Those who just prefer a slight lift but still want a cutout that allows the heels to be positioned tightly, the Heavenly Buckwheat Bean is the best alternative.

Due to the lower buoyancy, greater flexibility may be required to feel comfortable.

More types

The rectangular round meditation cushion is a simple solution that can provide buoyancy for the normal posture. Since this pillow has straight edges, it won’t interfere with the positioning of the heels.

The lift is not as high as the standard zafu and is preferred by those with greater flexibility or average height or lower. Experienced meditators often prefer it.

Zabuton meditation cushion provides padding for the knees and ankles during sitting meditation. This cushion is placed under the zafu or other seat cushions.

The correct position in the sitting posture can put additional pressure on the knees and ankles, and the zabuton helps cushion these areas of tension.

If you have problems with your hip, knee, or ankle, the knee or kapok support pillow can provide additional support. When you place the knee pillow under the knee, the knee is raised, and the torque on the knee joint is reduced.

The kneeling or seiza meditation posture can be supported by a zafu, a meditation bench cushion, a rectangular meditation cushion, or yoga bolster. Supporting one of these pillows supports the upper body and reduces the torque on the knee joint.

Using a combination of these pillows can increase buoyancy for taller people or those with more limited flexibility. A zabuton or kapok support pillow can cush the knees and ankles from hard floor surfaces.

In the sitting meditation position, a backpack chair can be helpful to support the back. Whether a backpack or a regular chair is used, a kapok support pillow can cush the lower back and create the spine’s average “S” curve.

Omni meditation bench stool in the lying position can provide lightness with a cotton yoga mat or a Shiatsu massage mat. A yoga blanket, yoga neck pad, or kapok support pillow can be placed under the knees, back, neck, or other body areas to lift and support those areas of the body.


Regardless of the posture taken during meditation, a solid foundation, proper alignment to support the body and breath are essential.

Meditation and support cushions contribute to the comfort of concentrating on the mind and not being distracted by physical ailments.

When starting a meditation practice for the first time, it is helpful to focus on the body for a short time to pay attention to any areas of the body that need additional support or adjustment.

Meditation Pillow

Zafu meditation cushion sale pillow. There are many pillows for meditation. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and are made with many different materials.

You must take the time to think about each design and how it will best fit your personal needs. Consider the height of the pillows, whether the fabric is durable yet soft, and how the filling supports your body.

The color of the pillow may not matter that much, although most people look for a color that goes with the color scheme of their meditation room. That is why Feng Shui, in connection with colors, can help select your meditation room.


Feng Shui and color:

  • Zen meditation
  • Creating an Environment for Wellbeing

The primary colors generally affect your energy in the following ways:

  • Red – associated with fire energy (increases energy)
  • Violet – restores balance (contains purple & plum)
  • Yellow – lifts the mood and clears the mind
  • Blue – calming effect that contributes to relaxation
  • Black – creates deep inner concentration and discipline
  • Orange – derives healing, both physically and spiritually
  • Green – creates balance and calm; stimulates slow, deep breathing
  • Different tones contain aspects of one or more other colors. Brown, for example, offers the qualities of green and orange. In general, the stronger the color, the stronger the effect.


Kapok versus buckwheat hull

Kapok is a soft, cotton-like material that originated from the kapok trees of Asia and the southern regions of the United States. When blown into a pillow, the kapok becomes dense and firm.

It is a valuable product for the best meditation pillows because it is not firming like cotton, polyester wadding, and foam products. It’s easy too. More precisely, it can adapt to the shape of the body without collapsing.

Kapok has been used in meditation pillows for centuries.

Buckwheat hulls are the outer chaff of the buckwheat kernel. The hulls are small, dark, and saucer-shaped. When poured into a pillow, they take on the effect of a pile of sand but with a lot less weight.

However, a buckwheat trunk pillow weighs more than a kapok pillow. The result of the buckwheat pods is that they effortlessly conform to the body’s shape and create a very grounded feeling. Buckwheat trunk pillows feel more stable than the kapok pillows and are preferred by many.



1. What is a meditation cushion, and how does it work? How to make a meditation cushion?

A meditation cushion or Buddhist meditation cushion supports a comfortable seat in which you can pause comfortably.

The body can relax optimally. Pain and tension, which often occur in the lower back or shoulder and neck area during long periods of sitting, are avoided. This, in turn, promotes the ability to concentrate and helps ensure that the focus can be directed to the object of meditation.

The raised sitting position created by using a round meditation cushion contributes to this positive effect. Both seat bumps rest on the pillow, the pelvis is slightly tilted, and the natural curvature of the lumbar spine is preserved.

The weight is distributed over several points. The hips, lower back, and knees are protected from this position. This is an exceptionally comfortable posture for most people.

Finding a suitable model from the great diversity of travel meditation cushions, which adapts well to personal circumstances, helps to pay attention to the following criteria in the search.

The course version of the application and advantages:

  • Supports an upright sitting position
  • Protection of the joints and relief of the spine
  • Excellent aid for optimal relaxation and better concentration during meditation
  • Relaxation of the muscles

2. The correct seat height of the meditation cushions

Travel meditation cushions are available in different sizes. The size of the dhyana meditation cushion is decisive for a comfortable seat.

There are small pillows with a height of 10 cm, medium pillows with a height of 15 cm, and large pillows with a height of 20 cm.

The selection of a suitable model is determined by the size of the meditator, his meditator, his flexibility, mobility, and the area of ​​application.

The area of ​​application determines it. In addition to the usual sizes, the height can usually be individually regulated by removing or adding filling material.

Small meditation cushions 10 cm high

Small pillows are suitable for meditators with a maximum height of 1.70 m, who do not feel any restrictions in their mobility and are generally flexible. Sitting in a lotus, cross-legged, or heel position shouldn’t cause any problems.

Medium meditation cushions 15 cm high

Medium height meditation cushions are suitable for most practitioners and, therefore, can be considered standard cushions. The pillow is ideal for people who are 1.70 m tall or more prominent. The middle height should be preferred if there is slight discomfort in the hip area or the knees.

High meditation cushion 20 cm high

A high-round meditation cushion is recommended from a height of 1.80 m and tall and for people with long legs. Because it makes it easier for tall people to sit cross-legged, this also supports the heel seat. The high meditation cushion is still suitable for people with limited flexibility.

The shape of the meditation cushion

The seat cushions are available in different shapes. In general, the suitability of a buckwheat meditation cushion is a subjective feeling.

The body stature, individual mobility, and, if necessary, painful personal areas of focus of the body influence selecting the pillow shape. If in doubt, it is worthwhile to try the pillow and feel how much comfort you feel.

The round cushion:  How to make a meditation cushion 

The round meditation cushions are the most commonly used. Both beginners and professionals use this type of pillow. The following applies: round is not always round!

The round meditation aids are available in different sizes, colors, designs, and fillings. The round meditation cushion raises the sitting position and allows the legs to rest comfortably. Usually, you sit on the edge of the pillow so that your legs drop forward.

Placing yourself in the middle of the round pillow can help the body to lift, but it usually makes you feel more unstable in general.

The round cushions are suitable for meditators with rather average body stature and normal flexibility. In general, however, the higher the pillow, the more convenient it is for beginners or meditators who are not quite as flexible.

The high, round seat cushions are also more suitable for tall people. The deeper variants tend to require flexibility and muscles and are therefore advisable for more experienced yogis.

The crescent – how to make a meditation cushion

This seat cushion is visually striking due to its shape, which is strongly reminiscent of a crescent moon. With this type of pillow, parts of the thigh can also be placed on the left and right sides of the crescent shape of the meditation pillow. This reduces the pull of the legs on the acetabulum.

Especially meditators with hip problems can use the crescent pillow to meditate painlessly.

Also, the feet are given more space due to the inside curvature. In the usual lotus position, the heels have more space while the legs are crossed. The seat height of such a crescent pillow is not very high.

The resulting slightly sagging seat favors a comfortable, upright meditation posture.

Cuboid / rectangular meditation cushions:  How to make a meditation cushion

Cuboid or rectangular meditation pillows are also known as pranayama pillows. Pranayama is the fourth link of Raja Yoga and means that the body and mind are brought together through breathing exercises. This name is associated with rectangular meditation cushions because they are used in some breathing exercises.

A rectangular pillow can be used in many ways. So this can not only be used as a support in the sitting position but can also be used as a neck support in the lying position. They are also suitable as a comfortable base for kneeling.

The Travel Meditation pillow

For meditators who travel a lot, there is the possibility of using a travel meditation pillow. Most of the time, these cushions are exceptionally light and easy to transport, thanks to the attached carrying strap. Typically, this variant of the yoga meditation cushion is not very high, so it is more suitable for advanced meditators.

The fillings of the meditation cushions

The material used to fill the pillow can vary. Usually, natural products are used as filling material.

Buckwheat Filling

Buckwheat peel is often used as a filling. The shell is hard, stores heat well, and are breathable. This type of filling hardly makes any noise during movements and adapts well to the individual sitting position.

Spelled Filling

Furthermore, so-called spelled husks are often used as filling material. The firm-spelled husks adapt well to the body shape and position. Cushions with spelled husk are dimensionally stable and optimally support the body in its active or passive posture.

Kapok Filling

Kapok fibers are also known as plant down. The kapok fiber is the hollow fiber of the cocoa tree. A buckwheat meditation cushion filled with kapok fiber is usually very soft, light, and elastic.

Benefits of meditation pillows

As with all products, a buckwheat meditation cushion can have advantages and disadvantages. These are at a glance as follows:


  • The sitting posture during meditation is more comfortable
  • It also makes specific sitting exercises easier in yoga
  • It also visually fills the room spiritually
  • Serves as a design piece of furniture

The care of the meditation cushion

It is imperative to store the pillows in a dry place, as the filling material is usually natural. Therefore, it is advisable to place the hugger-mugger meditation cushion on a heater once a week so that air can reach the cushions from above and below and everything can breathe optimally.

Typically, a buckwheat meditation cushion consists of two layers. The outer fabric, i.e., the cover, is provided with a zipper. Below is the filled inner material. To wash the pillow, take out the supplied inner cloth and wash the body inside out at 30 – 40 degrees.

Manufacturers and famous brands

  • Bodymate
  • Lotuscrafts
  • mallow
  • Livadia

Where can I buy meditation cushions?

Meditation Cushions

The bestseller list sometimes says more than other recommendations. We, therefore, list the other top 10 bestsellers on Amazon here. The list is constantly updated and shows the current best-selling “hugger-mugger meditation cushion.” Here you will also find many test winners and recommendations from customers or magazines.



Meditation cushions in comparison: which type is right for me?

A half-moon meditation cushion in the square, round or high, is not a must. A soft, half-moon meditation cushion is only charming support but not a must for meditation. To meditate, you need nothing more than your will, which is why meditation is possible for those practiced at any time and almost anywhere.

The best meditation cushion is always the one that fully meets your needs. Those who like to sit harder will prefer a different meditation cushion in a round or another shape than someone who wants it soft and comfortable.

As soon as you have some experience meditating without a pillow, you will feel what kind of support you need.

Before you buy a meditation cushion target, take a look at our comparison table, which provides compact information on the most critical properties of sure cushions. As part of our purchase advice, we would like to explain essential details of specific models to you in compact form because the basis of every meditation cushion target is always a comfortable sitting posture.

Attention: If you already have known problems with your back or joints, talk to your doctor about the necessary support. Based on these statements, you can then choose your meditation cushion.


The meditation bench is a relatively static aid.

A meditation cushion buckwheat is usually better for meditating than a couch. In contrast to other meditation cushion buckwheat and yoga cushions, a meditation bench and cushion is very stable and hardly resembles a pillow. Also, it is pretty significant compared to the meditation cushion and equipped with a sturdy substructure and a padded seat. It is particularly suitable for very long meditations, as it enables a straight, upright sitting posture.

In many cases, intense abdominal breathing is facilitated by a sloping seat. People with knee problems also benefit from a meditation bench and cushion instead of pain in the lotus position on a square meditation cushion.

What are the advantages of a half-moon meditation cushion?

The ideal meditation cushion is characterized by the fact that, at best, you will not even notice it during a session. Also, a meditation cushion or yoga cushion should constantly optimally adapt to your body and your proportions. A meditation cushion with filling, such as a cushion in the shape of a crescent moon, is ideal for this.

Cushions in this shape support the thighs and the pelvis simultaneously, making them perfect partners for people with back or knee problems who, due to their meditation practice, are already flexible and can sit with crossed legs.


How high should a round meditation cushion be?

Round meditation cushions, which can be small or relatively large, are trendy and can be used in various ways. Here, too, your personal, physical constitution plays an important role.

Small, delicate buttocks and pelvises often feel comfortable on small meditation pillows, while other people prefer to relax on a more comprehensive, more giant pillow. As a rule, you sit on the edge of the pad so that you can use the protector from all sides.

Depending on the filling material used and the manufacturer, these meditation cushions in black and many other colors are soft. The thighs fall slightly down on the meditation cushion in Zen, which rolls the hips forward and supports the spine’s natural curvature.

Since there are round meditation cushions 20 cm high, round meditation cushions 30 cm high, and many more, we want to go to the appropriate height. There are also meditation cushions 28 cm tall or much smaller versions and intermediate sizes.

Memory foam meditation cushion, since the correct height varies depending on your state of health, preferences, and size, you should pay attention to the following rule of thumb when buying a meditation pillow: The pillow should achieve that the hips are higher than the knees, the pelvis rolls forward and the back rolls can stretch out naturally.

Taller people, therefore, most benefit from higher memory foam meditation cushions in tests since the legs are longer and a higher cushion gives a better angle.


What should you look for in cheap meditation cushions?

You should pay attention to the criteria described below with a cheap meditation cushion from Aldi or Lidl. The same applies to branded products such as the meditation cushion cover from Lotuscrafts and other manufacturers.

Ensure that the pillow category, i.e., bench, stool, or pillow, suits your needs. The seat height (cm) should be adapted to your body size and any illnesses for each model.

We recommend washable outer material rather than an organic quality meditation cushion cover. After all, you are usually sitting with your buttocks on the pillow to have no skin contact. We, therefore, do not necessarily see the risk of allergies or similar reactions in the comparison of different meditation pillow tests.

Ensure that the meditation chair cushion for traveling or at home has a washable cover to ensure permanent hygienic conditions. This is also very useful for meditation chair cushions for traveling or participating in group meditation inappropriate centers. Especially during transport, contamination often occurs, or the Thai meditation cushion is contaminated with food by children in the car.

Spelled husks or buckwheat husks are very popular for filling because they are dimensionally stable, soft, and at the same time adaptable. They equalize temperatures and are good at dealing with moisture. They should only be shaken up regularly and well ventilated. If you sew your Thai meditation cushion yourself or want to put together a whole meditation cushion set, you will find a huge offer on the Internet.

4)Which brands and manufacturers offer meditation cushions?

With a lot of experience and practice, some people can meditate almost anywhere. There are numerous brands such as Kapok, Flower of Life, Bausinger, Zafu, Mandala, Yogabox, and Rituals that offer high-quality meditation bolster cushion in a wide variety. Spelled or spelled husks are often used as a filling, which you can also use as a filling material for a meditation bolster cushion.

How do you sit properly on a meditation cushion?

Since there are about six different postures in the meditation support cushion, we cannot recommend the correct posture.

Find out for yourself whether you feel more comfortable sitting cross-legged, in a comfortable seat, in half or full lotus position, or even on a chair.

Which filling is suitable for meditation cushions?

Spelled and buckwheat fillings are very popular. But the larger cherry stones (like in the cherry stone pillow ), coconut fibers, millet, or new wool are used for many pillows.


Kneeling meditation cushion test properties at a glance

You should get a good overview of the properties. We have attached some information here for this purpose. The kneeling meditation cushion test has precisely addressed such positive and negative aspects. Not every pillow has the same characteristics. It should also make your decision easier.

The weight does not play an insignificant role. The lighter a pillow, the better. You can take it with you anywhere. The stowage itself is also designed to be simpler. If it is difficult, it is usually larger or has more fullness. This doesn’t always have a positive effect on your body. That point should be considered before buying.



The everyday demands on the meditation cushion

In the beginning, you are happy about the product. But unfortunately, it quickly turns out that it does not meet your requirements. Unfortunately, you spent money in vain. So keep your eyes open when you buy. Specific aspects must be fulfilled, which were tested in the meditation cushion test.

You have to be able to sit stably on it. Your body mustn’t sag on it. There is no point if you sit back on the floor and have no support. Your backbends and tension is the negative consequence.

The size should also be well thought out. You should easily find a place on it. But stowing shouldn’t be a significant obstacle either. One corner to the site must be enough.

Also, you have to be able to carry it from A to B without any problems. A fixed place is not always possible. With an integrated wrist strap, this should no longer be a problem.

This is how you clean the meditation cushion.

In the chatter meditation cushion test, cleaning was also addressed. You should also consider these when buying. No pillow is good if it cannot be easily looked after.

Here again, the material of the cover plays a decisive role. Cotton is not the only kind to the skin; it is also easy to care for. A damp cloth is sufficient for light soiling. Wipe it over the dirty areas, and the pillow will be clean again.

That was the result of the chatter meditation cushion test. With a bit of soap or washing-up liquid, coarser soiling can be removed in connection with water. However, some materials cannot be maintained. The structure does not allow it. You should exclude these immediately when buying, even if the product is in excellent condition.

It is an excellent advantage if you can wash the cover. Some materials are also suitable for the washing machine. When the temperature is low, the body retains its shape but is cleaned. Depending on where you are practicing your meditation, this is an absolute must. So you can also go outside – sit in the meadow.

Meditation cushion comparison criteria

Comparison criteria were taken into account in the sitting cushion meditation test. These should make the decision easier for you. There are a vast number of products in this category. But not all of them keep their promises. Advantages and disadvantages need to be considered.

These comparison criteria of the sitting cushion meditation comparison primarily include the price. This should be based on your budget. The buyers’ ratings are also included here. These give you initial information about the price-performance ratio. This also gives you tips.

Further criteria are, for example, the material of the cover and the filling material. The artistry and quality shouldn’t take a backseat either. If the zipper is worked in well, there will be unsightly stains. Make sure to use as many criteria as possible when buying.

Meditation cushion comparison – save money and buy a cheap meditation cushion.

Of course, there are also differences in the price category. Not every high-quality product has to be expensive. The meditation cushion test has already shown this. A solid, well-made model can also be purchased at a low price.

To buy a discounted health product and get your personal advice, please message.You can find answers to all questions on our site.
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