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Best Budget Rowing Machine If you want to stay fit and healthy or want to get back to it, you can’t avoid regular exercise. Best Budget Rowing Machine, regardless of the weather and the opening times of a fitness studio, Best Budget Rowing Machine is ideal. In addition to exercise bikes, cross trainers, and treadmills, rowing machines are trendy. The so-called indoor rowing is suitable for beginners and advanced users of all ages, strengthens the cardiovascular system and various muscles, improves lung capacity, endurance and helps with weight loss.


SportPlus SP-MR-008 Rowing Machine

The SportPlus SP-MR-008 rowing machine is in the middle price segment and offers various training settings. It works with a quiet and maintenance-free magnetic brake system whose resistance, and thus the training intensity, can be changed in eight manually adjustable levels. According to the manufacturer, the centrifugal mass with 8 kilograms creates a fluid oar pull.

It is ideal if the pedals have a large surface and a non-slip tread. A safety strap can also ensure a secure hold during the training method.
As an additional feature, the SportPlus rowing machine with the magnetic brake offers floor-level compensation to be stable and safe during training. The rowing seat made of PU material is comfortably shaped, and thanks to ball bearings, slides easily over the aluminum roller rail.

In our comparison, the maximum user weight of this rowing machine is 150 kilograms. The device can be folded up to save space and easily stowed away using the integrated transport rollers.


The tilt-adjustable computer with an LCD is intended to increase ease of use. It shows all the necessary information about the current training:

  • The total number of rowing moves
  • The number of rowing strokes per minute
  • The approximate calorie consumption
  • The training time
  • The pulse
  • The distance
  • The beat frequency

The pulse is measured using a 5-kilohertz pulse receiver in the computer, with a chest strap measuring the data and transmitting it wirelessly. The heart rate belt is not included in the scope of delivery.

Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine

The Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine is considered high quality and professional product for sporting activities. Accordingly, the purchase price is higher than with some alternative models. The device has a multifunctional console and can be operated using a smartphone app.

The rowing machine has 16 resistance levels that can be controlled via the training computer.


The Sportstech rowing machine RSX500 has an ergonomic seat. Its ball-bearing was combined with an aluminium rail to ensure durability.

Essential advantages of the rowing machine:

  • Control console with a 5.5-inch display
  • USB connection
  • Easy to fold

In combination with the E-Health or MyRowing apps, individualized training with the home device is possible. The rowing ergometer only needs to be connected to the smartphone or tablet. A tablet holder is available as standard.

The designed control console is intended to ensure that the user has everything necessary at a glance during training. The 5.5-inch display should make navigation easy. There are twelve pre-installed programs, with the competition mode promising an exceptionally high training effect.

Merax A1 rowing machine

The Merax A1 rowing machine is a mid-range model. It is equipped with a 4 kg flywheel, a magnetic brake system, and an extra-strong padded PU seat on an aluminium rail.

The rowing machine can be stowed away to save space and easily transported thanks to the folding mechanism. The flywheel has a resistance setting of eight manually adjustable resistance levels. Non-slip pedals should ensure a stable hold during rowing training.

A holder for smartphones or tablets is integrated into this rowing machine. This makes training more comfortable.
The maximum weight load of the rowing machine from Merax with magnetic resistance is 130 kilograms.


Thanks to the take-to-carry system, the seat rail should fold in to stow the rowing machine in a space-saving manner. With the integrated transport rollers, the rowing machine from our comparison can be easily moved according to the manufacturer.

The following information can be called upon the multifunction computer while rowing :

  • Oar strokes
  • Distance
  • Calorie consumption
  • Training time
  • Pulse

The maximum load varies from model to model and usually ranges between 100 and 150 kilograms.

Usually, the rowing movement is divided into two phases. The two phases of training are called pulling through and forward rolling. Rolling forward serves as a recovery phase and preparation for the next pull phase. Further details on rowing technique and rowing systems can be found in our guide following the product descriptions.

Skandika Nemo IV rowing machine

The Skandika Nemo IV rowing machine is a model for discerning buyers. The device can therefore be found in the upper price range. It is a unique water rowing machine that contrasts with ordinary rowing machines. The devices should enable a particularly natural rowing experience.

The central element of the Nemo IV is the large, vertically erected water tank. As with conventional water, rowers the water regulates the effort. The 45-degree rudder blades create an even more significant drag on this model, making it suitable for professional training. The resistances can be adjusted as required using six different water level levels.

The device consists of high-quality aluminum components that promise long service life. Since the maximum user weight is 150 kilograms, the rowing machine is suitable for many people. Another feature is the double sliding function. A long pull rail enables training for taller athletes as well. The Nemo IV rowing machine can be used up to a height of 2 meters.

The large display shows distance, training time, time per 500 meters, rowing moves, calories consumed, and pulse. The computer can be connected to other end devices via Bluetooth, such as saving training data, downloading coaching sessions, using the Kinomap fitness app, or watching live videos.

The Skandika Nemo IV rowing machine can be stowed away quickly and easily with the help of transport rollers. It has anti-slip footrests, a padded seat, and sweat-resistant pull handles.

Usually, the rowing movement is divided into two phases. The two phases of training are called pulling through and forward rolling. Rolling forward serves as a recovery phase and preparation for the next pull phase. Further details on rowing technique and rowing systems can be found in our guide following the product descriptions.


Concept2 Model D rowing machine

The Concept2 Model D rowing machine is not intended for the tight budget but is aimed at buyers who have the necessary change for a high-quality professional machine. Given the range of functions offered, the price-performance ratio is good. With the Concept2 Indoor Rower, Olympic participants, as well as ambitious amateur athletes, can train.

The comfortable rolling seat running on a monorail is intended to ensure an easy, smooth movement sequence. The Concept2 rowing machine is equipped with an intelligent performance monitor with which individual training plans can be monitored and documented. The monitor records the relevant performance data with every stroke of the oar.


The most important facts about the PM5 performance monitor:

  • Automatic start and end of the training
  • Recording of performance data such as meters, calories, and watts
  • Save up to 1,000 training units on a USB stick
  • Backlight
  • Wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and heart rate monitors via Bluetooth Smart and ANT.

The Concept2 Model D works with air resistance. The stronger the pull and the faster the air wheel is moved, the greater the air resistance – the user has the opposition in their own hands. Apart from that, the primary resistance can be varied in ten difficulty levels. Children can also train with this rowing ergometer.

Concept2 is a family company founded in 1976 and based in Vermont, USA. In Germany, there is a branch in Hamburg. Concept2 is a partner of the German Rowing Association.


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Viking Pro V rowing machine

The First Degree Viking Pro V rowing machine is in the higher-priced segment. It is aimed at athletes who want to train rowing under realistic conditions at home or in the studio. The water rowing machine has a water tank, which should give the user a feeling of rowing on open water.

According to the manufacturer, the rowing machine is not only suitable for private use due to its robust quality but is also suitable for continuous use in fitness studios.
The tank made of sturdy polycarbonate is equipped with a scoop system on the inside, ensuring an evenly strong resistance during the entire rowing training and a 15 percent higher maximum resistance. The primary resistance can be regulated with the help of a rotary knob.

The water resistance increases naturally with the use of force by the athlete. The more water there is in the tank, the higher the resistance. This allows you to train effectively with the same Waterrower rowing machine at different levels of ability.
The long pull rope of the First Degree Viking Pro V rowing machine is designed to ensure a fast return. The equipment includes an LCD, an ergonomically shaped seat, footrests with heel holders and additional straps, and transport rollers. The rowing ergometer is compatible with the First Degree app via Bluetooth.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 rowing machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 rowing machine is an affordable model for home use. Anyone who wants to train in their own four walls should include the device on the shortlist.

A 12-level resistance ensures that beginners and advanced users alike can train with the rowing machine. According to the manufacturer, the hydraulic resistance system – similar to a shock absorber in a car – should enable smooth and quiet rowing.

On the digital monitor, the athlete has an overview of values ​​such as training time, several moves, or calorie consumption.
With the help of the supplied supports, the rowing machine can be adapted to spatial conditions. Adjustable pedal straps are designed to ensure that your feet are held securely during exercise. Inclination-adjustable footrests, foam handles, and a padded seat should ensure pleasant comfort.

The footrests should be adjustable so that an optimal training position can be taken and incorrect positioning of the feet can be avoided.
The compact dimensions that distinguish the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 rowing ergometer speak for use in the private fitness room. The ambitious amateur athlete receives a solid device for little money.


Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine

The Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine is an affordable model for home use. It has all the essential properties that hobby athletes expect from such a device.

The manufacturer attached great importance to the most straightforward possible operation. The rowing machine includes a monitor with a tablet holder, an ergonomically designed seat, and footrests equipped with straps. This is to guarantee that the feet are held as securely as possible.


The training can be individually adapted with the help of eight resistance levels. The display shows the training time and the specific number of rowing strokes, and the distance covered.
If there is little space available in the apartment, this is not a cause for concern. The Tunturi Cardio Fit R30 rowing machine can easily be folded up. Also, the sports equipment has transport rollers that make it easier to move around the premises.


What is a rowing machine?

Rowing machines imitate the movement of rowing in a boat on the water. They consist of a stretcher/footboard for putting the feet down, a movable seat, and a cable pulls that the trainees pull towards themselves. Alternatively, there are rowing machines with outriggers, with an outrigger simulating the boat paddle in the outrigger technology. So-called ergonomic rowing trains the upper body and lower body, especially the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. The resistance of a rowing machine is generated either hydraulically, (electro) magnetically, by air, or water resistance.

Exercising and building muscles with the rowing machine is very efficient, as 85 percent of the body muscles are involved in training.

Rowing machines that have a power measurement or display in watts are called rowing ergometers. They are more likely to be found in the professional sector.

How do rowing machines work?

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If you are looking for a suitable device for training at home, you can choose from sports equipment such as cross trainers, ergometers, treadmills, and rowing machines. While only certain areas are trained with the cross trainer or ergometer, training on the rowing machine with the appropriate rowing technique is very efficient and effective. Endurance and coordination can be taught, and muscles can be built. Losing weight could be another motivation for getting a rowing machine.

The range of rowing machines is broad, and there are various models in every price range. Rowing machines have a seat that runs on two rails. When exercising, the trainee sits on the rowing seat and puts his feet on the pedals provided. Before starting, the feet must be fixed with the loops provided to have a stable hold during training.

If it is a rowing machine with a rope pull system, the oar handle must be pulled firmly to the upper body with both hands with the rope pull technique. Due to the resistance in the rowing machine, the pulling system – depending on the setting – requires different amounts of muscle strength.

In a rowing machine with outriggers, instead of a cable pull with a handle, two levers are modeled on the paddling of a rowing boat. The typical rudder movement occurs in the boom system through the back and forth motion on the rail.

Do rowing machines make sense?

the best cheap rowing machine

Rowing machines are considered to be the most efficient exercise bikes ever. This is because rowing uses more muscle groups than any other exercise bike. Therefore, rowing machines are helpful in many ways.

Most of the muscles are trained when rowing. The back, stomach, legs, and buttocks are active during the row strokes. Due to the strain on so many muscle groups, rowing training is both strenuous and calorie-sapping. It is also considered gentle on the joints; at least the joints are spared compared to other sports.

Depending on the resistance setting, the user trains his stamina with the rowing machine and does intensive strength training. The rowing movement’s rowing movement also challenges Abu’s diligence; you can prepare yourself for a six-pack. Indoor rowing is also an effective way of reducing stress.

Endurance training with a rowing machine has a positive effect on physical condition and ability to concentrate. The cardiovascular system is also strengthened through improved endurance.

A one-hour rowing workout burns an average of around 630 kilocalories. If you want to lose weight, you can achieve enormous success with the rowing machine with continuous training. Since rowing is also gentle on the joints, or the splashing on the water reduces the stress on the joints, it is much better for overweight people than jogging or cycling.

Beginners and untrained people shouldn’t set the resistance too high at the beginning to not train with too high a pulse and thus overload themselves. Instead, it is advisable to increase the opposition as the training progresses gradually.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rowing machines?

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The bottom line is that the list of disadvantages is manageable. Foldable models ensure that training is possible even in small apartments. The one-time investment when buying a rowing machine seems high. If the membership fees in the fitness studio are extrapolated over several months, the investment pays for itself faster than many belief. Also, there are positive aspects such as no longer dependent on opening times and significantly more hygienic and unobserved training at home. There are no journeys to the studio, which saves time over and over again. In addition to the health-promoting aspects, rowing training can also serve to reduce stress.



  • A rowing machine trains up to 85 percent of all muscles
  • Practical endurance training, strength training, and weight loss possible
  • Suitable for the cardiovascular system prevents obesity
  • Strengthening the back muscles and abdominal muscles as well as the immune system
  • Exercise at home in any weather
  • Never again have to depend on the opening times of the gym


  • In some cases, high acquisition costs
  • Additional space required in the apartment

What rowing machines are there?

Rowing machines can be divided into two groups according to their basic construction:

  • Rowing machines with cable
  • Rowing machines with booms

Both alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. While the cable pull models are easier to use, the boom models require a certain amount of familiarisation and coordination, as both arms must be pulled synchronously and evenly.

Rowing machines with outriggers also take up more space. In most cases, they are equipped with a hydraulic brake system.

Rowing machines with outriggers are less suitable for newcomers; they are more intended for professional training and ideal for those who already have experience with actual rowing on the water.

Another criterion that distinguishes rowing machines is the type of resistance system:

Rowing machines with air resistance: Rowing creates air turbulence against which the rowing machine works. This type of rowing machine comes closest to actual rowing, which is an endurance sport. The air resistance increases as the number of blows increases.

Rowing machines with water resistance: In the rowing machines with water resistance, the exercise bike works with water turbulence. The decisive factor is the amount of water that you fill into the container on the rowing machine. The primary resistance is changed depending on the amount of water.

Rowing machines with magnetic braking systems: With these rowing machines, the resistance is determined by the distance between a magnet and the flywheel. The device works without friction. The setting is flexible, for example, manually or – somewhat more accessible and more convenient – via the onboard computer of the rowing machine.

Rowing machines with hydraulic resistance: The simplest and cheapest variant – like a car shock absorber, an oil-filled cylinder brakes the movements to a greater or lesser extent depending on the resistance set. The disadvantage of hydraulic rowing machines: The hydraulic cylinder is subject to a certain amount of wear. Also, the sequence of movements is less fluid.

Rowing machines with multiple functions: Some manufacturers offer rowing machines with several additional functions that can be used for rowing and as a training device for targeted biceps training or as a recumbent exercise bike.

Which muscles does a rowing machine train?

As already mentioned elsewhere in this guide, a rowing machine enables an extraordinarily versatile workout. Up to 80 percent of the muscles are trained, with the back and leg muscles being the main focus. The following overview of all muscles that are taken into account when exercising with a rowing machine speaks for itself:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Flexors in the fingers
  • Biceps
  • Glutes
  • Large back muscle
  • Back shoulder
  • Back extensor
  • Trapezius and neck
  • Forearm muscles
  • Front and back thighs
  • Calves

What should I look out for when buying a rowing machine?

To not make a bad buy with the variety of models that the market offers, you should familiarise yourself with essential comparison criteria in advance. The following points can serve as an orientation to create your checklist:

Height and weight

When choosing a suitable rowing machine, the height and weight of the person exercising are of decisive importance. For taller, heavier people, a narrow seat is sometimes too uncomfortable, and if the seat rail does not extend far enough, the athlete cannot perform a smooth rowing movement. Also, attention should be paid to the maximum permissible weight specified in the respective product description.

Rowing machine dimensions

If you live in a small apartment, you should measure all the more precisely how much space the fitness equipment takes up when it is set up before buying an indoor rower. Many rowing machines can be folded up when not in use and stowed away to save space – be sure to clarify before buying!

The seat of the rowing machine

The seat should provide good support, be shaped appropriately, not too narrow, and sufficiently padded so that rowing does not become uncomfortable or even painful even over longer training sessions.


If you have clairaudient neighbors, you should get a rowing machine that is as quiet as possible. In particular, those who like to train late in the evening are better served with a hydraulic or (electro) magnetic indoor rower than with a fitness device that works with air or water resistance and causes a corresponding noise level.

Training computer

Most rowing machines have a training computer that offers various setting options and displays relevant parameters during training. With most devices, the user can read the time, distance, stroke speed, wattage, calories consumed, and more during training.

Which manufacturers offer rowing machines?

Anyone who takes a closer look at the topic of rowing machines will quickly notice that there are many different brands on the market. In addition to names such as SportPlus, Sportstech, Christopeit, AsVIVA or Skandika, Tunturi and First Degree should be mentioned. Concept2 rowing machines are top-rated among professional athletes.

Which is the best rowing machine?

To find out which rowing machine is the best for you personally, your wishes and requirements for such a machine should be as straightforward as possible. An excellent device for professionals is not necessarily the best choice for beginners – and vice versa. Solid artistry, as many resistance levels as possible, and that the device fits your body size and weight are essential. Using the comparison factors listed in this guide, the selection can be narrowed down to models that suit your own needs.

What does a rowing machine cost?

Rowing machines are available for around 100 dollars, with almost no upper price limit. In general, the more professional the sports equipment, the higher the price. When buying the rowing machine, the buyer should consider what is important to him and what budget is available to him. Especially for beginners, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive model on the market. It’s worth comparing prices.

Which rowing machine to buy at home?

Which rowing machines are suitable for home use depends on the one hand on how much space is available. Before buying, the dimensions of attractive models should be carefully compared so that there is no unpleasant surprise. A rowing machine for at home doesn’t necessarily have to be studio quality. However, it should still be robust and cleanly processed so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

How do I train with the best budget rowing machine?

In the starting position, the hips, knees, and ankles are bent, the lower legs are perpendicular to the footrests, while the chest almost touches the thighs; the arms are stretched. The row begins by extending your legs while pulling the handle.

During the leg kick, the shoulders and upper body move backward into the prone position. The arms are bent from the height of the knees. The legs are now straight, but the knees should not be fully pushed in but should remain slightly bent. While the seat now slides forward on the rail, the body straightens up again in the end position. This sequence of movements is repeated as often as required.

While some home exercise machines only stress individual parts of the body and main muscle groups, the Best budget rowing machine practically stresses the entire body. Strengthening the core muscles can prevent or alleviate back problems and bad posture.
It is essential to pay attention to the correct load during rowing training. The athlete can easily hold out and train for around 45 minutes on the rowing machine with the right intensity. If you can do it yourself, you should row at least twice a week.

Rowing Machines – Are They Effective?

In addition to the rowing machine, there are, of course, other training devices that help you build your stamina, lose weight or keep fit. However, the rowing machine is one of the most effective training machines because it involves many parts of the body and muscles. Also, rowing in general – whether with a rowing machine or a real rowing boat – is one of the healthiest sports.

According to doctors, 60 percent of the maximum pulse value is reached within a short time. Rowing is an optimal mixture of endurance and muscle training. According to doctors, new nerve cells are formed when rowing, which makes our brain more receptive.

Rowing is equally suitable for women and men. The risk of injury on a Best budget rowing machine is low compared to other sports equipment. Compared to jogging or playing football, it is much easier on the joints.

How many calories are used in rowing?

Depending on the intensity of the rowing training, up to 1,000 calories can be burned per hour. Beginners, in particular, should not train with too high a resistance and avoid peak loads with a high pulse. Here, too, it is better to steel yourself with a lower vibration (maximum 180 minus age) and a few minutes longer.

Is a rowing machine good for losing weight?

Since rowing is a full-body workout, a Best budget rowing machine is excellent for losing weight. It burns more calories than other fitness equipment that uses fewer muscle groups. As always, the necessary self-discipline is essential. Also, the rowing machine should be used regularly to achieve success.

What is the optimal number of strokes when rowing?

When rowing, it is initially essential to execute the sequence of movements correctly. Stroke numbers or train movements initially play a subordinate role. Depending on the difficulty or training level selected, the number of beats should be around 24 to 30 beats per minute.

How often should I use the rowing machine?

As with all sports and training equipment, the following applies to the rowing machine: Regularity is the key to training success. If the training goal is to build up stamina and muscles, this should be pursued consistently in training several times a week. However, experienced athletes and sports physicians advise against daily training on the Best budget rowing machine.

Which is better – treadmill or Best budget rowing machine?

Both training devices offer intensive use of the muscles and can help you lose weight. Everyone has to decide for themselves which device is better for their personal use. Those who enjoy running will prefer the treadmill, while those who enjoy rowing will opt for the best budget rowing machine. If you want to tackle a full-body workout, the rowing machine is the better choice.

Which accessories are useful when rowing?

A chest strap is helpful for heart rate measurement, which is not included with all Best budget rowing machines. The manufacturers usually state which chest strap is compatible with their rowing machine or supply it at an additional cost. Depending on the surface on which the rowing machine is to be set up, a protective floor mat is recommended. It has a sound-insulating effect and protects the floor from damage.

What is interval training?

Advanced users with good endurance can access interval training on the Best budget rowing machine at home or in the office. There is alternating a more robust and a weaker rowing phase. The more fragile rowing phase in interval training is a restful break. This is not a real break, but the intensity of the strikes is reduced during the relaxing break during interval training. Rowing is done in different intensity levels. Interval training allows the anaerobic metabolism to train well. This ensures movement of endurance for short-term very high loads.


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