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Best cordless massager, and what is it for? When we talk about the best cordless massager, we refer to an inclusive category of devices that include massagers that differ according to the function, structure, and treatment offered. We can consist of in the large group of the best cordless massager, for example, those designed to provide anti-cellulite treatments, on which you can find in-depth information here; or those masseurs whose function is to treat the cervical area, which we have dealt with in the dedicated purchase guide; Finally, we can include in this large group also armchairs and massaging seats, we talked about here and here.
Instead, this page expands on the best cordless massager not included in the categories listed above and generally multifunction or designed to offer different treatment types for various parts of the body, such as the legs, back, or abdominals, through high-frequency vibrations and percussion.

Multifunction best cordless massager This type of best cordless massager is designed primarily for home use and therefore for those who wish to reduce or eliminate muscle and joint aches and pains, reactivate circulation, dissolve contractures or benefit from the relaxing action of a massage without necessarily having to go to a specialized center. The advantage of this type of equipment consists in the possibility of using it at any time of the day, both on the sofa at home and at work sitting at your desk. For this reason, it can be an ideal and economical alternative to a session at a massage center.

However, we remind you that this type of treatment does not replace the manual ones carried out by a professional to solve complex problems or specific pathologies. In this case, it is good to ask for a doctor’s opinion and possibly contact a specialist.
best cordless massager for contractures and muscle pains

1. Structure
a best cordless massager purchased in specialized stores and online can generally be divided according to their structure. On the market, we find:

best cordless massager, or massagers formed by a more or less long handle at the end of which is placed a massaging surface capable of performing vibrating or percussion movements. Through the elongated handle, it is possible to position the massaging surface in different body areas, including the back, without too much difficulty; this type of massager is the most common and the most basic to use. If you are looking for a versatile tool to be used both to relax the body and to solve minor ailments and contractures, the handheld best cordless massager is the most suitable product precisely because it is not specific for certain areas of the body or particular treatments, so much so that it can also be used as an alternative to those massagers designed exclusively for cellulite or cervical blemishes;
Electric pistol massagers: this is a type whose domestic use is recent but which has long been used by athletes and professionals as it can offer intense decontracting massages thanks to the emission of high-frequency percussions that favor the recovery of sore and tired muscles; this type of massager is, therefore, ideal for those who are engaged in intense physical activities during the day and need a more targeted action to activate the muscles, stimulate circulation and reduce muscle recovery times; Electric pistol massager

Mini best cordless massager: we have included in the category of best cordless massager also these small portable devices that are usually battery powered. Light and small in size, they are equipped with rounded and vibrant heads that give a relatively mild but at the same time very relaxing massaging effect; the strong point of these massagers is the ability always to keep them at hand and carry them with you in your bag, to use them while traveling or at work.
2. Heads and treatments
The versatility of the best cordless massager and the treatments offered are given by various interchangeable heads available. The ability to change the head mainly concerns the more sophisticated handheld massagers and pistol massagers, while portable massagers are generally equipped with a single fixed head.
Different forms and surfaces correspond to varying types of treatment and other areas of the body. We list below the most common heads:

Rounded head: characterized by a single massaging sphere able to offer a deep massage of the tissues thanks to the stimulation of the so-called trigger points, it is perfect for releasing muscle tension on the legs, calves, back, and cervical area;
Head with transversal bars: equipped with a surface with raised parallel bars, it allows you to massage the shoulders effectively, sides of the torso and waist, thigh and forearm;
3-ball head: its small spheres allow a less invasive massage suitable for parts of the body that are not particularly large and more delicate, including the sole;
Multiple point head: provides for a more intense massage and is ideal for relaxing and relaxing the muscles in depth;
Flathead: enable you to obtain a “kneading” massage to promote muscle relaxation of large areas of the body.
As for the pistol massagers, we can find heads suitable for specific muscle groups and joints. We list the main ones below:

Flathead: applicable to all parts of the body;
Spiral head: ideal for joints, deep muscle tissues, and for loosening painful muscle knots (the trigger mentioned above points );
Ball head: suitable for loosening large muscle groups ;
Forkhead: designed explicitly for spinal and neck massage.
Electric pistol head massager

3. Functions
The best cordless massager on the market is distinguished from each other by the presence or absence of additional functions that make this device more versatile, effective, and safe.

Intensity adjustment
Intensity is undoubtedly a factor to be taken into account to understand the effectiveness and depth of the device’s massage. It is measured in the number of revolutions per minute. The handheld massagers have an average intensity of about 2600 rpm, while the pistol massagers reach a much higher frequency, reaching 4600 rpm. Both the more complete handheld massagers and the pistol massagers offer the possibility to select the massage’s intensity, allowing you to choose between two or more speeds and customize the massage according to specific needs and the area to be treated. While in non-professional masseurs, the range of intensity to choose from is relatively small. It is possible to opt for multiple power levels in pistol ones, which start from a low value (1300 rpm) to reach high intensities (4600 rpm). Min).

Infrared rays
Another function mostly present in handheld massagers is the heat function, which combines vibrations with infrared rays. Activated via a button, this function generates a slight sensation of heat (about 40 ° C), allowing you to relax the muscle and make the massage more effective. Heat is, in fact, an excellent ally against stress and promotes the release of endorphins.
Infrared best cordless massager

Automatic and safety shutdown
This function is designed to avoid any contraindications of a too-long message and limit the machine’s overheating, especially if we talk about the most potent massagers. For models with the higher massaging intensity, it is undoubtedly a vital protective function for the user since an excessively prolonged massage could cause damage to the muscles and dangerous consequences. The guidelines generally indicate a maximum time of use for each area of ​​the body of about 15 minutes, to be carried out up to twice a day.

To sum up, if you are looking for an essential item to use occasionally to pamper yourself at the end of the day or take a relaxing break, a portable massager might be enough. Suppose you want to have a practical but still more effective tool against deeper muscle aches and pains. In that case, we recommend instead a multifunctional handheld massager that allows you to select the intensity and that perhaps is also equipped with the heat function for a more significant relaxing effect. Finally, suppose you are looking for a professional and healing tool. In that case, the ideal choice will have to fall on a powerful massager, which allows you to choose between different levels of power and intensity to customize the treatment available better.

4. Practicality of use
Unfortunately, a characteristic that sadly unites the best cordless massager is the high weight except for the mini ones. A specific weight helps make the massage deeper and more effective and is an integral part of the massager’s functionality. On the other hand, this means that the arm holding the device could tire quickly, thus negating the relaxing effect the machine was designed for. A possible solution is to opt for models characterized by a not too heavyweight (about 800 grams) and equipped with an ergonomic and manageable handle.
Electric handgrip massager Another aspect that affects the practicality of use is the type of power supply. When we talk about the best cordless massager, we usually refer to those powered by the mains and therefore equipped with a cable connected to the current. This type of power supply could sometimes be a limitation and inconvenient to use the appliance unless you are near an outlet. We recommend preferring models equipped with an exceptionally long cable to overcome this problem, which reaches at least 180 cm in length. Alternatively, you can opt for a cordless massager equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery and autonomy to reach up to 4 hours in the most expensive and professional models. However, mobility does not arise for mini massagers equipped with an alkaline battery, whose power and longevity are limited.
Finally, especially if you want to use the massager in the office or public places, the massager’s noise could become a cause of the disturbance. There are particularly quiet models on the market that, by limiting the appliance’s noise when in use, solve this problem.

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing the best cordless massager
Are the materials necessary?
Unfortunately, the material used in the model to be purchased is not always precisely specified, also due to the variety of components that make up the massager. These are primarily materials such as plastic, or aluminum, and copper for some parts of professional pistol massagers. In these cases, the choice of materials is fundamental as it also affects the internal motor and the resistance and quality of the machinery itself.
Being a tool to be used directly with the skin, the heads’ material is another vital aspect to consider if looking for a safe device and does not irritate.
Finally, opting for massagers with soft, non-slip, and comfortable grips allows you to have an easier-to-handle and safer product.

Is the brand important?
The brand is essential about the longevity and good functioning of the massager and its safety, especially if we are talking about large, professional, and mains powered devices. While for a mini massager, the brand becomes a secondary aspect, when we speak about handheld massagers and even more than pistol massagers, choosing a specialized brand is undoubtedly advisable. Among the best-known names, we mention Naipo for the handheld massagers and Theragun for the pistol ones.

Does the price matter?
When we talk about the best cordless massager, we refer to a wide range of models, from small and portable ones to professional ones also used by experts and athletes. Precisely for this reason, the price of the best cordless massager varies a lot.
Generally, the mini models are not excessively expensive devices, starting from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of about € 20.
Instead, we go up in price when we talk about the multifunctional massagers with handles, the handheld massagers: in this case. You can get to spend even € 50 if you want a sophisticated model, while $ 30 will be enough for models characterized by not particularly quality materials and lesser-known brands.
If we turn to pistol massagers, given their use at a professional level, we are talking about more complex and consequently more expensive devices. For a pistol massager, you can spend even more than 200 $.

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