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Mala Beads concentrates entirely on one object, and so the thoughts can come to rest during meditation. Mala Beads In a broader sense, the mala corresponds to a prayer chain and is also regarded as the forerunner of the Christian rosary. Mala Beads It came from India, Tibet, and Nepal to the east, to China, Japan, and Korea, and from here, it spread to the west as well.

Materials of the mala beads chain

Mala Beads chains are made of wood. Rosewood or sandalwood are particularly popular. The mala is also very often made from seeds of the Bodhi tree, the tree under which the Buddha was enlightened.

You can also find mala meditation chains made from seeds of the lotus plant and sometimes even from animal bones. There are also many malas made from precious stones such as rose quartz, amethyst or rock crystals.

Depending on the energy and meaning of the rocks, mala meditation or wearing the mala can strengthen healing, inner peace, creativity, and much more.

We have therefore decided always to knot our malas as gemstone necklaces. You can find out more about the unique manufacturing process of our malas here.

Types of Mala Beads

  • Amazonite mala necklace
  • Aventurine Mala necklace
  • Lace agate mala necklace
  • Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace
  • Moonstone Mala necklace
  • Rhodonite Mala necklace
  • Tiger eye mala necklace
  • Tiger iron mala necklace
  • Unit Mala necklace

Mala Bead Meanings

Traditionally, the mala meditation necklace has 108 pearls and is hand-knotted. 108 is a mystical number in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Buddhism, the 108 pearls embody the 108 volumes of the collected teachings of the Buddha.

In Hinduism, the 108 deities of the Hindus. Some also say the one stands for God or the universe, the 0 for emptiness, and the 8 for infinity. By repeating a mantra/prayer while meditating with the prayer chain, the mantra can develop its special protection and power.

Mala Beads and Their Meanings

In addition to the 108 pearls, each mala has a guru pearl or protective amulet. Guru Pearl is a symbol of enlightenment, as it is the Guru who increases light and wisdom in you and shows you the way to enlightenment.

At the same time, Guru Pearl marks the beginning, turning point, and end of the meditation chain and is not counted as a prayer pearl.

At the end of the mala, the tassel helps distribute the meditation object’s energy over the body, especially when it is worn over the heart.


Mala Necklace Meaning

The beliefs and wisdom of the Buddha were recorded and collected in 108 volumes of the Kanjur. This is what the 108 pearls in the mala refer to. The four areas symbolize that it is necessary to transform 27 passions into 27 spiritual qualities and overcome 27 defilements of the heart to achieve 27 grades.

Explained in 6 steps: Mala for meditation and for reciting the mantra

If you slide a Mala Beads by bead through your fingers, it will help you come into silence. It enables you to recite mantras, such as the well-known OM, or yoga and focuses you on what you are doing now: go into yourself, collect yourself, re-align yourself energetically, become still.

To keep your hands busy and to empty your mind, open your heart and focus your thoughts on the essentials, you can deal with the mala as follows:

  • It is best to sit in the Sukhasana yoga position (cross-legged).
  • It is recommended to take the mala in your right hand and gently catch and hold the remaining length with your
  • left hand, as if in an open bowl. The mala should not touch the ground to remain pure and free from all other energies.
  • Now you recite a mantra of your choice. You can say it out loud, mumble, pray, or think softly within yourself.
  • As you do this, slide pearl by pearl through the ring you form with your thumb and ring finger. Using your middle finger, slowly slide each bead towards the palm of your hand. So the mala moves on and on.
  • You start with Guru Pearl or Mala coin, and you end there, not counting this initial pearl.
  • If you want to continue after a circumnavigation, you change the direction and do not go over Guru Pearl while pearl hiking.
  • You can do as many laps as you want until you have internalized your mantra and found silence, joy, love, or whatever you are longing for right now.

Tips for you “ correct ” use of Mala Beads

After the Mala meditation, it is best to keep your Mala Beads in the hand-sewn bag you get from Mala World.

Be careful and respectful of your mala. Feel within yourself how the mala is good for you. Some use them for reciting mantras, meditating, doing yoga exercises, or as a jewelry chain with a soul-healing effect in everyday life.

You can use a mala in meditation in many ways, and none of them is right or wrong. Just try out different applications and find a way of dealing with them that feels right for you because that’s what matters.

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