Abs Exercise in Bed 10 Helpful Bed Exercises 2021 April

Abs Exercise in Bed Sometimes, it is not that easy to get out of the cozy bed in the morning – especially not to exercise. Abs Exercise in Bed how practical; however, that the two can also be conveniently combined. Abs Exercise in Bed because some exercises in bed are easy to perform without much effort! A pleasant side effect for those who don’t like the morning: Training while lying down gets your circulation going so that you can start the day with fresh energy after your workout.

Gym for the lazy – sports exercises in bed

Get fit without getting up? That sounds almost too good to be true. But if you are still lounging in your bedchamber, you can start training right away. The bed is your fitness studio; the mattress acts as a soft, springy sports mat, and with your pajamas or a loose nightgown, you are already wearing a sports outfit that allows complete freedom of movement.

With the following Abs Exercise in Bed, you can boost your fat-burning right at the start of the day on an empty stomach. Various muscle groups also receive the signal immediately after waking up that they are in demand: the taut and well-shaped silhouette benefit from this.

And best of all: Those who did their training brilliantly while lying down can reward themselves with delicious breakfast afterward – if time allows, preferably also in bed. But even those in a hurry can integrate a portion of exercise into their everyday life with mattress-compatible sports exercises, preferably daily. If you are particularly short on time, you can split the quick workout over two days and do it alternately. The main thing: regularly.

Ten exercises in bed for the whole body

The following sports exercises can be carried out perfectly in bed, as they do not require any additional equipment and are carried out lying down – or in a posture similar to lying down. Because the mattress does not offer stable support as a hard floor, deep muscles are also used because she has to stabilize the body repeatedly on the somewhat unstable surface.

However, due to the more flexible replacement exercise mat, it is essential to always tense the abdominal muscles to protect the lower back and prevent injuries. Carry out all the exercises in bed slowly, consciously, and slow; after all, the body is not entirely at operating temperature.

abs workout in bed

Reverse crunch

You lie on your back and for this abdominal exercise, first, lift your legs at right angles – both your hips and knees form a right angle. The upper body, arms, and headrest on the mattress. The cushions set on a straight spine for this and all other exercises in bed better off. Now lift your pelvis a little with the strength of your abdominal muscles. Hold the position for about ten seconds before placing the pelvis back on the mattress. Repeat about 10 to 5 times.



Leg Lift

In the supine position, first place your hands flat under your buttocks, palms facing down. This gives stability and protects against a hollow back. Now, you should tilt your stomach tightly to lift your straight or slightly bent legs about 45 to 90 degrees upwards. The legs themselves remain quite stiff; the movement comes from the hips, guided by abdominal strength. Then lower your legs again until they float just above the mattress – but don’t put them down completely! Lift again immediately and repeat this process 8 to 12 times.




abdominal exercises in bed


Start this classic abdominal exercise by lying on your stomach. Come to the four-legged stand. The wrists are just below the shoulders; the abdomen is tightly tensed. Now extend one leg first and then the other backward. Your body should now form a smooth line without your buttocks stretching upwards or sagging downwards. Hold this position for between 30 seconds and a minute. For a more intense workout, you can do two more repetitions.






The plank posture from abdominal exercise gives you the perfect starting position for effective push-ups. Performing this classic among sports exercises in bed increases the level of difficulty slightly, as the pliable mattress as a base demands the muscles even more. So if you are not that advanced in training, you can lower yourself from toe stand to your knees and lift your feet. Now lower your torso until your elbows are bent outwards. Meanwhile, keep tension throughout your body. From the lowest point, come straight back up until your arms are almost outstretched. Repeat the exercise 5 to 15 times, depending on your fitness level.



abs exercises in bed

Pelvic Raises

Training starts comfortably while lying on your back. Keep your head, shoulders, and arms in this position throughout the exercise. Now place your feet hip-width apart and as close to your buttocks as possible. Then tense your stomach and bottom and lift your pelvis vertebrae by vertebra towards the ceiling. Keep your feet firmly on the mattress, push yourself up from your heels. Hold the tension at the highest point for a few seconds, lower it, but don’t put it down completely, and then repeat the exercise about 15 times.



Kick Up

Quadruped: Lift one leg off the mattress and move it up and back at a right angle until the heel points towards the ceiling. Hold briefly and bring it back down towards your stomach without putting your leg down. Repeat about 15 times on this site, then another 15 repetitions on the other leg.





You lie on your side with your head resting on your bent lower arm. The upper arm can support you in front of the body. Put your legs in front of your body at right angles. Using the strength of the buttocks on the side, lift the upper portion so that the heels still stay firmly together. The knees open so that the impression of an opening clam arises. Repeat 12 to 15 times while lying on the starting side, then turn to the other side and do the number again on that leg.






Side Leg Raises

Similar starting position as in exercise, but with your legs stretched out so that the body forms a straight line. While you tightly tense your bottom and thighs, press the upper leg towards the ceiling about 12 times, lower it to touch the bedsheet briefly, and then carry out the next lift straight away. Then turn to the other side and complete the entire cycle again.





Gliding Leg Curl

Lie on your back and legs in front of your buttocks as in exercise. Lift your pelvis until your upper body and hips are in line. Then slide forward a little with just one foot or with both feet. With the force of your back thighs, pull your heels energetically as far as possible towards your buttocks. Repeat until nothing works.






For the last practical exercises in bed, you have to venture a little more out of your cozy night camp. Perfect for getting up afterward and starting the day powerfully – or at least for a short time to get breakfast. Before doing this, however, sit on the edge of the bed so that your legs are hip-width apart on the floor. Now place your hands close to the left and right of your buttocks and hold tight.

Slide your pelvis off the edge of the bed; you may have to take a few steps forward with your feet to bring your legs at a right angle in front of your body. The aim is to push yourself away from the bed frame in these postures so that the upper body moves up and down in a vertical line. To do this, you concentrate primarily on the strength of your rear upper arms. Around ten repetitions, then the training for today is successfully over!


If you need some equipment while exercising, you can check here!

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