Best Yoga Strap: 11 Best Straps in 2021 April

Best Yoga Strap is part of the essential equipment of every yogi. However, many are reluctant actually to use the belt. Best Yoga Strap Too often, pride gets in the way. “I can do this without the belt. I don’t need it! ”Is a formal statement. Best Yoga Strap, Unfortunately, many do not even know how helpful the belt is and how it can improve their practice. So today, we would like to explain why the yoga belt is so beneficial for your yoga class, and we will also show you four possible uses to improve your flexibility and posture with the strap.


Benefits of the yoga belt

Especially if you are a yoga beginner, you may not get into many asanas without problems. Your muscles are not stretched enough yet; it just takes time. Unfortunately, uncomfortable contortions, to perhaps grip your foot or take a hand, do not help at all.

A yoga belt can help you in these situations simply and gently to achieve stretches that would otherwise not (yet) be feasible for you. Your yoga belt will also help you deepen and hold positions longer without straining your ligaments or muscles. Even demanding exercises become more accessible and, above all, safer. And your posture will also improve by using the yoga straps.


What to look for in your yoga belt

When buying your yoga belt, you shouldn’t act too hastily – after all, the quality depends on resilience, stability, and ultimately, your safety. It is therefore essential to compare the different products before you decide on a belt.

The yoga strap is a tape that can come in different yoga strap length and widths. There is a buckle at the end that you can use to connect the ends.

Belts made of cotton and polyester, which are sewn particularly tightly and are therefore very stable, are particularly suitable for your practice. Cotton has the advantage that it is also skin-friendly and consequently straightforward to handle.

Both materials can also be easily washed in the washing machine and are therefore highly hygienic. In the case of sweaty asanas, this quality is not to be despised.

Usually, yoga straps are three to four centimeters wide and about 1.5 to 2.5 meters long. In general, a longer strap naturally offers more uses, but it also means that the rest of the belt “sways” around when you only need a short piece. This cannot be very pleasant in some situations.

In most cases, the buckles are D-shaped and made of metal. The belt is threaded through the clip’s opening, and the yoga strap length of the belt is thus adjusted. There are also plastic buckles. When choosing, keep in mind that metal is more durable than plastic.

Use for your yoga belt.

The yoga belt can be used in many ways in your practice. Whatever you use the strap for, take it slow. In yoga, it is not essential to reach positions remarkably quickly but to reach them safely. Your yoga belt will support you in this.

When using it, make sure that you hold the belt firmly in your hands and that it cannot slip off your ankles, calves, or forearms during the exercises. We are now introducing you to four ways to use your yoga strap in your practice.

The yoga belt helps you stretch your hamstrings intensively by using it as an extension between hand and foot for perfect stretching of the hamstrings.
Perhaps you noticed in the forward bend or lying on your back that you cannot (yet) reach your feet with your hands.

In this case, you can wrap your yoga band around the outside of your foot and hold the ends of the bar with your hands. Lying on your back, pull your leg straight towards you.

In the seated forward bend, the belt helps you pull you closer to your feet.

For better posture – the yoga belt will also help you improve your posture. Keeping your back straight is very important in almost all yoga exercises. Especially in the beginning of yoga, however, it is often not. The yoga belt can help you keep the correct back position in different asanas and not “collapse.”

For support in balance poses – the yoga belt can bring you relief in many wobbling balance exercises. For example, in the forearm stand or the crow, you can tie your upper arms together at shoulder width so that they do not drift apart while practicing the pose. This way, you always stay in the correct posture, even when your strength is weakening.

In standing asanas, you can put a loop around your foot and grab the end of the strap with your hands. This way, you can intensify the stretching while standing and also have a more stable stance.

To assist with arm stretches – To achieve certain poses, your arms need to be stretched enough. If this is not the case yet, the yoga belt can support you. For example, in the cow’s face, you can use the belt to shimmy along with it centimeter by centimeter until the hands finally meet. And in the King Pigeon, too, the tape helps you to reach the foot risk-free.

Are you struggling to reach your toes with your hands while performing specific yoga asanas? If so, a yoga strap can help you achieve this with ease. A yoga strap is a long band of cotton or nylon that can be elastic or inelastic or both. You can use it as an extra aid when stretching or bending.

Yoga straps are versatile and can also be used for Pilates, ballet, and simple stretching exercises in the gym. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, here are some of the best yoga harnesses that can help you improve your flexibility and balance.

yoga bands

Tumaz Yoga Strap / Stretch  

Yoga Bands the Tomaz yoga strap is made of extra-thick polyester cotton and is knitted using a unique technique to withstand a maximum load of 2,379 pounds. The welded 4mm D-ring buckle, the thickness of 2.5mm, and the delicate texture make this belt one of the best yoga wearers. You can choose from 18 different colors.

These yoga straps are available in three yoga strap length. The 6-foot harness is suitable for most people, the 8-foot harness is best for taller people and yoga professionals, and the 10-foot harness is ideal for everyone and provides maximum stretch.





  • Thick girders
  • Different colors and designs
  • Easy to use D-ring buckle
  • Light
  • Great flexibility
  • Meets US California Proposition 65 standards


  • It doesn’t come with bows
  • Some may find it too soft to have a good grip on

Clever Yoga Straps

Yoga porters are the best tools when you want to improve your flexibility, alignment, and posture. The Clever Yoga yoga belt for stance is made of thick and durable cotton, which offers excellent support when trying out yoga poses. Each yoga strap comes with two D-Link buckles to increase safety during the practice sessions.

The yoga strap is durable and machine washable and should become softer after each wash. This strap is best for practicing yoga, pilates, and fitness exercises. And can also be used for physical therapy. You can choose from seven different colors and two sizes: an 8-foot harness for easy poses and a 10-foot harness for taller people.




  • Thick and strong
  • High-quality buckles for extra security
  • Made from high-quality soft cotton for a better grip
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • It might fray after a few uses
  • The straps may be too stiff for some

Yoga strap reehut

The Reehut yoga straps are best suited for stretching exercises, yoga, or physiotherapy. This yoga strap is made of soft and robust poly-cotton, which offers a good grip.

Each strap comes with a metal D-ring buckle to adjust the length and secure the strap while performing various yoga poses. The straps are tightly knitted, and each stitch is aligned, making them sweat absorbent and non-slip. The straps come in seven different colors and three different sizes – 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet.





  • Durable and gives a good grip
  • Yoga strap length can be adjusted
  • Adjustable metal D-ring for safety
  • Washable fabric
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Colors may vary
  • It could be a little thin for some

Yoga Evo Yoga straps with loops

Be it for stretching in the gym or yoga sessions, this looped yoga stretch belt is the right choice for better performance. The yoga strap is made of high-quality cotton and elastane so that you can stretch properly. It comes with ten soft and stretchy loops that fit your hands and legs so you can test appropriately without fear of injury.



  • Strong and durable
  • Latex-free cotton blend material
  • Light
  • Includes a carry-on bag for mobility
  • Ten loops for better control and security
  • Available in four different colors


  • Some may find it too stretchy
  • The fabric can fray after a few uses

Sankuu Yoga Strap

This versatile yoga strap can be used for yoga stretches and physical therapy to help recover from injuries. It measures 98 × 1.57 inches and can stretch people of all sizes from head to toe. The Sankuu yoga strap is made of soft but durable nylon that provides a firm hold and prevents injuries.

There are 12 loops along the strap that provide convenient handles. A carrying case and instructions are also included with the belt. You can choose from the six available colors.



  • Multipurpose
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Large loops for a better hold
  • Universal fit


  • It can’t be very stretchy
  • Lacks buckles

Pete’s Choice Yoga Exercise Adjustable straps

Stretching is a quick and easy exercise routine that can improve your balance and flexibility. Now you can easily do stretches and yoga poses with these adjustable yoga straps from Pete’s Choice. These straps are made of thick and high-quality reinforced cotton and are light and easy to carry.

Each strap measures 8 feet and comes with an adjustable D-ring to ensure a secure fit. You can use these strips to recover from injuries or do yoga and stretching exercises. You can choose between a two-pack or a five-pack.





  • Permanent
  • Non-slip handle
  • Comes within budget
  • Strong and durable
  • Adjustable length
  • It comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee


  • No color choice
  • Thick material may not be soft

Fit Life Style Co Yoga Straps

The Fit Lifestyle Co yoga strap is made from organic cotton tightly knitted to give the belt the strength it needs to support your weight. It also comes with a D-ring to keep it from slipping while stretching.

The yoga strap is 6 feet long and 1.5 inches wide and comes in six attractive colors.






  • Made of soft organic cotton
  • D-ring for safety
  • Attractive colors to choose from
  • Robust and durable


  • The quality may not be up to par for some

Onory Yoga Strap

This multipurpose yoga strap can be used for yoga, physical therapy, pilates, ballet, etc. The high-quality woven nylon with super-strong stitching gives it a firm grip and makes it one of the best yoga straps for beginners.

The belt has twelve independent, non-elastic loops that provide a good grip when stretching. You can choose from eight different colors.



  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It contains a carrying case and instructions for use
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Only available in one size


Health Yoga Block and Yoga Strap Set

Health Yoga offers you this complete kit to help you perform better on yoga and stretches. This pack consists of two yoga blocks and a yoga strap. The yoga blocks are made of high-density EVA foam that is tough and lightweight to give you the support you need for various yoga poses.

The yoga strap has a non-slip and waterproof surface. It also comes with D strings for extra stability. The belt is tightly knitted, which gives it strength and durability. You can choose from five different colors.



  • Complete set for yoga poses
  • Robust and durable
  • D-rings for safety
  • Waterproof blocks
  • Non-slip strap
  • Light


  • The blocks can be challenging for some
  • The strap length may be short for some

Azurelife stretch strap

This yoga strap consists of two straps. One side of the belt is not elastic and is made of polyester fiber, while the other part is elastic and is made of polyester and rubber thread. Such a construction gives you the choice of choosing any side based on your exercise program.

It is designed with a double locking seam with 11 individual loops so that you can increase the level of difficulty during your workout. This strap is versatile and can be used for yoga, pilates, ballet, etc. The strap measures 68 x 1 inches and is lightweight and portable. You can choose from three different colors.



  • Two straps
  • Double locking seam
  • Designed to stretch all muscles and tendons safely
  • Non-slip rubber pad in the middle to prevent slipping
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes an instruction manual


  • Loops can be too small for some

Sukhi Yoga Super Soft Yoga Strap

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable yoga strap, try the Sukhi yoga strap made from super soft material. It comes with a length of 8ft and with a metal D-ring for security. It should be durable and not break or lose its shape. The soft material is gentle on your hands and does not hurt during yoga exercises.





  • Soft material
  • Smooth on the hands
  • D-ring for safety
  • Light
  • Free replacement with no questions asked


  • Adjusting the length may not be easy

How do you use a yoga belt – 4 possibilities

If you are a frequent guest in yoga studios, you have probably seen it before or maybe even used it – the yoga belt . I think yoga straps are part of the equipment of every yogi. Why? I want to tell you.

With your help

  • improve your posture
  • it is possible to achieve stretches that would otherwise not be manageable – gently and without the risk of injury
  • you can deepen positions without straining muscles and ligaments

For the exercise of the forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana)

I’m just practicing the forearm stand. Not an easy undertaking. In the practice phase, you can use the yoga belt to help. Grasp your elbows with the other hand at the same time. This is how you measure the correct length in which the strap needs to be. Then you bring the belt around both arms to be in the middle of the upper arms. This gives you more stability when practicing the forearm stance.

To stretch your hamstrings.

Lie on your back and put your right foot in the yoga belt. Make sure it is long enough and that you can stretch your leg. Take both ends of the strap in your right hand. The left leg lies on the floor; the left armrests next to you. Extend your right leg and increase the stretch by pulling on the yoga belt.

To exercise the cow’s face.

If this yoga exercise is challenging for you and your hands are not touching, you can use a yoga strap to help. Take the belt with your right hand and bring it behind the body for the cow’s face. Then you take your left hand and bring it to your back as well. Grab the dangling belt with your left hand and finally pull yourself more into the stretch with both hands and the help of the belt.

For the practice of sitting forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Are your toes removed from your hands for what feels like an eternity when you bend forward while sitting? Doesn’t matter. Use the yoga tape to help. Set the right length individually for you. Then bring it around your feet and grab it with your left and right hands. Now you can bend forward and pull yourself deeper through the yoga belt. Soon you will be able to touch your toes too.

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