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Best Yoga Bolster helps with relaxation and can support your Best Yoga Bolster practice pretty well, provided you get a good model. In this article, we will introduce you to the seven best Best Yoga Bolster in the test. We take a closer look at the various filling materials such as kapok or spelled and their properties. We also explain to you whether you should buy a round or square yoga bolster. If you hit your physical limits with your asanas now and then, this is just a regular part of your yoga journey that you can safely accept.

We encounter pressure to perform often enough in everyday life and have no place on the yoga mat. Instead, you can help yourself a little with aids.  Just Yogabolster lend themselves perfectly! However, with such an extensive range of yoga bollards, you can quickly no longer find your way around, and we try to be a little help with this guide and with the agony of choice.

With a bolster, you can intensify your yoga exercises even more or support difficult yoga positions. In principle, such a yoga bolster is also a tremendous help to relax better while stretching.

Leewadee Pilatesrolle Yoga Bolster

The favorite in our Yoga Bolster test is the handmade yoga roll from Leewadee. The product is a little more expensive than the other models, but it meets all of our requirements. The yoga bolster is made by hand in Thailand. All materials used are sustainable. Untreated kapok is used for the filling; the cover is made of cotton.

The Bolster from Leewadee is very comfortable and supports very well with all essential exercises and poses. Of course, a round yoga bolster is not so well suited for static activities, so if your focus is on such practices, you’d better go for a rectangular model.

With a size of 55 × 15 × 15 cm (width x depth x height), the bolster is not the largest, but it is still absolutely sufficient. Due to the excellent quality, one can assume that this bolster will be available for a few years. This is also confirmed by the excellent customer reviews online.


BODHI Round Organic Yoga Bolster

Next, we introduce you to another branded Yoga Bolster. However, this model is much cheaper. The price difference is mainly due to the filling. Although the Bodhi Bio Yoga Bolster is significantly longer than our favorite (65 x 23 cm), it is filled with organic spelled husk (from Demeter) and, therefore, significantly cheaper. The cover is also cotton and therefore easy to wash.

Because of the heavy filling, the bolster is slightly heavier than our favorite (4 kg weight). Of course, the Bolster from Bodhi does not have the same perfect properties in terms of padding as the favorite from Leewadee, but the spelled also has its advantages. This yoga bolster is particularly suitable for regenerative yoga asanas and provides good support for chest openings, backbends, and the slow sinking into restorative yoga asanas. Due to the wide seat, the bolster can also be used as a meditation cushion.



Yogabox Yoga Bolster

The Yogabox Bio Yoga Bolster is also lined with spelled husk. The spell comes from organic farming. As far as we are concerned, this is not the case with cotton. The Yogabox Yoga Bolster has an average of 65 cm x 22 cm and is equipped with a cotton cover. Due to the large spelled filling, the bolster weighs 3.5 kg. So not ideal for transport to the yoga studio.

The bolster cover is washable and can be easily cleaned in the machine. Over time, the spelled filling will settle a little. To counteract this, the manufacturer has built an opening in the inlet so you can refill the bolster.


Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster

The rectangular Lotuscraft Yoga Bolster is primarily intended for Yin Yoga and other restorative yoga exercises. You can also use the pillow for Pilates or as a neck pillow.

The material of the Lotuscraft Bolster is ecologically produced and certified organic. The GOTS seal stands for the controlled organic cultivation of cotton and fair working conditions in the different production processes.

The bolster cover is washable in the washing machine and can be easily removed. Kapok wool was used for the filling, making the pillow significantly softer than models with spelled filling. The yoga bolster was never too soft for us during our exercises; we liked the hardness of the pad.

The bolster is available in several colors and two sizes. The large version is one of the most significant models in the test, with dimensions of 72 x 30 x 20 cm. This model is sure to be well advised if you are looking for a high-quality rectangular yoga bolster. However, our favorite is the next model from Manduka.


Manduka Enlight round bolster

Our favorite rectangular is the Manduka Enlight. The standard version is a 63.5 x 33 x 14 cm rectangular yoga bolster. With a weight of less than 2 kg, the bolster is also easy to transport and can be taken into the yoga studio.

Unfortunately, the model is not a sustainable product. The softcover is made of microfiber and is therefore also suitable for sweaty workouts, as it keeps sweat away. A core made of polyester fiber is hidden under the concealed zip, 30% of which is recycled.

What we particularly like about this rectangular bolster is the filling. Although it is not natural kapok wool, the cushioning is still a bit better. In addition, synthetic fibers can withstand regular stress for longer. With this bolster, kapok does not have to be topped up regularly to maintain the thickness.


Salamba Bolster ECO Spelled

The rectangular yoga bolster Salamba ECO by Bodhi is made of organic cotton and organic spelled. This is the only complete organic yoga bolster in the test.

The ticking is filled with spelled husks from controlled organic cultivation; if necessary, you can expand the filling here without any problems. As with the other models, the cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

The 64 cm x 25 cm x 17 cm has a carrying strap and weighs just under 3.5 kg more than the other models. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to drag it to the yoga studio every time.

As for the comfort on the pillow, we are convinced. For a spelled skin yoga bolster, the product is very comfortable and probably also quite durable.


yoga round bolster

Paravati Yoga Bolster

The product is by far the cheapest yoga bolster in our test. We are therefore quite surprised that the manufacturer has managed to deliver an organic product.

In the Paravati Yoga Bolster, the core of spelled husk is made from organic spelled grown in Austria. As with most other models, the cover is made of cotton. This makes the pillow very washable and quick to clean.

With dimensions of length: approx. 67 cm, height approx. 22 cm and width approx. 13 cm, the bolster is big enough. With a weight of 2.4 kg, the product is even relatively light for a spelled skin yoga bolster. Unfortunately, there is only a strap on the top. Otherwise, transport would be even more convenient.

What do you have to look out for when buying a yoga bolster?
When looking for a good-quality yoga bolster, there are a few points to keep in mind. We have put together the most important ones for you here.

The right filling

With the filling material of Yoga Bolsters, you have several different materials to choose from. The most common are spelled and kapok. Spelled husks, i.e., the casings of the spelled grain, are often also available in organic quality. On the other hand, Kapok is a little softer and is generally regarded as the better filling material, but it is also significantly more expensive. In Germany, organic kapok is practically not available, so you should be satisfied with a spelled filling for an organic bolster.

The right reference

If you wish, the cover of a yoga bolster can also be made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton. There are a few models here. In other models, which are more intended for more sporty types of yoga, systematic fabrics are also used. What you then choose for a Beuzg is a personal preference.

The shape of the bolster

You should be clear about the purpose of the yoga bolster. Rectangular yoga bolsters are more likely to be used for stabilization and as seat cushions for relaxation exercises; round yoga rollers help you achieve more challenging poses and are especially suitable for yin yoga.

Length and diameter

Most yoga bolsters are around 65 cm long. However, there are also some smaller versions. Our test winner, the Yoga Bolster from Leewadee, is such a product. For little yogis, pillows under 65cm are also sufficient. But if your height is in the direction of 185cm, you should instead choose a model with 65 cm + length. As far as the width of the bolster is concerned, it should be at least 20 cm wide; it does not form a comfortable surface.

What exactly is a yoga bolster anyway?

A yoga bolster is an increasingly popular yoga accessory. The long pillow can provide additional comfort and support for numerous yoga and breathing exercises, but it can also increase the stretch in certain positions.
A yoga bolster is either a round or rectangular, elongated, and thick pillow that supports your body and can help you with some yoga poses. The cover of the bolster is usually removable and, therefore, easy to clean. In Germany, yoga bolsters are sometimes referred to as yoga rolls because of their round shape.
The first use of a yoga bolster is often attributed to the founder of the Iyengar Yoga School, BKS Iyengar. This yoga school is all about the correct alignment of your body during the poses. A whole range of aids such as straps or chairs are used for this purpose; the Yoga Bolster is also one.

In which yoga styles do you use a yoga bolster?

Yoga roles are often used in slower, more relaxed styles of yoga. The cushions help to align the body correctly and still support it. This further increases the feeling of relaxation. That is why yoga bolsters are mainly used in yoga styles such as Iyengar yoga and Yin yoga. The bolsters are also very useful in pregnancy yoga and even other yoga styles.

Does yoga bolster better round or square?

Before buying a yoga bolster, of course, the question arises whether you need a round or square yoga bolster. The providers have meanwhile brought a whole range of different forms onto the market.
Rectangular yoga bolsters are more suitable for stability and support in static positions.

A round bolster or a yoga roll offers the yogi a little more support when stretching in the asanas. You can roll into the positions, similar to a foam roller. The yoga roll is usually a little softer than a rectangular model. Especially in Yin Yoga, the round yoga star, also known as the yoga roll, is a prevalent aid. This allows you to immerse yourself in the exercises and avoid injuries.

What types of fillings are there for a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters are available with many different fillings. The most common fillings are made from natural materials. In the meantime, there are also models with plastic fillings to buy, what this is all about, and which type of filling is the best; we will now clarify.

Yoga bolster with kapok filling

Kapok is the processed fiber from the seeds of the silk wool tree. The material has excellent cushioning properties. In addition, kapok is very light but still voluminous, also water-repellent, and breathable. This makes kapok the ideal filling for a yoga bolster.

Of course, kapok also ages, but you will benefit from yoga bolster with kapok much more extended than from a model that is only stuffed with cotton. Kapok gives the yoga bolster long shape and stability. The disadvantage of bolsters with kapok is usually the high price. Kapok is not a waste product like spelled husks and is therefore significantly more expensive.

Yoga bolster with spelled or spelled husk filling

Spelled husk is the shell that surrounds the spelled in the ear. When the spelled is processed, these husks are then sorted out. This creates large amounts of waste. This is good for us yogis because the spelled husk can be an inexpensive and high-quality filling in yoga bolsters. The natural filling material is also used more often in other pillows because it has excellent cushioning properties.

Other yoga bolster fillings are used.

Cotton – The original yoga bolsters that BKS Iyengar worked with during his time were filled with cotton. Even then, cotton was easy to get. It is no different today either. Unfortunately, especially in the long term, cotton is not the best choice for upholstery. The cotton will flatten over time, and the cushion will lose its cushioning.
Styrofoam – Inexpensive yoga bolsters often use styrofoam or other artificial fillings. These are usually significantly worse in terms of damping performance.
We always recommend using yoga bolsters with spelled or kapok filling to have something from your purchase for as long as possible.

Is there yoga bolsters also of organic quality?

Yes, you can also buy organic yoga bolsters. With many products, however, only part of the bolster is organic. This is either the shell (made of organic cotton) or the filling (made of organic spelled). We, therefore, recommend that you always look carefully at the products.

The best organic yoga bolsters in the test were by far the Salamba ECO from Bodhi. Only this product is entirely organic. With the other bolsters, either the shell or the filling is made of non-organic materials.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any Kapok Yoga Bolsters of organic quality. The material is not currently being produced or certified in the required quantities. If an organic product is important to you, we, therefore, recommend a spelled yoga bolster.

Use yoga bolsters for back pain.

Then lie on your back on the bolster so that it lies between your shoulder blades and ends just before the rear. Let your arms lie loosely and lightly next to your body. First, roll your upper body back and forth and find yourself in your yoga exercise. Feel your back and your chest area. Breathe into your chest, and first come to yourself. Especially when we sit in front of our PCs every day, we fold the shoulder area forward, and the chest collapses. By lying on the bolster, you create a lot of space in your chest area. The tension in the upper back can be released and thereby reduce back pain.

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