Best Small Treadmill for Apartment 2021 April

Best Small Treadmill for Apartment You can walk regardless of the weather, Nordic walking, jogging, and running with a good treadmill for at home. Best Small Treadmill for Apartment you can watch TV or even work with an under-table treadmill. But which Best Small Treadmill for Apartment for beginners and professional runners? Treadmill training is the most natural of all cardio fitness machines. It is modeled precisely on running or walking in nature.

In good models, the belt is moved by a motor, and many treadmills can also be set with inclines. Speed ​​changes can be made, and various training programs can be completed using the integrated training computer with pulse measurement. A compact foldable treadmill is therefore suitable both for warming up and for endurance training at home. Since almost all treadmills are foldable, they hardly take up any more space than other sports equipment.

When it comes to small treadmills for small spaces, you must differentiate between electrical and mechanical treadmills. Both types of Best Small Treadmill for Apartment have different types of drive and therefore usually have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We will first go into the functionality of the individual classes.

Electric treadmill quiet treadmills for apartments

  • An electric Best Small Treadmill for Apartment, on the other hand, is driven by an electric motor that requires electricity.
  • Depending on the price class, motors of different strengths are installed, with which speeds of up to 25 km / h are possible.
  • During training, all settings such as speed, incline, training program, etc., are made on the console.
  • Nowadays, almost all of them are electronic. small treadmills for small spaces produced.


  • Large selection
  • The price-performance ratio is often good
  • Automatic inclines
  • Good cushioning
  • Lots of technology & support
  • Lots of entertainment
  • The artistry is often good
  • Motivation higher
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  • Price higher
  • Power consumption
  • More complicated operation
  • Requires more space

Mechanical treadmill quiet treadmills for apartments

  • Mechanical treadmills are driven and set in motion by your muscle power.
  • So there is no engine installed. To get the apartment size treadmills going, all you have to do is run onto them on the apartment-sized treadmills.
  • The faster you run, the faster the apartment size treadmills will go.
  • So you can freely determine your running pace and change it quickly. As you slow down, the tread automatically slows down.


  • Lower price
  • No electricity is required
  • No speed limit
  • Security
  • Easy handling
  • Greater muscle strain
  • Space-saving
  • the best apartment sized treadmills
  • compact treadmill for small spaces
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  • Almost only entry-level models available
  • No technology available or significantly .minimised
  • No automatic programs
  • No cushioning
  • Processing often bad
  • Mostly tiny treads
  • No or only slight manual incline


Mechanical treadmills are usually only available in the entry-level segment for a very affordable price and are therefore very limited in walking comfort. This makes the manual treadmill suitable for people who want to jog or gently walk at low speeds due to the narrow running surface. This can be a good alternative, especially for rehab training or senior citizens.


Prevent Injuries

Our treadmill tests have shown that many Best Small Treadmill for Apartment is very well cushioned these days, which means that shock loads are well absorbed and joints/tendons are spared as much as possible. If you train on a compact foldable treadmill, you are more likely to be limited knee and tendon problems than runners who train outside.


You are entirely independent of weather and soil conditions. You can train on the Best Small Treadmill for Apartmentunder the same conditions at any time of the year. No matter if cold, smooth, or hot. Also, darkness no longer plays a role, and you are entirely unrestricted.


Best Small Treadmill for Apartment have an electric incline function. You can set the inclines manually or have them adjusted automatically based on the selected training program. This means that mountain runs and pitches can be perfectly simulated and documented.


Thanks to the computer’s support, interval runs can be trained and documented very well, since training is always carried out under the same conditions. This makes it easier to see progress.


A tiny treadmill is a great addition, especially for people who are afraid of dogs, for example, or who do not want to run alone in the dark after a well-deserved late evening. Not everyone has a running group.


You work in the home office, have a break, and would like to step on the small treadmills for apartments briefly. No problem, a tiny treadmill is always ready for use, and you can also interrupt your training. If you run in the GYM, you save yourself the trip there and no longer have to depend on the opening times. The new trend is office treadmills for under the desk, which you can walk on during office work.


For health reasons, many older people can no longer walk outside or dare to do so because of the risk of injury. But stopping exercising can, in many circumstances, make things worse. small treadmills for walking can be an excellent alternative for home training and is perfect for seniors at low speeds, such as walking activity. Most miniature folding treadmill are also popular in rehab training.

Tread Dimensions

The running surface dimensions are an essential criterion when buying small treadmills for walking. In most cases, the size of the tread is strongly linked to the sales price. A cheap smallest folding treadmill is very compact and, therefore, often has a small running surface.

The more expensive the small treadmills for apartments, the more likely the running surface will be relatively large.

It can quickly happen with a small running surface that you step next to it while running and possibly injuring yourself or fall. It is possible to run on a small running surface, but that requires a lot of concentration. For this reason, you should pay attention to the dimensions.

A running surface that is too short, for example, can subconsciously lead to an unnatural running technique, which in the worst case can also lead to injuries.

The dimensions are also strongly linked to your height and running speed. Smaller people or people who want to walk do not need a large running surface.

Running surface in relation to body size

  • 160 cm : min. 34 x 100 cm
  • 170 cm : min. 40 x 110 cm
  • 180 cm : at least 42 x 115 cm
  • 190 cm : at least 48 x 120 cm
  • 200 cm : min. 50 x 130 cm

All values ​​given are only estimates and can vary slightly depending on the person, as every person has different body proportions.

We recommend a length of at least 115 cm. If you are reasonably fit and a fast runner, then even more so. Taller people with a long stride should also consider this before buying a compact treadmill for apartment. The width is also important: we usually recommend at least 40 cm. But here too, the more comprehensive, the better.


How much horsepower does a good treadmill have to have?

You can’t say that directly, but a good treadmill should have quite a bit of motor power, as this also has an impact on speed and durability, among other things.

Nevertheless, nowadays the number of horsepowers is not as meaningful as it was a few years ago, as the engines now work much more efficiently.

In general, with a compact treadmill for apartment, you should differentiate between continuous output and peak output (maximum output).

Top performance

The maximum power is only available at top speed and for a shorter period.

Continuous output

Continuous output is the output that is consumed in continuous operation over a more extended period.


Best Small Treadmill for Apartment many manufacturers give a horsepower value, which is usually the maximum value, as this is easier to read. Inexperienced people fall for it and then make a bad buy.

More horsepower is always better, but even gym compact treadmills for walking often have no more than five horsepower in continuous output. However, the motors are particularly efficient and, therefore, also very resilient and durable.

Some manufacturers indicate a running speed of 16 km / h, for example, whereby these values ​​were incorrect in our foldable compact treadmill test. Unfortunately, these speeds are achieved without any load (user weight). However, this is usually only the case with very cheap compact treadmills for walking. So read our test reports/product presentations to be on the safe side.

Price – Performance Comparison

Almost every person sets a specific budget before buying that can be spent as a maximum.

From around $ 1,500, you can usually get top devices at the highest level. Despite everything, depending on the intended use and fitness level, cheaper devices are also suitable.

Devices under $ 900 are usually not as efficient and not suitable for continuous interval runs. With the very cheapest treadmills, you shouldn’t expect too much. With the equipment, you have to accept losses in all points, but for people who want to train irregularly at a low level or people who want to use the small treadmills for apartments for “walking,” it may make sense to buy it.

There are now special treadmills for under the desk, designed for walking and incredibly compact. Perhaps these devices are also of interest to you.

Coupled with the price, the warranty period often increases. If you use the smallest treadmill very often, it makes sense to consider a small folding treadmill for apartment with at least a five-year guarantee. You can also book optional maintenance packages. This can pay off very quickly with a professional device.

How should resilience and stability be?

These two terms are also closely linked. The high dead weight of the smallest treadmill often testifies to good quality and enormous stability. This usually increases longevity. At the same time, the maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer also increases. Especially with a cheap mini treadmill for home, full loads of 120 kg are often limited, but this is not achieved in reality. After a while, the smallest treadmill starts to squeak; the motor runs hot, or it can look broken.

Also, even a mini treadmill for a home with low dead weight has the disadvantage that the stability is insufficient during intensive training. The small walking treadmill starts to slide, for example.

Also, even treadmills with low dead weight have the disadvantage that the stability is insufficient during intensive training, and the small walking treadmill starts to slide, for example.

In our experience, a small folding treadmill for apartment for beginners should have at least 30 kg. In the middle-class segment from 500 to 1000 $ approx. 50 – 80 kg, and with the professional devices, there are no limits. There are treadmills in the home that weigh up to 200 kg. Studio treadmills often weigh as much as 300 kg and more.

Since a lot of tricks are often used when it comes to maximum load capacity, in our opinion, the dead weight is a better indicator of stability and artistry than the maximum load capacity.


The cushioning has a strong influence on walking comfort. Anyone who often trains outdoors knows that running on the asphalt puts a lot of stress on the joints. Soft surfaces such as the forest floor, on the other hand, are much better and gentler on the joints. Therefore, before you buy a Best Small Treadmill for Apartment, you should make sure that the small walking treadmill has a cushioning function.

Best Small Treadmill for Apartment surface usually has several layers with rubber buffers (elastomers) divided into different zones (multi-zones). Treadmills with a thicker belt are generally better and more durable. A suitable thickness of the running belt is 2-4 mm.

We perceive a running mat thickness of less than 1.5 mm to be critical. A running belt that is too thin has a shorter service life, and wear and tear can set in faster than expected. Then cracks appear, and the profile of the middle of the barrel loses grip, which makes the running feeling significantly worse.

Best Small Treadmill for Apartment with costly models, you can even regulate the damping on the computer. In our opinion, this is only a “nice-to-have” function. As a rule, good multi-zone cushioning is sufficient with a thick mat.


  • Joint-gentle training
  • Better running feeling
  • Avoiding Injury
  • Longer life of the treadmill
  • Volume while running
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Meanwhile, many treadmills (from the middle class) an incline function of the running surface are integrated. You have to differentiate between the electric and manual incline. The electrical gradient can be regulated on the computer or console and often has 3 to 18% slopes.

If the Best Small Treadmill for Apartment does not already have a slight incline in the primary setting, it is advisable to increase the angle to 1 percent and at speeds of 15 km / h or more to at least 2%.

This is the lack of air resistance and the slightly lower energy expenditure since you are running on the spot and not forward, which requires a little less effort. Alternatively, you can run a bit faster than you would outside.

Electric slope

  • It can be adjusted on the computer with the push of a button without interrupting the run.
  • Many treadmills also have quick selection buttons (3%, 6%, 9%, etc.), and in combination with programs, the inclines can be automatically adjusted.

Manual incline

The incline must be set manually. To do this, you have to get off the small treadmill for walking while exercising and manually align the running surface. Usually, only a very few (3) orientations are possible.


Thanks to the latest technology, the noise level on treadmills has decreased significantly in recent years. Nevertheless, some treadmills, especially inexpensive ones, can get very noisy during exercise. In most cases, the runner does not even notice how loud it is while running. However, an outsider is often very aware of this and can find it annoying.

Almost all Best Small Treadmill for Apartment are very quiet at low speeds. Only when you start jogging (from 6 to 8 km / h) does the volume increase significantly.

  • The faster you run, the louder the small foldable treadmill gets.
  • The heavier you are, the louder the small foldable treadmill will get
  • The better the damping/piercing mat, the less noise the small foldable treadmill will generate

Modern treadmills from the higher-priced segment with good cushioning are usually in the 55 to 70 decibels range. In comparison, 70 decibels are as loud as a kettle.

A good floor mat can also reduce the noise level a little.

Especially if you live in a flat with neighbors, we recommend paying attention to the manufacturer’s volume information. However, if you have an exceptionally poorly soundproofed apartment, even the best damping system won’t help.


The console or the training computer of a Best Small Treadmill for Apartment is one of the most critical components. Unfortunately, this is often underestimated. If you want to train on a small treadmill at home for a long time, you are on the safe side with a user-friendly and extensive training computer. Nothing is worse than losing motivation after just a few weeks because the training computer brings zero variety and only runs the same program over and over again.

The entertainment offer is just as generous as a Best Small Treadmill for Apartment. Especially nowadays, you want to stay as effective as possible, and what better way to do it than to watch a series while running.


The display is somewhat overloaded with many treadmills, which means that the clarity and intuitive operation are lost. Too much information and buttons are often irrelevant when running. Much better is a console with buttons in contrasting colors and a tidy and structured cockpit.

Quick selection buttons for the speed and incline are also very advantageous, with which the setting can be adjusted quickly and easily. In our foldable compact treadmill tests, this turned out to be pretty important. Such functions are convenient, especially when you are running intensively.


When buying a small treadmill for home, also pay attention to the display. A display that is too small cannot be read as quickly while running. There is everything on the market between 3 and 18.5 inches. The show should be at least about 5 inches so that all values ​​can be displayed.

Also, the display should be illuminated in the best case. Modern treadmills even have a touch screen. Usually, even Android is used as the operating system.


Many treadmills offer a variety of programs with which you can design and optimize your training. There are programs with which you can train your fitness, condition, cardiovascular system, or even fat burning in a targeted manner. Also, many treadmills contain interval functions to simulate a run in the forest with different gradients realistically. We find programs to be quite significant, as they mainly bring variety and motivate the trainee.


Unfortunately, with most treadmills, it is not immediately apparent whether the training metrics such as speed, distance, heart rate, and the like are correct. You should always expect a slight deviation, but good treadmills are relatively accurate.

Don’t expect too much with entry-level treadmills. With many devices, savings are often made in the first place on the console, and the specified training values ​​are usually not that precise.


Some consoles can be expanded with an additional app on the tablet or smartphone. With the apps, you have the possibility, for example, to log your training, to use new functions, and possibly to use online ranking lists with which you can compare yourself with other runners. Virtual routes that you can follow are currently in vogue.


Many treadmills have built-in speakers, which you can use to make your workout more comfortable. For example, you can listen to the radio or listen to your favorite songs. However, don’t expect too much. The quality of the speakers is often below average. Usually, it makes more sense to use your smartphone directly.


When buying portable treadmills in small spaces, make sure that the console is mp3-compatible and has an AUX and USB connection. For example, you can play your music or videos directly from a USB stick or smartphone. But be careful when playing videos. Features such as DTS are often not supported by the console.


Especially in smaller apartments where there is a lack of space when buying portable treadmills small spaces, you should pay attention to how big the small treadmill for walking is in training and storage condition. If you have enough space for a treadmill smallest or, even better, your fitness room, this point is not so important to you. Then you can use a treadmill smallest that won’t fold up. These are primarily professional treadmills.

But the majority of treadmill buyers are looking for a relatively compact device yet offers enough running surface and can be stowed away to save space after training. Unfortunately, there aren’t many treadmills that meet this criterion.

Compared to other cardio fitness equipment, the risk of injury is most significant with a treadmill for small spaces. It is a free movement and not a guided movement, such as on an ergometer or cross-trainer. But if you pay attention to the following points, the risk of injury is minimized immensely.


Security key

It is an advantage if the small treadmill for walking has a safety key or a safety lanyard. These are clipped to clothing during training and are connected to the motor via the lock on the console. For example, if you fall, the key will be removed from the console, and the lightweight, portable treadmill will stop immediately.

Another advantage of the security key is the child safety feature. In this way, the small electric treadmills for apartments cannot be accidentally activated with the push of a button. But now, you can find a security key on almost every treadmill. So it’s nothing special.

Side steps

It is also convenient if there are wide side steps next to the running surface that you can step on, for example, if you need a break or the training is too hard.

Folding function

There should be no spring installed in the best-case scenario to make the small electric treadmills for apartments spring open. Or there should be parental controls. This is especially important if you have children in the household. With new and modern treadmills, however, you don’t have to worry.


In the best case, the speed can be increased in 0.1 steps and not in 1.0 degrees. This is also the case with most treadmills. In this way, the rate cannot be increased enormously in a short time. The apartment size treadmill still reacts with a delay, and the quiet treadmill for apartments rises steadily, but with some manufacturers, this is quite fast.



In terms of maintenance, you should ensure that you handle the apartment size treadmill very carefully. Kilometers, you should lubricate the running surface with silicone oil. If you notice that the small portable treadmill is not running so smoothly and making strange noises, you should start the lubrication immediately.

The lubrication is not expensive, and it is often enough to simply loosen the running surface and apply a few drops of the silicone oil supplied. You should then let the small portable treadmill idle for a few minutes so that the oil is evenly distributed.

Otherwise, you should align the running surface centered every few months if it gets a little crazy during training, and it makes sense to check the screws. Otherwise, there is not much maintenance besides weekly dusting.

  • Lubricate the running belt with silicone oil
  • If the flat treadmill is foldable, lubricate the folding mechanism as well
  • In general, check all screws and retighten them if they have loosened
  • Remove dust from the engine compartment

Buy a treadmill

As you can see, it is not that easy to find a good treadmill. If you only have a specific budget for a treadmill for small spaces, you have to compromise. Which factors ultimately depend on your requirements. In any case, you are on the safe side if you consider our checklist when buying a treadmill small portable and use it as a guide.

I would be happy to refer you to our comparison table with Sportstech treadmills from every price range, which have convinced us very much.

  • The more comprehensive and more extended the tread, the better.
  • The higher your fitness level, the higher the engine power (HP) should be.
  • In addition to the higher running speed, increased engine power is usually more durable.
  • The deadweight of the flat treadmill and the maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer indicates the processing quality and stability.
  • The heavier, the better.
  • Good cushioning should not be underestimated and offers more walking comfort.
  • Not every treadmill has an incline function. Pay attention to this when buying a treadmill small portable if you want realistic conditions.
  • The console should work reliably and contain exercise programs and a heart rate monitor.
  • Many apps are unusable. When buying, pay attention to which apps the quiet treadmill for apartments supports.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty information.

Which one is better?

There are treadmill manufacturers a dime a dozen. In particular, marketplaces such as eBay are flooded by Chinese manufacturers who often sell cheap quality treadmills at a far too high price. Therefore, the question of the best treadmill manufacturer is wholly justified, but unfortunately cannot be answered because every manufacturer sometimes has stronger and sometimes weaker models at the start and aims at different target groups from beginners to professionals.

Treadmill Training

For absolute beginners who have not done any sport for a long time, it is 12 km / h. Most entry-level treadmills can handle this without any problems. However, you should be aware that you will not be able to train faster runs with it.

Especially if you make rapid progress, an entry-level treadmill can quickly turn into a bad buy. Before you buy, think about the maximum you want to spend before making a bad investment and investing in an underpowered treadmill.

Can you walk on a treadmill?

Yes, most treadmills can do that. Pay attention to the minimum speed and the adjustment of the rate. Some treadmills allow you to adjust 0.1 km / h steps; others only 1.0 km / h steps, which would be a disadvantage here.

If you want to lose weight, it is advisable to train for a more extended period of at least 30-60 minutes, whereby the heart rate should not be too high. With interval units or HIIT training, you run much more intensely, and therefore, the training team is also shorter. This is particularly recommended for people who do not have a lot of time.

Whether a treadmill or an elliptical machine depends on many factors, treadmills have a natural sequence of movements, different speeds are possible, and interval training can also be carried out. However, the space requirement is high.

On the other hand, cross-trainers train almost the whole body and are easy on the joints. However, the sequence of movements is pretty dull and not for everyone.

The cross trainer is a little better in terms of calorie consumption because the whole body is trained. However, treadmills are much better positioned in  ​​multimedia and entertainment, which means that many are more motivated to train.


  • Don’t run off aimlessly.
  • Find the right walking pace.
  • Train with alternating training programs
  • Check your heart rate regularly
  • Train with inclines
  • Drink enough
  • Don’t look at the console all the time
  • End training with cool up
  • Exercise regularly
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  • folding flat treadmill
  • small fold up treadmill
  • most compact treadmill
  • compact folding treadmills

Treadmills are a great alternative to running in nature and an excellent investment in your health and body. In addition to endurance, various muscle groups are trained, and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. In doing so, you hardly strain your joints and tendons, which significantly reduces injury risk.

With just a few training sessions a week, you can see enormous progress within a short time, affecting your general well-being.

We at the Dows fitness portal would like to support you with our test reports, product presentations, and comparisons in the successful selection of a suitable treadmill so that you do not make a bad investment.

A best compact treadmill for apartment is often a long-term purchase, and of course, you shouldn’t save at the wrong end when it comes to your health.


Compact, lightweight treadmill – Sportstech FX3 Pro –

We like the look of the Sportstech FX3 Pro Design treadmill pretty much. The lightweight treadmill for apartments looks very futuristic and modern. The combination of black and grey also works pretty well on this treadmill. In the end, it’s a matter of taste. For some, the clean console probably looks too minimalist.

The artistry makes a good impression and lives up to the price. The tread looks massive and resilient. The running mate is not too thin and consists of 5 layers that give a good grip. All other components and the metal side supports also look high-quality.

Of course, the console, including the bracket, could be a bit more massive, but that would not make the lightweight treadmill for apartments look so elegant. It is better to save here instead of the running surface, the motor, and other elementary parts.


The Sportstech FX3 Pro has 3.75 HP in maximum power, which is quite potent and sufficient. An effective DC motor is installed, which usually works efficiently and reliably. We did not find any information on the continuous output, but we suspect around 2 HP around the rotation.

But that is not so important in this case, as the engine leaves an excellent impression and a maximum of 20 km / h is possible, which is more than sufficient for most.


Training on the Sportstech FX3 Pro treadmill is fun and feels good. The lightweight, portable treadmill reacts very well to inputs and works very smoothly. Nothing stuttered, even at low speeds. The running surface is 130 x 45 cm (L x W). Especially in the length of 130 cm, you have a lot of space. The FX3 Pro is “only” 46 cm wide.

We would have liked a bit more here, similar to the Sportstech FX300 with 52 cm. Then you would have more walking comfort, which is an important point, especially for taller people. Nevertheless, most of them can easily do training with a width of 46 cm.

The 6-zone damping works very well. Especially in the middle and the front part of the running surface, where you should also run, the steps are surprisingly well-cushioned despite the flat design. Not as great as with higher-priced models and studio devices, but great for home use.


As already mentioned, the Sportstech FX3 Pro has a 6-fold damping system with modern shock absorption, which cushions the kicks well, protects the joints, and minimizes the volume. At the average speed of approx. 12 km / h, the FX3 Pro is quiet and can easily be used in a rented apartment or even a little later in the evening.

However, at higher speeds, the best compact treadmill for an apartment is generally louder, and the steps are much more audible, which is also the case with the FX3 Pro.
Watching TV on the side, watching a series, or listening to music on the tablet is no problem. All in all, a pretty good solution with the FX3 Pro, although “flat” treadmills often have the problem that the cushioning is not as good as with more giant treadmills.


The console of the Sportstech FX3 Pro Design treadmill is very clean and minimalistic.

It is built in an LED touch display that reacts very quickly to inputs and feels good to the touch. But this is probably not everyone’s taste, as the simple surface with the easy-to-use control button also has a few disadvantages. There are no speed dial buttons, and there are no buttons on the handrails either.

Thirteen training programs are included. Of these, 10 are pre-programmed interval programs that are well coordinated. Then you can create individual programs, and there is also an HRC program with which you can train with pulse control. A free heart rate belt is included in the delivery. This is not a matter of course, and often a heart rate belt has to be bought.

But you also have the classic option of training with countdowns (calories, distance, time, etc.) and thus defining individual values ​​before training.

But if you want to train more professionally with split times, etc., you should use the F37 or, even better, a professional treadmill.

You will find the essential basic information on the LED display:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Heart rate (HRC)
  • Program
  • Calories


The FX3 Pro has very few additional features and is limited to the essentials. We think that’s good because stuff like hand pulse sensors, loudspeakers, etc., usually work more badly than right and only read well in the best treadmill for apartment description. The Sportstech FX3 Pro has the following additional features:


It is required for coupling the heart rate belt and the connection to apps. It works perfectly and reliably.

Compact walking machine Tablet or smartphone holder :

The holder is simply a shelf that is plugged in above the console. To ensure that nothing slips, a round adhesive pad is attached to secure the end device. We were skeptical at first, but it works better than expected. Above all, many manufacturers place the tablet shelf directly on the console and usually cover the console displays. That is not the case here.

Compact walking machine Apps

The Sportstech FX3 Pro supports the Kinomap app, which is one of the best treadmill apps.

Kinomap is an interactive running app with which you can simply run after filmed running routes. Kinomap is available for Android & iOS. There are now over 500 routes from all over the world.

The routes also include further information on the length, the altitude difference, and the general difficulty. You can also show the Google Maps map simultaneously for the ways to follow your progress better.

You can also save your training in logs that are synchronized with the Kinomap account. There are also leaderboards for many routes, which could motivate many. If you find it challenging to use it on a tablet or smartphone, or if the picture is too small, you can also stream the image on a smart TV. Kinomap is a very well-thought-out app and is growing steadily.

Many routes are already available in the free version. A subscription (monthly or yearly) is worthwhile for many. The costs are pretty fair in our opinion too.

Lightweight foldable treadmill Storage

The Sportstech FX3 Pro is specially designed to be stowed away easily, quickly, and compactly. That works pretty well, and the FX3 Pro can be folded up in just a few simple steps.

First, you have to pull the folding buttons below the handrails towards you so that the console retracts. Then press the lever next to the running surface with your foot and pull the console and the side supports downwards. Everything was done very safely and quickly.

With 171 x 86 x 33 cm dimensions when lying down, the Sportstech FX3 Pro is very flat for a treadmill of this category and can be stowed away to save space. The best treadmill for apartment can also be easily lifted and moved to a suitable storage location using the transport rollers. The transport rollers are large and can be rolled easily on different floors.

Lightweight foldable treadmill Maintenance

Small treadmills for home have to be lubricated over time so that it works smoothly and quietly. As a rule, you have to loosen the running mat a bit and distribute silicone oil under the running carpet.

The Sportstech FX3 Pro has a special opening for this on the front part (right). All you have to do is pull off the cap and pour a few drops of the silicone oil included in the delivery scope. This is very user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Depending on use, it is advisable to check the screws once or twice a year and tighten them if necessary.

Very Small Treadmill ArtSport Speedrunner 3500

The ArtSport Speedrunner 3500 looks like an ordinary 0815 very small treadmill. Very sporty and not particularly noticeable. The artistry seems to be appropriate for the price, and the Speedrunner 3500 makes a stable impression. The whole lower part, including the pillars, is well made. The console falls off a bit and looks cheap. But not so wild with an entry-level device. According to the manufacturer, the maximum load capacity is 150 kg, although we recommend that you not use it to the max.


The motor of the Speedrunner 3500 has 2 HP, with which a maximum of 14 km / h is possible. However, nowhere is it stated whether it is continuous or peak performance. We start from the latter.

Treadmill small space Running 

In our Speedrunner 3500 test, the running feeling was quite acceptable. At 116 x 43 cm, the running surface is sufficiently large for most beginners and with a maximum speed of “only” 14 km / h; this is clear. However, they should not be too big, because then the walking comfort could be severely restricted.

You can feel the cushioning, but nothing special. The running mat has enough grip, is not thin, and looks neatly processed. Only the logo bothers a little. Everything is excellent and only makes sense for beginners. Taller people from 185-190 cm should instead use an enormous treadmill.


The treadmill portable compact only has a manual incline that can be adjusted in 3 levels. At the highest level, that should be about a 9d% gradient. It’s a shame that an electronic slope is built in here.

Treadmill small space Volume

The volume during training at approx. 10 km / h is not silent but relatively moderate and within limits. You can also use the Speedrunner 3500 a little later in the evening, as long as it is not near the neighbor. Even at 14 km / h, it gets louder, and the kicks’ sound is much stronger. Then the treadmill portable compact is no longer recommended in a very severely soundproofed apartment.

Small size treadmills –  Technology

The training computer or console is a little disappointing, but first things first.

LCD shows you the following values ​​during training:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calorie consumption (estimated)
  • Program

The values ​​are not precise, which is no wonder; the operation is quite uncomfortable with the buttons that do not have a good pressure point. There you will find the usual buttons for regulation, speed, navigation buttons, start/stop and a few multimedia buttons. But the console is very clear due to its small size, and if you don’t need a lot, you will find your way right away.

The Speedrunner 3500 has 24 training programs (interval) at the start, but these are nowhere explained. Only the program number is shown on display. You won’t find anything about it on the web. That takes away your motivation significantly.

The storage space for a tablet is simply a short base. It is not inevitable. After all, the storage options are pretty significant.

On the multimedia side, the Speedrunner 3500 doesn’t offer much either. They have a USB port that is only used to charge your smartphone/tablet. You can connect an end device via jack and use the integrated loudspeakers, which are very bad as with almost all treadmills. An unnecessary function and no longer necessary in 2021, as every smartphone has better speakers.

Unfortunately, you also have to do without interfaces for pulse measurement.

Overall, we are pretty disappointed with the console and the equipment, especially given the price.

Small size treadmills Storage

After training, you can fold up the running surface of the Speedrunner 3500 and stow the treadmill portable compact on the transport rollers. With the folding dimensions of 90 x 74 x 140, the Speedrunner doesn’t need a lot of space and can also be used very well in a smaller apartment.

The ArtSport Speedrunner 3500 also has a hydraulic spring that safely lowers the running surface, which can be very useful in a household with children/animals.

But if you are looking for an even smaller treadmill to use at home, foldable treadmills are much more compact.

Small Lightweight Treadmill Christopeit Sport TM 300

The processing of the tread is average. It looks stable on the first impression. The pillars also seem to be sufficiently stable, although these also wobble a little. Doing it more often with your total body weight is probably not so good in the long run. In general, there is a lot of plastic built-in, which is not particularly bad.

Especially for considering this price. But not all plastic is the same. The shelves look a little cheap, and the buttons don’t have a good pressure point. On the other hand, the transport rollers appear very stable and roll very well on different floor coverings.

Visually, the Christopeit Sport TM 300 in the “Black Edition” looks quite ok. Nevertheless, the look is just 0815, and the apartment sized treadmill small seems old school. Sometimes high-gloss elements are used, then matte elements again, which seem a bit unthinkable. At least the remaining silver elements could have been colored black in the “Black Edition.”

On the whole, you shouldn’t expect too much from the TM 300, the treadmill small is a bit older, and Christopeit also has alternatives with a few newer treadmills. The costs are also a little more.

small, lightweight treadmill Power

This is where the Christopeit Sport TM 300 shows its strengths. In terms of price, the engine has quite a bit of power. The continuous output is 1.25 HP, and the peak line doubles with 2.5 HP. This enables speeds of up to 18 km / h.

These are excellent values ​​and also well above the average in this price range. However, you should also be aware that this is only a motor for home use and cannot maintain peak performance for a long time.

Folding treadmills for small spaces Training 

In practical use, the Christopeit Sport TM 300 sometimes proves to be good, but it also has some weaknesses. Let’s start with the tread. The 130 x 40 cm is just big enough, although we recommend more. Especially the 40 cm in width are a thorn in our side. It’s pretty narrow, and you have to concentrate hard while running.

Smaller people probably won’t have too much of a problem with it, but the TM 300 is not designed for tall people.

The cushioning is there but not convincing. The steps are cushioned a bit, but that’s not special. Above all, it makes the steps sound very loud. We’ll get to that later.

After all, the speed can be adjusted in 0.1 km / h steps. That worked pretty well too.

Unfortunately, the incline function is not electric. If you want to simulate a slight ascent, you must briefly interrupt the training and adjust the incline manually. This is done quickly but annoying in the long run, and most will probably do without it after a while.

Folding treadmills for small spaces Technology

Looking ahead, don’t expect too much from the console. A very easy-to-read display with a blue backlit LCD background lighting is installed. Relevant training values ​​such as the following are shown on display:

  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Calorie consumption (approx.)
  • Pulse rate
  • Training time
  • Operation is via the membrane keyboard underneath, which is limited to only the most essential.
  • Keys is also somewhat imprecise.

Here you will find quick buttons for speed adjustment (2, 5, 9 & 15 km / h) and a plus and minus button to regulate the speed manually. You can also control the speed on the support arms, which we would instead recommend.

Otherwise, you will find a start and stop button, a program selection button, and a function button on the membrane keyboard. That’s it already. The operation is self-explanatory and very easy. The language is entirely in English and cannot be changed. Unfortunately, the training values ​​cannot be saved either. After switching off the Christopeit Sport best portable treadmill TM 300, all deals ​​are gone.

There are nine training programs preprogrammed for different interval methods. You will find a detailed description in the manual. Three manual programs can be individually adapted so that you can train according to your ideas.

But there is not much you can do there. There are countdown programs (distance, calories, time), but you can find them on all the best portable treadmill. The selection is generally a little lacking.

Unfortunately, the console also offers very few features. A big drawback is that there is no Bluetooth receiver built into the console. Unfortunately, no heart rate belts can be coupled.

Instead, there are hand pulse sensors, but they are not very accurate. Pulse-based training with the TM 300 is not a recommendation. Otherwise, the small apartment sized treadmills have no additional equipment.

Folding mini treadmill  Volume

Unfortunately, we were surprised by the volume. The steps on the tread are comparatively louder than the average, and the cushioning doesn’t help. Even with a thick floor mat, things only got marginally better.

If you get the small apartment sized treadmills, your neighbor will probably not be so happy about it. We also had to increase the volume quite a bit while watching TV. A shame since the Christopeit Sport TM 300 is designed for home use.


Folding mini treadmill  Storage

Unfortunately, we were surprised by the volume. The steps on the tread are comparatively louder than the average, and the cushioning doesn’t help. Even with a thick floor mat, things only got marginally better.

If you get the apartment sized treadmill, your neighbor will probably not be so happy about it. We also had to increase the volume quite a bit while watching TV. A shame since the Christopeit Sport TM 300 is designed for home use.

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