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The best treadmill for a heavy person Are you overweight and want to declare war on the pounds? The best treadmill for a heavy person is a perfect training device for your own four walls and can help you work on your sporting goals even in wind and weather. Unfortunately, the best treadmill for heavy person is that much of our daily sports equipment is not designed for overweight people and can only be used up to 100 kg.


the Best treadmill for heavy person The most important thing on a treadmill for overweight people up to 150 kg is the motor power. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, only the treadmill’s outer critical data is taken into account without considering the inner workings.

You wouldn’t buy a sports car with an 80 hp engine

In the case of treadmills, the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer relates to using without load. However, if a user weight of 150 kg is added, this speed can be significantly reduced again. If the engine is not strong enough

Also, a weak motor with a user treadmills weight limit on the treadmill of 150 kg wears out much faster, as it has to “torment” itself to keep the treadmill moving.

I, therefore, recommend a motor with a minimum continuous output of 3 HP for a user weight limit on a treadmill of 150 kg.


The best treadmill for heavy person Overweight people should do more sport, but unfortunately, only a few sports equipment manufacturers take an increased user weight into account. A treadmill treadmills for big guys up to 150 kg should go above all offer enough space. Unfortunately, I keep seeing that the treads are designed too small, and that hurts just looking at them.

Because: If the treadmill is too small, the risk of a misstep next to or behind the tread increases. And then all the alarm bells should be ringing for you because that also entails a higher risk of injury.

Even the cheapest, most robust, and the coolest treadmill is of no use: If the running surface is too small, the whole thing doesn’t make sense! If you injure yourself after just a few weeks, all the progress made up to that point will be lost, and you can start all over again.

Also, a running surface that is too small ensures that you worry with every step that you will take a wrong action and cannot walk with complete peace of mind. Even if you are not always aware of this, it stays in the back of your mind.
For a user weight of 150 kg, the running surface should be at least 50 cm wide. I generally recommend at least 140 cm in length.


The best treadmill for heavy people, significantly overweight people up to 150 or 200 kg, can be very painful for the joints and cause knee pain. Fortunately, many manufacturers have thought along in this regard and have developed innovative damping systems that counteract the whole thing.

Usually, a multi-zone cushioning system is offered, which is shock-reducing and gentle on the joints and ensures healthy training at any time and any speed.

The best treadmill for a heavy person must is neither too soft nor too hard. Both extremes put stress on our joints and lead to pain in the long term. The models that I am about to introduce to you have managed to find this balance and offer perfect cushioning systems.


If you want to lose weight, it’s best to do it at home. With a treadmill, you are completely flexible in terms of time and can lace up your running shoes at any time and in any weather.

Your friends and acquaintances will be amazed at how you get fitter and healthier from day today. The only thing missing now is a quality treadmill up to 180 kg.

We did some research for you and found the best treadmills.

You are right here if

  • Your treadmills for big guys should be suitable up to 180 kg,
  • You are looking for a product with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Your treadmill should be very low-maintenance and quiet.
  • Conventional treadmills are usually designed for a maximum of 120 to 150 kg. But of course, there is also a suitable training device for you.

What to look out for on a treadmill up to 180 kg


Quality has its price. Don’t save if you want to get a treadmill because cheap models are usually very poorly damped. A treadmill up to 180 kg is characterized by ingenious cushioning.

Joints and knees suffer especially when you carry too many pounds with you. Therefore, you should never run on a tape with poor attenuation.

Very high-quality materials

Reinforcements with steel, particularly robust brackets, and a stable step surface are significant if you look for a treadmill up to 180 kg.

Inexpensive ribbons are often made with much cheaper materials. Plastic is usually processed, which of course, reduces the quality.


As a beginner treadmill, your device needs a stable mount. There are now also models that dispense entirely with brackets. But beginners, in particular, should keep their hands off that.


If you’re already spending money on the sturdy treadmill, then it can have a few minor features. This may not seem so important to you at first, but when you are fitter after a few months, you will enjoy a bit of distraction and if you can collect data.

You should pay attention to this: training computer, Bluetooth and USB, drinking bottle holder, transport rollers, many training programs.


Horizon Elite T7.1

A popular treadmill up to 180 kg


If you are ready to invest in your health and want to be convinced of 1A quality, then you will love this treadmill.

As a treadmill up to 180 kg, this device is characterized above all by the sophisticated cushioning system. The variable response cushioning function is responsible for this.

The device is particularly suitable as a treadmill up to 180 kg because of

its closed handrail, which ensures a lot of security
the curved design of the frame construction, which is made of steel
The running surface can be folded down. This makes it easier to stow the device when you have little space in the apartment.

On top of that, there is an automatic hand pulse sensor. Should you spontaneously decide to run a lap, the sturdy treadmill switches on automatically thanks to the motion sensor?

Technical details:

  • PS: 2.75
  • Incline: 15%
    Maximum speed: 20 km / h
  • Length: 210 cm
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Width: 94.5 cm
  • Weight device: 156 kg
  • Training computer with display for: time, incline, distance, speed, calorie consumption, and pulse
  • Training programs: 22
  • Warranty: 24 months

Sportstech treadmill F17

A perfect treadmill with an interval program

This model is a bit more expensive but equipped with even more extras.

If you are overweight and just starting, your exercise machine must be designed for it. This model scores with three points:

The treadmill up to 180 kg is easy on your knees and joints because it is particularly well cushioned.
It has a very stable mount, which will make it easier for you to get started running.
It is of very high quality and has a very stable frame construction.
If you are afraid that jogging on the treadmill for heavy people will be boring: You don’t need to have it! You will find a television on the treadmill for heavy people. You can watch a movie or jog through Paris, New York, or Easter Island with Google Street View.

So you can run up to 20 km / h and incorporate a gradient of up to 18% into your training. And on top of that, this treadmill is also very suitable for the home because it is hushed.

Technical details

  • PS: 5
  • Incline: 18%
  • Maximum speed: 20 km / h
  • Length: 195.6 cm
  • Height: 139.3 cm
  • Width: 102 cm
  • how heavy is a treadmill: 140 kg
  • Training programs: 12

Treadmill for overweight people up to 200 kg

Yes, don’t worry: there is also a suitable treadmill for people who are very overweight, up to 200 kg.

Sportstech F65 professional treadmill

The motor has a peak output of 8 HP and a continuous output of 6.5 HP and enables up to 25 km / h. And the whole thing without any problems! Because the motor is tranquil and durable and will not let you down even after many years!

With a width of 60 cm and a length of 160 cm, the running surface is not only enormous but gigantic and allows you to work out safely and healthily at all times. Of course, a shock-reducing and joint-friendly damping system is also installed here.

The best comes last: the treadmill with high weight capacity can be loaded up to a weight of 200 kg, which makes it an ideal treadmill for people who are very overweight!

In a nutshell: this treadmill is just perfect! Slight downer: For many, the price may seem a bit high at first. However, you should note that any other model can hardly beat this high capacity treadmill in terms of high quality, durability, and general quality. It’s so robust that you won’t have to worry about getting a new treadmill for many, many years. In the long term, you will even save here.

Also, the device has such a variety of functions that it is the optimal choice both for the beginning and, hopefully, for higher fitness levels in the future. In my opinion, this treadmill is worth every penny!

But enough raved about it. I would suggest that you should take a look at the treadmill yourself. A click on the following product picture or the orange button will take you to all further details and customer opinions quickly and conveniently high capacity treadmill.



The perfect treadmill up to 150 kg, there is! And also very overweight people up to 200 kg will find what they are looking for! That is the positive finding from this report.

When buying a treadmill up to 150 or 200 kg, you should pay attention to a few essential points to find the perfect overall package. All of the components of the treadmill must be in harmony. The models I recommend are, in my opinion, excellent examples and should offer you exactly what you are looking for.

treadmill for over 350 lbs

Matrix TF30 XR treadmill for over 350 lbs

Treadmills 300 lb weight capacity, Experience a natural and powerful workout on the most advanced combination of frame, running deck, and drive. Our TF30 treadmill is equipped with a folding design and our exclusive Johnson Drive System and Ultimate Deck System, treadmills 300 lb weight capacity.

Frame type treadmills for 300 lbs: collapsible 

  • Running surface: 51 cm x 140 cm / 20 “x 55”
  • Cushioning: Ultimate Deck System
  • Tape type: 2-ply, 1.6 mm
  • Running deck thickness: 25.4 mm / 1 “
  • Drive motor: Johnson Drive System (direct current drive) with 3.25 HP continuous output
  • Speed ​​range: 0.8 – 20 km / h / 0.5 – 12.5 mph
  • Incline range: 0% – 15%
  • treadmill for 300+ lb person


Technical specifications:  treadmills for 300 lbs

  • Dimensions, assembled (L x W x H) 195 x 90 x 157 cm / 77 “x 35” x 62 “
  • Folded dimensions 104.5 cm x 91 cm x 182.5 cm / 41.1 “x 35.8” x 71.9 “
  • how heavy is a treadmill, assembled 128 kg / 282 lbs
  • treadmill with high weight capacity
  • Max user weight 159 kg / 350 lbs treadmill 300 lb capacity
  • Electrical requirements 120 V AC, separate 20 A circuit (voltage may differ outside of the USA)
  • Power supply Power cord NEMA 5-15 (requirements may vary outside of the US)
  • Features console
  • Display: 8.5 “extra-wide blue backlit LCD display (22 cm)
  • W-LAN-capable: software updates, Viewfit-capable
  • Bluetooth-enabled: No.
  • USB port: Internal USB port for software updates
  • Loudspeaker: No.
  • Console apps: No.
  • Integrated Virtual Active: No.
  • treadmill for 300+ lb person
  • Passport Ready: Yes
  • Viewfit-capable: Yes
  • Heart rate: wireless heart rate monitor, compatible with Polar
  • Console extras: Integrated reading holder, energy-saving mode
  • treadmill 300 lb capacity
  • Training programs: 5 programs – manual, interval, hill, target heart rate (speed), sprint 8
  • Training feedback: Elapsed time, remaining time, miles/kilometers, current speed, pace, heart rate, calories, incline


treadmills for over 300 lbs

UNO FITNESS treadmill LTX6 Pro treadmills for over 300 lbs

With this treadmill, you get a real professional machine! The built-in engine is super powerful and achieves peak values ​​of 3.0 hp. The maximum speed is 20 km / h.

The frame of the treadmills with 300 lb capacity is remarkably stable and can withstand loads of up to 300 kg.

There is also a huge running surface. You have a total of 152/55 cm (L / W) to enjoy your run.

The four pre-installed training programs also help you plan your workout optimally.

On the digital display, you can see time, speed, distance, and many other values.




Treadmill for very overweight people: You should pay attention to this when buying

With a treadmill for very overweight people, there are two main things to consider: On the one hand, it should optimally support your training without stressing your joints too much from the workout.

It depends on the processing of the device but also on your training plan.

On the other hand, a treadmill with a high weight capacity is always mechanically designed for an upper weight limit. If this is exceeded, the treadmill will no longer work properly.

Then the treadmill’s high weight capacity could break or, in the worst case, you could even injure yourself.

We’ll show you again how to consider these two points best when making a purchase.

What does a treadmill for very overweight people have to bring along?

All fitness equipment is designed for a specific upper weight limit. Only if this is observed can it be guaranteed that the fitness equipment will work as intended.

This limit is particularly critical on a treadmill, as every step exerts a dotted pressure on the belt when you run.

The physical forces also multiply the weight of the person exercising.

You can see this in the gym, for example.

The faster the user adjusts the treadmill weight limit 300 lbs, the louder the steps on the belt become, regardless of body weight.

If the excess weight limit for the treadmill weight limit 300 lbs is exceeded, it can happen that the belt can no longer run freely.

The processing of the treadmill plays an important role here. The materials must be of high quality, and the mechanics must be flawless.

The width of the band is also decisive because if the band is too narrow, you cannot distribute the forces so well.

An actual professional device is recommended for smooth training, like this one presented to you here in the check.

These cost a little more, but you can be sure that your training runs smoothly and that you can enjoy your treadmill for 350 lb person for a long time.

The training plan on the 350 lb treadmill for very overweight people

As mentioned at the beginning, fat people should start with more moderate exercise.

Euphoric and motivated to start running is praiseworthy but not the very best idea.

Because of the forces acting on the treadmill for 350 lb person, it can quickly happen that you overload your joints and cause nasty injuries.

It is much better if you start with a light walking workout on the 350 lb treadmill. With it, you can still train your condition and burn some calories.

Your body will get used to the training over time, and you will notice how you get fitter with each workout.

The best treadmill for overweight – treadmill for overweight beginners

Treadmills weight limit the problem that treadmills have in using every treadmill for overweight beginners people are prominent: the weight limit. Every fitness device can only work safely up to a certain weight; this limit is particularly critical for treadmills. Every step that is taken quickly exposes the band to dotted pressure, and the physical forces multiply the importance of the person exercising. In the gym, all you have to do is listen carefully to how loud the steps on the treadmill can be when people of average weight pick up the speed.

In connection with the health concerns of running faster, there are several arguments against using the treadmill if you are very overweight. But your pace doesn’t have to be in the same league as Kipchoge’s training – walking, for example, is a recommended exercise. Here, the weight utilization is particularly noticeable in the belt, which can no longer run freely if there is too much weight. Above all, it is a question of processing whether your treadmill can withstand the excess weight. Professional treadmills with a corresponding width are in demand, while professional models are also suitable for runners over 150 kilograms. If you use a treadmill, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you are overweight, especially when running faster.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. A sunny day becomes an ordeal for many allergy sufferers. In winter, the early darkness often puts a spanner in the works, and running with a headlamp is not for everyone. Also, there are frigid winter days or humid and hot summer days, on which sensitive people prefer not to run. And although there is time for sport on vacation, suitable routes are often unavailable, or the southern sun prevents activity.

The treadmill is a sensible alternative. Allergy sufferers flee to fitness studios to train symptom-free in air-conditioned air, while vacationers use the tape in the hotel. Running on the device does not differ from a unit in nature. The movement sequence is identical for experienced athletes indoors and outdoors.

Changed perception

However, newbies often tend to take smaller steps on the treadmill at the beginning. The reason lies in the perception of movement. When running outdoors, the brain receives the information “movement” from both the legs and the eyes. It is different on the treadmill: the legs transmit the information “movement” to the brain, the eyes, on the other hand, the information “standstill.” This contradicting information initially leads to uncertainties in equilibrium. The runner now unconsciously changes to smaller steps, which are easier to balance than giant steps. The experienced athlete quickly gets used to it and is soon running again with his average stride length. Here, treadmill newbies are advised to consciously lengthen the stride after a few minutes of getting used to it.

Incidentally, the effect of uncertainty in equilibrium reappears when the speed of the belt is reduced towards the end of the session. When running constantly, the brain adapts to the different information from the legs and eyes. If the running speed is reduced quickly, the brain must first get used to the fact that the data from the legs and the eyes are identical when standing. This sometimes leads to a slight feeling of dizziness. Tip: Slowly reduce your speed and hold on to when you step off the belt.

The same training effect

The training effect is identical on the treadmill compared to running on the track, street, or forest. Many athletes think that the benefit is less because the runner does not move forwards, only the plastic belt under him backward. Therefore, the athlete has to use less force when taking the impression, for example. But without going into the physical effects in detail, to put it simply, the correspondence of the training effectiveness in both running variants can be seen from the fact that the heart rate is identical. The heart rate is a consequence of the oxygen requirement, which is directly dependent on the energy requirement, and this, in turn, depends on the muscle work. To achieve an identical training effect, it must be ensured in practice that a slight incline of one to two percent is set on the device. The reason is straightforward: there is no air resistance. The resulting reduced effort compensates for the incline. Alternatively, the treadmill can be set a little faster.

Also differences

Of course, there are also differences when training on the treadmill. The effect of the lack of cooling due to the non-existent “airstream” should not be underestimated. This results in significantly more sweating and thus a higher fluid requirement. However, it is, of course, easy to deposit drinks on the treadmill within easy reach. To estimate the amount of water you drink, it is helpful for newbies to weigh themselves before and after training. This may be done without clothing so that the sweat is not considered in the dress. The weight and fluid loss should not exceed one kilogram.

To minimize sweating and thus the need for fluids, clothing must, of course, also be chosen accordingly. On the treadmill, the general rule is “short-short,” i.e., shorts and shirts. Even if the first few minutes seem a bit cool in heavily air-conditioned studios, this is the most sensible dress code.

Does exercising on the treadmill harm the joints? The load on the entire supporting apparatus does not depend on the surface but primarily on the running technique. With good design, sensible training structure, and injury-prophylactic athletic training such as core strengthening and stretching, running does not harm the joints; it benefits them! Joints get better with use, not worse, because movement, for example, provides them with a better supply of nutrients. This is also why joints are only immobilized in the event of severe injuries – “use it or lose it.” As a result, shoes with firmer cushioning are not necessary on the treadmill. On the contrary – since the training surface is absolutely level and the foot touches down in a controlled manner, less cushioned shoes tend to be used here.



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