Best Handheld Massager – April 2021

What is the best handheld massager?

The best handheld massager is a practical helper with which you can massage any part of the body that you need. The device is held in hand and then guided to the body’s position to be petted.

However, it should be noted that some parts of the body can be challenging to reach in the course of a solo massage.

So if you are looking for the best professional handheld massager, it will be an easy massage without another person’s health partner. However, the whole thing is not a problem.

Another point to consider is that a handheld massager can only be used for selective massages.

Surface massages that can be performed with seat covers, for example, are not feasible with the best professional handheld massager.


Who is the best handheld massager suitable for?
The best professional handheld massager is suitable for everyone who often suffers from stress, as medical pain or tension.
If you have an office job and sit in front of the PC with a rigid neck for many hours a day, a massager will give you noticeable relief.

It offers you the opportunity to perform an effective self-massage from home without havilearningplicated massage techniques beforehand.

Tapping, kneading, or vibrating movements can solve even deep-seated tension.

It is no longer necessary to visit a professional massage therapist to give your body relaxation and relief.

A self-massage also leads to a significant increase in your well-being and noticeably improves your quality of life.

If you then regular massage, it is possible to prevent long-term discomfort and reduce tension.

What does a hand massager cost?
The price for hand massage devices ranges between € 20 and € 150. It varies depending on the procdevice’s processing, and functions can find machines without many tasks in the cheaper range. Still, if infrared light and interchangeable attachments are to be included, you have to reckon with a slightly higher price.

Here we present to you all of the hand massagers that we have tested in more detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you f the best hand massager to find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you exciting test videos. You will also find some vital information on this page to pay attention to buying a handheld massager.

best rated handheld massager

  • Hand massagers offer you the possibility of uncomplicated self-massage and relieve tension and pain.
  • A distinction is made between battery-operated and cable-operated devices, and attention is paid to infrared light and the possible types of massage.
  • Hand massage devices are often available with many different attachments so that everyone can find a massage that is comfortable for them.

What to expect here
In this article, you will find our best handheld percussion massagers test. Here we explain everything to do with the best handheld percussion massagers, show you what our top 5 are, and offer you detailed information. We have also taken customer ratings into account in our ranking to provide you with the best selection of products. You will then find helpful tips for buying in our guide. We hope that we can help you with your purchase decision with this article.

best rated handheld massager
best handheld percussion massagers are a great solution to providing some relaxation to tired or sore muscles. The best handheld percussion massagers often come with different functions such as infrared or heat, vibration, and much more. A distinction is made between battery-operated and cable-operated devices, and attention is paid to infrared light and the possible types of massage. Our test models have different features, so it is worthwhile to go through the entire ranking once. We hope you stick with it!



The battery-operated best hand massager (best-rated handheld massager ) 

The cordless Renpho massager is exceptionally light, and its powerful motor enables deep tissue massage.

The device can be used for up to 140 minutes and has overheating protection. It performs tapping massages, and customers rate the relaxing effect as very positive.

The wired best handheld massager (best-rated handheld massager ) 

The corded hand massager from newgen medicals has an ergonomic design, a cable length of 180 cm, and three different attachments.

The solid 3D massage head and the two intensity levels guarantee a high-frequency vibration massage to relax the muscles, reaching the deep muscles.

The best hand massager with infrared heat function

The cable-operated Naipo handheld massager has an infrared heat function and various speed levels.

Furthermore, you can choose between six different attachments so that nothing stands in the way of varied massage experiences.

Customers particularly appreciate the ease of use and the strong vibration, which can also be uh deeper muscles.


best deep tissue handheld massager –  Body Elements CM-07 (best-rated handheld massager )

Massage at the push of a button
best deep tissue handheld massager also comes in a set with six different attachments and massages with a vibration function. What is extraordinary is that this model uses Shiatsu therapy and so loosens your muscles through intense pressure.

Technical details
best deep tissue handheld massager has a potent shock motor with an incredible depth of up to 5mm and 3700 revolutions per minute. These are infinitely variable. The additional vibration motor in the handle is used to massage the face and scalp. In addition to the engine, the battery is also mighty. After a charging time of around 60 minutes, the battery is fully charged and can be operational for 180 minutes with continuous use and daily using 20 minutes. A plastic holder is included in the delivery scope for optimal storage of the massage device and the six interchangeable attachments made of antibacterial silicone. The attachments’ functional descriptions are as follows: The air cushion attachment for a soft full-body massage, ideal for soft tissue and joints. An acupuncture attachment is used for reflexology and acupressure, ideal for targeted massages. The 6-head attachment massages the waist, back, or thighs, particularly suitable for muscle areas. The scalp massage attachment for scalp massages. A massage oil attachment for body massages with massage oil, creams, or similar and a face massage attachment for massaging cream into the skin.


best handheld electric massager – Medisana ITM hand massager (best-rated handheld massager )

Experience a massage that you can carry out comfortably and easily at home with the Medisana ITM’s best handheld electric massager. With the two massage heads, the device generates pounding pulsations to reach deep-seated muscles. Targeted treatment is child’s play. Place the device on the painful area and stop. The optional, adjustable heat function has an additional calming effect and loosens the tissue. You can choose from four attachments whether you want extra stimulation.

Best handheld electric massager with two massage buttons and four different attachments to change pamper you with the effective Shiatsu technique. The attachments serve, on the one hand, the acupressure function and the finger massage. You can regulate the intensity steplessly and choose your perfect massage conditions with an adjustable red light function. The on / off switch is easy to reach and gives you effortless control over the device. This model has a comfortable design with an ergonomic handle for easy use.


best handheld percussion massager Review of 2021

Our hands are particularly stressed in everyday life and are exposed to a lot of stress every day. There are countless small, excellent nerve tracts in the fingertips that can be irritated by heavy use.

Best handheld percussion massager can help you feel more physically comfortable, stimulate blood flow throughout your body, and improve your hands’ fine motor skills. Such a hand massage can also loosen the muscles, leading to a relaxation of the muscles in the neck and neck area.

Finding the right-hand massage device is not exactly easy. However, there are many offers on the market from different manufacturers at very different prices.

With our best handheld percussion massager test, we would like to give you a little guide to what you should look out for when buying and which of the currently on the market could convince us.

Palm hand massager test: what should a good hand massager be able to do?
Before you decide on a handheld massager, you should make sure that the selected product can have all the essential functions. Ideally, the following procedures are given:

Tapping massage

Function: With this function, pressure stimuli are exerted on the treated part of the body, in your case, on the palm. These pressure stimuli spread from this point over your entire body, bringing body and mind into harmony. This function can promote blood circulation and relieve tension in the whole body, especially in the shoulder and neck area. The presence of this function is therefore significant.

Multiple attachments:

When buying a handheld massager for the palms of the hands, make sure that different attachments are included in the scope of delivery or that they can be purchased separately if necessary. With various branches, you can use the device for finger massage or acupressure. Our hand massager test has confirmed that these different attachments can be handy.

Heat and red light function:
Best Handheld Massager should have the option of switching on heat and red light. Red light and warmth are well known to relax and do the body good. With this additional function, you can increase the effectiveness of your Best Handheld Massager, and, as our hand-held massager test has shown, you will probably benefit more quickly from the improvement in your symptoms.

Ease of use:
Before you decide to buy the best handheld massager, you should find out how to use it. The operation of the device should be as simple as possible and ideally self-explanatory. Consider whether you want to use a device with a power cord or a cordless device with a battery function.

It is also essential how comfortable the device is in hand. The hand massager test showed that handles that are ergonomically shaped are best in writing. This is important because devices that are of good quality also add some weight.

Regulation of the functions:

Our hand massage device test has shown that devices that can be continuously regulated can provide the best massage result. In particular, the function of the tapping massage should be infinitely adjustable. This ensures that you can adjust the intensity precisely according to your needs, which makes the massage intensive, pleasant and effective for you at the same time.

Which device you ultimately choose is, of course, up to you.

However, our handheld massager test showed that the above functions are essential to enjoy the massage. This increases the beneficial effect of a hand massage and can lead to the symptoms disappearing more quickly and more extended.

Best Handheld Massager test: Our test winner: The Medisana ITM hand massager
Medisana ITM hand massager: photo

After testing numerous hand massage devices, we crowned the Medisana device as our test winner. This best handheld electric massager has all the necessary functions necessary for a wonderfully relaxing and soothing massage. Even if the device you can purchase here has to be connected to the power supply with a cable, the power cable is long enough to use without restriction.

Thanks to the different attachments included in the scope of delivery, you can use the massager to massage the entire body and for a soothing hand massage.

The stepless regulation of the functions ensures that you can freely adjust the intensity of the device. This ensures that the message is just as intense as you would like it to be.

These points were convincing in our hand massage device test and have led us to crown this versatile Best Handheld Massager from Medisana as our test winner.

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