Best Soylent Flavors – The Best Flavors Studied in 2021

Best Soylent Flavors

Soylent Flavors Healthy nutrition for everyone who doesn’t have time for it. That’s Soylent Flavors’ idea. The original target group was the IT professionals from Silicon Valley, Soylent Flavors. Still, the concept was also well received outside of the world, and so there are now many similar products that we can also find on the European market. Soylent itself is not yet available in Europe. We were still able to test the product for you. Here are our experiences with Soylent!

The product in the test: Soylent powder food

Soylent is the mother of drinking foods. The powder has been on the market since 2013. As reported by the American magazine Atlantic, Soylent is healthier than the conventional diet of the average North American.

Nonetheless, if you want, you can feed yourself entirely on the Soylent Shakes. The name Soylent does not come from the film “Soylent Green,” as is often quoted. It is also about food substitutes, but it is made from human flesh – a little less appetizing.

Soylent varieties and flavors

Soylent is available in the varieties Original, which is relatively tasteless, and Cacao, which, according to the manufacturer, is particularly suitable for smoothies.

There is also Soylent Drink in the different flavors

  • Strawberry
  • Original
  • Vanilla

And Soylent Cafe in the flavors

  • Mocha
  • Cafe Vanilla
  • Cafe Chai

Ingredients and declaration by Soylent the main ingredients of Soylent are:

  • Cornstarch
  • Rice protein
  • Oatmeal
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sucralose sweetener
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Various vitamins and minerals

Thirty-three percent of Soylent is carbohydrates, 41 percent is fat, and 20 percent is protein. To supply the body with the vital omega-3, fish oil should be added to the mixture. Vegans can, of course, also use linseed oil.

First impression of Soylent

Soylent was invented to give the stressed millennials in Silicon Valley a healthy alternative to pizza and burgers. And it succeeded. Soylent provides the body with all the nutrients it needs. The powder food design also fits perfectly into Silicon Valley: Classic white packaging with a black print, plus a small bottle of oil, which is very restrained in its design. In other words: the bottle is not noticeable next to a MacBook but fits in harmoniously with the overall picture. Seen in this way, the manufacturer has met its target group.

Preparation of Soylent

Soylent is stirred into water or shaken in a shaker and then drunk. Soylent also offers the option of processing the powder with vegetables or fruit into a smoothie.

Soylent consistency and taste

Soylent Flavors’ consistency of the powdered food is more like a thick soup or a bit too watery oatmeal. Soylent seems a little grainy and doughy to us. That also depends on how long you take your time drinking because the powder thickens over time. The taste is not spectacular but rather relatively neutral. You can taste vanilla and sweeteners, but we wouldn’t say that the product tastes particularly strong or that we would mistake it for a vanilla shake.

Soylent digestibility and satiety factor

We found Soylent to be easily digestible. On the net, some users report initial digestive problems. However, after a period of getting used to it, the difficulties usually go away independently. The satiety factor is good: after drinking Soylent, we’re full for about four to five hours.

Soylent suitability for everyday use

Soylent is available as a powder and in the form of bars, and as a ready-made version. This is, of course, reasonably practical in everyday life. If you don’t want to take the powder and shake it with you, you can slide a bolt into your laptop bag and eat it as a meal replacement. But Soylent also passes the standard test without a bar or ready-to-eat variant.

Powdered food is a good alternative when things have to be done quickly, and you want to satisfy your hunger healthily.

Soylent costs

The drink is available for a one-time purchase from $ 3.25 per bottle, with a monthly subscription for $ 37.05 (so you save here). The powder is available in a large can for 34 dollars, of which you can mix 12 drinking meals. At around $ 2.83 per meal – that’s about 2.44 euros – Soylent is in the middle price segment.

Soylent service and sources of supply

The bad news: Soylent is currently only available in the USA. If you want to try it, you can sometimes get it on eBay or through friends/acquaintances in the USA. The company does not yet offer international shipping. Since Soylent was the first powder food on the market, it has now found many followers who care for each other. For example, there is the DIY.Soylent. Me page, on which you can put together your ration according to your own needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Soylent in a quick check

For a better overview, we have summarised our Soylent rating for you here:


  • The “mother of powdered foods.”
  • Vegan High costs (also due to shipping)
  • Ready-to-use shakes and bars
  • Only three meals a day necessary
  • Good saturation factor
  • Complete meal


  • Available in the USA and Canada only
  • High in sugar
  • High in fat
  • Contains artificial sweeteners
  • When is Soylent the right powder formula for you?
    If you want a product from the USA and have friends there who can send you Soylent.
  • If you value excellent design.
  • If you don’t mind adding oil to the shake.

Alternatives to Soylent

  • If you value high-quality, purely vegetable, and easily digestible ingredients, you should use the Ambronite Complete Meal Shake.
  • If you value taste and follow a vegan diet, Saturo is suitable for you.
  • If you are looking for cheap powdered food, Mana is a good choice.
  • If you only want organic ingredients in your powder food, you should take a closer look at Bertrand.


Soylent Flavor Review: Nano

The first sip tastes sweet, a bit like the vanilla milk that we had at the kiosk at school, but more artificial. The consistency is slightly floury; there are tiny bits that I can’t identify between them fairly finely ground powder. Did the powder not dissolve properly? The taste is pretty neutral, the whole thing tastes a bit like wallpaper, but it’s not unpleasant at most boring.

After ten minutes, my stomach complains about a slight grumble about what I’ve put in front of him. A short time later, however, he calmed down and digested comfortably. After all, he is busy for three hours; then, I have an appetite again for the first time. And actual hunger? Comes back up after around five to six hours. Not too bad for 666 calories.

The good thing: Nano only contains 2.4 grams of sugar. For this, however, the manufacturer has put in a lot of sucraloses, an artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar and that you not only taste but which – although it has been classified as a “safe product” by the EU – is also suspected To influence the intestinal flora and to be able to trigger a preliminary stage of diabetes. As a source of protein, Nano relies on wheat and peas; the vitamins and minerals are dosed to a third of the daily requirement.

By the way: There is also “Nano Veggie” from the same manufacturer, a powder that tastes a bit like tomato soup and whose consistency is quite pleasant – not that bad if you want a bit of variety. Above all, the veggie variant tastes much less artificial and contains noticeable bits, but it is also very slightly bitter.

Soylent Flavor Review: Vegetal

After the first week, I have the feeling that the liquid food can be an actual meal replacement. I feel normal, I haven’t had a ravenous hunger attack, and even when I exercise, I feel fit and lively despite my diet. So get to product number two: Veetal from Augsburg.

Vegetal also describes its only flavor as “neutral,” but it tastes radically different from nano – almost a bit chocolaty, but not too sweet. The vegan variant that Veetal has on offer is, unfortunately, a bit floury and sticky in taste, but all in all, it’s not wrong what I have in the bottle. At least in terms of taste. But Vettel is also okay in terms of content; the protein comes partly from whey, partly from organic hemp powder, chia seeds, barley and wheatgrass powder, pomegranate seeds, and other good ingredients such as ginseng or green tea leaves. But Veetal also contains sucralose – a slight downer.

Until Wednesday, I sit next to my colleagues at the table and look at their pizzas, salads, and pasta, but I can’t drink Veetal on Thursday. Not because I would suck, the idea of ​​touching a bottle now is perfectly okay. But there is pizza and champagne; we say goodbye to our colleague Alex after six years of t3n – I can’t do that to him with a shakeout of the bag.

Soylent Flavor Review: Compleat

At least Compleat is only available in a neutral variety – and it tastes like nothing. The powder dissolves well, but the drink is a bit slimy and watery. All in all, a bland “experience.” On the other hand, even after week four, I’m amazed how complete these shakes are overall. Sure, around 500 to 650 calories need to be digested first, but, remarkably, I am hardly hungry until the evening.

Also noteworthy are the price differences that I already notice with the various products. Complete is 2.96 per meal; Nano is available from 1.33 euros. Can there be high-quality ingredients in these shakes at such prices?

Compleat is free from gelatine, lactose, yeast, or sweeteners, but it is full of substances that I am not familiar with. For example, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (natural vitamin E) or pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). Cryptic names for actually meaningful ingredients. What I don’t find: nature. I have to think back to the conversation with Matthias Riedl: “The effect of fresh herbs, for example, is enormous; they have an impact on blood pressure, the development of cancer, and the intestinal flora. There are thousands of phytochemicals to which we have become accustomed throughout history, plus a lot of fiber. Bitter substances that plants use to protect themselves from predators have also developed into health promoters due to the close relationship between humans and plants. Men, for example, who eat a lot of red berries are less likely to have erectile dysfunction. I don’t think it’s good to reduce all of this to a few fundamental substances. ”


For whatever reason, the Netherlands seems to be a stronghold for meal replacement drinks; five of the products tested come from our neighbors. Jake is one of them. And Jake tastes too … well: neutral. At least as neutral as a flavored vanilla shake can taste. Jake is available in three varieties, which differ mainly in the number of calories: a light version with only 500 calories instead of 670 and a sports version with 750 calories. The various Jake shakes have different amounts of carbohydrates – but they all taste almost the same: delicious.

This week, for the first time, I wonder why so many manufacturers place so little emphasis on flavors. Why do they produce meals that primarily taste like vanilla? Especially if they are supposed to replace main meals, mostly hearty, at least in our culture? Why is there – except nano veggie – not a single shake that tastes like chicken soup, for example? Or goulash? Too expensive to develop? Too little market potential?

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Soylent Flavors Healthy nutrition for everyone who doesn’t have time for it. That’s Soylent Flavors’ idea. The original target group was the IT professionals from Silicon Valley, Soylent Flavors. Still, the concept was also well received outside of the world, and so there are now many similar products that we can also find on the European […]