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Best Curved Treadmill consist of handles or armbars, the frame, and a Best Curved Treadmill. The running surface is inclined slightly upwards at the front and back and is set in motion solely by the runner’s muscle strength. There is no maximum speed; the tape is always as fast as its user. A Best Curved Treadmill works without a motor and does not require any electricity.

Its operation is entirely uncomplicated; the runner does not have to make any display settings beforehand. He starts running and does not have to worry about further changes while running the machine. The curve manual treadmill reacts to its running speed.
The user can easily keep an eye on the curve running machine values. The display on the arm bars shows him the essential functions.

Why are curved treadmills so expensive?

Curved treadmill cost, these are usually time, heart rate and pace, and watts, calories, and distance. That varies from model to model. Some versions have additional functions that are of interest for special training. The running surfaces are suitable for sprints and interval training and fast jogging, and moderate walking.

A non-electric treadmill curve is what you make of it. You can try to run as fast as you can and flip through Spotify playlists for 15 minutes, or you can bring in a little creativity and strength to turn it into a body-altering workout.

A curved treadmill, also known as a curved treadmill, increases your performance tremendously. But what makes it so unique? Why are sports teams, rehabilitation facilities, and high-tech fitness boutiques raving about it? Here’s what you need to know about these battery-powered machines so that you can get out of the monotony and reap the benefits of a new way of running.

What is a curved treadmill?

A Best Curved Treadmill is a modern, concave-shaped treadmill that is powered solely by your legs. No power connection is required, and there is no top speed, similar to outdoor running. Its curved running surface allows you to drive the curve manual treadmill with the balls of your feet and thus push your body forward.

What are the advantages of a curved treadmill?

A curved treadmill burns calories faster.

According to the manufacturers, you can burn 30% more calories on a curved treadmill. Scientists measuring the physiological intensity of a standard motorized treadmill compared to a non-motorized, curved treadmill reported better results with the latter.

Thanks to this higher intensity, curved treadmills are perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). They raise and maintain your heart rate faster, increase your need for oxygen, and help burn more calories than regular aerobic exercise.

A curved treadmill uses more muscle groups.

Since you don’t have to apply pressure to move forward on traditional treadmills, not all of your muscles in your leg are activated. On the other hand, curved machines force your legs to energize them right from the start – and activate everything from your glutes to your hamstrings to start the engine. You also can’t just push a button to control the running speed – you can only increase the pace if you work out harder.

A curved treadmill is less damaging to the joints.

You don’t have to give up running to save your knees. A curved treadmill’s rubber surface helps absorb the impact on your joints and connective tissue and prevents the injuries that often come with kicking the floor too hard. Standard treadmills don’t have such a damper, which means your joints will become more prone to wear and tear over time.

The ecological point of view
Since there is no motor, curved treadmills do not need electricity. This is not only cheaper and more environmentally friendly. It also means that the user can place the treadmill anywhere, even if there is no power outlet nearby. Also, there are no annoying cables on the floor. Power is only consumed by the batteries that the display needs.


If you opt for a curved treadmill, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your device. He neither has to oil nor grease, nor does he have to readjust or correct settings. These devices are maintenance-free. They should only be dusted from time to time with a cloth.


The curved shape means that the ball of the foot drives the best-curved treadmill. This drive movement pushes the body forward and forces it to adopt a posture that at first appears unfamiliar. Nevertheless, it is an entirely correct posture that is good for the body. He doesn’t know her anymore because the modern way of life with a lot of sedentary work and desk work has shaped posture.

Also, training with the curved band challenges the entire body. This, in turn, strengthens very different muscle groups, e.g., B. the buttocks muscles, and allows the body to use more calories.

During training, the runner can easily switch between sprints and regular running. In this way, he achieves higher endurance and training effects.
Something else speaks in favor of training with a curved treadmill: If you have problems with your joints, you don’t have to give up running. With its rubber surface, the curved treadmill can cushion the impact when stepping on it, thus protecting the ankles and knees. This also prevents the risk of injury.

Effects on the body

In addition to increased calorie consumption, better muscle training, and improved physical condition, a curved treadmill also normalizes posture. Thanks to its cushioning effect while running, it is also gentle on the joints.

Speed ​​without limit

Treadmills without a motor are not tied to a maximum speed. The pace is practically unlimited and always as fast as the runner is running – perfect for HIIT and fast sprints.

Uncomplicated operation

Just start running: the Curved Treadmill is ready to go right away. Before you begin training, you don’t have to make any settings to create the best-curved treadmill or wait until it has reached the desired pace. The Curved Treadmill reacts immediately to your running speed. You don’t have to press any buttons to adjust the rate during training. This is ideal for high-speed runs because you can concentrate fully on running.

The only technical extra is a display with essential functions on which you can read your running values.

Safety in treadmill training

There is no risk of setting too high a speed on the Curved Treadmill and then not maintaining it permanently. As soon as you slow down or stop, your shaped treadmill also slows down. You can control the running speed yourself at any time. To change the pace, you can also use your body position on the running surface: If you step forward on the “curve,” the pace increases. If you want to slow down, switch to the rear area of ​​the running surface. Also, you can hold on to the handlebars to “slow down” your speed.

Natural running feeling

On a curved treadmill, you will experience a pleasant, natural running feeling. No adjustments are necessary; your shaped treadmill is powered solely by your muscle power and reacts immediately to changes in pace – just like running free.

Training advantage

Treadmill training on the Curved Treadmill challenges the whole body. Because there is no motor, the rotors generate more energy for the drive. Studies show that the calorie consumption on a Curved Treadmill is up to 30% higher than on a classic treadmill with the same training time. The “curved” shape also demands more muscles – similar to setting a slight incline on a traditional treadmill.

Energy friendly

Curved Treadmills have an ecological advantage: they work entirely without electricity because they don’t have a motor. That saves energy and protects the environment. Batteries are only required for the small display. Due to the independence from a power source, the curved belt manual treadmill can be set up freely in the room and without annoying cables.

Low maintenance & quiet

Hardly any technology and an abrasion-free slat deck mean that the curved belt manual treadmill hardly needs maintenance. Due to the lack of a motor, the treadmill is also particularly quiet.

Disadvantages of a Curved Treadmill

Automatic training programs

Because you set the pace and not the self-propelled treadmill curve, no automatic training programs such as interval programs, in which you are given speeds and inclines, are impossible.


Curved treadmills don’t have that much to offer technically either and are more for minimalists. The computers usually only show the most necessary data, and you often have to do without training programs, interfaces, multimedia, and the like. This can quickly ensure that the training can become tiresome.

Also, there is often no compatibility with popular apps such as Kinomap. The Xebex Curved Treadmill and other top models are the exceptions, but they also cost a lot. NOHrD has its app for the Sprintbok, which is similar to Kinomap and is also a great alternative.


Unfortunately, curved treadmills do not have an incline function. This is essential for runners, especially in combination with programs. If you need inclines for training that can be adjusted up to 20% at the push of a button, you should instead use an electric treadmill.


The flexible lamellas in the top models perfectly absorb the jolts and offer optimal cushioning. However, this is often not the case with inexpensive treadmills with a curved slat surface. Even cheaper electric treadmills have the edge here. But this is also a matter of taste because many runners do not like a too soft run (e.g., forest floor). Others have joint pain and prefer a smoother run.

Width of the tread

Compared to higher category electric treadmills, the treadmills’ width on curved treadmills is a lot narrower. The maximum width of the NOHrD Sprintbok is 45 cm. The other top models are even 2-3 cm less. Not the end of the world for many, but those who value a wide treadmill should instead use a high-quality electric treadmill. Premium models are even up to 60 cm wide and offer plenty of walking comfort.


Curved treadmills are, unfortunately, costly. Perfect models like the Air Runner start from $ 3,500 and are often aimed more at studios, hotels, and CrossFit halls. There are also a few inexpensive models starting at $ 1,000. Still, we advise against them, as these treadmills had problems relatively quickly and the training was not comparable with the top models.


How do I exercise with a curved treadmill?

The exercise should be focused, playful, and natural. Self-propelled treadmills fit the EVO ethos and work with the body in a way that was designed for movement. Curved treadmills are perfect for sprinting because you don’t have to wait for the treadmill motor to turn the belt at a certain speed to sprint.

It’s worth noting that these C-shaped machines can make you feel unbalanced first as it forces you to adopt the correct posture, which can be uncomfortable for many people. However, it’s worth it.

We offer all of our members a free-running technique evaluation that will help you navigate the neat curves in the shortest possible time. Register for free and train one day for free in an EVO club near you and find out how state-of-the-art equipment and experienced trainers can make a big difference in your fitness.


What are the different types of curved treadmills?

Curved treadmills differ in their weight, dimensions, and the materials from which the running slats and the frame are made. They can carry different body weights or show extra functions on their display. Some devices with said additional functions, such as a Bluetooth function, can be networked with one another and suitable for group training, rehabilitation, or fitness studios.

How can you best use it?

The best advice to start exercising is to start running at your own pace. The runner can control the running speed himself at any time. To increase the rate, he puts his weight more on the front area. To slow down, he slows down his pace. Also, he can switch to the back of the self-propelled treadmill curve to slow down and use the arm bars to hold on.


Who are curved treadmills for?

Curved treadmills are suitable for everyone interested in running and wants to train indoors regardless of the weather. Beginners, in particular, can benefit from the ease of use of these devices. Thanks to its joint-gentle effect, the self-propelled treadmill curve can also be used for rehabilitation purposes.

Maybe someone would like to test their limits with their running speed. A curved treadmill is just as well advised as someone who wants to start a targeted high-intensity interval training. Those who value environmentally friendly training have the best opportunity to do so with a curved treadmill.

The so-called minimalists should also feel addressed because the treadmill’s operation is possible without any significant inconvenience or prior activities.

Curved Treadmill Review:

NOHrD Sprintbok curved manual treadmill

You have already proven that NOHrD can produce high-quality fitness equipment from wood, see Waterrower. The Sprintbok build on it and offer a premium slat treadmill; the wooden frame is made from the best ash wood and looks very solid. As a result, the curved treadmill also weighs a whopping 160 kg and offers enormous stability.

The curve exercise machine can also be loaded up to 160 kg and impresses with its large slat running surface of 160 x 45 cm. The 62 wooden slats are mounted on ball bearings, and the vibration-damping rubber ensures quiet training.

As a result, training with the NOHrD curve runner treadmill is elementary on the joints, and even sprints are well cushioned. All parts are very vibration-reducing, and only high-quality materials were used, which is also the reason for the curve manual treadmill price.

The highlight of the NOHrD Sprintbok curve runner treadmill is the 17.3 ”Android tablet with the“ Sprintbok ”app. With this app, you can log your training data, do video runs, similar to Kinomap, and always have an eye on your values ​​such as pulse, pace, calories, time, and distance. But it has a slight disadvantage. A socket is required to use the Android tablet. All in all, a tremendous curved treadmill without major weaknesses, except, of course, a curve manual treadmill price.

curve exercise machine

Curved Treadmill Review:

Assault AirRunner curved manual treadmill

The Assault AirRunner is probably the best-known curved treadmill around. You can often see the curve exercise machine in gyms, hotels, clubs, and CrossFit videos.

With a deadweight of 127 kg, the AirRunner curve exercise machine is significantly lighter than the other top models but still has sufficient stability. In particular, the function of connecting the AirRunner Curved treadmills via Bluetooth makes the curve exercise machine extremely attractive.


For home use, however, the function is only helpful to a limited extent.

Nevertheless, the powerless treadmills AirRunner shows itself with excellent artistry and is also known for its longevity. The slat treadmill is very robust and can cover up to 250,000 km without any problems.

The powder-coated steel frame also appears highly stable and durable. The running surface has 155 x 43 cm (L x W) dimensions and is suitable for people from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 193 cm. More is theoretically possible, but these are the values ​​that Assault Fitness states.

The highlight of the AirRunner curved treadmill is the computer, which is particularly suitable for HIIT units.

The LCD is huge and easy to read. All training data such as pulse, distance, time, pace, calories, etc., are on board. The powerless treadmills AirRunner is also one of the few Curved Treadmills that includes training programs

curve workout machine

Xebex Curved Treadmill: Curve workout machine

The Xebex Curved Threadmill may not be known as the ones mentioned before, but it has become more prevalent in recent months. The Xebex Curved Threadmill is manufactured in Taiwan and was initially only intended for B2B customers, but that changed quickly. The running ergonomics are very good with the 60 slats and good grip. The computer shows all the essential data such as time, pulse, speed, calories, and distance on display, and a heart rate belt (Bluetooth, ANT +) can optionally be connected via Smart Connect.

Also, well-known apps such as Zwift or Kinomap are supported by the Xebex Curved Threadmill. The non-electric treadmill curve has also integrated some interval functions.



Curved treadmills are great devices, but they are still costly to buy. Compared to electric treadmills, slat treadmills offer some advantages, and everyone has to decide for themselves whether it makes sense to purchase. Since curved treadmills also have some disadvantages, cost a lot, and are more aimed at minimalists, the target group is minimal.

This is why most runners are currently using electric treadmills. The selection is much larger, the technical functions more extensive, and the devices are much cheaper.

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