Massage Stick – What are the Effects of a Massage Stick? – April 2021

Massage Sick First and foremost, it should be used for relaxation. Massage Sick Stress, deadline pressure, and the different demands of everyday life put a strain on many people and make it difficult to let go and relax. Massage Sick  The consequences: muscle tension, high blood pressure, general excessive demands, and the threat of depression or burnout. In addition to meditation, yoga, sport, and autogenic training, regularly applied massages with an s massage tool can help and provide deep relaxation. Muscle tension can be relieved in a targeted manner, but sore muscles can also be reduced with an s massage tool.



How can a massage stick be used?

Electric massage sticks usually have the following massage options:

  • Vibration massage
  • Tapping massage
  • Push massage
  • Rotation massage

Because of these functions, a self back massage stick is very versatile. You can use it to massage your back, shoulders, feet, hands, and virtually any other part of your body. Alternatively, you can pamper your partner with the self back massage stick. You can specifically release existing tension, perform a pressure point massage or include the thera massage stick in your erotic foreplay – as a couple or alone.

Intimate massages with an s shaped massager stick are particularly popular. There are now many models with clitoral stimulators that provide an extraordinary intensity in relaxation and climax.

What materials are there?

The standard material for a massage stick is silicone. This is particularly suitable because it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic and has a smooth and pleasant surface. Also, silicone is very easy to clean.

But of course, some people are allergic to silicone. A non-electrically operated thera massage stick can be used for this. This can be made of wood, marble, glass, or various healing stones.

Due to the diverse effects attributed to them, healing stones, in particular, have experienced a real hype in terms of s back massager for personal use in recent years. This s back massager was made from amethyst.

This healing stone is said to have the following effects:

  • It helps to understand the environment better and gives courage
  • Promotes intuition and concentration
  • Relieves nervousness, stress, restlessness, and imbalance
  • Helps with varicose veins and skin diseases
  • trigger point self massager
  • It has a stimulating effect on the metabolism
  • Strengthens will and friendships
  • It gives joy and comfort
  • Dissolves mental stress

Which is the best massage stick?

That depends entirely on your individual needs. At this point, you will find a small selection of different massage sticks.


  • Six interchangeable massage attachments (three made of silicone and three made of ABS),
  • Different intensity levels,
  • Self back massage tool,
  • Anti-slip handle,
  • Beautiful and ergonomic design,
  • Back massage cane
  • Environmentally friendly ABS plastic,
  • Massage stick for the back
  • Heat function up to 40 degrees,
  • Overheating protection,
  • Copper core motor and
  • Trigger point self massager
  • Intense vibrations.
  • The highlights of this massage stick are the heat function and the different massage heads. This allows tension to be released even more efficiently.


Six Nine by Oliver James: The classic

  • This cordless, electric massage stick is convincing
  • Eight speeds and 20 modes,
  • Back massage cane
  • Portable and high USB charging speed (practical when traveling)
  • Storage bag,
  • Waterproof and very easy to clean material,
  • Massage stick for the back
  • Cool design and
  • Soft silicone.
  • The highlight of this massage stick: If you are not satisfied with it, you can send it back within 60 days and get
  • Your money back.
  • Self back massage tool

S Shaped Massage Tool From Tracy’s Dog: The luxury model


  • It is electric and wireless
  • It has three speeds and five rotation modes
  • It consists of very pliable silicone
  • The round head can swing back and forth and thus is ideal for Intimate and neck massage n
  • Beautiful design
  • Absorbs body heat and stores it
  • Thanks to the penis hook attachment, the G-spot can be stimulated
  • The fin attachment stimulates both the clitoris and the nipples
  • Integrated battery
  • USB charging
  • It is waterproof and can be used in the bathtub
  • The highlight of this massage stick: The different attachments provide an impressive variety and optimally stimulate various body parts.
  • Trigger point massager stick

Massage oil and lube

Many find the use of trigger point massager sticks much more pleasant with massage oil or lube. This allows the device to glide smoothly over the skin.

Also, sore and dry areas are avoided. The use of lubricant gel is felt to be very beneficial and stimulating, especially in the genital area.

Tip: If you use a trigger point self massager made of silicone and lubricant gel, it should not be made from silicone. Otherwise, the surface of the trigger point self massager may be roughened. An alternative is a water-based lubricant.

How can I clean my massage stick?

When cleaning the massage stick, you should always pay close attention to hygiene. This is the only way to avoid fungi and germs. This is especially true when the massage stick is used for intimate massage.

When cleaning the back massage stick, it depends on whether it is waterproof. If this is the case, you can thoroughly wash the back massage stick with soap and water or shampoo and then dry it with a clean cloth. Alternatively, a special toy cleaner spray is suitable. The hygiene spray is ideal for all materials and reliably removes all germs and bacteria.

 The origins

Trigger point self-massage stick was invented in the USA in 1869 by George Taylor. The massage of the genital area carried out with this should help women suffering from insomnia and nervousness. “Hysteria” should also be combated with it. It was assumed that it was a disease originating in the uterus, mainly in single women.

While a doctor initially prescribed manual stimulation of the genital area, a self-massaging stick or vibrator was to perform this task later. It was assumed that the onset of orgasm would alleviate the “hysteria” of the women concerned.

George Taylor had previously developed hydrotherapy based on stimulating the woman’s intimate area with water jets. The “manipulator” he subsequently invented was a steam-powered self-massaging stick. However, this was very difficult to handle and was therefore only used in medical practices.

Finally, in 1882, Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the first electronic s shaped massager or vibrator. Until the 1921s, the s-shaped massager was advertised as a medical device that could prevent “hysteria,” be used for skincare, regulate the period, keep it young and relieve tension.

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