How To Relax Facial Muscles – Relax Your Face – April 2021

How To Relax Facial Muscles? The face is the soul’s mirror; the shoulder, neck, and jaw muscles are stress muscles. The tight face muscles in these areas are closely connected and react faster to emotional, mental, and physical tension and habitual lousy posture. How To Relax Facial Muscles.

Those affected know: In stressful, angry, or fearful situations or when feelings are suppressed, tension is in the facial muscles and the jaw, neck, and shoulder areas.

Nocturnal teeth grinding can result and headache and pain in the mentioned areas, tinnitus, dizziness, eye problems, or complaints in the spine to the pelvis.


A tribute of modern times: computer work, wanting or having to do too much work at once and in a short time; Anger, future, professional, private fears and worries cause a general tension. The stress muscles mentioned above and also the breath react to this first. It is often said: “Grit your teeth and go through …”. –

How to Relax Your Face?

The jaw and masticatory tight face muscles often have to serve as a “ valve ” at night when one “crushes and contrite” the (often unsolved) problems of the day. During the day, they are often “chewed through” without being aware of it. Also, there are bad posture habits and a lack of exercise or movements in a tense and bent posture.

Most of the time, the shoulders are habitually held up without being aware of this; tight face muscles and the neck muscles also cramp painfully over time. – An unbalanced posture will always affect the temporomandibular joints and vice versa.

How To Relax Facial Muscles: Jaw, Shoulder, Neck Exercises:

Special exercises for the tensest, hardened muscles in these areas can provide effective relief. The affected muscles are stretched, strengthened, loosened, and relieved of tension. Joints are relaxed and more flexible again. All exercises are “self-help exercises” and can be repeated at home or in the office—the more regular, the better. Great emphasis is also placed on general face relaxation and deep breathing.

Relax Face Muscles: Facial Exercises

The skin is a living, vital, extremely dynamic shell. We get them smoother, softer, more elastic, firmer, and more functional if we learn to use the tiny facial muscles pleasantly: that means not to keep them in a constantly tense state.

Tense facial muscles, a hardened facial expression, a pinched mouth, squinted eyes, drawn eyebrows (worry lines), or a constantly tight jaw joint always result in hardened connective tissue in the long run, which means that wrinkles can easily dig into the “stony ground”.

Many wrinkles arise as a result of habitual facial expressions.

Relax Face Muscles; therefore, this evening, you will learn exercises against tense facial muscles, petrified and cramped facial expressions, and exercises that activate and tighten the connective tissue and the tiny facial muscles and stimulate the regeneration and cell renewal of the skin.

Well, thought-out facial exercises always have a beneficial effect on the skin and, at the same time, on general well-being. This is because the facial muscles are directly connected to the brain via cranial nerves.

Facial exercises have a vitalizing and harmonizing effect on the facial skin and the fundamental mental mood, similar to a refreshing, face relaxation holiday by the sea or where you feel good.

The exercises do: better blood and lymph circulation, better oxygen and nutrient absorption, stimulation of collagen and elastin (for resilience and elasticity), cell renewal, relaxed facial expressions.

The skin remains or becomes rosy, fresh, firm, supple. The elasticity of the connective tissue and swellings improve.

All exercises create a wonderful facial harmony and help with migraines, eye pain, ringing in the ears, dizziness, teeth grinding, tension pain in the chewing and jaw area, as well as shoulder and neck tension.


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