Meditation Bench – What Is The Best Meditation Bench? – April 2021

Meditation Bench is a bench that has a forward sloping seat. This seat has an incline of two to three centimeters. The height of such a bench is between 15 centimeters and 26 centimeters. Meditation Bench There are two traditional types of meditation benches. In one design, the legs of the bench are attached to the outer edge of the seat. In this way, the user’s lower legs lie between the legs of the Meditation Bench.

The other construction is that the legs of the bench are attached in the middle. And that at a distance of about 15 centimeters. In this case, the user of the bar guides the lower legs past the outside.

This bench is mainly used during mediation if a meditation cushion is also used.

In addition to the benches with glued legs, there are also folding meditation benches. The legs are folded in here thanks to the hinges, which means that the entire bar can be stowed away to save space. The mediation bench is traditionally made of wood.

There is no type of wood that is not suitable for production. Such a bench is offered accordingly in different model variants, which then also wholly match the furnishing style of the respective apartment or the private mediation room or the room at the professional.

Many people find it difficult to concentrate when they start meditating. Often one is distracted or cannot find a comfortable sitting position.

Meditation products like the DIY meditation bench will help you overcome these physical distractions to focus better. The DIY meditation bench, also called a prayer bench, enables you to sit in a kneeling meditation bench position for long periods while meditating.

The bench prevents excessive pressure on the knees, ankles, back, and neck. This allows you to sit quietly and stress-free. The traditional pose of sitting on a DIY meditation bench is known as the seiza meditation bench position. That is why an alternative name for this seiza meditation bench.

Sitting on these benches puts you in a position that lifts your hips and relieves pressure on your joints. Your spine will also straighten up.

How does a meditation bench work?
The purpose of a meditation bench is to enable relaxed sitting during meditation (yoga).

The aim is to ensure that the user of such a bench can take the most upright and relaxed sitting posture possible. The two or three centimeters sloping seat surface is decisive for the functionality of such a bench. The human pelvis is thereby tilted slightly forward. This triggers a perpendicular alignment of the spine. The result is that the abdominal cavity remains relaxed.

The breath – which is crucial for mediation – can flow freely.

The mediation bench is used once so that the user kneels on a soft surface and places the bar between the buttocks and lower legs.

Typically, the user sits on the bench in the Lotus seat or the half Lotus seat. A pillow is usually placed between the bar and the buttocks. This is the classic sitting posture in Japanese and Tibetan cultures. However, people from western countries find such a sitting posture difficult in the long run.

One reason for this may be that their legs are not flexible enough. However, many who want to practice mediation fear that they run the risk of dislocating their knees with the lotus seat.

The reason for this is: Western Europeans are not that used to sit in this posture. Meditation benches and the supporting meditation cushions only support a sitting stance during mediation, which is unusual for Western Europeans.

However, the real reason for using the mediation bench is that the upright spine supports the body. The muscles should not be tense but just balance this good position.

The aim is also to avoid any tension. This means that the bench should avoid muscle tension. Often, pain in the shoulders occurs after meditation. The court should help or prevent such pain.

Variants of the meditation benches
The basic form of a meditation bench runs through all model variants. Because the forward sloping seat is essential for the perfect posture during mediation, such a bench is generally of high quality. It is characterized by its straightforward design and the traditional craftsmanship that is associated with it.

Differences can be found neither in the stability nor in the shape of the individual product variants.

The bench enables a cushion to be placed at any time.

There are only differences in terms of the size of the bench. These should be chosen depending on your height. There are low, medium, and high mediation banks.

There are, of course, differences in terms of the type of raw material, the wood. As a rule, high-quality wood is processed, which is very stable, such as beech. But there are also cheaper models made of spruce wood and expensive models made of teak wood.

The foldable meditation bench

Most benches for yoga and meditation have a fixed width and height. Mainly chic models also serve as decoration in the room and are therefore happy to remain visible.

For a mobile bench or one that is to be stowed away, a collapsible bar is, of course, better. However, there are not so many foldable benches in the selection, or they don’t look so pretty.

For example, a simple wooden model, as shown in the example below, has a hinge on each leg and can therefore be easily folded up and stowed away. The small yoga bench is then so flat that it fits into every little corner.

You can then quickly get your yoga bench under the bed or out of the closet and set it up again.

Advantages and disadvantages of meditation bench

Using meditation bench cushions during meditation practice is especially important for aligning your spine while meditating. Of course, it is also important to sit comfortably during meditation.

The incline of the bench is especially helpful if the meditation lasts longer. One of the advantages of such a bench is that the strain on the knees is also achieved, and optimal spine alignment and comfortable sitting. This is the only way to endure a more extended meditation.

However, there is little choice when it comes to models for meditation bench cushions. The Asians finally manage to do meditation without such aid. Also, the purchase of an extra bench, especially for reflection, is relatively cheap. It is cheaper to use a meditation cushion alone.

There is a foldable version of this bench. However, the folded bar also requires a little space, which you should have available.


  • Good spine alignment
  • Sitting comfortably
  • Relief for the knees
  • Foldable benches take up almost no space

What should you watch out for when buying a meditation bench?
Since meditation bench cushions are constructed very simply, buying them seems easy at first glance. That is far from the case. When looking to buy a meditation bench, there are a few things to look out for. Above all, this means that it is a mediation bank.

The slope

You can recognize this by the incline and height between 15 centimeters and 26 centimeters. You should also pay attention to the construction, i.e., how the legs are attached. Most western consumers feel more secure on a bench with legs on the outer edge of the seat.

The size and dimensions

And then there is the right seat height that you should choose. If you are about 175 centimeters tall, the ideal mediation bench should be 450 x 170 x 214/180 millimeters. If you are taller than 175 centimeters, the court should measure 450 x 170 x 234/210 millimeters.

If you are even more significant, you should choose a bench measuring 450 x 170 x 264/240 millimeters. When it comes to the size of the bar, the most important thing is the height. You shouldn’t somehow “sag” from your posture during meditation.

The primer for wood

A bench should also have been primed with linseed oil or treated with beeswax balm and without solvents.

The material of the yoga bench

A purchase criterion is, of course, the material. That should be wood, of course, because wood is of high quality and conveys a “feeling of warmth” for meditation. The type of wood used in the meditation bench and cushion you have purchased is, of course, a question of price. Teak is more expensive than spruce or beech wood than native types of wood.

Fixed or foldable

And then you should still be able to decide whether the bench is fixed or foldable. This variant is efficient, although an average mediation bench does not take up a lot of space.


People who like to meditate are also often interested in sustainable production. It’s not just about the material but also about whether the excellent piece comes from ecologically produced wood.

You also don’t need to purchase a product made in Japan, etc. You can also trust a product that was made in Italy.

You should also look for a suitable meditation cushion.

The nursing meditation bench

A mediation bench made of natural wood naturally has to be looked after now and then. It is best to treat the wood with linseed oil or with beeswax balm now and then.

7. Manufacturers and famous brands

  • Lotuscrafts
  • Elemental force
  • Bodymate

Welcome to our extensive meditation bench test 2021. Here we present to you all of the meditation benches that we have tested in more detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best meditation bench.

the essentials in brief

  • A meditation bench and cushion is a suitable choice for you if you are too inflexible for traditional meditation cushions or if
  • you are looking for an alternative to meditation cushions.
  • Inexpensive meditation benches can be purchased for as little as 20 euros.
  • Mid-range models cost around 50euros, and absolute top models start from 100 euros.
  • When buying a meditation bench and cushion, you should consider the height, the material, and the artistry. Some bars can also be folded up so that they can be easily stowed away.
  • Because of the comfortable sitting position, a meditation bench leads to an increase in the energy level of some people.
  • A great alternative to meditation cushions if there are health restrictions. If you have knee problems, this product will be the right choice.
  • From traditional to modern variations, the material, height, and artistry are essential criteria that you must not overlook.


What to expect here

If you’ve recently decided to take up meditation as a daily practice, you may have noticed that your exhausted body doesn’t make it easy for you at first. It’s hard to get into a constant straight posture and hold it for a long time.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. One of these tools is the meditation bench. In this article, we will explain everything to you about meditation benches. We’ll also list our top 5 meditation benches that you can buy online.

Why meditation benches?

If you cannot do your meditation without experiencing discomfort in your knees, ankles, joints, back, and neck, then here is a problem that you can solve with an aid. Meditation benches, also known as prayer benches, have been used for hundreds of years.

They have been shown to help make up for the lack of flexibility and functionality so that your body can focus entirely on meditation during your rest period.

What are the benefits of a meditation bench?

Here are the main benefits you can get from using a meditation bench regularly in your meditation sessions.

Better sitting posture

A meditation bench allows you to sit in a better posture. Using this meditation tool will help you maintain an upright and comfortable position. Your spine is straightened so that there is no pressure on it. This will ensure that you have a good sitting posture during meditation that does not become uncomfortable.

Promotes better concentration

Using a meditation bench will keep your body relaxed and relieve it of excessive stress. This will ensure that physical distractions don’t take your focus away. Regular use of a meditation bench will bring greater concentration during your exercises.

Better sitting

With options like non-slip seat cushions for curved bench surfaces, meditation benches are designed so that you can sit longer without overexertion. They are incredibly comfortable and take the risk of bad posture during meditation. It is also possible to sit for a very long time with the help of meditation benches.

Helps to meditate frequently and seriously

Using a meditation bench to meditate will ensure that you meditate more often and more intensely, as the meditation bench plans are only used for this one activity.

Every time you see the bench, you will be reminded to meditate, and once you sit on it, you will be mental with your meditation. Since most benches can also be folded up, you can take them with you and take short meditation breaks everywhere.

Prevents numbness

If you use meditation bench plans, you will no longer have problems with numb or asleep limbs. The bench lets you sit in such a way that no blood supply is cut off. This guarantees that you are always sitting comfortably. As a result, you can keep your meditation kneeling stool sessions going longer.

Which bank is right for you?

This question has to be answered very individually. Every skeleton behaves differently and is differently resilient. Many meditators get along with two-legged meditation bench plans (traditional type). Some, however, see the legroom as a great advantage. Physical limitations or knee problems, for example, as already mentioned above, can cause severe pain.

Then, unfortunately, there is no point in meditation because the concentration is reduced.

Personally consider the pros and cons and make the right decision.

                                                                             Meditation kneeling bench – Lotuscrafts meditation bench

If you are looking for an all-rounder among the meditation benches, you should take a closer look at this product. It is stable, easy to carry, and convenient.

The zen meditation bench is available in two sizes. “Standard” has a leg length of 13.5 cm at the front and 16.5 cm at the back. The “high” model is 14 cm long at the front and 18 cm at the back. The former is suitable for a height of up to 180 cm. The latter accordingly for people who are taller than 180 cm.

The bench is made of European beech wood and weighs 2.2 kg. The legs can be folded in. This makes it easy to transport.

A foam cushion made of organic cotton is also attached to the seat. This ensures even more comfort when sitting.


Aircraft meditation bench Spirit

If you are looking for a meditation stool with extra legroom, consider purchasing this product. The Urkraft Versand M-001-ER impresses with the central arrangement of the bench feet.

The mediation stool measures 40 cm x 14 cm x 21 cm . This makes it a little smaller than the competition. 28 mm thick solid wood was used for the production. You don’t have to worry about the stability of the bank.

The main focus should be placed on the central placement of the leg feet. This ensures extra freedom of movement!

Compared to seat 2, which also offers plenty of legroom, the “Spirit” zen meditation bench is cheaper.

The bench made of extra sturdy solid wood has a great design thanks to the neat processing of the edges. The handmade product with an inclined seat ensures an upright sitting position. The optimal slope also prevents slipping.

  • The URKRAFT brand made it with a uniform size.
  • As stated in the manufacturer’s description, no unpleasant smells and a soft surface feel.
  • Great value for money if you are not necessarily looking for a foldable bench.

Meditation bench with two central bars

This bench is an excellent entry-level product. It is simple and not too massive, but it has good stability and scores above all with its construction.

The two supports attached to the outer edges of many meditation benches and can thus restrict legroom are attached to this product in the middle, under the seat. So you can put your legs under the bar and still have space on the sides.

Also, you can quickly move the bench through the middle bars and thus promote good posture. This bench also has a sloping seat. The front edge height is 17 cm, and that of the rear rim is 21 cm.

Customer rating

For many customers, this bank is a favorite. The excellent design and the neatly finished edges are visually convincing. The wood has a soft and pleasant surface and is shaped so that you can sit on it for a long time. Despite the treated wood, there are no unpleasant odors.

However, one disadvantage of this model is that it is aimed more at short people. People over 180 cm will not be able to sit comfortably on it. Also, despite the legroom, you have a limitation, as the two middle bars take up space in the middle, and you are forced to place your legs next to each other at a certain distance.


  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Simple but chic design
  • Movements promote posture


  • Predefined distance for the legs
  • For people up to 180 cm




Berk YO-006 Meditation Accessories – Meditation Kneeling Bench

Are you looking for a beautiful mango wood meditation stool? If you also value folding meditation benches legs, then take a closer look at this product.

The meditation bench measures 40 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm and is therefore slightly smaller than the competition. This ergonomic meditation stool is made of fine mango wood, which gives it a lovely look.

The meditation stool weighs 1.5 kg. The bench legs can be easily folded in. Nothing stands in the way of easy transport.





                                                                             Meditation Kneeling Bench – Urkraft Meditation Bench Silence

The manufacturer advertises this bench as the standard model for meditation groups. If you are looking for a stable meditation bench with removable upholstery, then consider this model when making your purchase decision.

The Aircraft Versand M-005-FI measures 45 x 14 x 21 cm and weighs 1.7 kg. With these values, it belongs to the average and is easy to transport.

The best meditation bench is made of 28mm thick solid wood. The court does not consist of glued pieces of wood like other products but is made from one part of the wood. These properties give the bench exceptional stability and testify to high-quality artistry.

The seat cushion is included and is attached to the seat with a Velcro fastener. So you can remove and wash the seat cushion during the hot summer, so it always stays clean.

Not sure yet, the best meditation bench with or without seat padding? Here is the alternative—the meditation bench “Silence” for the undecided.

This time, the URKRAFT brand is offering the product with removable and washable seat upholstery. The upholstery is easy to fix with the Velcro fasteners. Slight disadvantage: the upholstery is only available in black.

Otherwise, we have nothing to complain about the product.

If you enjoy long hours of meditation, this product should not be a problem because of its convenience.

In the “Silence” meditation bench, standard dimensions were preferred because it is suitable for everyone. Exceptionally sturdy made of 28 mm thick wood and therefore number 5 on our list.


                                                                             Portable Meditation Bench – Lotuscrafts Meditation Bench Foldable

Do you want everything in one? Then “Dharma” is the right one for you! In different colors, adapted to your taste. A premium product that, in our opinion, deserves a first place for these properties:

  • Comfort in terms of upholstery
  • Health aspect for pain-free sitting
  • Practical storage with a folding meditation benches function

Are you over 180 cm tall? Don’t worry about the discomfort that you will eventually run out of meditation! Because this product is available in two sizes.

The material consists of beech wood and has stable artistry. The padding consists of foam cushions with a cover made of 100% cotton. (Manufacturing in Europe)


                                                                             Portable Meditation Bench – Meditation bench Lhasa

If upholstery prevents your optimal sitting position, I recommend the “Bodhi” version under the traditional meditation benches. If you still want to seat upholstery later, you can equip it with your favorite color.

For the big ones among us, the dimensions are mainly sufficient.

The product complies with the information provided by the manufacturer.

Even if this has no folding meditation benches function, it stands out from the crowd with its excellent quality. The handcrafted and untreated product from beechwood gives the feeling of traditional meditation kneeling stool and deserves a second place on our list of the best.


                                                                             Portable Meditation Bench – Meditation Bench Japan

For those who want more legroom, this meditation bench offers visual clarity compared to the competition.

Spruce wood was used for processing. The slightly inclined design ensures a very comfortable sitting position.

This product is only available in one size should not unsettle you because a person over 190 cm tall can use it without any problems.

In comparison, it is a somewhat expensive meditation bench. Despite the price, the quality and comfort represent a high level of expert satisfaction.

Japanese meditation bench with a central bar

Compared to meditation benches with two supports, this bench offers several advantages. Thanks to the single support, the muscles along the spine that are inactive when sitting on classic meditation benches with two supports are activated. The body sensation is subconsciously strengthened. Thanks to this construction and the movements you make, your back straightens up naturally and is moved in all directions. This ensures good posture and a natural spine position. This posture guarantees that you can breathe smoothly up to the diaphragm and back and improve the body’s oxygen supply. This loosens muscle tension in the back and shoulder. Finding balance promotes your meditation by bringing your thoughts and breathing into line with the small movements. Sitting on this bench is very comfortable, thanks to the curved and slightly inclined seat.

Customer rating

This bench is the ideal product for customers looking for a filigree seat for long meditation sessions. The center is very comfortable, and you have plenty of legroom thanks to the central bar. The stool relieves the knees as well as the back. Another plus point is that the seat can be easily transported despite the firm support, as it is compact.


  • Visually very appealing thanks to the wood color
  • Lots of legroom
  • It keeps the body moving


  • Less suitable for tall people
  • Use only with a good sense of balance


                                                                              Meditation Benches for Bad Fees  – Meditation Bench Made of Fine Wood

You will benefit from this meditation bench for a long time—the stable cherry wood combined with traditional craftsmanship results in this durable and high-quality meditation bench. No solvent is used during production, which makes the bench ideal for sensitive people. The surface of the cherry wood bench is pleasant to the touch and smells good. The wood was treated with linseed oil and beeswax balm to seal it. Thanks to the two firmly attached legs, which are firmly united under the seat, nothing wobbles or squeaks. You can meditate safely and are well-grounded. The bench has a front seat height of 21 cm and a rear seat height of 23.5 cm, as the court has a sloping seat surface for optimal seating.


Customer rating

This meditation bench is only given 4 and 5 stars by customers. If you are looking for a stable, robust, and classy bar, then this product is just right for you. The only disadvantage of this bench is that it is not filigree and easy to stow away. The court also prevents the stable legs from being easily transportable. However, many customers can overlook this because this bank is so convincing.


  • Looks excellent with cherry wood
  • High quality
  • A suitable edition can be purchased


  • Difficult to transport
  • Little legroom due to comprehensive supports on the bench


                                                                              Meditation Benches for Bad Knees  – Bodhi meditation bench made of wood

Foldable meditation bench made of oiled wood
This meditation bench is ideal for you if you are looking for a bar that can be easily stowed away or is easy to transport. The hinges attached to the two stable legs allow you to fold the legs very quickly. This bench also has a sloping seat, with 18.5 cm at the front and 21 cm at the back. This model can carry a user weight of 100 kilograms and, despite the hinges, always remains firm and secure.

Customer rating

Customers who bought this bench confirm that the meditation bench is stable and grounded, despite the foldable legs. This means that the hinges are still intact even after repeated use. Sitting on this bench is very comfortable and can be done for a long time, although there is no support.



  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Foldable
  • Comfortable


  • Hinges may need to be tightened
  • Little legroom due to vast woods



Meditation bench with two legs

The meditation bench with two legs is the traditional bench and can be purchased from many suppliers. In addition to the numerous providers, there is also an extensive price range for the meditation bench. That’s why you can get good quality banks for little money.

There is also a large selection of wood types and covers. One advantage of this bench variant is that you can usually fold your legs. This is useful if, for example, you plan to take the bench with you on a trip or meditate in nature. It can also be stowed away easily.

The disadvantage of this shape is that legroom is limited, and the feet of the bench can slide into the ground on uneven ground, such as sand or earth. This means that a straight sitting position would no longer be guaranteed.

The traditional meditation bench has supported on the right and left. Since the variety is wide, it will be straightforward for you to find a suitable bank.

With a good price-performance ratio, these are available in different types of wood from as little as EUR 25.


  • Available in many price ranges
  • selection
  • Partly foldable
  • Different sizes/types of wood
  • Large selection
  • partly folding function / upholstery
  • Good price-performance ratio


  • Different sinking in with uneven soil density
  • Little legroom
  • Impairing concentration if there are bumps in the floor

Meditation bench with a central bar

A meditation bench with a central bar is a bench that has only one foot. This foot is placed precisely in the middle under the seat.

This means that you have to find a certain balance and center while meditating to remain seated. It happens with small movements. These support your breathing and oxygen supply. This makes it easier for you to sit for a long time, and you can meditate in peace.

Another advantage is that you have maximum legroom, as the bench has no feet, only the middle bar. You can often buy this model as a foldable version. The only disadvantage of this variant is that this bench cannot stand free.

She leaves out the idea of ​​a standard two-legged bench. It has a stable and self-centering single leg that intelligently balances the weight.

It is perfect for both beginners and long-time meditation practitioners for a better meditation experience. It hardly puts any strain on the back during meditation and keeps the spine straight. If you have a problem with your feet, this is a good choice.


  • Gentle movements improve meditation
  • Maximum legroom
  • Partly foldable
  • Legroom
  • Partly folding function
  • Relief for the knees


  • Often not free-standing
  • Stability problem (which can be evened out with practice)
  • Impairing concentration on uneven ground

Curved meditation bench: advantages and disadvantages

With this meditation bench, the alignment of your spine is optimal and ensures comfortable sitting. If you like to meditate for a long time, it makes a crucial difference that your meditation bench is curved.


  • Optimal spine alignment
  • Sitting comfortably
  • Relief for the knees


  • More expensive compared to other types
  • Little choice

What to look out for when buying – Material of the meditation bench

Meditation benches are available in a variety of materials such as wood and bamboo. Also, some of these benches have padding on the seat for additional comfort. It’s essential to choose a bar that is made of sufficiently strong material to ensure it can hold you without wobbling or instability. If you choose a meditation bench with a seat pad, the pad will help you sit longer. This shape is particularly suitable for beginners.

Seat height

Since you will be sitting in a kneeling meditation bench position when practicing meditation with the meditation bench, it is essential to ensure that the court is the right size for your height. Otherwise, your legs, buttocks, and back will be subjected to additional strain so that you cannot sit comfortably. Most of the benches on the market are either adjustable in height or come in several sizes, so you can be sure that the bar will fit you. The seat height is the most critical decision factor to worry about as the wrong height can lead to numbness in the legs.

Design of the meditation bench

In terms of design, the meditation benches have some differences between them. One of them is the legs. These can be foldable or non-foldable.

Foldable legs reduce the storage space that a bench requires and also increase its mobility. However, if the manufacturer does not correctly install the hinges, this feature can lead to increased instability and discomfort while meditating. In addition to the legs, the benches also differ in their seat plate.

Some benches have padded panels. These offer the user even more comfort for longer meditative sessions.

The durability of the meditation bench

The durability of the meditation bench is paramount because it will be your constant companion throughout your meditative journey.

Therefore, it should withstand the wear and tear it will be exposed to through regular use.

The materials that are typically used for a meditation bench are more robust and exceptionally durable, so you don’t have to worry too much about this aspect. However, don’t forget to get other customer reviews before making a final decision.

Portability and storage space

Meditation benches are small and not very heavy. Therefore, they are usually very mobile and can be stored in a smaller space.

However, options like folding meditation bench leg meditation benches are more convenient to carry with you when traveling. Some meditation benches come with their carry bag to improve your travel fitness.


One of the crucial points is the height of your meditation bench. It is essential because otherwise, the session will not be practical.

Collapsing during meditation is one of the mistakes that one sees in different positions.

A collapsed posture does not allow us to be alert and remains conscious during meditation.

If you sag, you will feel the tension in your neck and shoulders.

If you still force yourself to sit upright, your posture will look optimal from the outside. The disadvantage, however, is that the compressed muscles feel quite painful within a short period.

Three causes of collapse:

  • Sitting too low
  • Insufficient inclination in the seat
  • Accidental collapse
  • If you sit too low, your pelvis will tilt backward, which will rock your lower back backward. Your upper back needs to fall forward for you to maintain balance.

The collapse has the effect of closing the chest. This reduces the ability to breathe freely. Sitting in this position can make you feel more bored. And because of the tightness in your wardrobe, you can even fall asleep.

Take the test: Try to hold your posture for a long time. It will feel depressing. Because when people are depressed, the body automatically adopts this posture.

The insufficient inclination is also a cause of the collapse.

And sometimes the collapse is just a habit

Determine the correct height:
Your height and flexibility have a significant influence on the size of the meditation bench.

To find the right height, it is best to have an experienced person by your side. He/she can adjust your posture and give you feedback.

It is tough to judge if your posture needs to be changed.

Here are some checks you can do yourself to see if you are sitting too high or too low:

  • Adjust your posture and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.
  • Make sure that you are not forcibly forcing yourself into a “good” posture.
  • How does it feel?
  • When you relax, do you feel a breakdown?
  • Take your hands around the lumbar spine.
  • Is the lordotic curve (spine) exaggerated? = Wrong posture
  • Is your lower back flattened or slumped? = Wrong posture
  • Or do you have a standard lordotic curve in a relaxed position? = Correct posture. You find yourself giving in as you relax. You may need to raise the seat a bit or increase the forward lean.

Our tip: If you are more of the inflexible or immobile type, we recommend a high meditation bench!

Meditation cushions have the advantage that you sit more comfortably. Using a mat or pillow is less suitable on a bench. You will notice that the mat slips, and your posture becomes unbalanced.

Fixed or foldable:
If you are in the great outdoors, make sure that you choose a folding meditation bench in any case. The disappointment, in retrospect, only results in costs.

For guys who like to meditate at home: The “collapsible” factor is still an option, as some would like to stow their bench after a session.


Meditation benches are an essential resource for your beginning meditation sessions. They will help you relax properly and clear your mind of physical distractions.

They promote better posture and help you meditate without discomfort in your back or feet. So if you plan to meditate regularly, investing in a meditation bench is a wise step.

Meditation benches are not necessary for carrying out meditation, but they are helpful.
Especially for users of mediation in the western world, this type of bench ensures that the optimal sitting position – the lotus seat – can be achieved.

There are several product variants. However, these products are very similar.
No manufacturer would come up with the idea of ​​offering a bench of this type in plastic as a mediation bench instead of wood.

We hope that all of your questions have been answered in this article. If there are still unanswered questions that still need clarification, we look forward to hearing from you in the comment list.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new product and will keep you up to date with helpful information!


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