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Best Massage Device To treat yourself to a soothing massage, you do not have to spend money on physiotherapy or Shiatsu body therapy. Instead, you can purchase an inexpensive Best Massage Device at home, with which you can take action against pain and a general feeling of tension anytime and anywhere (also in the office, in the car, etc.). A massager is not only suitable if your health is already ailing. A massage can also have a beneficial and relaxing effect on healthy people. Best Massage Device of various types is also used for cellulite or generally for weight loss will. The messenger most often works on the neck, shoulders, and back – generally the entire rear area, which is tense mainly from regular computer work and other activities. The Best Massage Device for legs and feet or the Best Massage Device for the face etc., on the other hand, are not only used because of tension but also generally to reduce stress or promote one’s health. As a foot bath, acupressure, or general body care, working on the massage zones also offers many positive effects. We have put together for you below what you should look for when buying a massager device and other important information on the subject.


Which Best Massage Devices suitable for you? Where can I use Best Massage Device?
Whether you want to work on the neck, shoulders, head, thighs, calves, feet, or back with the massager is usually up to you. Most devices can be used in a variety of ways. However, some products (e.g., the foot massager, hand massager, anti-wrinkle face massager, male massager, veins, especially for pregnancy, etc.) are designed for particular uses. If, on the other hand, the massager is to work on the back, neck, etc., then a pure foot massager is, of course, not sufficient and should be compared to a practical all-rounder it will be exchanged. When it comes to the products, you determine where and how they are used. Only the general shape can be better suited as a messenger to work on the back, neck, or head.

Many devices have an automatic switch-off which offers many advantages. You can set an ideal massage time from the start and, secondly, this function protects the massager from possible overheating.

How good are massagers?
Tensions are incredibly stressful in everyday life. Just lying in bed with a hot water bottle is nice, but it doesn’t help. You can remedy this with an electric massager. On the one hand, the devices are soothing and massaging, but above all, they also loosen tension in numerous parts of your body. How well the best massage machine ultimately works in your situation depends on the individual case and your duration of use, frequency, and operation. When used correctly, the best massage machine can also be used in the long term to relieve and prevent tension.

Where can I buy massagers?
There are many places where you can buy a massager. Whether in Media Markt, Rossmann, or another specialist retailer – the choice is vast. However, if you have selected a specific device in an independent best massage machine test, you will rarely find it on site. On the other hand, you will find a wide selection of manufacturers and their models online, and you can choose from the entire range. Usually, only a specific part of the models is available, not to make a comprehensive comparison. Even if you want to buy a massager cheaply, the internet is a good choice.

The most popular massager brands and manufacturers
Stiftung Warentest has unfortunately not yet carried out a best massage machine test and has therefore not yet chosen the best massage machine test, winner. Nevertheless, you can still find the best massage machine that precisely suits your needs. Many manufacturers choose from who have high quality but above all good the best massage machine offer.

Tapping massagers
The electric tapping massage works, as the name suggests, by tapping very quickly. However, the intensity varies significantly with the devices, as our test has shown. The test winner, for example, offers pleasant medium strength. Other devices, on the other hand, are barely noticeable. Only one device was compelling enough to relieve severe back pain.

Also, these devices can best be operated by a second person. Self-massage of the back with these devices is cumbersome and uncomfortable and, therefore, not very relaxing. Also, tapping massage devices can usually only be operated with a cable, which is often too short. Also, hard to scratchy attachments were negative in our tests.

Applying additional pressure, the intensity of the massage can be increased if necessary, but almost all devices started to stutter uncomfortably when the pressure was increased. This also happens when you get on a bone, which should generally be avoided with a tapping massage.

Neck massagers
You have to put on with the neck massagers, turn on, lean back, and enjoy! These best massage machines work with rotating balls that change direction every minute. The intensity can be varied by inserting your arms into the device’s loops and pulling on them.

All the devices we tested were of good quality and had the same functionality: two directions, optional heat, and several speed levels. They are easy to use and quiet.

These devices work best on the neck, shoulders, and back. However, we didn’t find it easy to find a comfortable position for any of the apparatus with the latter. You can also have your legs and feet massaged with these devices, but we found that not very pleasant and unhelpful.

Massage guns
Vibration is mainly used in massage guns, but some also work with tapping movements and many forces behind them. They are primarily suitable for athletes who want to loosen up cramped muscles. You can use the massage guns in the lower levels for everyday use, but all devices caused unpleasant stuttering as soon as you pressed the machine a little harder on the area to be massaged.

Many of the tested models were essentially identical – there are hardly any visual differences, and the maximum intensity was the same everywhere. Only the adjustable levels and some control elements are different. We also noticed that most of the pistols had an unpleasant odor and had very poor operating instructions.

Best Hand Massager – Beurer MG 510 To Go

So that the back massage is relaxing, it is, of course, better if a second person performs it. Relieving back pain can also be achieved on your own, if not as comfortably. We particularly liked the fact that you can run the device at medium speed for up to two hours without a cable if you want. The Beurer also has five-speed levels, and the intensity can also be regulated by pressure.

Best Hand Massager – Beurer MG 510 To Go

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the four essays. There is one for warmth (not adjustable, but very pleasant), one for cold, exerting pressure on a small area, and an exceptionally soft one. The operation is effortless so that you hardly need good instructions. Also, this product is the lightest in the entire test.

Best Hand Massager – Beurer MG 510 To Go

In general, we would recommend the MG 510 To Go for moderate tension. For example, if you have severe back pain, you should look at the Medisana device. For pain that can be traced back to exercise, we recommend a massage gun, and if you want to be massaged lightly, it is best to use a neck massager.


Best Portable Massager – MunichSpring Optimus New Generation

Best Portable Massager also has a heat function, but this can only be felt very lightly. Due to its soft shape, the model adapts well to the various body regions and can be used for the shoulder and neck and the lower back and legs. Also, the Optimus New Generation can be used on battery power for one hour.

Best Portable Massager – MunichSpring Optimus New Generation

The various operating buttons are located on a wrist strap: Here, the device can be switched on and off, the direction can be changed, or the different levels can be switched. There is also a button for trading on the heating function. It takes four to six hours to charge the battery for the first time, and a blue light lights up. The massage pressure of the Optimus New Generation is enjoyable for the neck and back.

Best Professional Massager – Renpho R3 Mini

Weighing only 680 grams, the R3 Mini is the lightest massage gun in the test field and is therefore pleasant to use over a more extended period. Overall, the model should not be used for more than 30 minutes. It also has an automatic switch-off function that switches off the device after ten minutes.

Best Professional Massager The large ball attachment is intended for large muscle groups and extreme muscle and joint pain. On the other hand, the small ball attachment is designed for joints, deep tissue, and small areas such as feet or wrists. The passion with an air cushion is suitable for sensitive body meat relaxation and the U-shaped extension for the spine, neck, and shoulder. Finally, there is a flat attachment that is suitable for massaging all parts of the body.

Best Professional Massager puts the desired attachment on the massage gun and then selects the appropriate message level. Here you have the choice between five-speed groups, between which you can switch using the on / off switch. The massage pressure is enjoyable at all levels and not too firm. The R3 Mini is – especially in the first three massage stages – relatively quiet and therefore easy to use on the side.

The disadvantage is that there is no display on this model that gives information about the selected message level or the remaining battery life. Five blue LEDs indicate the massage level.

Best Professional Massager The Renpho R3 Mini is a light massage gun. Thanks to the various attachments, many-body areas can be treated and with pleasant massage pressure. Thanks to the storage case, the accessories are not easily lost, and the model is easy to transport.

Best Massage Device – Donnerberg NM-089

Best Massage Device Donnerberg NM-089 is undoubtedly the highest quality device in the test. However, we could not find any differences between the comparable cheaper devices in terms of handling and effect. This means that three times the price that the NM-089 costs can only be justified with the accessories. There are two washable towels that you can use to replace the fabric over the massage balls. There is also a cloth made of skin-friendly fabric that can also be attached. The question remains, why not use more pleasant material right away. There is also a car cable, as with the other comparable devices, and excellent instructions. The manufacturer also offers a seven-year guarantee.

A bonus with this device is the vibration option. We found them neither pleasant nor helpful. By and large, the NM-089 is too expensive in a direct comparison.


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