Best Gym Bags for Women Review & Buying Guide 2021 April

Best Gym Bags for Women love sports and beautiful bags. Best Gym Bags for Women It doesn’t always matter whether it is a handbag, shoulder bag, or sports bag. Best Gym Bags for Women have a good reputation among ladies and are even used repeatedly in everyday life due to their generous size and not without exception for sports. On this occasion, women should, of course, know what is essential when buying a women’s sports bag, which manufacturers are available, what to look for when buying, and more. The fashion and sport-conscious ladies can find out here, of course.

Which manufacturers of women’s sports bags are there?

With the best will in the world, this is not an easy question. Because, to be honest, many sporty manufacturers specialize in women’s sports bags and sports equipment and fashion in general. However, it is noticeable that there are real market leaders, and here, Adidas is one of the manufacturers that must not be forgotten. In addition, Puma is another manufacturer that is interested in women’s sports bags and offers them. Nike is the following manufacturer that can’t be missing. Reebok closely follows these three manufacturers as a manufacturer of sporty fashion and women’s sports bags, which are in great demand and well-known. A manufacturer that also offers sporty women’s bags is Esprit or Kwon.


What price can ranges be expected for Best Gym Bags for Women?

A pervasive price philosophy can be found here. A blanket answer for this occasion is fatal for every lady who wants to search for a specific budget. There is such a large selection, and of course, there are often discounts so that the price ranges should not be answered across the board. However, it is noticeable that there are very variable price ranges based on the materials, the manufacturer, and the size. Some sports bags can even be found from 5 euros, and there are no limits to the end even in three-digit euro amounts.

What materials are Best Gym Bags for Women made of?

Nowadays, there are many sporty women’s bags, which also have variable materials. Leather is used particularly frequently because leather is of high quality and therefore has a long lifespan. It will not be forgotten that leather can also convince UV protection and rain protection depending on the weather. Fabric women’s sports bags are also not uncommon. Or a clever mix of synthetic leather and plastic. Therefore, many materials should be necessary for women to find a good women’s sports bag.

Which women’s sports bag variants are there?

As with all bags, it is noticeable that the manufacturers also offer several versions of the sporty women’s handbags. The shoulder bag is in great demand among the ladies because it is easy to carry. The classic sports tote bag is also a good idea to put a lot of fashion in the bag, like sneakers, slippers, dumbbells & amp; Co. Everything that plays a vital role in sport. A shoulder bag in a sporty look is also available from some manufacturers to complete the search for fashion criteria.

Women also pay attention to a sporty look, which is ultimately also reflected in the choice of sporty women’s bags. It is not difficult to see that appearance and size play a role here, as do materials. A fair price-performance ratio is also given more attention than some can believe. But in the end, women have one thing in common: a sporty women’s bag has to look modern, chic, spacious, and ingenious to be the focus of women. But now shopping shouldn’t cause any significant problems because the ladies know precisely which sporty women’s bags are available, which manufacturers, what prices and materials to expect.

Types of Best Gym Bags for Women

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive sports bag or a high-quality model, it would help if you first considered which design you prefer. The following is a brief overview of available models to get an idea of ​​the available variants.



Sports bags that are equipped with a pair of rollers are called trolleys. This only makes sense for huge sports bags in which you want to pack many different things. The heavier the model, including a full load, the more sensible it can be to opt for a trolley because compared to conventional models, it is much easier to move because you don’t have to carry it all the time. It is advisable to choose a model with an extendable telescopic handle to pull the bag more comfortable. In contrast to the travel suitcase with wheels, which is also referred to as a trolley, the typical bag shape is usually retained in the case of sports bag trolleys.

Sports bags with a fixed base plate:

Compared to the classic sports bag without a solid base, this type is much more stable and reliable. It is particularly worthwhile if you want to transport several relatively heavy objects in the bag so that the bottom does not sag so much. Even if you take a glass bottle with you in your pocket, the base plate offers additional protection against breakage. The scale is usually made of plastic, but models are made of hard fiber or cardboard. However, this is not advisable as there is often moisture in sports bags, which can penetrate the panel if the fabric is slightly damaged or due to its proximity.


Sports bags without bottom insert:

These are primarily simple models that are lighter and more compact and particularly suitable for transporting just a few sports equipment. The transport of heavy objects such as dumbbells is not so comfortable here, as the material is heavily stressed and therefore wears out faster.

Sports backpacks:

Backpacks can also be designed as Best Gym Bags for Women. In this case, they often offer a separate shoe compartment, a cup holder and are correspondingly large so that you can transport all utensils such as a towel and sports equipment. The advantage here is that the weight distribution is perfect, and you can also transport heavier objects quite easily. However, a backpack is not a classic sports bag, so it was left out in the test.


Purchase criteria:

When making a purchase decision, you should pay particular attention to a few essential things that differ depending on the model, price structure, and artistry. In particular, if you have special requirements for the bag, you can use the preselection according to criteria to quickly narrow down the offer into recommended variants. Below is a brief overview of the most critical factors.


Material and artistry:

With a sports bag, the nature of the material is much more critical than with a travel bag because it is usually subjected to significantly more stress. On the one hand, this is because heavy objects are transported and, on the other hand, to the requirements placed on the material in terms of breathability. It is also essential that the bag does not weigh too much to keep the total weight within a low range. Whether you ultimately choose nylon, leather, polyester, or plastic mesh fabric is, of course, up to you. However, you should pay particular attention to the processing of the carrying straps and handles because these ensure the weight distribution and have to withstand the high loads well.



Many Best Gym Bags for Women have special compartments for sports equipment, shoes, or wet compartments for sweaty clothes. This can be useful and is especially recommended if you transport wet clothes or towels or want to keep special shoes or utensils separate from the rest.


The more different things you want to transport and the heavier the weight, the more you should pay attention to a high level of comfort and an ideal distribution of the weight. So that the weight distribution is perfect, the special compartments, in particular, should be arranged sensibly, because good weight distribution is hardly possible if the case for wet items of clothing is attached to the side.


Of course, the design also plays an important role, but you should only pay attention to the exterior in the last step. Because in contrast to a leisure bag, functionality plays a significant role here.

Erima Sports Bag

The inexpensive sports bag from Erima was able to prevail as the test winner because it forms a good mix of size, artistry, appearance, and price structure. With a price range in the lower mid-range, it offers an excellent price-performance ratio and has a capacity of 76 liters. This provides enough space for most sporting activities and is also well suited as a daily companion, such as transporting bathing suits for the family or as a compact travel bag for the go, mainly because the side pocket has an integrated ventilated wet compartment.

The bag is available in 9 different colors, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs. You can also buy the bag in two smaller versions with a volume of 28 and 49.5 liters. Thus, Erima offers an extensive range of different sizes and colors that is suitable for all occasions. If you are looking for a huge sports bag with a volume of over 100 liters, you will not find it here.

The adjustable shoulder straps are of high quality and could distribute the weight well even under high loads and looked robust and stable. Overall, the large version of the bag measures 70x32x34cm with a capacity of 76 liters, which most testers found to be a comfortable size.

Due to the excellent price structure of high-quality and robust artistry, the Erima product offers a perfect overall package.

Sportastic sports bag Premium Sporty Bag

The Sporty Bag with shoe compartment from Sportastisch was able to convince in the test across the board because the price-performance ratio is excellent. Although it is priced slightly above the entry-level range, it impresses its very high-quality, chic design and superior pocket division.

The material used is a breathable fabric-nylon mixture, which, thanks to the coating, makes the bag hard-wearing, water-repellent, and scratch and tear-proof. The bag is available in red or blue and has a total capacity of 42 liters, which is enough to stow all your sports equipment. The separate shoe compartment allows you to store clothing items separately from the shoes – the coating also makes it suitable as a dirty laundry compartment – and the numerous side pockets easily accommodate other things such as a wallet or drinking bottle.

When fully packed, the model measures approx. 58 x 29 x 29 cm, which means that it can also be used as a compact travel bag. It should be mentioned particularly positively that Sportastisch grants a guarantee of 3 years on the bag, which speaks for the conviction of the manufacturer in its products.

The bottom line is that the model was convincing across the board, can be easily carried with the handles or the padded shoulder strap. The only disadvantage was the shoe compartment, which on the one hand, takes up a lot of storage space and also puts a load on the bag on one side if you haven’t stowed anything similarly heavy inside. The bottom line is that this circumstance caused a small devaluation of the otherwise impeccable and highly recommended sports and travel bag.

Campito travel bag 130 liters

The vast sports bag from Campito is very affordable and has a massive capacity of 130 liters. This makes it not only very suitable as a tennis bag but can also be used as a travel bag, as it can replace a suitcase.

However, for those who do not have such a large space requirement for sports, the bag will be oversized. On the other hand, for frequent use as a travel bag, the artistry is not robust enough, so that the model is only very suitable for a small group of customers. Nevertheless, due to the excellent room layout, the many compartments, and the overall still robust polyester material, it offers a reasonable basis for being a good companion as a sports bag for many years.

The model can also be used as a backpacker bag, as it can also be carried on the back thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps. This is not possible with most loads. However, the polyester material has a strong smell, which disappears after a while but can be annoying initially.

In addition, you can choose between three different color variants so that you can buy the bag that best suits your taste. Overall, if you play tennis, the bag is highly recommended due to its high volume. It is also suitable as an inexpensive backpacker bag if you handle it carefully and not overuse it.

Puma sports bag Pro Training Medium Wheel Bag

The sports bag with wheels from Puma can be moved and transported easily and without complications even under heavy loads thanks to the wheels. It has two side pockets, an extendable pull handle, and metal reinforcements to also be used as a travel bag on one or the other company. With external dimensions of 61x31x29cm, however, it is too big for hand luggage.

Due to the excellent artistry, the model is very robust and can withstand high loads overall. Due to the recommended retail price from Puma, the bag would have fallen out of the grid, as its price is well above the limit of 35 euros. During the entire test phase, however, the bag was available well below the RRP, so that the result is a perfect price-performance structure, and you can buy the bag as an all-round talent without hesitation, provided the mix of sports and travel bag suits you.



McNeill kids gym bag

The McNeill model prevailed as the best sports bag for children. The bag is available in four colors (blue, pink, gray-beige, and gray-black) so that your offspring will indeed find a model that he or she likes. With external dimensions of 35x25x18 cm, it is precisely the right size for children. It offers enough space to accommodate all the necessary utensils for the sports club or other sporting activities.

It also has a wet compartment, and the shoulder strap can be easily adjusted to the child’s size. If you are looking for a solid and stylish sports bag for children, then the Octopus from McNeill is the first choice.



best gym bag for women

Jako unisex sports bag Attack 2.0

The sports bag with shoe compartment from Jako offers an excellent and compact room layout with an additional bottom box. Due to the variety of colors in six different colors, the bag can be adapted very well to the club colors and well-suited for club equipment. The front and back are provided with separate small pockets with zippers so that accessories and items that need to be available quickly can be easily reached and safely stowed away.

The shoulder strap is robust and adjustable, and removable if you only want to transport the bag with the handle. The two wet compartments and the bottom compartment are entirely isolated from the main room so that damp and damp items can be stored safely and separately from the rest. Attack 2.0 is made entirely of polyester 600D and creates a solid and stable impression in the test.

Due to the dimensions of 50 x 30 x 38cm and the separate bottom compartment and wet compartment and compartments for utensils, the bag is particularly suitable as a football bag, as the shoes can be stowed well in the bottom box.

The only disadvantage is that the bag tends to fall inwards if it is not filled. Although this is not a direct disadvantage, some testers found this effect to be annoying. It is due to the tall construction, as the bag is narrower than usual Best Gym Bags for Women but higher.

Overall, the bag offers high stability, a compact construction, and variable storage options at a reasonable price structure in the middle range.

Fitgriff sports bag

The Fitgriff sports bag for men and women is characterized in the test and comparison by an appealing design that looks sporty and elegant at the same time. With a 48 x 26 x 25 cm size, the sports bag is very compact and has a stately capacity of 30 liters yet. It, therefore, offers sufficient storage space for your sports equipment and fits easily into standard gym lockers.

The Fitgriff sports bag also impresses rich artistry, a water-repellent underside, and practical zipper extensions – so-called zipper loops. It has a ventilated shoe compartment and a wet compartment, so the bag is also ideal for swimming fans.


stylish gym bag for women

Sports bag SUNPOW

The SUNPOW sports bag is available with a capacity of 65, 85, or 115 liters, so you can choose exactly the model that suits your needs. The foldable sports bag is made of tear-resistant, washable material. It has sturdy zippers and durable buckles that allow it to be opened and closed quickly and easily. The handles and the carrier strap are extremely robust and can withstand a higher weight without any problems. In the folded state, the sports bag takes only a little space. In addition, it has its importance, extremely light at 760 grams. Amazon carries out the shipment.




best women’s gym bag

CoCoCoMall sports bag

The CoCoCoMall sports bag is made of tear-resistant, water-repellent nylon. It has a large capacity and is equipped with several practical compartments equipped – including a pocket for wet Sportswear, an integrated shoe compartment, and two outer pockets.

The shoulder strap is well-padded and adjustable to adapt to your body size and your carrying habits. Use the CoCoCoMall sports bag, for example, as a bag for the gym, for your yoga course, or spontaneous short trips. The sports bag is available in nine different colors and designs.




Puma Pro Training II M Bag sports bag

The Puma Pro Training II M Bag sports bag offers you extra storage space for your sports clothes. It has a padded shoulder strap, a sturdy two-way zipper, and several outside pockets. Whether for indoor sports, fitness, or yoga: the Puma sports bag is versatile and is characterized by a modern design and high-quality artistry in the test. Here, too, you can choose your favorite design between several colors.







This is how sports bags are tested.

Many factors play a role when testing and comparing Best Gym Bags for Women. Above all, the processing quality must be taken into account in the test so that the bag easily withstands the demands of everyday life.

This is especially true if you exercise regularly, and the bag may be used several times a week. In the test and comparison, the main thing to check is whether all seams are stable and clean and whether the zippers can be opened and closed quickly.

If the sports bag has Velcro fasteners, these must also be of high quality so that the bag performs well in the test. At least as important as the equipment with various compartments and outside pockets. A bag that only has one large room in which dirty laundry, shoes, and valuables are next to each other can usually not convince in the test and comparison.


How big the volume of your sports bag should depend on the individual. As a rule, you need less equipment for your training in the gym than for a round of ice hockey or inline skating. It is best to choose a sports bag that most closely matches your need for space because a too-large suitcase is just as impractical in the test as a too-small model.


Most sports bags are made of polyester or nylon. In the test, these materials are particularly robust, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. They are also straightforward to care for, which is particularly important for a bag that repeatedly comes into contact with sweaty items of clothing. You can wash the surfaces from the outside and inside with a damp cloth and, in this way, reliably remove dirt and unpleasant odors.

Number of Outside Pockets

In outside pockets can be your valuables accommodate, so that they quickly at hand and do not through dirty sportswear contaminated are. Most of the Best Gym Bags for Women in the test and comparison have at least two outside pockets that offer space for the car key, wallet, and much more.
Shoe compartment
For many sports and even if you regularly go to the gym, you need a sports bag with an extra shoe compartment. The compartment prevents the dirty shoes from coming into contact with the rest of the items in the bag. It also has ventilation openings that ensure that unpleasant odors can escape.

Extra compartment for wet laundry

At least as important as a shoe compartment is an extra room for wet or dirty sportswear. After all, you don’t want your sweaty T-shirts and shorts lying right next to your drinks, snacks, or the paperback you want to read on the train on your way home from exercising.

Extra compartment for valuables

House and car keys, the wallet, and the membership card of the sports club or fitness studio should be stored in the sports bag in such a way that they are always to hand. Therefore, the best sports bag in the test and comparison has an easily accessible compartment for valuables.

Carrying Options

Depending on how you prefer to carry your sports bag, you should pay attention to different carrying options when testing and comparing sports bags. Classic duffel bags are held either in hand or over the shoulder. If the bag has a two-part shoulder strap, it also functions as a backpack. If you opt for a model with a shoulder strap, you also make sure that it is padded to a maximum guarantee of comfort.

Measurements and weight

Your individual preferences and needs also play a significant role in terms of the dimensions and weight of the sports bag. The bag should be big enough to fit all of your sports gear comfortably. On the other hand, if it is too big and bulky, you will be reluctant to use it. Weight is at least as necessary as size in the test: the best sports bag has a low dead weight, because after all, sports clothes, shoes and the like already weigh enough.

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