Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage 2021 April

Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage, Fitness trampoline jumping is one of the new trend sports. Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage So it’s no wonder that more and more people opt for fitness training on the trampoline. Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage As early as 1980, a scientific study by NASA showed that trampoline training is much more effective than jogging, for example. The study showed that endurance training was just as effective in 10 minutes of trampoline jumping as in 30 minutes of jogging.

Anyone who has already walked through the forest at a brisk pace for 30 minutes knows that this is not ideal for overweight and heavy people. Because, especially with rich people, running on hard surfaces is extremely hard on the joints. Choosing the right sport is often tricky, especially for people who want to lose weight and are overweight.

Because all sports in which the bodyweight presses on the joints during training are not recommended for significantly overweight people initially.

Trampoline training uses almost the entire body and all muscles. At the same time, endurance, coordination, strength, endurance and balance are effectively trained. A study from 2016 came to the same conclusion as the NASA study: Training on a trampoline is much more effective than running training.


  • Excellent endurance training
  • Effective strength endurance training
  • Extensive muscle strain of the whole body
  • Joint-gentle training method
  • Improves balance
  • Promotes coordination
  • Cardiovascular strengthening

So it’s no wonder that trampoline jumping is becoming increasingly popular among fitness fans. There are already trampoline courses in many fitness studios. The trampoline clubs have partly jumped on this new trend and offer professional sports trampoline jumping and fitness trampoline jumping. With experienced trainers, of course.


Trampoline training burns many calories quickly and is ideally suited to joint-gentle way to train the body and lose weight. Because of the flexibility of the jumping mat, even heavier people can take up trampoline training under supervision without putting too much strain on their legs. The good fitness trampolines have maximum load capacities, which are also suitable for heavier people.

Just give it a try and start with fitness trampoline jumping. All you need is a fitness trampoline and ideally a DVD with trampoline exercises. These DVDs usually contain a complete trampoline training course and are created and guided by a professional trainer.

Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage 2021

Based on the criteria presented below, we now realise what I think will be the Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage. Of course, the price-performance ratio also plays a vital role because a fitness trampoline that costs $ 100 more than a comparable competitor model must justify this additional price with more quality or performance. Because clearly, a significantly more expensive model is constantly under pressure.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is used to treat lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs when it is disturbed due to a chronic, inflammatory disease of the interstitium (the space between cells, tissues, organs) of the lymphatic drainage to liquid, which accumulates in the tissue. This can be recognised by visible swelling. Often lymphedema occurs on the limbs; however, lymphedema can also develop in the face.

Lymphedema can be congenital (primary lymphedema). Much more often, however, they are caused by another disease. Such secondary lymphedema is usually caused by cancer. For the treating therapist, any lymphedema is therefore suspect until the opposite is proven.

In the initial stages of lymphedema treatment, patients should receive lymphatic drainage once or twice a day. This can happen on an outpatient or inpatient basis. The “complex physical decongestion therapy” knows a total of four basic procedures for lymphedema:

  • Compression therapy using bandages
  • Decongesting movement exercises
  • Skincare
  • Manual lymph drainage

Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage Legs and arms are primarily affected by lymphedema and can therefore be treated with lymphatic drainage. The face and torso can also be treated with this procedure.

The effect of lymphatic drainage is essentially based on four products: the decongesting, the pain-relieving and the relaxing muscle effect, and a strengthening effect on the immune system. The latter result, however, is medically controversial.

Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage

Jumpsport fitness trampoline

In my opinion, the Jumpsport trampoline is the best fitness trampoline that is currently available. With a diameter of 100 cm and an excellent construction for the workout. The training device is available in three different versions, which only differ in small details:


The 350 and 370 differ in the maximum load capacity of 113 kg (350) and 120 kg (370). Also, the approx. 100 $ more expensive model 370 can be set variably in terms of load capacity. The Jumpsport 350, on the other hand, can only be adjusted once.

The Jumpsport 570 has a larger diameter. Instead of the 100 cm diameter of the jumping surface, the model 570 now offers 112 cm of training surface.


However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket here because the outstanding quality of the model, unfortunately, also has its price. In return, however, you get a lot on offer. In conjunction with the highly elastic jumping mat made of Permatron fabric, the individual rubber rope suspension ensures fantastic jumping behaviour and enjoyable break, as numerous customers confirm in the excellent reviews.

Jumping and swinging on the professional trampoline is just great fun, the buyers find out in the reviews on Amazon. The model’s excellent suspension makes it ideal for trampoline training easy on the joints and back.


If you are training on this first-class fitness trampoline for the first time, you will know why the price is a bit higher. Because it just feels damn good. Thanks to the first-class materials and the excellent artistry, training on jumps is almost noiseless. Nothing squeaks and creaks while doing your exercises.

Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage SportPlus Fitness SP-T-110 trampoline

The fitness trampoline from the manufacturer Sport plus is my price-performance winner. It is among the most popular trampolines and has excellent reviews. It is already available for 110 – 120 $ and is even TÜV Süd approved. A strong performance for this low price. With a maximum user weight of up to 130 kg, it is more resilient than many significantly more expensive models.

As my test report has shown, an excellent individual rubber cable suspension has shown excellent vibration behaviour and suspension behaviour. In short: it is just a lot of fun to train on the trampoline.

Sportplus has launched another model on the market due to its great success with its fitness trampoline. The new trampoline is now foldable and can therefore be stowed away much better in the apartment. To do this, the legs are folded down, and the handle is placed on the jumping mat.

However, the new Sport Plus model is also significantly more expensive, and that’s why I still recommend the non-foldable version if you can do without this mechanism. Because the price is considerably higher. However, if you want a perfect fitness trampoline that can be stowed away to save space, you should choose the new model.

The Maximus Pro rebounder with handrail

The Maximus Pro Rebounder fitness trampoline is genuinely one of the best mini fitness trampolines on the German market. The space-saving storage, thanks to a clever folding system, is also very practical. You can even put the mini trampoline in a carrying bag and take it with you. In the apartment, it can’t hurt to be able to accommodate this in a space-saving manner.

The Maximus Pro is provided with a practical handle, but here it has a handle so that you have a larger area to hold on to. The maximum load capacity of 140 kg is very good with this model. This means that even heavy people can train with this model without any problems. The Maximus Pro Rebounder already includes the DVD with the training instructions in the purchase price (under this link). Optimal trampoline workouts for beginners, advanced and professionals are retained on the DVD and can thus be learned quickly.

The so-called shape spring system is a very sophisticated suspension model that enables excellent jumping behaviour. This package also includes expanders with snap hooks attached to the handrail and are included in the training to train the upper body optimally. For me, the Maximus Pro Rebounder is one of the best fitness trampolines and can only be recommended without reservation.


Best Rebounder for Lymphatic System

The Sportstech HTX100

The fitness trampoline, which was launched at ISPO 2018, is a real innovation. The sports equipment comes with a chest strap and can be connected to the Sportstech app.

A jump counter included in the scope of delivery counts during your training

  • Number of jumps,
  • the duration of the training
  • and the pulse.

This enables pulse-oriented training, which is ideal for losing weight and training the cardiovascular system and increasing endurance performance.
As a bit of a gag, the calorie consumption (calculated) is also displayed. This is a natural motivational aid with good intentions.

Through a connection with the Sportstech app, all information can be viewed and analysed on your smartphone. This makes training progress easier to understand.

Best Rebounder for Lymphatic System

The reviews on Amazon for the Sportstech HTX100 are just perfect. There is only praise and very little criticism. Among other things, there is a lot of credit for the ideal jumping behaviour, which speaks for an optimal suspension and jumping surface.

The rubber cable suspension is also extremely quiet, as the experience reports are evident here. No annoying noises during training. Very good.


The two stands, which can be folded in with a single movement, are convenient. The Sportstech trampoline can easily be stowed under the sofa or behind the cupboard. On most fitness trampolines, the legs are screwed tightly, and then it just takes up a lot of space.

Of course, the legs also have rubber caps to prevent damage to the floor. This also effectively prevents slipping.


A sturdy handle is a real help during the workout, especially for beginners. It’s all too easy for a beginner to falter. A sturdy handle helps here. There are also some exercises on the sports trampoline that can only be done with one grip.

A smartphone holder is attached to the handle so that, together with the app, you can always see the current status during the workout. The same function is provided by the integrated skip counter, which is attached to the frame.

If you don’t have a TV or PC at the training location, you can watch a workout video on YouTube for instructions on trampoline training on your smartphone in the holder. Simply practical.


A water-repellent protective cover and a holder for the water bottle are also included. The trampoline has a maximum user weight of 120 kg, and the jumping surface has a diameter of 92 cm.

rebounder lymphatic drainage

Fit Bounce Pro trampoline rebounder lymphatic drainage

The Fit Bounce Pro Fitness trampoline ultimately convinced me in the test. It shines with high positions in the popularity of the bestseller lists. Why?

Quite simply: it has an almost perfect suspension and bounce behaviour paired with top quality in quality and choice of materials. The single rubber rope suspension of this sports trampoline, together with the jumping mat, brings optimal jumping pleasure to trampoline training.

With a diameter of 100 cm, it is ideal for practical trampoline training. The rating profile on Amazon is almost optimal. But the Fit Bounce Pro trampoline has another unique feature that made it even more interesting for me. Because it can be folded up super quickly and stowed in the supplied carrying bag. An ideal folding mechanism of the legs ensures that you have the sports trampoline in your carrying bag in a flash. No screws are necessary!

Therefore it is the ideal travel companion for on the go. It can, of course, also be used ideally for trampoline courses in fitness studios. With a maximum load capacity of 120 kilos, it is suitable for almost everyone.

best rebounder for lymph drainage

Bellicon basic trampoline best rebounder for lymph drainage

In our report, we took a close look at the basic trampoline from billion. The mini trampoline is popular in the fitness and rehabilitation sector and is undoubtedly one of the premium models. We looked at the equipment and features of the fitness trampoline and examined for external tests and test reports. For this purpose, the buyers’ experience reports were evaluated. This will give you a good picture of this model.

The bellicon trampolines are characterised by a long, traditional, high quality and patented suspension system. Bellicon models are top-rated in professional courses and the orthopaedic field.


Rebounder Exercises for Lymphatic System


As a technique, seesawing is particularly suitable for beginners and untrained people, for people who want to detoxify their body or simply want to relax. Also ideal for warm-up and cool-down before and after training.

How it works

  • Stand upright on the mini trampoline with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Shift your weight from right to left foot and back, then from heel to ball of the foot.
    Start bobbing: just bounce with your feet. The toes always stay in contact with the mat. The momentum comes from the hocks.
  • The foot muscles work actively with you. Roll-off when landing – the foot must not remain stiff in the high-heeled shoes position. Arms and shoulders dangle with or swing back and forth.


Walking as an outdoor sport is very popular with young and old. Why not just go for a walk on the mat?

  • How it works
  • Stand hip-width apart on the trampoline.
  • Shift your weight from one leg to the other.
  • Slightly lift the unloaded leg and start walking in place. Your arms swing in opposite directions.
  • Walk dynamically, pull your knees up sharply and swing your arms through.

Slowly increase the pace. Your upper body stays calm while walking; your muscles and joints absorb the spring back of the mat. You suppress the suspension with your legs, so to speak – so you don’t use the trampoline as a jumping device but as a shock absorber.

To run

Running is healthy – no matter where you do it.
Walking on the mat is easy on your joints. Essential prerequisites for running training are an excellent muscle corset and a stable posture system.
And a little fitness.

How it works

In an upright position, you start running like a jogger, only in one place. Gently roll your feet from the forefoot to the
heel, keeping your knees slightly bent. Swing your arms at the same time.


Hopping is pure trampoline fun for children of all ages. Also, it is excellent strength training and ideal as a medicine against lousy mood or stress.

How it works

  • Stand hip-width apart on the trampoline and check your posture and the tension in your stomach.
  • Start jumping. This works similarly to rocking. Just let yourself be catapulted upwards; your feet will lift slightly. Let your arms dangle loosely. It is not so much the altitude that matters, but the number of jumps per unit of time.





A fitness trampoline is, of course, also a mini-trampoline. After all, it should fit in the apartment at home and, for this reason, is usually equipped with a diameter between 80-140 cm. We recommend using a model that is between 90-120 cm unless you have a vast area at home. Then you can also use an even more giant mini-trampoline. However, one must honestly say that such a sizeable mini-trampoline or fitness trampoline is not necessary.

Main differences:

  • More stable frame
  • Different suspension system (mostly a rubber rope suspension instead of steel springs. This means better jumping behaviour)
  • Higher load capacity (maximum user weight between 100 to 120 kg usually)
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Better jumping sheet

Of course, you can also buy a mini trampoline that we have recommended as a test winner in the mini trampoline category or choose one of the best three. But these trampolines are not as robust, and their suspension behaviour is not nearly as good as the excellent quality modern fitness trampolines. This is, of course, also reflected in the price! You can buy a perfect mini trampoline for the children for as little as $ 30. As a rule, you will not find a good fitness trampoline for less than $ 80.


This is because the maximum load capacity is usually significantly higher, the suspension is constructed differently from a hobby mini trampoline, and the jumping mat is also better. Because such a mini trampoline is highly stressed, especially during fitness trampoline training. After all, some of these models are designed for up to 150 kilograms and must therefore carry a lot of weight.


As a rule, the modern fitness trampolines are equipped with a different suspension (usually a rubber rope construction) than the mini-trampolines (mostly cheap steel springs). This gives you significantly better jumping behaviour, which is almost noiseless and is very stable.


Some of the fitness trampolines have a so-called handle at the front. In our opinion, this is very practical because you can hold on to this handle during some exercises or almost the entire training. This is particularly helpful for people who start training on the trampoline when their coordination and balance are not perfect.

With some exercises, it is even impossible to do without a handle at all. However, this is, of course, also designed by the manufacturers of trampolines with handles. High-quality sports trampolines are often also available without a handle. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer a fitness trampoline with or without a grab bar. We find it very practical for beginners and beginners to give them a high level of security and a firm footing.


The frame structure means the round steel frame and the legs. It is important here that it is a massive, stable construction that does not give way under constant load. Incidentally, this is one reason why fitness trampolines cost significantly more than trampolines for children. Because, of course, these models have to withstand a lot more weight in a different type of load during the exercises than a hobby trampoline for the children at home.


This is where the excellent fitness trampolines differ, particularly from the hobby mini trampolines for children. Because the suspension is often not handled by coil springs but by elastic rope constructions that have better jumping behaviour and can withstand more stress. The wear is limited, and the jumping behaviour is flawless. In my opinion, a good rubber cable suspension is the best choice for a fitness trampoline.


There are also significant differences when it comes to jumping sheets, which justify the higher prices. A fitness trampoline designed for a load of up to 150 kilograms and continuous load during training must have a different quality for the jumping mat than a hobby trampoline at home for children. That is why we take a closer look at the jumping mat and include it in the evaluation.


There is often a lack of sufficient exercise in our everyday life, and we spend a lot of time sitting. The muscles hardly work in this static position, which means that the lymphatic system is also inactive. Inactivity can also promote thrombosis.

Figuratively speaking: a stagnant body of water quickly turns into a pond, it becomes dirty. When the water flows again, cleaning takes place automatically. It is the same with the self-cleaning of our body – if everything is kept flowing, everything runs smoothly and without significant complications.

Insufficient muscle work can result in water retention or lymph congestion. If the lymph fluid reaches the intercellular space (interstitium), this leads to the development of lymphedema and the affected area of ​​the body swells. Also, the lymph contains our white blood cells, which are essential for an entire immune system not to get sick as often.



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