Best Neck Massager – What is the best neck massager April 2021?

Best Neck Massager, Posture problems, muscle overload, and psychological causes can be hidden behind neck pain. So-called best neck massagers are ideal for self-therapy at home. Best neck massagers, But what is the actual effect? How true to the original do such devices simulate a massage? What functions do they provide? Question after question, which we will answer you below. First of all: The right massager can help relax the neck, shoulders, and back and reduce neck pain. In our best neck massager comparison, you will also find all models compared so that you can see the advantages of the best neck massagers over the cheap versions. You will also learn how to prevent neck pain can once the current ones have subsided.

You promote your health with an electric massager. After a long day at work, let yourself be massaged as if by magic. You don’t have to sit in the waiting room to get a massage prescription; you don’t even have to go outside the door. A massage is beneficial and relieves painful tension.

What is a neck massager?

The best neck massager is usually referred to as an electrical device that, like a masseur, tries to relieve the tension on the neck muscles by uniformly acting on them. The Shiatsu best neck massager is probably the most popular product. Some work with vibration, tapping, pressure points, or electrical impulses (more on how it works below). Many devices also integrate an additional heating function, red light, or magnetism to increase the effect.

You can differentiate between simple massage cushions and fixable massage devices, usually in a characteristic U-shape. Mainly with a cable, you have to rely on a socket. However, some products also contain a rechargeable battery – neck massage anytime and anywhere is by no means impossible.

Prices range from around € 30 to just under € 200 for premium products. In the section “ What to look for when buying? “Learn more about the relevant properties of a bests neck massager.


How do I clean the best neck massager?

Electric massage devices cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth. Make sure that the products come with removable covers that you can machine wash. If you want to wipe the device with a dry cloth, please remember to disconnect it from the power supply!


What types of massage are there?

Electric massagers offer different types of massage. Most devices perform a Shiatsu massage. This form of massage comes from far-away Japan. The term shi stands for the word finger and atsu for pressure. During a Shiatsu massage, the rotating massage buttons imitate the hands of the masseur. They knead and press the appropriate places. The treatment promotes relaxation and releases energy blockages.

With a vibration massage, small movements cause the muscles to tremble. What the masseur does otherwise is done with the massage device through electrodes. This form of massage has an antispasmodic effect and is supposed to loosen up the muscles.

The tapping of the neck and shoulders is typical of a tapping massage. It promotes blood circulation and helps loosen up the muscles.

What is the heat function good for?

The massage devices usually offer an additional heating function. The heat can be switched on and off individually. As with the classic massage, in which the heat is applied before the treatment, it helps to loosen tense muscles and prepare them for the massage. Red light shines into the tissue and promotes its blood circulation. This allows the back to relax better.

Can I also use a neck massager in the car?

Using the adapter supplied, you can also connect the massager to the cigarette lighter of your car. Velcro fasteners help to attach the device to the car seat. Frequent drivers can treat themselves to a relaxing massage in the parking lot during breaks. Protect your back from tension from long car journeys! Passengers can also enjoy a massage while driving. As a driver, however, you have to concentrate on the traffic, so you can only use it during breaks.


How does a neck massager work?

An electric massage device works with massage buttons that are attached on both sides. They rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. The direction and intensity can usually be controlled. A switchable heat function and infrared light warm the back to loosen it up. The overheating protection ensures that the device switches itself off after a certain period of time. The massage devices work with electricity and are connected to the socket with a power supply unit. They also have an adapter for the car.

Differences to the massage mat

If you want a massage for the entire back, a massage mat may be recommended. With the best neck massager, you can also treat the whole back and individual target areas in a more targeted manner. However, a good massage mat also enables selective application and is specially designed for the entire back. Also, good massage mats contain other functions, so that a holistic massage is possible.

How does neck pain arise?

One speaks of acute neck pain if it lasts for up to three weeks. Recurring is the term used to describe complaints that recur after a period of pain-free treatment. And there is talk of chronic neck pain if it lasts longer than three months.

Possible causes

In principle, a diagnosis should only be made by a doctor. If you experience unusual neck pain, especially in connection with other symptoms, please get the opinion of your family doctor or an orthopedic surgeon.


In most cases, muscle tension is the cause. Someone who sits most of the day – be it at work, in front of the computer or television, or for health reasons – and has never dealt with ergonomics, someone who stares into their smartphone most of the time, or someone who likes to look into it The sofa “lolls” and runs the risk of becoming a victim of tension if it does not counteract with a lot of movement and targeted relaxation exercises.

The same applies to long-term overloading of the muscles and tendons in the neck area. The muscles harden and shorten, which leads to pain. As if that weren’t enough, these pains result in an aggravation of postural problems. If left untreated, this can lead to changes in the nerves – they manifest themselves in a painful memory, the pain becomes chronic. The value of a simple treatment option, such as the best neck massager, comes into its own both after the onset of neck pain and prophylactically.

Other causes

Another common cause is degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This includes, for example, damage to the spine and intervertebral discs or wear and tear on the vertebral joints – which occurs in everyone and does not automatically lead to noticeable complaints.

Stress or depression can also affect the body physically. However, one should distinguish whether the mood is one reason for the complaints or whether the neck pain hurts the spirit.

Injuries such as torn ligaments, strains, whiplash, and herniated discs are also associated with neck area problems and are usually obvious. When the healing process begins, you often get rid of your neck pain.

Rarer causes are diseases of organs, rheumatism, infections, tumor diseases, and rare syndromes.

Neck pain caused by tension.
This type of neck pain is the most common, and many experience it at least once in a lifetime. A stiff neck is usually not the result of driving a car with the window open or the like, but it is often because you have overloaded your spine over a long section.

The posture suffers in many modern art areas: a job on the computer promotes a hunched back. Furthermore, bending over the cell phone for hours every day puts multiple strains on the spine. The result is tension, shortening, and hardening of the neck muscles. Wear and tear on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, which may increase over time, can exacerbate these symptoms. This, in turn, promotes terrible posture, and the tension worsens more and more.

It is also possible that the pain radiates to the back of the head, shoulders, and back. If you don’t do anything about it, chronic pain will result. It is therefore advisable to do something about it, even if you initially have only slight tension. You can do this with relaxing massages that promote blood circulation. However, the leading cause should always be identified and eliminated. Because if you have an unhealthy posture and this does not change, then the neck pain will keep coming back.

Effect of the massage neck massage

Massage has been used specifically for healing for thousands of years. Even with the mere aim of relaxation, it can be seen as healing. The psychological effect and the endorphins that occur during a liberating massage relieve stress and help with depression. The application areas are diverse: tension, back pain, neck pain, sore muscles, migraines, rheumatism, rehabilitation after injuries, vascular diseases, diseases of the internal organs, mental disorders, and even menstrual cramps should find relief.

For example, by brushing, kneading, rubbing, knocking, and shaking, various positive effects are achieved on the body, as with classic massage.

The direct physical impact on the skin, muscles, tendons and connective tissue increases blood flow locally and relaxes the muscles.

Also, scars and adhesions between the various tissues are loosened. Also, the tissue elasticity can be normalized – stubborn tension is released, whereby several applications are usually necessary here.

Especially after injuries, the treatment also improves wound healing and relieves pain, and further improves cell metabolism.

A message has psychological effects because relaxation helps reduce stress hormones and release happiness hormones. Stress-related tension in the neck cannot only be dealt with physically. When a therapist does the treatment, there is close human contact, which can work wonders for depression.

Not scientifically proven but still practiced for centuries are measures that are supposed to heal internal organs via so-called reflex arcs.

Types of massage

There are many examples of direct massage methods in which the tissue is relaxed and better supplied with blood by kneading, brushing, or tapping. With appropriate treatment, pain can be relieved over the long term. The best known is probably the << classic or Swedish massage >>. This massage includes full and partial body massage, sports massage, available massages, and soft tissue techniques.

Also, some effective techniques developed on the Asian continent over the centuries. Especially esoteric massage techniques, which use the Ch’i to bring the body and its health into balance, arose from these rich cultures.

Applications like that of Thai massage come to mind. Also, the Shiatsu massage from Japan is very popular and effective. Shiatsu combines different forms of energetic bodywork and manual treatment methods.

The latter form can be integrated very effectively into the Shiatsu massage device. How exactly, more on that below.

How does the best neck massager work?

  • Original Donnerberg neck massager
  • Donnerberg neck massager principle

With many areas of application and a lot of positive effects, the benefits of massage are clear. Fighting the cause of neck pain may take longer – after all, you have got used to the wrong posture over the years, if not decades. If in the meantime, the neck pain becomes unbearable again, or if you need a wellness program in between, a device that does the neck massage would be beneficial. The question now is: how does the best neck massager do this?

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu comes from Japan and means something like “finger pressure.” The most popular best neck massagers resort to the type of massage. Massage heads are built-in, which can rotate in both directions at different points. The massage speed is usually adjustable. If there is enough pressure, these heads reach deep into the muscles, knead them, and ensure relaxation. A massage head simulates thumb pressure. Several charges affect the hands of a therapist. When used correctly, effects similar to those of a Shiatsu massage occur.

Tapping massage
The knock also happens in some neck massage devices. With their tapping function, the massage devices simulate a flat hand or fingers that make short, beating movements. Local blood flow is stimulated, and the tone of the treated muscle is positively changed. It also loosens the mucus that has become trapped.

Many best neck massagers offer a vibration function. As with classic massage, muscle tremors are simulated. While the therapist stimulates the earthquake with the rest of the hand, the device vibrates. The consequences are relaxing and antispasmodic, and the effect reaches deeper tissues and organs.

The heat function, often infrared, supports the actual massage. Warmth has many positive effects on the body (and mind). Among other things, it helps with relaxation and stimulates blood circulation. This is useful because relaxed body parts can be massaged well, and thus the effect is improved.

Best Neck massager or massage pillow?
There are massage cushions without the possibility of fixation, which either clamps between the neck and the backrest or lies on it. And there are fixable best neck massagers with loops for the wrists. This is the easiest way to adapt the pressure that is exerted to your individual needs. Many devices are also suitable for many other parts of the body, so you can strap a fixable best neck massager around your calves or thighs without much difficulty – depending on where it pinches.


What should you look out for when buying the best neck massager?
There are now many different devices to buy on the Internet. On the one hand, this is good because there are products specially tailored to meet a wide range of needs and wishes. On the other hand, such a large selection doesn’t make the decision any easier. We have selected the most prevalent best neck massagers for you and evaluated them objectively. Nevertheless, we intend to give you a brief overview of what to look out for when purchasing the best neck massager.

The most critical properties summarized:

The feeling of relaxation that is caused is more of a subjective attribute because everybody is different, and as a result, we perceive feelings differently. However, it can be assumed that if the majority of users find the treatment by the device pleasant, the quality of relaxation is of high quality. You should also ask yourself which type of massage you would like to have integrated.

Some massage devices come with several options and a wide range of programs. Possible intensity setting and number of massage heads are a factor. Basically: the more, the better. Anyone who values ​​a warming function should be aware that this is only used as a support and usually does not have the same effect as a hot water bottle. The best neck massager can also be used for other parts of the body. Does the question still arise as to whether the device can be fixed or not?

Other features:
Some people want to have their tensions, which arise during long journeys, massaged. Therefore, it can also be relevant whether the best neck massager has a rechargeable battery or an adapter for the car. A shutdown function is usually available. It should be possible to start a new program without delay.

The guarantee and scope of delivery can also influence the purchase decision. Since most people value hygiene, it is also advantageous if the cover is removable and machine-washable.

Furthermore, the artistry should be good. Further technical data should be mentioned, e.g., weight, dimensions, performance, surface material, cable length … But in very few cases, these will influence the decision. And then, of course, there is the price. The basic rule here is that quality has its price. We have not yet noticed any harmful products for above-average costs. But there are always reasonable offers of high-quality neck massage devices.

1. Original Donnerberg NM089 – The comparison winner
The Donnerberg NM089 delivers a perfect massage experience with high quality and exemplary processing. Eight massage heads that can rotate in both directions, three massage speeds, infrared heat, and vibration function ensure that all needs can be catered for. The original Donnerberg NM089 neck massager convinces with its massage. Result: perfect! In this case, quality has its price: the Donnerberg massage device is available for around 189 euros.

The original has been at the top of the comparison table for a long time. This shows that a lot of effort in development can pay off. The Donnerberg NM089, made in Germany, is the best thing you can do to your neck, shoulder, and back. Unsurpassed in artistry, function, and effect.


2.AVANTEK or Naipo MGS-801 – best price-performance ratio
This neck massager comes in an appealing leather look. Eight massage heads with two directions of rotation imitate the Shiatsu method in 3 adjustable speeds. Also, a pleasant warming function. Compared to the comparison winner, the only thing missing is the vibration function.

The massage experience is impressive. Treatment with this neck massager helps relieve tension and other ailments. In terms of quality, it is well made.

You are not 100 percent mobile because there is no battery, but a practical Velcro strip is included to fix the device to all parts of the body. Hands-free operation is also possible. Here is a clear plus point.

Unfortunately, all of this is no longer available at the moment.

3. Beurer MG 145 massage cushions and Sable massage cushions
In our comparison one of the best massage pillows on the market. It is suitable for the neck, back, legs – actually, everything where you can clamp the pillow in between and can therefore be used flexibly.

Two massage heads on each side knead the tissue while rotating. Also, a light and heat function stimulates the blood flow to the muscles. A push of a button is enough to start the massage.

The lack of program scope compared to its U-shaped siblings contrasts with other advantages. With its size, the Beurer MG 145 is easy to transport and can be used anywhere with a power supply. There is also a soft, washable fleece cover.

On the negative side, it should be noted that there is neither a battery nor an adapter for the car.

4. Naipo MGS-150D – The most popular neck massager
Naipo neck massagerMustbuy GmbH from Hamburg also makes neck massagers with their Naipo brand. They have entered the German market with an excellent price-performance ratio.

In terms of program scope, the Naipo MGS-150D can keep up with most competing products: 8 massage heads rotate at three different speeds in both directions. Also, a heat function to support the treatment.

The Naipo MGS-150D neck massager is available from approx. Forty-nine euros (as of January 14, 2021). There is also a car adapter and a washable cloth to cover.

An easy way to fix it is not included. This would be a practical extra, especially for parts of the body other than the neck and back. The massage is quite relaxing.

5. Naipo MGP-129M massage pillow
The Naipo brand also offers massage cushions: the MGP-129M model is one of the most popular. It imitates the Shiatsu massage. For this purpose, two massage heads turn in pairs alternately clockwise and counterclockwise. The additional heating function can be switched off.

If you are carefully looking for the right spots, you can find beneficial relaxation in between with this product. Even on the go, because a car adapter is included. There is also a strap for securing it to the back of a chair, for example.

With its distinctive, ergonomic design, the Naipo MGP-129M offers a good massage experience, but in our opinion, it cannot quite keep up with the top products.

The low costs starting at around 49 euros (as of January 14, 2021) speak in favor of purchase if you are looking for a bargain.

6. Naipo MGS-N12CS or MGS-321 – neck massager with battery
Naipo is often represented in the top products. Probably for the reason that it delivers high quality at a low price. With the Naipo MGS-N12CS neck massager, we see one of the most popular massage devices with a rechargeable battery.

Again good artistry, again Shiatsu massage. With a good massage performance, you are always mobile with the MGS-N12CS because the lithium-ion battery has a long runtime. Also, you get a carrying bag to take the neck massager with you wherever you go.

Even though some people have expressed themselves negatively about the comparatively soft warmth, we think this version of a wireless neck massager is a success.

At a relatively low price of around 69 euros (as of April 3, 2019), you can count on a good wellness experience on the go.

Where can I buy the best neck massagers?
We generally tend to buy from Amazon. Now and then, there are offers in the local supermarket such as Aldi or Lidl, and you can be lucky and get a suitable device here, but the best recommendations are usually at the online shop.

Amazon not only has the advantage that all well-known brands sell their articles here. You can usually find the best prices here. There are also regular offers that drive down the cost of a Shiatsu massage device even further.

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