Best Massage Tools for Runners – 2021 April

Best Massage Tools for Runners a professional massage after every run would be ideal for the body and soul. Best Massage Tools for Runners how to massage yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice if your own Best Massage Tools for Runners would be waiting for you at home after every run? It’s a shame that only a few can afford this. But did you know that self-massage makes sense and can increase the muscles’ regenerative capacity by up to twenty percent?

Of course, you can’t knead your back or neck yourself, but your legs and these are ultimately the runner’s best and most stressed piece, and you can work them yourself without any problems. Massage helps stimulate blood circulation and relax muscle tissue. After running, it ensures a smooth transition from muscular exertion to relaxation.

Best massage tools for athletes The “cool-down” of the body, enhanced by the Best Massage Tools for Runners, gives the muscles time to break down the metabolic end-products that otherwise accumulate in the muscles when the running training is abruptly ended and cause discomfort during the next run.

Do it yourself – four practical tips.

  • Sit on the floor, stand up one leg, slightly bend your knee. This allows you to treat your calves and thighs equally well.
  • Always start the Best Massage Tools for Runners with the feet and work your way up from there to the groin or the adductors on the inner side of the thigh.
  • Starting with your feet, carefully straighten your legs lengthways with your hands open. The hands are relaxed, only light pressure is applied.
  • Use your fingertips to draw small circles around the knees and ankles.
  • Finally, stretch the muscles diagonally by rubbing across the force.
  • Now work a little “in-depth.” Press the muscles “against the bones” with the palms of your hands, but be careful to avoid any painful pressure.

Best massage tools for athletes Always treat one leg thoroughly first and then repeat the Best Massage Tools for Runners on the other leg. Be sure to use a massage oil!

Manual lymph drainage is a particularly gentle form of Best Massage Tools for Runners. It has been proven to help accelerate regeneration after competitions or strenuous training sessions. To do this, first gently massage the area at the front transition between the jaw joint and neck using circular movements.

Then use the same movements to treat the small indentations above the collarbones and the groin area between the navel and the pelvic blades or pelvic bones. Countless lymph nodes are responsible for the removal of the lymph fluid. You can then move your legs from your ankles towards your hips in one go. Repeat this deletion up to 30 times.

The variety of fascia rolls, Best Massage Tools for Runners devices, and trigger point tools is excellent. We show the essential products for runners.

Fascia rollers or massage rollers are foam rollers with which painfully altered fasciae can be effectively treated. The name of the market leader Blackroll is often used as a synonym for the entire product category.

What are fasciae?

Fascia is part of the connective tissue and forms a vast network in our body. They connect muscles with bones, for example, and run through organs and joints. The tendons and ligaments, as well as joint capsules, are also part of the fascia tissue.

In short: fasciae can be found almost everywhere. And yet, just a few years ago, doctors and scientists couldn’t do much with it. But it is now clear: fasciae have a significant influence on well-being, health, and performance. Fascia is not simply a whitish fiber substance but instead forms a communication network with pain receptors and nerve cells.

So if it hurts anywhere, it could be painfully altered, sticky, scarred fascia. More and more athletes swear by fascia rolls for treatment. To what extent fascia rolls help athletes with symptoms is scientifically controversial. There are few significant studies. Some medical professionals even warn against its use.

Regardless of this, there are now many manufacturers and a correspondingly large selection of products on the market. The fascia tools differ in shape, hardness, size, color, material, and price.

One can say that massage rollers with a softer degree of hardness and a larger contact surface are more suitable for self-massage beginners, as the application can be very painful. Instead of the fascia rolls, there are also small foam balls for targeted, selective use.

What other self-massage tools are there?

Most fascia rolls are not necessarily used for problems with the fascia but with the muscles. When used, there is a massage effect that can dissolve muscle hardening and break down metabolic products. Since most users do not differentiate between fascia training and self-massage, we also present products for self-massage and trigger point treatment in our product overview.

Standard black roll

For many, Blackroll is synonymous with fascia and massage rolls in general. This shows how important this brand is on the market. They are available in different sizes, hardnesses, and variants. The most common of all fascia rolls is the Blackroll Standard. With a length of 30 centimeters and a diameter of 15 centimeters, it is as big as most other rollers and is therefore suitable for treating all body parts – from the calf muscles to the back.

The Blackroll Standard comes with a smooth surface. This makes it easy to roll because the body doesn’t have to rest on a specific roll area. The roll is firm but not too hard so that sensitive parts such as the shins can be rolled effectively. Blackroll therefore explicitly recommends the traditional role as ideal for beginners. Our testers saw it very similarly – those who already have experience with fascia training should reach for the more complex Blackroll Pro right away.

Blackroll Pro

The Blackroll Pro is a variant of the Blackroll specially developed for more experienced and ambitious best massage tools for athletes or professionals. Due to the greater density, which is around 50 percent higher than the Blackroll Standard, the treatment effect should be intensified.

In this way, the role should relieve deeper tensions or, for example, provide more effective fascia training for heavier best massage tools for athletes.

At first glance, the Blackroll Pro cannot be distinguished from the average Blackroll Standard. Only when you put it on top does it become clear that it is much more complicated.

Otherwise, it also has a smooth surface without particular massage points or the like. However, our testers cannot confirm that the role is aimed at athletes’ best massage tools. Yes, the part is more challenging, but getting used to it occurs very quickly so that even amateur best massage tools for athletes get along well with the Blackroll Pro.


Blackroll Mini

The Mini is the miniature version of the Blackroll Standard. It is designed for local, targeted use on the feet and arms. It also fits in any luggage with a length of only 15 centimeters and a diameter of 5.3 centimeters.

The Blackroll Mini is particularly suitable for treating the feet – many testers regularly have it under their desks. But they can also be used on other parts of the body, such as the calves.

The small size also sets clear limits. For example, when treating the hamstrings, you sit more next to than on the roller. However, the smaller diameter has an enormous advantage: the contact surface is smaller, which means that the roller works deep into the tissue – the pain is accordingly a little higher. This small fascia roller is an ideal addition to a large massage roller.

Blackroll Booster

The booster turns a Blackroll foam roller into a vibration massage tool. It is put into the typical Blackroll hole in the roll. The promoter is available as a set with the Blackroll Standard or Slim.

According to the manufacturer, muscle tension and fasciae adhesions are effectively released with high-frequency vibrations so that the muscles regenerate significantly faster.

The booster is inserted into the Blackroll-typical hole. The vibration levels can be set using two buttons. Our testers found the vibration very pleasant. All of them had the feeling that the muscles loosened more easily.

The only disadvantage of the vibration function is that the vibrations affect the body and the ground on which you roll. This can mean that neighbors ring annoyed. Therefore, you should put a training mat underneath.

It can also be used as a massage stick for selective treatment. To do this, take the booster out of the roll, put one end on the sore/tense muscle and switch it on.

The punctual massage often relieves tension very quickly. There are also special attachments available as accessories for this targeted best massage tool for athletes.


Medisana PowerRoll

The PowerRoll from Medisana is a massage roller with a vibration function. With the vibration’s help, deeper muscles can be reached, promoting recovery and regeneration.

Without activated vibration, which can be regulated in eight intensity levels by pressing a button, the Medisana PowerRoll is an entirely average, slightly heavier (750 grams) massage roller. The surface is not soft, but neither is it hard. If you switch on the vibration, the corresponding region is shaken correctly. Our testers found the beat very pleasant and were unanimous of the opinion that the muscles loosened more easily. However, the vibration affects the body and leads to slight shaking of the floor on which one is rolling. Out of consideration for the neighbors, you should put a training mat underneath.

Musclevibes Pi Roller fascia roller

The Pi Roller fascia roll consists of extra firm EPP foam to make a massage particularly effective. With a battery life of four hours, many fascia training can be completed without charging the roller every time.
This extraordinary fascia roll can do everything that a regular registration can offer, and it goes one better. The five levels of vibration offer enough variety to treat the muscles. The only disadvantage: At 1.3 kilograms, the roll is hefty and rather unsuitable to take with you.

Musclevibes Active Ball Tratac

The Active Ball Tratac is a vibrating duo-facial ball construction. The unique fascia roller can be used thanks to three different vibration strengths universally. The battery life is a good three hours.
The pleasantly soft silicone layer that surrounds the Active Ball was immediately noticed positively. The vibration levels are set intuitively at the touch of a button. As with other vibrating massage devices, testers report a noticeable effect in the muscle due to the extra vibration. The shape, reminiscent of a peanut, nestles wonderfully on all forces, especially in the area of ​​the back leg muscles. You can’t go wrong with this fascia roll.

Medisana VarioRoll

The VarioRoll from Medisana consists of two interconnected foam balls. The connecting element can be adjusted in three stages: the balls are either 11 centimeters, 13 centimeters, or 15 centimeters apart at the thickest point.

There are many fascia tools with two balls. But mostly, these are rigid. The advantage of the VarioRoll is that you can adjust the distance between the two balls with a push button. The mechanism works very well and makes a strong impression. The advantage of the two balls is particularly evident in neck and back exercises, as you can roll next to the spine, and no pressure is exerted on the vertebrae. Moving the thighs in front, to the side, or behind is delightful, mainly because the critical areas are spared a bit by the curvature – suitable for beginners in fascia rolling. For this, the rooms a little further out are massaged comfortably.

Relaxroll MaxiRoll

The Relaxroll MaxiRoll Standard is an ergonomically shaped fascia roll. The concave massage surface should adapt to the body during the treatment. Also, the surface structure should offer an acupuncture function.

Compared to flat fascia rolls, the MaxiRoll differs primarily through its inwardly shaped massage surface. This leads to two peculiarities: 1. When rolling, a large part of the body part that is being rolled is in contact with the character. That feels nice, also because it distributes the pressure. 2. Even after rolling back and forth several times, you don’t slip off the roll, as the elevation in the outside area keeps you centered. In our testers’ opinion, the Relaxroll MaxiRoll is particularly suitable for treating the legs thanks to its shape and the relatively hard surface – ideal for us runners.


Relaxroll AchillX

The AchillX from Relaxroll is a small fascia roll specially developed for runners. For example, an extra recess was left for use on the Achilles tendon.

As with the large MaxiRoll, a unique feature of the small AchillX from Relaxroll is the concave massage surface. Due to the smaller size of a small roller, the body part’s contact surface to be treated is smaller, the pressure correspondingly higher, and the effect stronger – but the pain is also slightly more elevated.

Our testers found the notch, which is a treatment option for the Achilles tendon, very successful. With it, it is possible to treat the tendon without exerting too much pressure. The small, rather challenging role in the treatment of the calf muscles and feet also scored points. A more significant part is suitable for large muscle groups on the legs, for example.

Relaxroll Ball

The Relaxroll Ball has been developed for an even more local and targeted treatment than fascia rolls. The ball has a diameter of ten centimeters and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly suitable for point-directed massage and loosening of the muscles.

Our testers very well received the tricky Relaxroll Ball. Compared to a classic fascia roll, it has a small contact surface due to its shape and appears deeper. This is a tremendous advantage for stubborn tension. It is ideal for treating the leg and gluteal muscles. Slight disadvantage: such a ball rolls away, which is why the treatment requires a little practice. Every best massage tool for athletes should have a fascia ball like the one from Relaxroll.

Theragun G3Pro

Even if the product name suggests a weapon, the Theragun is more reminiscent of a jigsaw. And basically, it works the same way. Battery operated, a ram moves up and down with up to 2400 movements per minute. But at the end of the Theragun, there are the Best Massage Tools for Runners attachment instead of a saw blade.

The package includes six: from a giant ball to a flat wedge to a pointed cone. A smartphone app explains which part is to be used, how and for what purpose. The manufacturer speaks of percussion therapy. The short impulses or blows should penetrate deep into the tissue and release muscle tension and fasciae adhesions and promote blood circulation and regeneration.

It does take some practice to take the correct position depending on the part of the body to be treated – the muscles mustn’t be tense – and not to massage over bones or joints, but the effect is noticeable. And best of all: it’s quick. The combination of gentle pressure and strong vibration loosens one or the other, hardening in less than a minute. The treatment is particularly great on the calves and thighs. Even runner’s ailments such as shin splints and runners’ knees can be effectively treated in this way. Disadvantage: If you have back problems, you can’t do it alone

Trigger point grid

The TriggerPoint Grid fascia roll has various massage zones (large and flat surfaces, elongated grooves, and small, pointed areas). Thanks to this design, it should be possible to determine the desired intensity depending on the body region through a different massage zone. The grid is also available in a more extended (Grid 2.0), smaller (Grid Mini), and more complex (Grid X) version.

The Grid from TriggerPoint is a versatile massage roller. Compared to classic foamed rolls such as Blackroll, the surface of the grid is relatively soft. This was especially popular with newcomers to fascia training, as the treatment didn’t hurt that much. This soft cushioning layer also makes it possible to treat the back, as less pressure is exerted on the vertebrae. However, the testers saw and felt no advantage in the various massage zones – especially since you don’t just stay in one zone when rolling.


The GRID STK X from the TriggerPoint product range is a massage stick. It should be suitable for targeted treatment of trigger points and a myofascial massage – especially in areas that cannot be reached with classic fascia rolling.

The testers well received the GRID STK X massage stick. Above all – and almost exclusively – the legs can be massaged very well with it. In contrast to a fascia roller, you sometimes have to support yourself acrobatically to regulate the pressure; this is fundamentally easier with a massage stick. However, how much pressure you can apply by pushing or pulling is also a question of strength. The major limitation should also be mentioned here: a classic massage roller is better suited to loosening hardening. The pressure is more significant here and can be kept constant on the trigger points. But the GRID STK X is ideal for a massage before or after training.

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