Why is Meditation Important – Why is meditation so beneficial?

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Why is meditation important? The healing power of meditation has been known for thousands of years. For several years, Why is meditation important? The positive effects of meditation have been increasingly researched and proven in universities worldwide? Why is meditation

Mala Beads – Types of Mala Beads – April 2021

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Mala Beads concentrates entirely on one object, and so the thoughts can come to rest during meditation. Mala Beads In a broader sense, the mala corresponds to a prayer chain and is also regarded as the forerunner of the Christian …

Meditation Necklaces – How Do You Use A Meditation Necklace?

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Meditation Necklaces is an aid to focus one’s attention in meditation and to manifest a mantra. The word meditation necklaces come from Hinduism and Buddhism and come from Sanskrit. Meditation Necklaces Traditionally, Indian meditation necklaces consist of 108 pearls divided …