How to Clean Yoga Mat: Guide 2021 April

How to Clean Yoga Mat As an avid yogi, you use your yoga mat a lot. How to Clean Yoga Mat before the yoga practice, you roll out the mat on the floor and practice sweaty asanas on it. How to Clean Yoga Mat even if the floor at home or in a studio is clean, your mat will pick up bacteria and dirt every time. And your sweat also stays on the yoga mat. Regular cleaning is therefore essential and should be a matter of course for you. A thorough cleaning of the carpet does not take long and makes it smell fantastic and clean again.


Your constant companion: the yoga mat

Whether in the studio, outdoors or on vacation: your yoga mat should, of course, not be missing! It gives you the necessary support, serves as a comfortable surface when lying down, and dries your sweat while practicing strenuous asanas. However, over time, a few “stowaways” accumulate on the mat, which should be regularly eliminated. Dirt, bacteria, and sweat like to find a place on the yoga mat and attack them. An unsightly smell arises, and the carpet wears out faster.

Here’s why you should clean your yoga mat regularly:

  • Otherwise, the yoga mat wears out faster
  • Bacteria and dirt make your mat smell unpleasant
  • Dirt can cause the yoga mat to lose its grip

Regular cleaning protects you and your yoga mat

Regular washing is recommended so that you can enjoy the yoga mat for a long time. Dirt and bacteria have no chance of making your yoga mat porous. You also ensure your safety because too much sweat and land on the carpet can also be dangerous. It can lose its slip resistance and no longer serves as a safe base for your challenging asanas.

Our five tips for cleaning your yoga mat

Regardless of whether your mat is made of new wool, natural rubber, or PVC: Is washing just annoying and stressful for you? Not with us! With our five tips, you will save valuable time and have a clean, good-smelling yoga mat in no time at all.

Tip 1: clean with a damp cloth

A lint-free cloth, a little water: that’s all you need to keep your yoga mat clean. However, it would help if you did this after every yoga practice. Light soiling can be washed off wonderfully with a bit of water. You can also use disinfectant spray for cleaning to kill bacteria. It’s best to have a soft cloth that you only use for your yoga mat.

Tip 2: clean in the washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine is very practical. Please open the door, put in the mat, switch it on and enjoy the clean carpet! That’s how easy it can be. Many yoga mats made of natural rubber or PVC can be machine washed at up to 30 ° C.

So if you don’t feel like wiping your mat by hand after every yoga session, make sure that it is machine washable when buying the carpet. It would help if you let them dry well afterward.

Tip 3: clean with a unique yoga mat cleaner

You love the scent z. B. of lime, blood orange, or rosemary? Then a yoga mat spray is just right for you! It quickly ensures a clean mat and leaves it smelling wonderfully fresh. Spray on, let it work for a short time, and wipe dry with a cloth. Your carpet is ready for subsequent use!

Tip 4: cleanse with essential oils

It is also possible to wash the yoga mat with essential oils: Lavender and co. Spray a pleasant scent and also let you relax. All you need is a spray bottle, distilled water, essential oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Fill the spray bottle approx—80% with water.

Add at least 25 drops of the essential oil of your choice and the same number of drops of tea tree oil. When sprayed in with the spray, the mat is quickly clean and free of bacteria again. The tea tree oil ensures this with its disinfecting effect. It would help if you sprayed the carpet thoroughly, wipe it with a cloth and let it dry well before using it again.

Tip 5: clean your new wool yoga mat

Yoga mats made from virgin wool are naturally antibacterial and dirt-repellent. But they, too, need a little maintenance now and then. Most of these mats should never be washed in the washing machine. Otherwise, the sensitive wool fibers will become matted.

Therefore, it is best to shake the mat carefully after yoga and hang it up to the air. This allows the moisture to escape easily. Should the yoga mat ever need more intensive cleaning, wash it carefully by hand to protect the wool fibers. High-pile mats should be combed after drying so that they stay cuddly soft for a long time.

Don’ts for yoga mat care (especially with natural rubber mats)

  • Do not immerse your carpet in the water! That can make them porous.
  • Do not expose the mat to direct sunlight. The rubber changes when exposed to sunlight, the surface becomes dry and slippery.
  • Don’t leave the mat open. The dust clogs the pores, and the slip resistance of the carpet decreases.
  • Do not use strong detergents or essential oils! Natural rubber mats and rubber mats, in general, are like sponges that absorb everything. The oils also ensure less slip resistance
how to clean lululemon yoga mats.

Best way to clean a yoga mat: Proper care extends the life of a mat. But it will wear out anyway.

Eve gave us another good thought: Do you expect to be able to complete twenty ultramarathons and the training for them in the same running shoes? No? Just. So don’t expect miracles from your mat either; it is simply an object of daily use.

For example, you can take your old mat with you on vacation to practice on the beach. Uli couldn’t part with her first jade mat, which was somewhat ruffled; therefore, she keeps them with her parents and always uses them when she is there to visit. Practical too!.


If you want to buy a yoga mat spray cleaner online, you can get it from this link!



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