Heart Rate Monitors: Review and All About 2021 April

Heart Rate Monitors Sufficient and regular exercise is good for your body and your health. Heart Rate Monitors But for many people, there is sometimes a lack of motivation. Fitness Heart Rate Monitors, also known as activity trackers or fitness trackers, can help you overcome your weaker self. They count steps and consumed calories, measure the pulse and document even the most minor progress in every more or less sporting activity, including going for a walk. Many models also offer other essential functions and record vital data similar to a smartwatch and provide information about incoming messages and calls.

The fitness bands comparison presents 11 activity trackers with their essential equipment and additional functions. The following guide provides information about what fitness trackers are, for whom they are suitable and which well-thought-out functional system they offer. He also names relevant purchase criteria and the differences between fitness bands and smartwatches.

Fitbit Charge 2 

The manufacturer designed the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness bands as a versatile, electronic coach. The watch determines the number of steps, monitors the heart rate and calculates the calories consumed. It should automatically recognise several sporting achievements, such as running, climbing stairs or cycling. It is possible to connect the Fitbit fitness bands to a smartphone. The device works like a smartwatch and provides information about incoming calls or SMS. The Fitbit app can also support training. To do this, she uses the smartphone’s GPS function, for example.

It can be used with the iOS and Android operating systems on mobile devices.




The YAMAY bands make it possible to use Bluetoothestablish a connection to the smartphone. By connecting to a mobile phone, it is possible to receive notifications on the tracker.

The activity tracker vibrates when text messages are sent to the connected cell phone or WhatsAppenter. The YAMAY fitness tracker also provides information about phone calls or notifications via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The model is compatible with Android smartphones and iOS devices. With the free VeryFitPro app, it is possible to track sporting activities.

If you want to charge the fitness bands, you have to pull off the upper part. Then it is necessary to connect the tracker to the USB port of a PC or a power bank. The device should be fully charged after 2 hours at the latest.

Another helpful feature of the YAMAY fitness tracker is sleep monitoring. Based on the movements and the calm Heart Rate Monitors, the bands recognises that the wearer is sleeping. In this case, it will automatically activate sleep monitoring mode.

The fitness tracker also vibrates to remind you to take a few steps if you sit for too long. It is available in six different colours and is a cheaper model from the fitness bands comparison.

The YAMAY SW333 fitness bands have 14 different training modes. Some of these are preset and displayed on the device. Other training modes must be set via the fitness app. Fitness programs include:

  • To run
  • To jog
  • To go biking
  • Dynamic cycling
  • Nike
  • Treadmill
  • Fitness
  • Basketball
  • Climb
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Yoga
  • To dance
  • Badminton

HONOR Band 5

The highlight of the HONOR fitness bands is the SpO2 measurement. Thanks to it, the device can determine the oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. This enables sports enthusiasts to find out more about their body’s reactions, such as significant differences in altitude or the stresses of training.

The SpO2 value provides information about the oxygen saturation in the blood. The data is given in per cent. Usually, the value is 90 to 100 per cent. Sometimes the measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood is called pulse oximetry.

How exactly a fitness tracker with a pulse oximeter measures the value depends on various factors such as the sensors used. Fitness bands cannot provide a medically accurate measurement.

The fitness watch can be charged via the integrated USB interface. It is connected to a PC, a power bank, using a USB cable or a power adapter for the socket. In standby mode, the battery life is up to 20 days. If the functions for sleep rhythm monitoring and Heart Rate Monitors are switched on, it is possible to use the fitness watch for up to 6 days on one battery charge. The HONOR fitness bands are available in black and blue.

According to the manufacturer, the HONOR Band 5 fitness bands is waterproof. The Bluetooth interface can be used to connect the tracker to an Apple or Android smartphone.

The health and movement data can then be viewed at a glance in the respective app. The HONOR brand fitness tracker offers the following functions:

  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Display of the date and time
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep tracking
  • Reminder to move
  • Calorie counter
  • Notification of incoming calls and messages


The Willful is one of the cheaper models in comparison. It is provided with a 2.44-centimetre colour screen. The screen brightness can be adjusted in five levels via an app. The fitness tracker has 14 training modes.

The tracker is equipped with a Heart Rate Monitors  and automatically records the sleep phases such as light sleep and deep sleep, and sleep duration. If necessary, the fitness tracker wakes the wearer with a vibration. The IP rating of the Willful fitness bands is IP68. The intelligent wearable counts the steps and the calories. It can remind you to move and notify you of messages and calls received on the connected smartphone. The model is also suitable for remote triggering of the smartphone camera.

The first digit of the IP code reveals whether the fitness tracker is dustproof and how well it is protected against contact. A model with protection class IP68 is dust-tight and completely protected against contact. The second digit of the IP code provides information about protection against water. Fitness armbands with protection class IP68 are protected against permanent submersion up to a water depth of one meter.

Like many other fitness bands from our comparison, the Willful fitness tracker is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The free VeryFitPro app can be used to monitor activities and sleep behaviour. The Willful fitness tracker is available in different colours. According to the manufacturer, it is available in the stylish colours black, red, purple, blue, green and grey/blue. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is in standby mode for seven days. Charging should take a maximum of 2 hours.

Letsfit ID152

The Letsfit ID152 fitness bands are available in different colours such as pink, black and blue. It weighs 24 grams and has protection class IP68. The capacity of the battery is 90 mAh. After charging, it is possible to use the device for 5 to 7 days.

Milliampere hours (mAh) or ampere-hours (Ah) are units in which the capacity of a battery is specified. The battery capacity informs about the storage capacity. If the battery of fitness bands has higher power, the tracker can be used for a more extended period before the battery has to be recharged.

The Letsfit model is equipped with 14 sport modes. It can count steps and is helpful for recording calories burned and distance travelled. If necessary, the fitness tracker can be connected to a smartphone to track routes and routes. Furthermore, the Letsfit fitness bands can monitor the Heart Rate Monitors to eat. Another feature is the motion alarm: the activity tracker vibrates as soon as the wearer sits for too long. The vibration alarm is intended to encourage people to become active and move. The other features of the Letsfit fitness tracker include:

Wireless charging: The fitness tracker can be charged without a cable. To do this, it is necessary to remove the tape. This reveals the integrated USB connector with which the case of the bands can be connected directly to a USB charger.

Sleep monitoring: The fitness bands can be used to monitor sleep and analyse sleep quality.


The Tipmant fitness bands are designed in black. Alternatively, the smartwatch is available in red or blue. It has protection class IP68 and is equipped with a colour display that is 3.3 centimetres in size. The brightness of the show is adjustable. Via Bluetooth is possible to connect the fitness tracker to a smartphone. The bands can be paired with iPhones that have at least iOS8.0. A connection to Android devices with version 4.4 or higher is also possible.

By connecting to a smartphone, the bands can vibrate to inform you about incoming calls and SMS, WhatsApp messages or e-mails. Further features of the fitness tracker are:



Motion alarm: This function allows the bands to vibrate to alert the wearer that he has not moved for too long.

Alarm function: The smartwatch allows you to set the alarm. It is woken up by vibration.

Sleep analysis: The fitness tracker can independently record the duration and quality of sleep.

Camera recording: The function allows you to take a photo using the smartwatch.

Weather information: Anyone who has a smartphone connected to the fitness bands can enable information about the weather to be synchronised and thus be viewed on the fitness watch.

The Tipmant activity tracker also features a stopwatch and eight sport modes. The device is also able to measure the Heart Rate Monitors to determine the wrist. It can count the steps and track the distance covered, the calories burned, and the active minutes.

Notification reminders: If there is a call on the paired smartphone, an SMS or a WhatsApp message is received, the bands inform it.


HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

The HUAWEI Band 4 Pro fitness bands are waterproof to 5 ATM. It weighs around 25 grams and can be connected to devices that use the Android operating system(at least version 4.4) or iOS 9.0 or higher.

The ATM specification provides information about the water-resistance of fitness bands, a smartwatch or wristwatch. It reveals whether the tracker or watch is suitable for wearing in the shower or while swimming. A device with 5 ATM can withstand the pressure of 5 bar or the pressure of a water column of 50 meters.

For example, it can be worn while washing your hands. If you are looking for a fitness band for swimming, you should choose a model with a water resistance of at least 10 ATM.

The HUAWEI fitness tracker is available in black, red and gold/pink. The manufacturer is equipped with a 2.4-centimetre touchscreen, which has perfect contrasts and colours. The resolution of the display is 240 x 120 pixels. The design of the show can be changed. In the Watch Face Store, which is available on Android, there are differently designed displays. Other features of the HUAWEI fitness bands are:

Pulse measurement: According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 enables precise monitoring of the pulse in real-time. If the heart rate exceeds a specific range, the device vibrates.

Different sport modes: The tracker is provided with varying methods of the sport. These include, for example, cross trainers, outdoor/indoor running and outdoor/indoor cycling.

Sleep monitoring: The HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 function is used to monitor the Heart Rate Monitors during sleep. According to the provider, it is suitable for sleep analysis and identifying six types of sleep problems.

The HUAWEI fitness bands can also measure oxygen saturation. Anyone who has connected the device to a smartphone and wants to listen to music can use the tracker to control music playback. Also, the device alerts you to an incoming call or notification via vibration.

A unique feature of the HUAWEI fitness tracker is the integrated GPS. It is therefore not necessary to carry the smartphone with you during the training session. Thanks to the integrated GPS, the GPS data can be viewed on a map after training.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bands are black. It counts the steps, determines the calories burned and is suitable for sleep analysis. The device can measure the heart rate measure up. It can vibrate to alert you of an incoming call or an incoming message, such as an SMS. The Xiaomi fitness tracker is compatible with iOS version 7.0 or higher and Android(at least version 4.4). The battery capacity of the fitness bands is 70 mAh. In standby mode, According to Xiaomi, the battery lasts up to 20 days.

The Xiaomi fitness bands is a unisex fitness tracker. The length of the bars can be adjusted between 15.5 and 21 centimetres and adapted to the wearer’s wrist



Nakosite SB2433

The fitness bands from Nakosite records the daily steps and the calories burned, and the distance travelled. Via Bluetooth, the Nakosite SB2433 fitness bands can be connected to a mobile phone. It’s with Android and incompatible. About incoming SMS or calls are notified by the device with a vibration. The fitness tracker can be charged via the USB interface. The charging time is one hour. The battery then lasts between 5 and 7 days. The weight of the Nakosite model is 18 grams.

The Nakosite fitness bands are black and come with two additional rounds in blue and pink to change.



Dwfit S16

The Dwfit S16 fitness bands are designed for children. It is available in different designs and has protection class IP68. According to the manufacturer, the tracker is protected against sweat and splash water. According to the manufacturer, it is not intended for the sauna or hot showers. Nor should it be suitable for diving.

The battery of the Dwfit fitness bands can be charged wirelessly, for example, via USB ports on laptops or computers. The device is suitable for recording steps, distance travelled, and calories burned. It can be the heart rate measurement on the wrist. It vibrates to notify you of notifications and calls received on the connected smartphone. The model can also be used for sleep monitoring. Further features of a running watch are:

Different sport modes: The Dwfit fitness tracker is equipped with eleven sport modes. These include hiking, swimming, indoor running, outdoor running, and a rowing machine.

Stopwatch: The stopwatch can be used, for example, when swimming or running.

Camera function: The camera function makes it possible to operate the smartphone’s camera with the Dwfit activity tracker and take a photo.


What is fitness bands?

Fitness bands look similar to wristwatches but have a lot more functions. In addition to displaying the time and date, you can also take on some of the tasks of a fitness trainer. Among other things, they should motivate people to move more, pay attention to the calorie balance, or monitor sleep behaviour.

Modern fitness wristbands offer the option of evaluating the recorded data using a mostly free app on a smartphone or PC. Many models are compatible with different apps. These allow, for example, daily goals to be defined. If you want to record and analyse your sporting activities as precisely as possible, you can use a fitness tracker equipped with an additional chest strap. This enables more precise results of the pulse measurement.

How do fitness bands work?

Fitness trackers are equipped with motion sensors. They can register the movements of the wearer. Also, fitness wristbands have a processor. With the help of the processor and algorithms, the activity trackers can evaluate the data collected, and the number of steps and the calories burned and calculate the distance travelled. To calculate the values, ​​it is necessary to provide some information. This includes, for example, height, weight and age or date of birth. The fitness tracker can calculate the steps, calorie consumption, and distance measurement based on the data entered.

The movements of the fitness bands are measured with different movement sensors. In almost every tracker, there is usually one and one gyroscope sensor. The two tiny sensors are housed on electronic components. The acceleration sensors can determine the linear acceleration in all three planes. The gyroscope sensor records the rotational movements in all levels of three-dimensional space.

The results of the fitness bands are often not exact. The devices usually use average values ​​to calculate the number of steps or the distance. However, the stride length is not always the same, even for people of the same size. Also, a person’s stride length varies and not every step is the same. Also, consumers should be aware that certain activities in everyday life can lead to incorrect results, such as wiping a table.

An overview of the valuable functions of fitness bands

Many fitness bands are not only suitable for recording steps, distance covered, and calories burned. Often they can also check your heart rate determine. Some models only allow manual heart rate measurement. Others can measure heart rate continuously throughout the day. The heart rate can be used to control the load on the circulatory system during training units.

Some fitness trackers allow a connection to a chest strap via Bluetooth. Typically, a chest strap measures the heart rate more precisely and reliably than sensors on the wrist. A pulse measurement on the wrist can quickly lead to incorrect measurement results. This could be due to dirt on the sensor or a loose fit of the bands.

Most fitness bands show the time and date. Often they are also equipped with a wake-up function or an alarm function. Other tasks of fitness trackers include:

Sleep monitoring: Most fitness wristbands are suitable for sleep monitoring. You can record the movements during sleep and use them to recognise different sleep phases and deep sleep phases. Some activity trackers can also be set to wake the wearer during a light sleep phase.
Reminder to move: A reminder to move is handy for people who spend a large part of the day sitting down. If you haven’t moved for too long, the bands will vibrate to remind you.

Training modes: Fitness bands are usually equipped with several sport modes. They are often able to automatically differentiate between different sports, such as cycling and running. In some cases, they can use the pulse sensor to record the start and end of the training units. Also, there is usually the option to set the respective sport manually.

Notifications: Most fitness trackers can be used via Bluetooth pair with a smartphone. If there is a call on the smartphone, an SMS or a message from a messenger like WhatsApp, many devices vibrate to notify you of the incoming call or message.
Music control: Some fitness wristbands allow you to control the music playback of the paired smartphone. Some fitness trackers can stream, save, and play music files.

GPS: Using a GPS fitness tracker can determine the distance covered more precisely. It is also possible to record the training routes. With many trackers, the GPS module of a smartphone takes over the position determination. In this case, it is necessary to connect the smartphone to the bands via Bluetooth, install the corresponding app on the mobile phone – if it is not pre-installed – and have the mobile phone with you during the training. If you don’t want to take your cell phone with you during exercise, you should consider purchasing a fitness band with GPS. A model with an integrated GPS module can send and receive the GPS data independently. However, a fitness tracker consumes a lot of energy when the GPS function is activated. As an alternative, there is one GPS watch on. It usually offers longer battery life when the GPS function is activated.

The types of fitness bands include:

Activity trackers

The trackers don’t have many features. As a rule, these wearables count the steps that the wearer takes per day. The trackers can’t do more than that. Some don’t even have a display. The corresponding information is available through coupling with a smartphone.


trackers In addition to measuring sporting activities, fitness trackers enable you to measure your Heart Rate Monitors  and record your sleeping habits, for example. If you want to keep an eye on your athletic performance, you are well served with such fitness bands. The fitness trackers have a large display on which all the necessary information can be called up. You do not need a connection to a smartphone; you can work independently.

Sports watches or fitness bands
Due to their even greater range of functions combined with smartphones, fitness bands are the better choice for sports enthusiasts. Coupling with the smartphone and installing various apps offer an almost unlimited selection of options for sporting activities and their recording. Many models are waterproof, so they can be worn on the wrist while swimming or diving.

Who are fitness wristbands for?

Fitness bands are suitable for anyone who wants to move a little more and keep an eye on their activities. The so-called self-trackers use a band to get a rough overview of the values ​​determined to organise everyday life with sufficient exercise. The simple fitness wristbands are usually enough for the self-trackers.

Also, many recreational athletes use fitness trackers. The athletes monitor and analyse their training sessions with the fitness watch. Some recreational athletes do not wear fitness watch around the clock but only put them on when they are active. A simple fitness tracker is usually sufficient for recreational athletes too.

A fitness band is also suitable for people who want to lose weight or get particularly fit. The display of calorie consumption is significant when losing weight. People with heart or blood pressure problems can also use fitness bands to get an overview of various values. For these people, fitness bandsare particularly suitable, with many functions and connected to a smartphone.

What should be considered when buying a fitness band?

If you want to buy a fitness band, you should pay attention to the price-performance ratio and think about the necessary or desired functions in advance.

The functions

Depending on the intended use, the requirements for the fitness bands can differ significantly from one another. If you go to the gym or go for a jog every day, you probably want to record and evaluate the number of steps, the calories burned, the speed and much more. In this case, it is an advantage if the fitness watch can be paired with a smartphone or computer. The connection usually works via a Bluetooth interface.

For those who are unsure whether a fitness watch can motivate them to do more physical activity, a more attractively priced entry-level model is often the better choice. If the fitness wristwatch has a motivating effect and the entry-level model no longer meets all needs at some point, sports enthusiasts can always switch to a better model.

The design

When buying fitness bands, besides the functions, the design often plays a role. Many models have a simple black silicone strap. Some manufacturers offer the option of replacing the plain ribbon with a decorative ribbon.

The display

If you want to read a lot of information on the fitness tracker’s display, you need a large and clear collection. A fitness band with a large display is particularly useful for all sports fans who find synchronising with their smartphone too cumbersome. In almost all devices, the show is operated via a touch display and is therefore extremely easy to use.

Wearing comfort Fitness bands should be comfortable to wear and light. The lightest wristbands weigh between 20 and 50 grams. Fitness trackers with a soft, flexible plastic or silicone wristband are the most popular variants. Tapes that are too hard can lead to pressure points. This is especially true if the bands are also worn at night.

The battery life

Many functions of the fitness bands can reduce battery life. A battery charge usually lasts between 5 and 7 days. The charging time is usually one hour. Some bands are characterised by an above-average battery life of 20 days or more.

Compatibility with smartphone

When buying, consumers should make sure that the bands fit their smartphone so that data can be synchronised. Many models are suitable for iOS and Android devices. Some manufacturers have developed apps that can be used to set daily goals or activities. In some cases, it makes sense to download the app before buying to check its functionality. When connected to a smartphone, several fitness trackers can indicate the receipt of a message or a call by vibrating. It is also often possible to control music playback or the camera by connecting it to a smartphone.

Water resistance

Suppose the fitness bands stay on the arm while swimming or diving; water resistance is a decisive purchase criterion. Usually, small splashes of water or the daily shower of a fitness watch do not matter. When it comes to diving to specific depths, the fitness watch should be sufficiently waterproof.

IP degrees of protection indicates how protected a fitness watch is. Many have an IP67 or IP68 degree of protection. In both cases, the model would be completely protected against the ingress of dust, i.e. dustproof. Protection class IP67 also means protection against temporary immersion; protection class IP68 denotes protection against permanent immersion.

Is a fitness band a medical device?

Fitness bands are used to support exercise and can help monitor health. Above all the heart rate, the measured values can reveal something about the current state of health and serve as a guide but are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

A fitness band measures the pulse on the wrist with an optical sensor. This method is known as optical pulse measurement and works with the help of unique LED lights. They create rays of light that shine through the wearer’s skin and, based on changes in blood circulation, the heart redetermine. The processor uses this data to calculate the heart rate. Some fitness watches use the same information to determine blood pressure according to their algorithms. When monitoring sleep quality, the motion sensors in the pedometer and heart rate monitor work together to analyse sleep phases.

The fitness trackers are not medical devices. The information obtained is too imprecise to be useful for diagnosis in the event of illness. Only with a connected chest strap does the accuracy come close to that of medical technology.

Anyone who has to monitor their heart rate or blood pressure for medical reasons should use a professional measuring device with an inflatable cuff.

Some health insurance companies pay for the fitness bands.

Some health insurance companies reward the implementation of specific health-promoting measures. The health insurance companies partially or wholly cover contributions for the fitness studio or the costs for particular health programs. Some health insurance companies subsidise the purchase of a fitness watch. If necessary, it makes sense to ask your own health insurance company whether it grants a subsidy.

Fitness bands or a fitness app – which is better?

In addition to fitness watches, various fitness apps can be used to measure sporting activities. The apps do not need a fitness tracker and work via the sensors built into the smartphone. It is possible to convert the smartphone into a fitness monitoring device and to evaluate the activities accordingly.

The kilometres covered are determined using the smartphone’s GPS function. Also, a smartphone app can show the speed or the calories consumedShow. You can usually use fitness apps to record sports such as cycling, horse riding, jogging, skiing or ice skating. Some apps help keep you on a diet. They document eating behaviour, show the calories consumed and suggest fitness exercises.

The main disadvantage of fitness apps on smartphones is that the mobile phone has to be with you at every step. When going to the refrigerator as well as in the cellar. Otherwise, the phone will not be able to recognise the efforts and record the activity detection. Also, fitness apps usually provide less precise results about the movement sequences. Fitness wristbands in combination with the apps work much more precisely.

How do I care for and maintain a fitness band?

Fitness trackers are easy-care and robust wearables. They are often reliably protected against the ingress of dust and splash water. Depending on the IP protection class, even submersion is not a problem.

If the fitness armband has protection class IP67 or higher, it is possible to shower and swim with it. The devices should still be protected from saltwater.
During intensive and regular outdoor training, the bands need to be cleaned at regular intervals. You can do this with a soft sponge or cleaning cloth and a few drops of liquid soap or cleaning agent. If the fitness tracker is waterproof, you can rinse it under running water that is not too hot and then dry it with kitchen towels.

It is essential to clean the fitness bands when it is assembled not to damage the USB interface.
Depending on the version, the batteries of the fitness tracker must be connected to a computer, mains adapter or power bank every 4 to 5 days to be charged. The battery consumption depends on the intensity of use. Charging can take up to 3 hours. Modern lithium-ion batteries are considered to be durable and robust.

A fitness tracker or smartwatch – how do the devices differ from each other?

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are similar. Some of them offer the same functions and can no longer be easily distinguished from one another. Below is an overview of the differences between the two types of device.

The fitness

tracker Fitness armbands or fitness trackers are narrower and lighter than smartwatches. Therefore, they are more comfortable to wear; they are also mostly cheaper than smartwatches and offer a longer battery life. Their display and their range of functions are often smaller. The primary purpose of sports watches is to capture and record movement activities. Usually, you can see the number of steps, the calories consumed, the distance covered, and the heart rate determine and use for sleep monitoring.

Most fitness trackers can be used via Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. The measurement data can then be transferred to a corresponding app and viewed at a glance. In addition to the primary activity data, further information such as weekly statistics can usually be called up in the app. Also, the fitness wristbands can inform you about incoming calls and messages in many cases. However, to answer the call, view the message or reply to it, it is necessary to use the smartphone. Some fitness trackers show the phone number or the contact name or, at most, the first few words of the incoming messages on their display.

The Smartwatch

Smartwatches usually have a larger display. It can be operated by touch and using one or more keys. Compared to fitness trackers, smartwatches often offer more functions. Most smartwatches can count steps, determine the distance travelled, and measure heart rate. Just like many fitness trackers, they can usually notify you of an incoming call or message. Also, many watches allow you to view the messages in full and, if necessary, to reply to them. Telephone calls are also possible with many smartwatches.

Most smartwatches are equipped with a GPS function and enable the music playback of the cell phone to be controlled. Appointments in the calendar or the weather forecast can be accessed via the clock. Some smartwatches can also be used to pay. One of the disadvantages of smartwatches compared to fitness bands is the higher purchase price, which is in the three-digit range for many models. Also, smartwatches are usually heavier and have shorter battery life.

Interesting facts about the fitness tracker

Do I have to wear a fitness watch on my wrist?

Even if it is called a fitness bands, it does not necessarily have to be worn on the wrist. A fitness tracker without a Heart Rate Monitors can be stowed in your trouser pocket or jacket pocket, for example. If you have a fitness band with a Heart Rate Monitors and want to Heart Rate Monitors with the wearable, you have to wear it on your wrist.

How does the device calculate the calories used?

Reading the calorie consumption on the fitness watch can be a motivational boost. The displayed calorie consumption results from average values ​​and calculations based on them. To calculate the introductory metabolic rate on which it is found, the device needs various information such as the user’s height, weight, and age. The displayed calorie consumption is often only approximate based on the monitored activities such as the distance covered or steps.

How is the fitness bands worn correctly?

Fitness fans should keep the following tips in mind when wearing a sports watch:

If the fitness bands are too loose, they will risk that they will slip off the wrist. When exercising on a fitness device, the fallen tracker could block a moving part of the training device and become a danger.

The fitness watch to monitor the Heart Rate Monitors should ensure that the bands are sufficiently tight and not slip. If it sits too loosely, it can no longer measure the heart rate precisely.

The fitness bands should not be too tight. It should be possible to slide the bars back and forth slightly on the wrist.

Now and then, it makes sense to take off the wearable and take a break from wearing it. If you have reddened or itchy skin, it is essential to take the bands off for a while.

If necessary, the wearer should occasionally take off the bands and put them on the other wrist. Sometimes it is essential to specify the change of the wrist in the settings of the fitness tracker.

Are there unique fitness bands for children?

Unique fitness bands for children are colourful, have a child-friendly design and the right size for children’s wrists.

Many children’s fitness bands are only equipped with the most basic and relevant functions. They often have a pedometer, enable sleep monitoring, display the time and date, and track the distance travelled. Many children’s fitness trackers do not have Heart Rate Monitors. A smartphone is often not required to use essential functions such as determining the steps or displaying the date, but it is necessary to evaluate the data.

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