Best Space Saver Treadmill – 2021 April

Best Space Saver Treadmill: There are several types of Best Space Saver Treadmill, but this treadmill test refers to the most common type: A fitness machine that allows you to run for many kilometers in one place. Best space-saving treadmill models from the comparison are operated electrically and consist of a running surface of approx. 50 x 140 cm around which a rotating belt rotates. Best Space Saver Treadmill speed and incline can be set manually.

On the monitor of each treadmill, from the comparison and the speed, duration, and incline, the training pulse can also be read, which is also a critical test criterion. The modern treadmills continue to have training programs such as interval or cardio. Still, they can be an app with the smartphone or tablet connected, as the comparison shows and what we report later even more.

Since a small footprint treadmill is quite a large fitness machine, the machines are often foldable for home use. You can also find some foldable models in our comparison. This is an outstanding feature for the Best Space Saver Treadmill, in our opinion. Instead, a reduction in the running surface’s size is not so convincing – another way some manufacturers want to make the best space-saving treadmill more attractive for their own four walls because the area cannot be too small for safe and fun walking.


How does training on the treadmill work?

Training on the Best Space Saver Treadmill is elementary to start with. You stand on the belt with running shoes, attach the emergency cord to the running shirt and enter the desired speed and incline on display. Press ” Quick Start, “and the tape will roll away from under your feet, and you will have to run according to the speed. While running, you can continue to operate the display and, for example, slow down or increase your speed. Slow and fast walking is just as possible as fast sprints. This is not a problem for any of the models in our comparison. Who doesn’t want to start running with “Quick Start” and his calorie consumption and measure the heart rate or pursue a specific training goal? Almost every treadmill from the comparison can be connected to the chest strap or a fitness watch (e.g., Apple Watch ) and select a training program from the display or via an app? Many of the best space-saving treadmills in the test also have their training app, as you can see in comparison.

Calorie consumption on the treadmill

The Best Space Saver Treadmill needs some information to determine your calorie consumption, such as gender, age, and weight. You should know that the calorie consumption on display is only approximate, as your fitness status and basal metabolic rate also play a role. Still, you can be sure that you buy a fitness machine with a small footprint treadmill that will burn the most calories on more than on a stationary bike or cross-trainer.

A young, fit person can easily reach 700 kcal in an hour, which has already been confirmed by more than one test. The Best Space Saver Treadmill from our comparison is among the top calorie burners even before the bicycle ergometer, elliptical trainer, or stepper.

If you want to lose weight with the Best Space Saver Treadmill, you must train for at least 20, even better, 30 minutes with the models from our comparison. Because only then is the fat burning process cranked, and the body draws on its reserves (which you want to get rid of).

This is why the following applies to fat burning :

relatively slower and longer in the middle pulse range. If you only have less time, then do less! Because: Everything brings something! Experience and studies have shown that less is still much better than nothing. You can find out more about this in the subsection ” Training programs on the space-saving treadmill ” in this treadmill comparison.

To display the calorie consumption, you must enter your data in the display. Practical are treadmills from our treadmill comparison, where your user data can be saved. Then you don’t have to re-enter your data every time.

It is best to have several storage spaces available at the same time so that your family members can also call up their data at the push of a button. Another plus point of training with the treadmill from the space-saving treadmill comparison is that muscle mass is built up during exercise, which increases the basal metabolic rate.



Many training programs on the Best Space Saver Treadmill in the test and comparison high-intensity interval training stands for training intervals. On a treadmill, from our comparison, it can look like that you first run at 6 km / h for a few minutes, then 10 km / h for a minute, and then slower and faster again.

Instead of speed, the incline of the Best Space Saver Treadmill can increase, or both together. This method is primarily used to improve fitness and build muscle. During the intervals, the training should be strenuous so that you can, e.g., B. could no longer entertain effortlessly.

Of course, you shouldn’t gasp for air and fall off the treadmill either. During HIIT training, the heart rate should be between 75% and 85% of your maximum heart rate during the ” quieter ” phases; during the interval, the heart rate can rise to 90 – 95%. If your heart rate is too high, switch the training level down and extend the rest phase. According to the test results, this is the best method.

HIIT includes short, very strenuous intervals in which the pulse is driven up. If the pre-set HIIT program is too harsh (or too easy) for you, you can use the display of the Best Space Saver Treadmill from the test to reduce the pace or the incline.

Cardio training

With cardio training, i.e., cardiovascular training, the heart rate should be between 75 and 85% of your maximum pulse over the entire period. They don’t run slowly, but they don’t run too fast either. You can still talk, but after a while, you work up a sweat.

The integrated training program for cardio training will use your data to calculate a speed and incline to achieve this training effect. Unfortunately, very few treadmills from the Best Space Saver Treadmill comparison are equipped so that they are based precisely on your pulse, as an external treadmill test could show.

If training according to your heart rate is essential to you, you should always check that your heart rate stays within this range. But you can also rely on how you feel and run the way it feels right for you. For example, the cardio recommended a shorter workout plan.

Fat burning

The training computer usually recommends 25, 30, 45, or 60 minutes for burning fat training programs. The longer, the better. But the speed is slower so that you can keep up the time well.

Only through prolonged training will you achieve that the body begins to burn fat reserves. The Best Space Saver Treadmill exercise also helps build muscle mass. If you’re not shedding as many pounds on the scales as you might think, it may also be because you’ve converted fat into muscle.

Because muscle is heavier than fat, you will be leaner and more defined. If you want to control your weight in this regard, we recommend a body fat scale that shows you the percentages of body fat and muscle mass. The best devices can be found in a separate test for body fat scales.

Mountain run

With the mountain running programs on your treadmill display, the comparison models are runs with changing inclines. All treadmills from the space-saving treadmill test offer different incline levels. Unlike in the great outdoors, however, you can only run up mountains on the best folding treadmill for a small space and run on the flat.

Walking down a mountain is not possible. Another difference is the mountain air. It is well known that high-performance runners complete training camps with test runs in the hills before competitions.

It’s not just about the incline, which can be simulated well with a Best Space Saver Treadmill from the comparison, but also about the altitude difference. At an altitude of 2000 meters or more, the air you breathe contains 15% less oxygen so that you can get the same heart rate just by walking as you normally would when running.

Still, mountain running on the Best Space Saver Treadmill can be fun as a training session. The training goes into the calf muscles in particular and, like interval training, stimulates the cardiovascular system and makes the pulse soar again and again. At the same time, there are relaxed periods of rest in between. So running on a device from the test remains varied.


Determine maximum heart rate

If you want to train according to your pulse on the fitness equipment based on the comparison, you need to know your maximum pulse. You can find out about this through a performance diagnosis with a lactate test. Such a test is offered by sports doctors or in some fitness studios.

The test or the performance diagnosis occurs on the Best Space Saver Treadmill, and you run at different speeds (from slow to fast) every three minutes. Your pulse and lactate value are measured after each level of difficulty.

For the lactate value, a drop of blood from the ear must be examined. In this way, the actual load can be precisely determined in the test. If an approximate value is enough for you, you can take a test without using one of many formulas. The renowned runner’s magazine RunnersWorld recommends the following formula :

Maximum heart rate for men:

223 – 0.9 x age = maximum heart rate

Maximum heart rate for women:

226 – age = maximum heart rate

As you can see, women have a higher heart rate than men. Starting from this pulse, you calculate your training pulse, which is always a maximum vibration percentage. In the full pulse itself, you should never exercise because this is the point where you start to have to gasp for air and give up. With short training intervals (HIIT), you can go to a maximum of 90 – 95% of the maximum heart rate and usually only for 1 to 2 minutes.


Running training :

Slow endurance run:70 – 75% of your maximum heart rate

The low running pace is particularly suitable for longer runs. Either for regeneration after a hard workout or burning fat. The duration of such a run should be around 45 minutes.

Quiet endurance runs 75 – 80% of your maximum heart rate.

With this quiet run at a comfortable pace, you are in the aerobic range with this training pulse.

Continuous pace run: 85 – 88% of your maximum heart rate:

This is the pulse range in which competitions are run. You are strictly at the aerobic-anaerobic threshold. That means breathing and oxygen consumption are just about in balance. You run at a fast pace, but your muscles should not become too acidic. Such tempo runs usually go over 5 to 15 kilometers and require 10 minutes of slow running-in and 10 minutes of slow sailing.

Tempo run: 90 – 95% of your maximum heart rate:

If you choose a HIIT program, you have shorter intervals of usually one to two minutes. However, it is not recommended to go into this very high pulse because experts warn: the line between a good training effect and overload is narrow! These tempo runs are there to help you get faster. However, if you do cardio, you shouldn’t exceed 85% of your maximum heart rate.

What types of treadmills are there?

There are different types of Best Space Saver Treadmill, whereby we only deal with the fitness treadmill at home in our treadmill comparison, so in our best table. Nevertheless, we would like to briefly introduce you to the types of treadmills that are still available outside of this test and the difference.

What is meant here is the classic electric treadmill for at home, as you will find in our comparison. It usually has a running surface that is approx. 45 – 55 cm wide and 135 – 155 cm long. The engine power of the devices from the test is mostly 2 HP, and it has a display with several programs.

The speed can be adjusted up to about 20 km / h, and almost all models from the comparison also have a height adjustment. In an emergency, an emergency button automatically switches off the device should the travel cord attached to the shirt slip too far back. According to external test results, this works very well with all devices.

For the high-priced devices from the comparison, pulse measurement, calorie counter, app, loudspeaker, tablet holder, and cup holder are also mandatory. Some Best Space Saver Treadmill from the test also have extras, such as a fan that is supposed to refresh the runner with cool air.

Mechanical treadmill

Instead of the electrically operated treadmills from the test, some treadmills are mechanically used. This means that the belt runs solely through the movement of the runner. With some mechanical treadmills, the display is fed with the energy gained in this way. These treadmills are often cheaper than electric treadmills from the comparison.


  • Low price
  • Adapts to the running speed of the runner
  • Electricity independent


  • As a rule, a lower rate is achieved
  • Limited display
  • Fewer features

Rehab treadmill

For treadmills space saver in the rehabilitation area, professional equipment from around 10,000 dollars is usually also used. They are very resilient and also have long handles which go over the entire sides so that the runners can hold on to them and have a secure hold.


  • Handles over the entire length for a secure hold
  • Particularly resilient


  • High price


Foldable treadmill

The foldable treadmill is a model from the fitness treadmill category for home use, as you can see in the best folding treadmill for small space tests. In the NordicTrack treadmill space saver comparison, you will find some models to achieve a good test result. Since a best folding treadmill for small space takes up a lot of floor space but is otherwise flat, it is well suited for folding so that it can be stowed away to save space.

Suppose you are toying with a folding treadmill from the comparison. In that case, we recommend reading the buyer reviews regarding the folding mechanism again before buying because one or the other treadmill test has shown that this function does not always work as quickly as one would like.

It is essential that the best folding treadmill for a small space can stand safely and alone when folded. It also works with hand movements and not with tools, and that the treadmills space saver has a suspension when unfolded and thus unfolds slowly instead of crashing on the floor with force. Test experts find castors to be practical to move the folded treadmill away.


  • Space-saving
  • Light


  • According to various test results, the folding mechanism does not work satisfactorily on all treadmills.

Desk treadmill

During our research on the treadmills space saver test, we noticed that many people use the best compact treadmills for small spaces to work, read or study. The market has recognized this and is therefore offering extra desk treadmills. The best compact treadmills for small areas only consist of the flat treadmill, without the stem with handles and display, as you can see with the comparison devices.

Either you have to buy the desk yourself, or the space saver treadmill reviews are already available in combination with a high desk. Instead of a display, you have a table in front of you on which you can put your computer, manuscripts, coffee mugs, and other desk utensils.


  • It helps to combine work and sport
  • It can be used flexibly


  • Without display
  • No heart rate measurement
  • No calorie counter

Underwater treadmill

Some treadmills are specially designed for underwater use. They are used, for example, in aqua aerobics or rehab. It is well known that training underwater is easier but just as effective.


  • Working underwater
  • Exercising is more accessible but just as effective


  • Without display and features

Treadmill for animals

There are also treadmills for dogs and cats on the market. For dogs, there are usually special underwater treadmills that are used for rehabilitation purposes and are used, for example, in a veterinary clinic.

The cat treadmills are designed to help obese cats exercise. It depends entirely on your four-legged friend whether the animal accepts slim treadmill reviews or not. If you buy small treadmill reviews from comparing yourself, you can test yourself to see whether your pet might also want to do a training session. In general, there is nothing to prevent dogs from running on slim treadmill reviews.


  • Suitable for rehab
  • Encourages overweight animals to exercise more


  • Not accepted by all pets

Practice test running

The most important and, therefore also the most heavily weighted test criterion is the running property. For this purpose, space saver treadmill reviews of athletes are run in external practical tests. They check whether the belt bounces comfortably and runs smoothly. They subject various speeds and inclines to a trial, listen to the noise, and state whether they are satisfied with the size and display height.

Volume test

The volume on the space saver treadmill reviews is measured in decibels during a treadmill test. And then when it is in operation with an average-sized and heavy runner. When walking (around 4 km / h), all of the most miniature treadmill foldable are pretty quiet. Still, when you are walking fast (at eight or even 10 km / h), the most miniature treadmill foldable already produces a relatively high noise level. In comparison, it is louder than a cross-trainer or stationary bike.

There are often different opinions about the same treadmill in the buyer reviews regarding whether the space saver treadmills are ” quiet ” or ” too loud. ” This is, of course, a subjective expression of opinion that is much less meaningful than measured decibel values. Unfortunately, we could not determine the exact volume for all treadmills from the comparison.

Endurance test

In a space saver treadmill endurance test, use over a more extended period is simulated by keeping the space saver treadmills in continuous operation for several weeks to see whether changes occur after a while.

Heart rate monitor test

It is tested whether the specified pulse value on the space saver treadmills corresponds to the actual pulse. To do this, several samples are made. An external test has shown that the pulse measurement using a chest strap is more accurate than using hand sensors, requiring a somewhat unnatural running posture.

Calorie display test

Experts calculate whether the stated calorie consumption corresponds to the actual value. Unfortunately, such data is challenging to find because you can’t expect too much from the calorie display on the space saver treadmill as the computer only collects a few pieces of information from you. According to our evaluation, buyers are always satisfied with the approximate value. According to our knowledge, a comparison with, e.g., Apple Watch did not lead to any noteworthy differences.

Display and operation

This test point evaluates how user-friendly the display is and how much it offers. We find it positive when your user data can be saved, and you also have the option of programming, keeping, and calling up your training programs.

A large selection of training programs is excellent unless it leads to confusion and delays. We do not see the new development towards the touchscreen as successful. Because if you still want to operate the display while you are already running fast and your fingers are already sweaty, buttons are simply easier to press. A show with a number field is user-friendly, as some models from the comparison have. For example, you can type in “46” for age and don’t have to press up from “20” 26 more times over the plus field.

The display in the display is in models that do not compare to the resolution quality. If you would like to look at real mountains instead of a few jagged computer pixels during a simulated mountain run, we recommend a space saver treadmill with a tablet holder.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a treadmill?

It can quickly happen that you underestimate the size of the space saver treadmill from the space saver treadmill comparison. Pay attention to the finished dimensions in our table and place a blanket on the floor, for example, to visualize how much space the NordicTrack space saver treadmill will take up in your apartment or house.

In general, it is always more fun to run on a giant treadmill, and you feel safer. If you have room for a 55 x 155 tread, this is the size we recommend. A short treadmill only 135 cm long did not go down so well with test runners.


Display and operation

This test point evaluates how user-friendly the display is and how much it offers. We find it positive when your user data can be saved, and you also have the option of programming, keeping, and calling up your training programs.

A large selection of training programs is excellent unless it leads to confusion and delays. We do not see the new development towards the touchscreen as successful. Because if you still want to operate the display while you are already running fast and your fingers are already sweaty,

Buttons are simply easier to press. A display with a number field is user-friendly, as some models from the comparison have. For example, you can type in “46” for age and don’t have to press up from “20” 26 more times over the plus field.

The display in the display is in models that do not compare to the resolution quality. If you would like to look at real mountains instead of a few jagged computer pixels during a simulated mountain run, we recommend a compact treadmill for a small space saver with a tablet holder.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a treadmill?

It can quickly happen that you underestimate the size of the space saver treadmill from the space saver treadmill comparison. Pay attention to the finished dimensions in our table (not the dimensions of the treadmill itself) and place a blanket on the floor, for example, to visualize how much space the treadmill will take up in your apartment or house.

In general, it is always more fun to run on a giant treadmill, and you feel safer. If you have room for a 55 x 155 tread, this is the size we recommend. A short treadmill only 135 cm long did not go down so well with test runners.


Where is the best place to buy my treadmill?

Regardless of whether you buy your treadmill on the Internet or from a specialist retailer, the device will be delivered to you by a shipping company and that right to the curb. In specialist shops, you have the advantage that you can try out the devices yourself.

But there will hardly be the same variety of choices in business that you find on the Internet. Another advantage of the internet is the price. You can easily search for the best deal and save a lot on such an expensive fitness machine.

The history of the treadmill

Everything worth knowing about the space-saving treadmills in the test and comparison: the space-saving treadmills are like most fitness equipment, still relatively young and usually dated to the 1960s. The space-saving treadmills idea as a conveyor belt is much older. Thus, the NordicTrack space saver treadmill as a conveyor belt has many predecessors, including the transport of pyramid stones over around tree trunks.

But the fitness movement as we now know with gyms and exercise equipment such as those from our Comparison came home with the 60s with the first treadmill for home use by the US company Aerobics Inc . originates. As the manufacturer Life Fitness reports, it took a whole week in 1991 to set up a compact treadmill for a small space saver in your own four walls.

How big should a treadmill be?

The main difference between home treadmills and gym treadmills is size. Our comparison models have a running surface that is 50 cm wide and between 135 and 155 cm long for home use. In the gym, treadmills are up to 100 cm wide and 200 cm long. The larger the tread, the safer you feel.

What is the calorie consumption on the treadmill?

The NordicTrack space saver treadmill is ideally suited to burn many calories in a short period. When it comes to calorie consumption, the NordicTrack space saver treadmill is ahead of the exercise bikes – even ahead of cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and steppers.

Woman, 60 kg, the average speed on the NordicTrack space saver treadmill : 300 kcal / 40 minutes – Man, 85 kg, the average rate on the NordicTrack small treadmill : 4050 kcal / 40 minutes

Treadmill or cross trainer?

For beginners, we would recommend a cross trainer, as the movement is more guided and is perceived by many as “easier.” Also, the joints are spared, and more muscles are used. For ambitious and well-trained athletes, we see the NordicTrack small treadmill in front. Here you get into the performance-enhancing area faster and can really “work off.”


Miweba Sports HT1000

The processing is average. The running surface and the side supports are sufficiently stable for the intended use. But everything that can be found on plastic, such as the covers or the console, could be better. If you run your hand over it, it looks a little cheap.

The maximum load capacity is 120 kg. Many manufacturers give such values ​​to entry-level treadmills. Theoretically, this is also true, but we would not advise anyone over 100 kilograms to buy an entry-level treadmill over a long period.


Often the best treadmills for small spaces cannot withstand this load for months/years until the first problems arise. But that also depends a lot on the individual running style, so it’s tough to say.

In summary, the processing of the Miweba HT1000 best treadmills for small spaces is okay. Just don’t expect too much.



The performance of the Miweba HT1000 is the most significant plus point with this electric treadmill. According to the datasheet, you get a good package of 1.75 HP in continuous output and 3.5 HP peak output for the price. Few treadmills in this price range have so much performance. The DC motor is also very stable in continuous operation and shows no significant weaknesses.


The Miweba HT1000 treadmill proves to be very reliable in regular training at low and medium speeds. The run feels safe, although it should be said that the 115 x 40 cm of the running surface could be significantly larger. Larger or broader people, in particular, could run into problems here under certain circumstances.

Precisely because more than 12 km / h is possible, a wider running surface would do the HT1000 very well so that you don’t have to concentrate as much while running. The side steps have the same color (black) as the running mate on the inside. You can also retrofit a colored marking (as on the outside) yourself.

The HT1000 is not exceptionally stable, especially at high speeds. Then, the treadmill space saver starts to wobble a bit, and you cannot switch off completely. In some other reviews, we have read that the tape then stalls a bit, which can be pretty dangerous. But that was not the case with us.

At least works and is not wrong is the manual incline, which can be adjusted in 3 stages. The maximum slope on level 3 is 6%. Let’s put it this way, better than nothing. The disadvantage of a manual incline is that the training has to be interrupted for the adjustment. But it is precisely in this price segment that most treadmills come without an incline function.



In operation, the Miweba Sports HT1000 is unfortunately not that quiet at all. Even at lower speeds, the treadmill space saver produces an intense noise, caused mainly by the steps and not by the motor itself. The value for the rate takes up 2/3 of the display, and the other matters ​​are complicated to read during the fast run. Also, the show has no backlight. It would help if you weren’t too precise about the value for the calories and the pulse.


As already mentioned, the console cover does not make the highest quality impression, which unfortunately is also reflected in the technology. But let’s start with the arrangement of the console first.

At the top, you will find a TFT display that shows you the following training values ​​during training:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Pulse

Below you will find a membrane keyboard with a lousy pressure point. With the buttons, which are much too small, you can start and end the training, adjust the speed in 0.1 km / h steps, special programs, and switch between rates of 3, 6, 9, and 12 km / h using a direct selection button.

The operation, such as speed adjustments, is very cumbersome. Unfortunately, also because there are no buttons for this on the handles. Above all, the direct selection button for the predefined speeds is a disaster. You have to be careful how you hit the key. Otherwise, you will accidentally choose the wrong rate. Individual tickets would be much better. I have no idea how you can come up with something like that.

A “tablet holder” is attached under the display, which is not applicable. It’s just an edge to place your smartphone or tablet on. Only small pills are safe inside. The USB interface, which is supposed to serve as a charging function, also works very unreliably. You can play music through the speakers via the AUX cable included in the delivery scope. As with many other treadmills, the function is more bad than good.

Another feature is the hand pulse sensors that you can use to measure your pulse. But that takes forever, and you probably don’t want to have your hands on the sensors all the time. Also, the accuracy is nowhere near as good as that of a heart rate belt.

The 12 training programs are nothing special. The interval programs could have been coordinated much better and more varied. That’s nothing demanding. That should be enough for beginners, but nothing more.


The folding mechanism works excellently. The running surface can simply be folded down after training by pressing against the shock absorber with your foot. The shock absorber also helps when folding up and ensures that the heavy tread cannot accidentally fall. This is a valuable function, especially if you have children or pets.

The folded dimensions are 90 x 64 x 130 cm (L x W x H), which is average. But there are also much more compact treadmills. The transport rollers also work perfectly, and the HT1000 can easily be rolled through the counter.

Reebok Jet 300

The Reebok Jet 300 Bluetooth treadmill’s processing appears stable and robust, reflected in the 87 kg weight. On the outside, we cannot see any significant blunders. The panels and some other parts are made of sturdy plastic. This is, of course, better, but the plastic looks comparatively reasonable and is resilient.

What we don’t like so much is the processing of the side steps. It seems stable enough but moves enormously when you jump on it. Over time this could become a problem. There are also some irregular gaps on the paneling, which is only noticeable if you take a closer look. But it’s not wrong with an entry-level/middle-class treadmill.

All in all, the artistry is decent. Unfortunately, we cannot say how certain durable parts such as straps are, as we have not tested the treadmill space saver long enough for this. We didn’t have any problems with it during our test.


A DC motor with a continuous output of 1.5 HP and a peak output of 2.5 HP is installed. According to Reebok, this enables speeds of up to 20 km / h. Especially in this price range, some treadmills have significantly higher values ​​on the sheet. The engine power of the Jet300 Series treadmill sounds a little weak at first, but that doesn’t mean a lot. It also depends on the degree of efficiency. When the engine is working efficiently, not as much power is required. We’ll get to that in a moment.


Let us come to our practical experience in this Reebok Jet 300 review. For a Best Space Saver Treadmill in this price range, the running surface is more than sufficiently large at 150 x 51 cm (length x width), despite the comparatively small dimensions. The Air Motion cushioning system contains built-in air cushions that absorb the foot’s first contact and cushion it optimally. This should protect the joints.

Running on the Jet300 Best Space Saver Treadmill feels pretty good, in our opinion. The cushioning system is nothing special now, but it is by no means terrible either. We like the large running surface better, which is big enough even for many tall people. Especially the 150 cm in length are well suited for people with giant strides.

Inclines work straight away and can also be easily controlled using the hotkeys. The engine reacts promptly to changes in speed and has no problems with overheating or other issues. All training could be completed without any problems.


The Reebok Jet 300 Best Space Saver Treadmill remains relatively quiet during training. Even at the highest level, you can watch TV on the side without increasing the volume significantly. The DC motor itself is not loud at all, and the steps are dampened quite well. If you want to get a few percent more out, you need to use an excellent protective mat.

However, you should not exercise the Jet 300 treadmill at late hours if you live in a noisy apartment building and have a neighbor among you.


The console of the Reebok treadmill looks very attractive and modern. But functionality is much more critical.

The LED windows of the Jet 300 show training metrics such as training time, speed, calories, distance, and the current heart rate. All values ​​are clearly shown on the displays and are also easy to read. The display angle is also very well chosen and can be seen from every position on the treadmill space saver.

Below is the control panel with the usual buttons

  • Fashion
  • Increase / decrease speed
  • Increase / decrease incline
  • There you will also find the quick keys for the incline

The pressure point of the membrane keyboard takes a lot of getting used to. Physical buttons would not have been so lovely to look at, but they would have been much more pleasant to the touch.

Nevertheless, the operation of the console was self-explanatory and very easy. The 24 programs worked so far, and the interval training with the automatic inclines and speed adjustments was fun. But many of the 24 programs differ only minimally from each other.

In our opinion, the console only offers the bare essentials and has a beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, the console of the Jet 300 does not provide extended training metrics such as pace, sector times, etc. If you want to train a little more seriously, you should consider this when buying. Overall, we rate the console as average.

The console only supports the in-house app “Reebok Fitness Equipment” (formerly Reebok Fitness App). The app is available for iOS and Android and is connected to the console via Bluetooth.

What can the app?

  • Monitoring of training metrics such as distance, duration, speed
  • Live feedback for calorie consumption
  • Logging of the training data
  • Various statistics
  • Custom programs
  • Share function

Unfortunately, the app is just junk. Nothing works as promised, and the app occasionally crashes. So because of the app, you should by no means buy the Reebok Jet 300 Bluetooth treadmill. The app is not directly from Reebok itself but from a Chinese developer. It was probably just outsourced.


The soft-drop folding mechanism allows you to fold up the running surface and stow the Jet 300 in a more space-saving way, although the 125 x 86 x 163 cm still requires a bit of space in the fold-up mode. The Jet 300 can be easily tilted and moved easily using the transport rollers.

We like the soft-drop folding mechanism and is quite helpful in a household with children and animals, as it prevents the tread from falling with full force in an accident.

Nautilus T628

The quality of the Nautilus T628 treadmill is first-class and almost studio quality. The tread feels very high quality and stable. The pillars are also highly stable, and we can hang on to them with our total weight without any problems—nothing wobbles. The handles are dipped in urethane and are remarkably durable. Even the plastic on the console looks very good and precisely processed.

The only thing we can complain about is the transport rollers, which are a bit small and didn’t roll that well at first. But with 1-2 sprays of oil, they ran better again.

According to Nautilus, particularly robust materials were also used in the interior, which significantly extends the service life of the T628, such as more robust rollers, multi-layer, and strong belts, etc.

The artistry is extremely good for the price, and we had no problems during the entire Nautilus T628 review.

There are certainly more attractive treadmills than the T628. The T628 looks a bit spartan, clunky, and angular. We don’t think that’s bad, but if you also value optics, you’d better use another treadmill.


The Nautilus T628 has a 3.5 HP motor (continuous output) that can reach 7 HP at its peak. Many think that there are also treadmills that cost significantly less than the T628 and have somewhat the same performance.

Yes, on the datasheet, but the motor of the T628 treadmill is very well optimized and balanced.

The engine shows no performance breaks, and speed changes are adjusted with an immediate response. A maximum of 20 km / h is possible, although that is probably sufficient for most.

However, if you want to train high-speed runs, it is better to use another treadmill. The small space treadmill then usually costs twice as much. Overall, we are satisfied with the performance.


Running on the Nautilus T628 treadmill feels excellent. The Exclusive Rebound damping system gives way up to 25 mm. At first, we thought this would make the run much too unstable/spongy, affecting the joints.

But it was precisely different. While running, our steps are cushioned when landing on the front and impacting the back of the stage.


The Nautilus T628 treadmill was also able to convince us in terms of running speed. The engine remains relatively quiet during training, even at the highest level. Thanks to the Exclusive Rebound damping system, the steps are cushioned very gently and are not much louder than the motor. The 3-layer coating of the tread also contributes to this. With a good floor mat, which we would recommend anyway, given the weight of the T628, you can also get a few percent out.

While watching TV or a series on the tablet is no problem. Even a person in the next room shouldn’t notice much from the small space treadmill.


Most of it should be clear, such as the seven direct keys for the incline and the speed on the sides. We particularly like the pacemaker function that shows the position during training. You can use the Compare button to view the average values. Different user profiles can also be created so that training information is not mixed up.

The display contains a lot of training information such as

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Heart rate
  • Speed
  • Pace

At the top, you can see a status bar that shows you which functions are currently active, such as USB or Bluetooth.

We like the console. The display is straightforward to read, thanks to the blue background lighting. It is easy to operate after a period of familiarisation. The structure of the information is well thought out, and the buttons are also well organized.

You can tell that the Nautilus T628 treadmill is aimed at experienced runners who need a lot of information such as pace, various average values, lap time, user profiles, etc. Unfortunately, most affordable treadmills do not offer such functions.

The T628 offers 26 training programs, including interval, pulse, and weight loss training. Depending on the program, the various training metrics of the program are displayed on the DualTrack screen. We like the division of the programs, and there is something for everyone. It includes the following programs, among others.


In the Nautilus Trainer App 2, various training data such as calories, distance, time are recorded and logged. You can use the journal function to compare your training sessions and, if necessary, determine your progress.

It is also possible to export the training data to MyFitnessPal & AppleHealth. For example, calories are transferred directly to the respective apps if you want to track them.

The app works pretty well, but we thought it would be a bit more extensive. At least a few additional exercise programs wouldn’t be wrong. Unfortunately, there has been no update for this app for almost two years.


After training, the running surface of the T628 can be easily folded up if necessary. This changes the dimensions to 139 x 89 x 169 cm, and the small space treadmill can bestow a little more easily. Despite everything, you should be aware that the Nautilus T628 is relatively large and not for small spaces.

The small space treadmill can be moved to a suitable location with little effort using the integrated transport rollers. A bit larger transport rollers would not have been wrong. A little more effort is required, especially if you drive over baseboards.

There is a plus point for the soft-drop folding system. With which the heavy tread is lowered. This function is handy if you have children or animals in the household.


In terms of security, the Nautilus T628 was ideally set up. The side steps are enormous. The automatic start-stop function also seems to work well, and, like any treadmill, the T628 also has a security key. There is also the soft-drop folding system that protects children and animals in particular.

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