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Best Treadmill Lubricant should also be cleaned, lubricated and checked regularly so that you can always train safely. Our five tips will help you take care of your treadmill. Best Treadmill Lubricant if you have bought a treadmill and you also exercise regularly, you should think about maintenance and treadmill care now and then. Best Treadmill Lubricant, Unfortunately, this topic is all too often forgotten and is to blame for one or the other damage to the treadmill.

Best Treadmill Lubricant should be checked about every three months so that you can have long-term fun with your fitness equipment and hopefully save yourself more expensive repairs.

Carry out treadmill maintenance yourself?

Of course, the maintenance and care of your treadmill can be carried out yourself without any problems.

Each manual contains a chapter that deals with cleaning and caring for the treadmill.

Even if individual points can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are a few essential tips that you should pay attention to every time you clean.


Setup & training location:

Pay attention to the location when setting up the treadmill. This should not be damp and not exposed to direct sunlight. If the surface is uneven, you should try to compensate for this with the adjusting screws. Otherwise, one-sided wear will occur.

Avoidance of dirt:

Less dirt means less work and less time. Best Treadmill Lubricant so to prevent your treadmill from becoming too dirty, you should not use dirty running shoes, keep pets away from your training device and, if possible, place the treadmill on a dirt-resistant mat. The dirt sticks to these protective floor mats before stepping on the treadmill and is much easier to clean. Also, the treadmill has a secure stand and noises are dampened.

Cleaning & Care:

With the proper treadmill care, you should make sure that you regularly remove dust and other dirt particles from the treadmill.
Otherwise, the lubrication and the motor will suffer from too much dust and dirt.

It would help if you cleaned the treadmill, the engine compartment and the immediate vicinity of the treadmill every two weeks. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner and no cleaning agents: these attack the belt and the lubrication, leading to increased wear.

Lubrication of the treadmill:

As with all moving parts, it is essential to ensure that the belt is lubricated. When running for kilometres, the belt is very stressed and should therefore be adequately lubricated. To test whether your treadmill is adequately lubricated, all you have to do is reach under the edge of the treadmill. If it is dry there, you should renew the lubricating film with a unique silicone spray. Here is a video that shows the procedure very nicely for lubricating the treadmill.

The tension of the treadmill:

When maintaining the treadmill, it is essential to pay attention to the tension of the belt. To do this, set a speed of 5 km / h and check whether you can feel slipping while running. If this is the case, the tensioning screws must be tightened evenly.

Repeat this until you no longer feel it slipping through.
In addition to these tips, you should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These usually make recommendations for each specific device and help choose a silicone spray, for example. If done regularly, treadmill maintenance is neither expensive nor time-consuming.

Maintenance indication in the display

With some treadmills, for example, with models from Kettler, a small maintenance symbol will appear on display at regular intervals.

This is intended to remind you of the treadmill’s care and maintenance and serves as an additional note. With some models, a distinction is made between different symbols, each of which indicates specific problems, for example, retightening the screws.

After the maintenance has been completed, the display can be reset. You will find all the information you need in the manual for your treadmill.

Why should I maintain my treadmill regularly?

All material things are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear over time. This is all the more true for machines and devices constantly in motion – as is the case with the treadmill.

Best Treadmill Lubricant Also, the force that acts on the device when running: It can be seven to eight times the runner’s body weight and thus subjects the screw connections, for example, to enormous stress. Regular maintenance and care of the treadmill ensure that you can use it for longer and makes a significant contribution to your safety during training.

How often should I care for my treadmill?

How often your treadmill needs to be looked after depends not least on how often and intensively you use it. When you buy a treadmill, you will usually find more detailed information on care and maintenance in the manufacturer’s manual .

Suppose you buy a used treadmill without the corresponding documents. In that case, you can follow the general recommendations: The interval between the individual maintenance work should be one to two months with average use.

Here, however, a distinction must be made between the various maintenance tasks. The recommended time interval just mentioned applies above all to tightening the screws and thoroughly cleaning the treadmill. Also, however, it is essential to maintain the running belt, which is naturally exposed to the most significant stress.

This is done with a silicone lubricant spray that you regularly put in the space between the running belt and the running table. You can do this more often because the better this stressed area of ​​your treadmill is cared for, the more durable your device will be. This is all the more true if you cover many kilometres several times a week running or if several people use the treadmill regularly.

In addition to the maintenance and care work that you can carry out on your treadmill yourself, many manufacturers recommend an annual inspection by a specialist. They can also check the technical elements, such as the engine, more precisely and give you information about their condition. By replacing worn components with spare parts in good time, you ensure a longer service life for your treadmill.

All visible screw connections

Due to the movement and weight of the runner, the screws can loosen over time. Although it is unlikely that they will reduce ultimately, you should retighten them regularly. In most cases, commercially available tools are sufficient. If you are dealing with special screws, you will find the appropriate key in your treadmill’s accessories.

The joint parts

To keep the joint parts of your treadmill smooth and flexible, you should lubricate them regularly. To do this, use high-fat care products, such as high-quality silicone oil or graphite grease. This applies, for example, the folding mechanism in other fitness equipment such as cross trainers, among others, the handlebars.

The running belt

The most important and, at the same time, most maintenance-intensive part of your treadmill is, of course, the running belt. It moves over the so-called running table and is driven either by a motor or by your muscles’ strength – depending on whether it is an electric or a mechanical treadmill. So that the belt can slide over the running table, its underside must be prepared with an appropriate material.

This is, of course, the case with brand new treadmills, but this lubricant wears off during exercise. If this protective film is not used regularly with the help of a lubricating spray reneged, the friction between the running belt and running table increases so much that considerable signs of wear and tear can occur. Both parts become dull, and scorch marks or grooves restrict their functionality.

This, in turn, increases the resistance that has to be overcome to set the belt in motion. With electric treadmills, this can overload and damage the motor.

What care products do I need for my treadmill?

The best means of maintaining your treadmill are lubricating sprays or silicone lubricating sprays. These are maintenance sprays with high-quality silicone oil. To renew the lubricating film on your treadmill, place the lubricating spray between the running belt and the running table, with some spray cans using a long, thin nozzle specially supplied for this purpose. And this is how you apply the silicone lubricant spray under your running belt:

Slightly lift the running belt from the edge.

  • Run the grommet to the middle of the treadmill, and from there, pull a narrow strip of silicone oil towards the edge.
  • Repeat about every 30 centimetres, along the entire length of the treadmill.
  • Then work on the opposite side with the lubricant spray, also from the middle to the edge.
  • Now switch on the treadmill at a low speed (approx. 5 km / h) and walk on it for a few minutes. This helps to distribute the silicone oil evenly over the entire surface of the running belt.


T-Lube special spray for treadmills:

The T-Lube silicone spray from Tunturi is an often purchased and proven spray to renew the lubricating film on your treadmill.

This unique spray is one of the essential treadmill accessories and is sufficient for some applications.



An exciting alternative to the T-Lube special spray is the Gymluber treadmill oil.

The pump bottle contains 250 ml of high-performance silicone oil, perfectly distributed under the walking surface thanks to the 40 cm long straw.



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